Tuesday, October 23 of 2018

Daily Messages

To the singers of the heart 

My dear children, 

In this new stage of Music for Healing and Upliftment of Humanity, may the gifts and talents of your beings awaken and be at the service of the Plan of God so that, through the powerful current of healing provided by music, it may reach more places in the world, places that need love, forgiveness, and redemption. 

In this new cycle that begins for each one of you, and after all the enriching experience built through each presentation, may today, your consciousnesses, be able to testify how grandiose the manifestation of elevated music is, when offered to the Creator for the concretion of His Plan of Love.

The meeting of Music for Healing, which gathers groups of souls that are quite different from one another, must now keep deepening its offer, approaching to the stage, new souls that feel the impulse of donating their talents and integrating themselves into this spiritual construction that, month by month, is carried out in each new meeting. 

For this reason, the meeting of music must undergo a scenographic, aesthetic and musical renovation so that, in this offering for the healing of humanity, the souls that live the gift of music may feel summoned to participate, in favor of the construction of peace and of the planetary healing. 

All the stages, lived previously, demonstrated that it is possible to manifest the different streams of music, through all the impulses that Creation offers, as a means of being able to represent it in material life. 

The music itself, the expression of the scenarios and each musical aspect worked, represents the possible means to be able to manifest the Universe of God in humanity. 

In this sense, My children, the new cycle of Music for Healing and Upliftment of humanity will be open to the expression of this love for music that exists in each interpreter, who generates the conditions for awakening forgiveness and healing in humanity. 

All those who have the gift of being able to express music, as a means of uplifting the consciousness, are invited to contact the organizing team of the meeting so that, monthly, Music for Healing may count on a new guest who will bring, with their musical experience, a stream of the universe of music. 
And those who love to sing and express their voices, as an offering to God and to life, will also be welcome so that, month by month, Music for Healing may count on new voices that will express their gratitude to God through singing. 

For this new cycle in which singers and musicians are invited to renew themselves, may all receive the spiritual impulse within their souls, knowing that through the new streams that will enter, to be presented in Music for Healing and Upliftment of Humanity, you will have the mission of rescuing souls that are  found in different groups of humanity, who must have the grace, someday, of being able to awaken and offer their lives to God, just as you have offered yours in an unconditional way. 

On this gala night, may the Gift of God shine in each singer. 

May each song uplift the planetary consciousness and may everything be transmuted. 

Who accompanies you for this new cycle, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace