In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Many of My apostles are coming to a moment that I already lived for you, a long time ago.

So that you may understand Me, so that you can feel Me, so that you can internalize each one of My Words, I will tell you a part of My story, a story that was not written in the Bible, not in any sacred book.

This story is similar to what you are living at this moment, not only for the planetary transition, not only for what humanity is going through, but also for what each one of you must give Me, because the time has come for the maturity of My apostles.

When I turned twenty-one years old, thirteen years before the great surrender of your Master and Lord, I made a very important journey to the Far East.

These events were registered in some of the Gospels which were removed so that humanity could not know of them.

But, today, I come to tell you what your Master and Lord lived when He was twenty-one, while, still being very young, He began to prepare to drink from the Chalice which, later on, the Eternal Father would one day offer Him, in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In this journey, I had to learn, as a man, but also as a Consciousness, to assume the overcoming of the human condition, a condition that was dragging the human race to perdition. I speak to you of a long, very long time ago.

That very important journey was retribution that My Heart carried out to those called “Kings of the Desert”, who arrived from very far-away lands to recognize the Birth of the Messiah, in the city of Bethlehem.

Thus, you will understand how the trajectory of your lives is drawn by the Will of God and, when souls do not live the Will of My Father, they only suffer and suffer.

At that time, while I was twenty-one, under the spiritual company of My Celestial Mother and the inner help of the first Essenes who accompanied Me in the inner planes for this Mission, your Master and Lord first arrived in the Arabian countries, and, before the great Imans of that time, the Son of God was not externally recognized, He was recognized internally, just from having passed through that place.

On that occasion, while I was visiting the Arabian peoples, My Father made known to Me the most important task that He Himself carried out throughout times, in the origins of these peoples and of these religions, not only by revealing His Sacred Names, which were pronounced and invoked, but He also made known to Me the Sacred Geometry of His Divine Project for the first peoples that populated this planet.

There, I was able to come to know the mystery of the Wisdom of God, which He sowed and placed in the oldest peoples of the planet.

Having received this instruction, which was preparatory for the moment of My great surrender, your Master and Lord, while He was twenty-one, continued His journey towards India, and, on that occasion, it was to remember and harvest the fruits of this experience that the Father once carried out within My Consciousness, with a different face and other garments.

It was at that moment that your Master and Lord received the revelation of the mystery of God's Compassion, and, before the ancient kings of India, I was able to understand, at the age of twenty-one, why, in this world, and up to the present days, there is suffering, and how the essence of Divine Compassion can not only liberate souls from suffering, but can also absorb them, transforming the whole human conditions and all limitations through the mere fact of loving.

If in India I had not had this experience, I believe I would not have had the strength to drink from the Chalice in the Garden of Gethsemane.

This experience and this mission concluded in Egypt, in the lands of the great patriarch, Moses, one of the successors of the Ark of the Holy Covenant. There, My preparatory experience was completed so that, on returning to the Holy Land in the following years, My Heart might be ready to live what I came to live for you.

In the lands of Moses, in the region of Mount Sinai, the Father made me know, even more, the immensity of His Mercy, the infinity of His Pity for this project of the planet, for human redemption, for all the generations that would come after Me, up to the current times.

In this sacred place of Mount Sinai, your Master and Lord was able to know hermitic life, because, in the absolute desert, that is where we only find God so that He may quench our thirst, so that He may console us, so that He may strengthen and renew us.

In that sacred place of Mount Sinai, I was able to witness, with My inner sight, the sacred treasures of the Spiritual Hierarchies of the universe and all that would happen in the coming times with the future generations, which would have the Grace of awakening to the Cosmic Consciousness and of knowing that life, on this planet, is vaster and more infinite than it seems, that the future generations could know that life does not end here, and that true life is found in the stars, in the suns and in the constellations.

When I returned to the Holy Land, after traveling for three months, My Mother was waiting for Me in Nazareth. There, She had also had the same experience, in her state of contemplation and devotion, accompanying each step of the Son of God, because She knew that this mission that I lived at the age of twenty-one was not only an initiation, but also a preparation for what would later come.

Why do you believe I am telling you all this today?

My aim is not so that you may have more knowledge, but so that you may grow in love, in the mature love that surrenders, the love that renews you, that leads you to risk, more each day, to have greater experiences of love for Me, regardless of what it means or represents.

Many of you, from the spiritual point of view, are now at the age of twenty-one of your evolution, and here, companions, it has nothing to do either with the evolutionary age or with the material age.

Many are now living the twenty-first year of their evolution, and are before the threshold, before the opportunity of taking a great step, a firmer and more secure step, a step toward maturity and toward responsibility.

This maturity and this responsibility will allow you to understand, in this critical time, that you can no longer be put first in everything, but rather that everything else, which is more necessary and urgent than yourselves, must be first in your lives, so that you may assume spiritual and material maturity, so that the Celestial Father may give you greater responsibilities and greater tasks.

Many of you might believe that you are not ready for this. But remember that which I recently told you, that the axis of the planet is being held by a very thin thread of Light, this thread of Light must be strengthened, so that it never breaks, so that more events do not develop in humanity and on the planet.

At this moment, humanity has no justification before God. It is the love and responsibility of My apostles, it is the maturity and consciousness of My companions that will generate true justification before God, so that Mercy may descend and Divine Justice may be deterred.

I know that, through these Words and this Message, I place your inner worlds under ardent pressure. But know that My duty is to tell you the truth and open your eyes, the eyes of consciousness, but also to open your hearts so that they do not crystalize, so that they do not harden, so that they never lose their sensitivity in the face of the reality of these times.

As it was two-thousand years ago, this story repeats itself in the present, and, with a few, I will do all that I must do.  This is the time of My apostles, of the mature and available apostles, capable of going beyond themselves, capable of renouncing, beyond themselves, capable of surrendering for Me, even more.

In this last month of the year, and before you enter a new year, you must think and reflect about these things, because you are at the moment of not only being able to remember who you were, but you are also at the moment of knowing for what you came here, and what you must still fulfill, under the guidance of the Will of My Father.

I do not come to ask you to be perfect, I come to ask you to attain perfection through surrender and service, because the one who trusts in Me has nothing to worry about, not even their own miseries.

Because I will liberate those who are truly with Me from their chains and oppressions. I will heal them with My healing Hand, and they will be forever freed from themselves; and their souls will no longer live in a spiritual prison, but, rather, as an eagle of light, their souls will fly to the high peaks of the House of the Father, to be a part of His Divine Dwellings.

This is the Message that I want to leave to all those who are faithful to the prayer of the heart, and, especially to the Meetings of the Marathon of Divine Mercy.

As from the next cycle onward, you, My companions and My friends, will be the ones who must sustain, through merciful prayer, all that will happen on the planet, because, at the age of twenty-one of your evolution, you are at the right moment to take the great step, without Me being present. But, have faith, because from a distance, from My Spiritual Government, I will be praying for you, so that you may someday be Christs.

And now, in this silence, which I invite you to internally live with Me, commune with My Words, so that your hearts may be ready for what will come.

Remember that My Mother is your Mother, and if the Son of the Mother of God surrendered what was most valuable to Him, at the foot of the Cross, where He gave His Mother, to each one of you, do you believe you can manage to do so? Do you believe that you can manage to surrender, as I surrendered?

This is all that I want to tell you today, and I thank you for having the courage, to dare to feel each one of My Words.

Let us pray, phrase by phrase.


Prayer: Christ of the Light.


May this Marathon be the great step of the apostles for the times that will come.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




Today I pray that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may provide shelter to the lost souls that cannot find meaning within their lives, that are confused and do not know the reason for their existence, that do not know the Love and the Grace of God.

Today I pray that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may take in the fragile souls that struggle to be faithful and give way to the temptations of the world,  becoming lost in vices, which yield to chaos and evil.

I pray that the souls that cry out for help see the arms of the ever-Virgin Mother of God reaching out to the world. May you take those firm and delicate hands, which cross the universes and the Heavens, in the face of the Law of Justice, and they pour out Mercy upon the world.

I pray that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may be known, that souls may know how to revere the Love of a Mother that deters the Laws and the Anger of God, and cries out for Her most lost children.

In times of transition and definition, children, I pray that souls understand that the Love of the Virgin Mary goes beyond all human understanding. She takes even the most lost souls by the hand and leads them to the Son, Who leads them to God.

Know how to pray with the Most Holy Mary, not only for peace, but also for forgiveness, for hope, for the salvation of the greatest sinning souls, because it is She, children, Who cries out to the Firstborn to place His attention upon the water that must be transformed into wine; She is Who supports the cross of Her children, Who perseveres beyond sorrow, Who remains standing; it is She Who teaches you to serve in silence, to manifest and perpetuate the Plan of God, even when God seems to be absent. She teaches you to be in the Father, in all circumstances, making of your own lives the doorway to the Kingdom of God.

For this reason, I pray, so that today She not only be honored but, above all, you may live in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Most Sweet Mother of humanity

Here is the Mother of all peoples, of all nations, and of all cultures.

Here is the Mother of the simple and the Mother of the poor.

The Mother who listens to the prayers of the meek and who feels the heart of the peacemakers of Christ.

Here is the Mother who cures and the Mother who heals the deepest wounds of the heart.

Here is the tireless Mother who guides souls onto the good path.

Here is the Mother of the Church and the Mother of the Apostles, Mother of the Missionaries, Mother of the Servants of the Light.

Here is the Mother of Grace and of Mercy, the Mother who consoles, the Redeeming Mother.

Here is the Mother of Peace, the Mother of Hope, the Mother who envisages the Truth in those who seek It.

Here is the Mother of the Purity that purifies Her children in order to consecrate

them to the Heart of God.

Here is the Mother who releases from captivity those who are imprisoned in themselves.

Here is the Mother who builds in hearts and in souls the bridges towards God.

Here is the Mother of the humble and the Mother of those who are simple, Mother of those who love, Mother of those who surrender themselves and of those who consecrate themselves to God.

Here is the Mother of Goodness and the Mother of Justice, Mother who unconditionally intercedes for all of Her children.

Mother of the Carmel, Mother of all those who aspire to the path of the spirit.

Here is the Mother of the Light and the Mother of the helpless, Mother of those who are imprisoned, Mother of the suffering.

Here is the Mother of Wisdom and the Mother of Discernment, the Mother of the Law and Mediator Mother before the Celestial Father.

Here is the Mother of the Renounced, Mother of the Surrendered, Mother of all the Consecrated.

Here is the Mother of Redemption, Mother of Liberation, Mother of the Swords of the Light.

Here is the Mother of Defense and the Mother of Intercession.

Here is the Mother of the poorest, Mother of the forgotten in the world.

Here is the Mother of the True, Mother of the Honest, Mother of all those who open their hearts to God.

Here is the Mother of the Pilgrims, Mother of the Walkers, Mother of all those who are tireless.

Here is the Mother of Honesty, Mother of Transparency, Mother of the Original Essence.

Here is the Mother of the Sun, Mother of the Stars, Mother of Spring, Mother of Nature.

Here is the Mother of all the sublime Mirrors, Mother of Knowledge, Mother of the spiritual awakening.

Here is the Mother of all those who seek Christ, Mother of those who commune of the Eucharistic Body of Christ.

Here and now is the Lady of Peace, who comes to this meeting today to be with Her simplest children, to listen to the voice of their prayers, to bless them all in the name of love.

Here, children, is the Mother that always hears you, the Mother who comes to your aid to remove you from any suffering and pain.

Here is the always Virgin Mary, the One Who descends from Heaven to be rejoicing together with Her children, to give each soul what it needs.

Here is the Mother of the Holy Rosary, the One Who stretches out Her arms to you so that you may hold on tight and raise your consciousness to God.

Here is the Mother who eternally loves you, the Mother who awaits you every day in prayer.

Here is the Mother who shepherds you and guides you on the path of forgiveness and of reconciliation.

May this day be a celestial party, may the Portals of Light and of Healing open over this city and may no soul lose the Grace of liberating themselves from their self forever.

May we, all together, build over this town of Carmo da Cachoeira the arc of Peace and of the Mercy of God.

May the angels of the light descend to fill the hearts with all possible Graces.

May the alliance between souls and Christ be established.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Celestial Government

Here is My celestial government, which has always descended to the world when your Mother descends to open the portals of the Heavens.

Here is My celestial government, formed and integrated by the angels of different hierarchies, who in obedience and in an unconditional way, serve Your Humble Celestial Mother.

Here, children, is My celestial government, which has its basic foundation in the teachings of My Beloved Son and in His Divine Work of Mercy.

Here, dear children, is My celestial government, guided by the Divine Thought of the Father and manifested by the work of His Eternal Grace.

Here, My little ones, is My celestial government, which has its universal headquarters in the Divine Church of Christ, existent and present in the sacred Spiritual Universe.

Here, My children, is my celestial government, inwardly extended in this world by those who proclaim their faith and their love for Christ.

Here is My celestial government, renewing and expressing itself in devout hearts and in the spirits that surrender for the love of service.

Here and now is My celestial government announced by the Archangel Gabriel in the first moments of the Annunciation.

Here is My celestial government, proclaimed by the humble word of My cousin Saint Isabel, and from then on by all generations.

Here and now is My celestial government, spread throughout the Universe after My Assumption into the Heavens, through the work and the immediate service of the angels.

Here and now is My celestial government, given by the Divine Father and by the Loving Son during My coronation as Queen and Mother of the Universe and of the Earth.

Here, children, is My celestial government, concretized by means of the purpose that the Almighty entrusted to Me for this Universe and for this beloved blue planet.

Here and now is My celestial government, given impulse as a work by the state of My eternal Grace, and carried forward with the maternal love of My Immaculate Heart.

Here is the Eternal Slave of the Lord, Who holds all Her beloved children in His invisible Kingdom, Who protects the steps of the wayfarers of faith, Who guides and shepherds the lovers of Christ.

Here and now is the celestial government of Your Most Holy Mother, alive and resplendent through the Mirrors, which subtly radiate the eternal principles for the emergence of the new consciousness of humanity.

Here and now is the celestial government of the Mother of God, which is carried forward throughout time with the adherence and the surrender of Her little children.

Here and now is My celestial government, manifested during these years of work with Me with the work on the surface, which is inwardly moved by the constant impulses that the Holy Spirit sends.

Here and in this time is the work of the Most Holy Mary present in the hearts that are a part of it.

Here is the Marian Work of God through all of this group of souls that has given its “yes” to Mary, just as Mary gave Her “yes” to the Archangel Gabriel.

Here and now is the work of the Co-Redeeming Mother of Christ, a work that has expanded and and become widespread on the five continents, a work that reaches the souls of various languages in the world.

Here is the work of Love and of the Mercy of God through the Most Holy Mary, slowly acting and working through the love of Her children and the faith of Her soldiers.

Here is the work that arose, in the beginning, in an orange orchard of Aurora and that then emerged like a great sun for the whole planet, today managing to serve and to rescue the most lost souls.

Here is the work of hope, Mary’s work and our work, guided by Her noble Heart and carried out by Her humble hand.

Here and now is the work of peace, present in the world by the Will of the Father after ten years.

Here is the work that has regenerated many lives, that has worked true miracles in hearts in need, that has returned love and life to those who had lost them.

Here and now is the work formed by many children of Mary that together with their Mother, are weaving the mantle of peace in the world, the mantle where Christ will place His Feet when He returns.

Here is the spiritual delight of Your Mother on seeing the glow of Her Grace in the eyes of Her children, and the hope expressed in the countenances of those who had lost it.

Let us give thanks to God for having allowed His Humble Lady of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity to come to you so as to be able to make of your lives receptacles of Grace, instruments of love, and pillars of Her eternal and divine Mercy.

For the sharing of these ten years, today I thank you.

Who blesses you under the light of the Immaculate Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of Burgos to Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

May the light that St. James the Apostle left imprinted on these paths serve for souls that have long searched for the Path of the Lord. 

Walking the Path of St. James is to accept the path of redemption and apostleship that My Son offered all His followers. 

To experience the Path of St. James is to offer oneself, as an apostle of the Lord, so as to find the paths of purification, redemption and rehabilitation. 

St. James the Apostle walked this path to carry the word of the Good News to souls and to make that moment an opportunity for souls to, at some moment, find the Love of the Lord. 

To follow this path is to accept the experience of the personal cross and to learn, through the experiences, to carry it with courage and resolve. 

The Path of St. James opened doors for the evangelization of the West and for the redemption of this part of the planet. 

St. James the Apostle was spiritually accompanied by the Mother of the Apostles so that he could accomplish the mission that My Son had entrusted to each of His Own. 

The Path marked by St. James was later traveled by the feet of the simple Mother, the Mother of Jesus, carrying in Her hands the great symbol of the Grail, and thus awakening the life of ministry in all. 

The Path of St. James was later the path of the Most Holy Mary. 

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you, now and always in love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Assisi, Perugia, Italy, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I come to the world for the salvation of the unfaithful.

I come to the world for those who suffer.

I come to the world for those who are lost in the material life.

I come to the world for those who do not have God.

I come to the world for those who wage wars.

I come to the world for those who create perversions and idolatries.

I come to the world for those who are false.

I come to the world for all those who harden their hearts to God.

I come to the world for those who say no.

I come to the world for those who sleep.

I come to the world with the ardent desire of changing and redeeming souls, so they may enter the path of true love.

I come to the world to bring peace to all those who have lost it.

I come to the world for those who deceive themselves.

I come to open the eyes of those who do not want to see the reality of these times.

I come so that you may accompany Me in this planetary Calvary.

I come so that all My children remember God, His Omnipotence, His Grace and His Mercy.

I come to bring you the peace and the joy of being able to know the Kingdom of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, transmitted in Villa de Dornes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Santarém, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Behold the Slave of the Lord, may it be done in Me according to Your Word.

Behold Your Slave of Love and of Motherhood, blessed among all women and honored by all generations.

Behold Your beloved Daughter, simple in feeling and deep in loving.

Behold Your untiring Server, Who burns with Love and Mercy for the souls that seek Your Kingdom.

Behold Your most gentle Mother, Who watches over Your flocks, Who guides them and accompanies them to the stable of Your merciful Heart.

Behold Your Star, Who illumines the paths of creatures that open to know how infinite Your Love is in essence, powerful and invincible.

Behold the Lady clothed in the Sun, Who lights the flame of simple prayer in Her children, Who calls all to change and forgiveness of sins.

Behold the Divine Lady, advocate and counselor of impossible causes, intermediary between souls and God.

Behold the eternal Virgin Mary, Who begs and pleads for peace, Who asks for and seeks a union between peoples and nations.

Behold the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, crowned today in Fatima and in the world, recognized as the Mother of kindness and of Mercy.

Behold the Celestial Mother of God, Who unites with each pilgrim and each heart that in these days seeks a special Grace; the Grace of being able to love, of being able to forgive and to be forgiven by the Eternal Father.

Behold the Queen of angels and of archangels, descending in Glory over the Cova da Iría, again awakening the peace that Fatima grants, as teraph of the world.

Behold the most gentle Mother, venerated and beloved, loved and accepted by all Her children, Mother of reconciliation and guardian of life, shield against all evil and Temple of Wisdom.

Behold the most sought-after Holy Woman, Who alleviates grief and sorrow, Who understands and helps the most lost.

Behold the Mother of the Sun, the Lady of Light, Who welcomes into Her bosom the suffering of the world and makes it Hers, so the world may be alleviated of sin and error.

Behold the Queen of Lys, the Commander of missionary spirits, the Mirror of Divine Love that is refracted in the essence of the one who invokes Her.

Behold the Mother of Hope and the guardian of faith, the administrator of the new principles that will repopulate the Earth and the New Humanity.

Behold the Lady of Fatima, the Mother of prayerful hearts, the Servant of the Source of renewal.

Behold the Mother of the New Alliance, Who accompanies the consecration of Her children and leads them by the hand to Jesus.

Behold now the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, beside each soul that in the coming hours prepares in prayer for the great awaited event.

Behold the Mother of Jesus, the Redeemer, with the Scepter of God in Her hand, pointing to the European continent so that it may change, be redeemed and live in peace, in order to accomplish the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Behold now the Queen of Peace, surrounded by Light and more brilliant than the sun; the Mother Who descends from Heaven to be close to Her children to embrace them, kiss them and give them the Love of Her Heart.

Behold now the Mother Who said 'yes' for all of  humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary


After Jesus healed the blindness of a poor and simple woman, He arranged with the twelve holy women who were accompanying My Divine Consciousness that they would meet on Sunday evening in the home of one of them, to finish preparing the great task that He would undertake for humanity: His Divine Passion.

The twelve holy women, after espousing Jesus in Bethany, left in pilgrimage along another path that led them to Jerusalem. With prayers, fasting and sacrifices, the holy women, together with Mary and during the path to Jerusalem, began to experience inexplicable ecstasies that made them more conscious of the Passion that their Holy Spiritual Spouse would experience.

Throughout the pilgrimage, My Divine Consciousness reported the visions that the Eternal Father was sending to me through Archangel Gabriel about the difficult moment and about the agony that Christ would experience.

Without knowing it, the twelve holy women, who were walking while praying and fasting towards Jerusalem, began to experience the Passion of Jesus in advance.

On Sunday evening, they received from Jesus Himself and through the legacy that My Divine Consciousness would leave, all the details about the preparation for the Last Supper. They perceived the indications for this ceremony by means of dreams and by direct guidance of their guardian angels.

This allowed them to be in perpetual communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a fact that, in the end of times, would affect the whole feminine gender.

Before arriving in Jerusalem, the holy women declared to Mary the inner union to Her Heart of Mother and they confirmed that they would share, with Her and for Her, all martyrdom and pain that the Holy Mother would live in order to relieve Her Most Beloved Son.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Sant Esteve, Barcelona, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón
Declaration of a Guardian Angel
before the Most Holy Consciousness of Mary
Mother of God,
by Your Mercy You saved them and by Your Grace you rescued them,
by Your fullest kindness, You took them in
and in Your maternal arms, You placed them.
Save them, Mother, from all adversity, and protect them,
safeguard them and shelter them under Your Mantle of Light,
to make them invisible to all evil, temptation and deceit.
By Your charity, You gave them to eat of the Holy Body of Your Son
and by Your pity, You cleansed them of their deepest miseries.
Lady of the Universe and of the Earth,
Mother of all the angels and humankind,
today I place their souls into Your arms
because in Your holy shelter we know they will take steps
toward your beloved Son, the Christ.
Take care of them and teach me to take care of them, Divine Queen,
shelter them and shelter me from all forces of chaos
because the greatest gift for the Most High
will be to have them in the lap of Your Divine Mercy.
Elevate them, in soul and in spirit, to the Celestial Kingdom,
pour over their spirits the Water that heals all things,
the Water that comes from Your Holy Son,
purify them according to Your Will, in the Supreme Will of the Father
so that, clean of all stains, they awaken to their original purity.
Today, Mother of faith and patience,
I bring this little soul to Your Kingdom,
a spark of the Breath of the Divine Spirit,
so that from now on it may begin
the eternal journey towards holiness and the good.
Sacred Mother,
with Your most pure gesture of Grace,
teach them to love all imperfection and error,
make them in likeness to the holiness of Your Son Jesus,
and may they always be able to feel, kind Mother,
the affection of Your Immaculate Heart.
Thus, through Your infinite Presence, nothing and no one will be lost,
but rather all will gain the love and honorable triumph of Your Kingdom,
which is the Kingdom of the Most Holy Trinity,
for, united with You, in obedience and silence,
we, the angels of God, will fight day and night
for the triumph of the Divine Project of Your Son.
In My prayers, I decree inner peace,
in My unconditional service, I give the world the Gifts of God,
taught by the Divine Son.
O Holy Universal Mother!
guide each soul, just as You guide us in the Kingdom of the Heavens,
which will be the perfect reason
for Your children to learn to love and serve.
In Your eternity and service to the universe,
may souls see the Plans of God carried out.
Today, I give You each soul of the Earth,
and, with my wings, I protect the essence of each being,
in the name of all the angels and archangels,
Fathers of all Creation.
Thank You for attending to me, adorable Queen.
Thank You for Your celestial kindness.

Declaration of a holy Guardian Angel, pleading with the Holy Virgin for Her children of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who restores you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children:

In My arms, as the Mother of Mercy, I sustain those who have become lost from the path of Christ, and just as once I had Jesus in My arms, He Who died for you, today I supplicate to the Celestial Father for His Divine Piety.

The Father concedes to Me again the Grace of liberating and of forgiving those who fell into error, into pride and into deep ingratitude.

As the Mother of Mercy I intercede for these souls because they are My children, those which I want to bring towards the true peace, towards the redemption of life and of the heart.

As the Mother of Mercy I gather from the Calvary of each being the miseries that fell when walking with their own cross, and with My maternal Light I transform darkness into light, incomprehension into wisdom, and sadness into sheer joy.

As the Mother of Mercy I convert that which is impossible for this world and I heal the wounds that no one is able to spiritually heal, because the Father has given Me the Grace by which as the Mother of Goodness I may assist My children, all those that open their hearts as to find My Love.

Dear children, the defeat of pride in a heart is the greatest gift that a soul may receive in this time when pettiness, blindness and corruption hypnotize the path of the souls.

When this pride is broken by the staff of God, Divine Justice is established and the soul does not receive that which in truth it would have deserved, because when the mask of pride is broken the purity of the heart is born.

Have pure hearts and love; love much because in love My adversary does not have his reign except in the hardened hearts and minds.

Give permission so that the love of the heart will spring like a flame through prayer, and let the old structures fall to the ground so that in this way the flower of the heart be able to open.

Recite every day the infinite gratitude to the Creator and you will be in the correct path. As the Mother of Mercy I am here to assist you and to conduct you to the Celestial Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

For the mercy of the entire planet,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Sacred Litany to the Mother of God and Mother of the Universe
To implore for Her intercession during the moments of test and of purification

Most Holy Virgin,
Powerful Virgin,
Most Chaste Virgin,
Our Advocate Virgin,
Prodigious Virgin,
have mercy on us,
help us.

Mother of Hope,
Mother of Mercy,
Blessed Mother,
Co-redeeming Mother,
Mother of the Divine Faith,
Protective Mother,
Mother of Holy Justice,
Mediating Mother,
Mother of Perpetual Help,
Saving Mother,
Mother of Victory,
Most Pure Mother,
Most Complete Mother,
Miraculous Mother,
have mercy on us,
come to our aid.

Queen of Peace,
Universal Queen,
Queen of the Stars,
Queen of Love,
Queen of all Angels,
Celestial Queen,
Liberating Queen,
Most Beloved Queen,
Most Sweet Queen,
Venerable Queen,
Adorable Queen,
Queen of the Doors of Heaven,
have mercy on us,
intercede, now and always.

Lady of the Rosary,
Lady of humanity,
Lady of the poor,
Lady of the innocent,
Lady of the Holy Cross,
Lady of the sick,
Lady of the pure of heart,
Lady of Pity,
Lady of Brotherhood,
Lady of Confraternity,
Lady of Light,
Lady of Majesty,
have mercy on us,
rescue us.

Mirror of all Universes,
Mirror of Healing,
Mirror of Wisdom,
Mirror of Discernment,
Mirror of Joy,
Mirror of the Cosmos,
Mirror of Liberation,
Mirror of the Assumption,
Mirror of Mercy,
Mirror of Redemption,
Mirror of Union,
Mirror of Salvation,
Mirror of Rehabilitation,
have mercy on us,
heal us, now and always.

Within Your sacred faces, may I may find the pathway out.
In Your walk, may I see the steps to be taken.
In your gaze, may my soul be strengthened.

Holy Mother of God,
banish from my being all arrogance,
possessions, pride and indifference,
because my whole life belongs to You
so that Your Beloved Son
may realize His Work of Redemption and Fraternity.

I surrender into Your arms,
humiliated and divested,
because Your full Grace
has granted me redemption.



Monthly Messages

Surrender to Me, for this is already My last time.

Hours pass for this world and souls get lost. Blessed are you for receiving Me and for being worthy in the Lord, even though you do not deserve it. For if you do not surrender, how can I be in you and you in Me?

My Sacred Heart pours Its Blood over the horrors of the world, over all sins. Who will be worthy of collecting My Blood as My Mother and Mary Magdalene did? Who will be like John and will be at the Cross without any fear until the last hour?

What I have given you in your life is the best that I could give you; there is nothing better that I can give you. Each one has what is just and what they deserve before the Law of My Father. But why do you not surrender? What harm can I do to you if, even in the midst of tribulation, I come to you on this blessed night to shed the codes of My Blood and renew them in the Spirit of God?

There are many who claim to be with Me, but are not. I need true apostles, not apostles of clay that can be broken with a single blow. As I told My apostles in the past, you do not know My Justice. I do not come to punish you, I come to bring you the truth, that truth which can be in you if you are in Me and do not reject Me in your brothers and sisters.

If you do not live the tests, how will you learn? Without tests, do you think you will reach Heaven and Divinity? I am not talking about impossible things, companions, because today I come to dedicate this message to you, although the need of the world is greater than your own needs.

Today I show you My sorrow, which is the sorrow of the world, and I invite each one of you to know it, to accept it and to live it in prayer. But I know that some of you do not accept that sorrow because you are afraid to know it. I gave that sorrow to all the saints and simple-hearted people throughout the ages. The sorrow is greater than My Mercy, and that I cannot hide. Who will carry this heavy Cross and not only live on My Prodigies? Those who are called by the Shepherd must live all the things I give them from time to time.

But even My Sacred Heart expects of each one of you that, in this merciful offering of prayer, you will no longer be the same because there is no more time to lose. The world is gradually darkening, and fervor cannot be extinguished in hearts. How can you be depositaries of My Graces if at times your hearts close to Me and to your brothers and sisters?

I do not come to promise you a magnificent life in this world, but I do come to promise you eternal life in the next world. If you separate from each other, you separate from Me and My Hand cannot come near you because you move away. You move away from My Light, from My unfathomable Love, from My Peace, from My Hope.

Today, I do not want to leave you a message of sorrow, but a reality. All souls are in their Judgment and this has just begun. Your Judgment may be lighter if your love is greater. Love for what you do not yet feel, love for what you do not accept, love for what you reject, love for what you deny before all that you have received on My right and on My left.

Today I cannot open My Arms and extend My Hands to you because I do not see the love of the world. Very few flames are ignited to glorify Me, but there is still time, companions, to take one more step in trusting My Sacred Heart.

I wish to see you in fullness and not in bitterness. My Heart sheds Its Blood to renew you, to vivify you in the Spirit of My Father in Heaven who contemplates you day and night. If you do not accept what I give you, you will not be able to vivify My Eternal Father; for My Father is full of Gifts for all souls, but the souls do not allow the Gifts to be poured into their hearts.

I wish to speak to you about what the world truly needs, but first I must care for those whom I have chosen with My Hand throughout the ages and pointed out with My Light in this last cycle.

The apostles were separated to preach, but they never ceased to unite, just as I taught them in prayer, in the Adoration of God. You think you adore My Heart, but you do not know. It is a conquest for your spirits to adore My Heart when you have trust in Me for all that you live. Nothing is by chance. You live what you have sown and you are harvesting what you have planted. There is no mistake in all this. Heaven knows that souls make mistakes, but they must start again every day, in the absolute certainty that they will serve the Shepherd in spite of the consequences.

What more do you want from Me? This is all that I can give you, and it is already a maximal Grace that you can live in these difficult times. Raise your mistakes to the Father because they are the mistakes of the world, the indifference of hearts that suffer for not being able to recognize the Purpose that has passed before them many times in different ways and with different signs.

Welcome My pain for human indifference and transform it into love and compassion; welcome the indifference of your brothers and sisters, who suffer for unconsciously rejecting Me; welcome the pain of others and thus you will help Me fulfill the Plan. May this Marathon be to assume the pain of the world, which most people do not want to live. For if pain is not assumed, the world will suffer for not having listened to the Message.

Today My guardian angels adore your essences, which is true and sublime before the Eyes of God. They do not see your defects and imperfections; they see what you really are and do not get tired of doing so. It is something that you must learn in yourselves and in your brothers and sisters; thus you will free yourselves from the influences of My adversary who crushes minds, as the wheat is crushed into dust.

Be merciful even if you are not. Renew your vows before My Heart every day and do not be afraid to live your cross, because if I carried the Cross for you and for the world, why will you not partake of the Cross that I carry today for this humanity? Even if I am an ascended being, may My humility humble you, may My truth purify you, may My Heart cleanse you from all stain, from all adversity.

If you believe that I am the Light amidst darkness, why do you not follow Me in what I have placed on your paths?

My Face is drawn in the hearts that are true and in those that are honest in their transformation, despite the falls. I do not cease to help those who cry out for Me, but I cannot help those who take pride in their own virtues. Banish that which no longer serves to My Father, so I may enter within you as I entered within Father Pio leaving the visible sign of My Presence for fifty years. I have something special for each of you, but I have not yet been able to give it. The trust in God is found in sacrifice, the divesting of self in found in humility and humiliation and all barriers of matter are transcended.

I want you to be true to Me in this Marathon and not just in words. May your words say what you truly feel before My Merciful Heart, for while a great part of the world is suffering persecution and war and cannot receive Me, what will you do with all that I have given you with so much Love and Mercy? Be honest before the Heavens and renounce not with pride, but with humility, with peace, with effort and sacrifice. Truly renounce to what you believe is better or to what you could improve. My apostles went through this test until the end of their days.

Do not let your consciousness sleep when I am speaking. I am your King and your salvation.

I need you to grow in consciousness and not in vanity. My precious pearls cannot be lost in this world. Adore My Heart so that nothing bad happens, for the time of My Justice is approaching for all humanity.

Come out of yourselves and see those who are dying, whom television shows as if they were a victory. O My companions, you still do not know what God feels when a heart is indifferent to what has been given to it for Mercy.

I am leading you all to an inner evaluation, for when I return I shall not be able to see any stains on your garments, and if there are any stains I shall not be able to recognize you, for up to now I have taught you to wash your garments with the water of My Mercy and My Glory.

Try to love a little more, even if you cannot. My Heart offers itself for this and your brothers and sisters also offer themselves to be truly loved. Let us pray to God for those who cannot love My Father and Me. Let us pray with fervor and with Mercy, just as I taught you in the beginning.

Prayer: Our Father.

I would not like to see you with long faces in this Marathon, because the world needs joy, true joy to be able to transcend all evil and indifference that the souls commit daily before the Celestial Kingdom.

Today I can bless, out of compassion, these elements that you have placed before My altar, which is in Heaven and on Earth, so that your hearts may be washed by My Blood and your spirits may be purified by My Body, two visible signs of redemption and surrender to My Heart that always waits for you.

Two thousand years ago I left you a universal treasure, a perpetual badge for your hearts and souls. I left you the living treasure of the universe, the Teraphim of God manifested in body and blood for the whole of humanity. How many times have you now received communion with Me? Did you do it truly or only in a hurry? How many times did I offer Myself at the table of all souls so that they would live Me in the Passion and on the Cross?

Today My Sacred Heart sheds Its Blood for indifferent souls, for those who do not dare to confess with Me, before My divine Humility and before My Peace.

Today I prepare with this communion this whole part of the Earth that must be consecrated to My Divinity before I come back to the world for the second time. To reach My Divinity they must cleanse and purify themselves every day. That is why I ask you to surrender to Me so that your hearts may overcome all tests, in the name of God and His infinite Project.

Before the Guardian Angels of the universe, before the Archangels who glorify My Father perpetually, before the most Holy Spirit of God, before His beloved Son, before the Celestial Father who unifies all creation and vivifies the spirits that respond to Him with sincerity, and before the majesty of the Mother of the World, I absolve and forgive you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

When you commit an indifference, wash your feet, just as I washed the apostles so that they would recognize that God becomes so small before the proudest souls. Do not offend God anymore, the world has offended Him a great deal.

Live My celestial Treasures and you will attain eternal life. Amen.

The Glorified Christ Jesus


In the deepest depths of God, where the Purity of His Divine Consciousness dwells, lies a principle of life, a living molecule of Divine Consciousness from Adonai. As the Love of God could not stay within Himself. the Creator gave life to this Most Pure Principle, thus creating a Divine and Universal Consciousness that encompasses more than a small body or a material consciousness.

Mary is the Divine Womb, She is Life, She is what gives birth to the creatures of every kingdom and what sustains them throughout their evolution.

Mary did not come from humankind and then ascend to Heaven; Mary descended from Heaven and, through Her infinite Love, became flesh among humankind to accompany the Son of God.

Mary is not a part of humanity: it is humanity that is a part of Mary.

When the Creator thought the human project, a project that would experience in itself a powerful degree of Love, He needed a Pure Creative Source, a Consciousness that emanated the Love that the human beings needed in order to develop. And so the Angels and Archangels of the Celestial Father resorted to that Pure Principle of God – which was the energy of maternity, purity and love itself – to create, from that perfect Source, the codes that the human beings would carry within themselves.

It is in Heaven as it is on Earth. In order to give birth to Love within the planetary consciousness, just as it had been born in the Universe, the Creator manifested His Divine Purity in mind, soul and spirit. From there came the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus.

Mary is the Grace of God, She is Goodness manifested in a sublime Consciousness.

Mary is the Maternal Gift that, even after having ascended to the Heavens, has not ceased to project Herself among humankind; She does not cease to represent, in the Universe as on Earth, an example for the material creatures.

What you have had before you all these years is the Perfection of God manifested in the Love and in the maternal Goodness of Mary.

Dear ones, I tell you this so that you learn to be before a Consciousness that, despite Her Greatness and Divinity, although She does not fit within a human form, She keeps manifesting Herself among humankind, She keeps expressing Her likeness to the creatures of the Earth, She keeps demonstrating the path to everyone.

Her Love is unchangeable, Her Perfection is incorruptible, Her Peace is eternal, because She hopes that someday you will joyfully accept to live in Her absolute Peace once again.

Allow yourselves to return to the arms of the One who created you as a part of God. Allow yourselves to be guided by the One who comes from the Holy Spirit of the Creator and who manifests Her Gifts in all creatures.

While there is still time, children, surrender to the arms of your Heavenly Mother and, like the Holy Family, let yourselves be loved and led by Mary. Her Love will reveal to you many mysteries and Her Purity will open the Gates of Heaven for you.

The One who loves you and delivers you, every day, in prayer, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Oh, memorable day on which Heaven descends to Earth to glorify the Mercy of God expressed in the Heart of His Holy Servant, the Virgin Mary.

Oh, day of Graces, of joy and of celestial praise, day on which the hearts receive from the Divine Source the piety to convert their lives and to find the salvation and the fullness in God.

A day of mercy will be this, on which the Lord will synthesize the Graces poured out by the womb of Creation, so that the souls receive over and over again the codes they have lost in the path.

Oh, day of salvation and of rejoicing in the Holy Spirit, because The One who conceives the Trinity in Her most pure womb will turn Her sweet eyes to the world, so that this Holy Spirit impregnate now the hearts and the consciousnesses of the pure of intention.

Today is the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity, a day chosen by God so that, before a cycle finishes and it starts another in the planetary life, the creatures may renovate themselves in Christ and receive from the Sacred Hearts the Graces they need in order to persevere.

Blessed will be those who will recognize the greatness of this day and who will they disseminate them in the world, announcing that hope still lives in the human heart.

Blessed will be those who will believe in the words of God and will receive, from His Divine Hands, the celestial treasures for the fulfillment of His Plans.

Blessed will be those who will consecrate their lives and will renounce to the stinginess and to the futilities of the world in order to live something pure and truly spiritual.

Blessed will be those who will take the impulses given in these days of special Grace and will live them in every instant of their lives, because those will be called multipliers of the Divine Grace.

Be joyful, rejoice and unite to God, in reparation of sins and perditions of souls that voluntarily launch themselves into the abysses of the world.

May this Earth be liberated and finally find peace and merge itself into the Spirit of God, with humanity conceiving the gifts of the Most High, because today is the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant and faithful Husband of the Holy Virgin Mary


Dear Children,

Today, when the Universe of God touches the Earth and pours Its Mercy over the whole planet, your Mother of the Most Holy Rosary, from America united to the heart of the Kingdom of Fatima will proclaim the word of life, the one that Her beloved Son Jesus requested Her to pronounce on this sacred day.

For this reason today your Celestial Mother will be united to all of the essences of this world, those that on this 13th of May declare to God and to Jesus Christ that the world accepts and recognizes the Mother of God as the Mother of all and as the Queen of Peace.

In this way the Angelic Universe will be radiating from Fatima, heart of the essential purity, a sea of Graces mainly over the hearts and souls that have remained imprisoned in the illusion and in the claws of the adversary.

Today, from the heart of the Kingdom of Fatima, it will be declared Peace for the world and this will come especially to the hearts that may commune on this day and may pray at least a mystery of the Holy Rosary.

Thus, dear children, the Church of Christ, the one that lives in eternity within the simple hearts, will be awakened again.  And the Holy Father will receive an inner aid with which He will be able to keep the spiritual world balanced for some more time.

For this, children, the Queen of the Holy Rosary will descend today in South America in spirit of peace and renovation so that all of the souls of the world may collect the last fruits that the Mother of Heaven will deliver in the hands of the simple and the truthful.

Today from Fatima, the priests of the whole world and all of the favorite children of Our Lady, the ones consecrated to the sacerdotal life, will deliver to the people of God a key that will open the door to liberation of all sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  From this door, the most sinful souls will be able to direct themselves through the path of inner and spiritual rehabilitation.

Twelve Celestial Angels of the Universe will be celebrating along with Our Lady this communion of reparation and of atonement of the whole world, an event that will happen at the same time in all of the tabernacles of the Earth.

But if there is a greater spirit of faith and of devotion to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the Mother of God, Saint Michael Archangel and Saint Gabriel Archangel will promise to the good souls, aid during the hour of death and mainly the spiritual conversion of the family.  This will be so if today you pray the Rosary with heart, without asking anything in return, only that the Plan of God be fulfilled in the ungrateful souls.

From the Kingdom of Fatima, the angelic spheres will shine and entrust to all of the guardian angels of the world to celebrate along with Our Lady the universal communion for Peace.

For this, today, your Heavenly Mother comes to ask to all of Her Children to commune of the Body and of the Blood of Christ.  This atonement that will be granted by the Virgin Mary will last until the 14th of May of 2015, moment in which will be closed the last door of conversion.

Dear children, today I invite you to adore Jesus and that all may feel united to the Sanctuary of Fatima, Portugal, so that this sacred task of your Mother may be fulfilled as it is planned.

I thank the groups of prayer of the Americas, of the United States and Europe for being already answering to My call!

The Work will be fulfilled because these are the last missions of the Most Holy Virgin before the return of Christ.

Who thanks and blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Unexpectedly, before the presence of the Virgin Mary, descended in Glory from the Heavens the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who visited us to transmit His daily message together with the message of Our Lady for the Vigil of Prayer.

The Blessed Virgin Mary tells us:

Dear children, now My Blessed and Beloved Son Jesus will proceed, communicating to you the celestial words:

My Beloved ones,

On this day of Maternal Graces, as My Mother has said, the Lord sends to you, as a result of all of the spiritual goods that have been received by you during the Meeting of Prayer, an impulse of materialization of His Will for your lives.

For this My companions, it will be necessary that through the daily prayer of the heart you recognize the call that Heaven proclaims in face of the absolute necessity for the faithful Marian and Christic servers for this planetary cycle.

In face of all that happens in the world Heaven has given you all that It guards, waiting thus for an immediate answer for you to decide to live a constant life of prayer.

This is how it was,  and for this purpose the universe has prepared, it has been six years, this sacred space of the Marian Center of Aurora so that the souls of the world, especially all of the hearts of the Americas, would have a place of reference where they could  be able to realize the spiritual path.

Such as it has been in your history as humanity, Heaven chooses the immature and simple consciousnesses and It also chooses the forgotten and distant places so that the Father may be able to pour through the Celestial Messengers all of His gifts of love, of healing and of reparation.

For those people who pray and that follow My daily Messages I tell you that you are being participants in a unique moment for your souls, it is something that will remain guarded in the highest spirit of each being for, it after all, to follow the steps to Heaven.

For this I ask you that in prayer you be attentive to the moment in which you live as souls and as brothers and sisters in the various groups of prayer because if you are attentive you will know how to take the steps correctly and you will avoid mistakes.

In this time Heaven is opening its doors upon the Earth in order to redeem those who have distanced themselves from God. For this Heaven chooses places where ecumenism may be able to be expressed and the human power does not interfere in the Divine Purpose. In this way, all of the souls are free to participate and to feel if this call is for them.

Now the inner reading for each being is singular and Heaven sends you a worldly message for all because the moment has come for the definitive unity and for the fraternal integration with the superior laws of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

I only want to tell My ones that the last path of return to the Greater Life is being indicated in your path. God in His Glory has given you the art of deciding and of choosing. We wait for all of the people who pray and for the pilgrims.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with attention to My message!

Christ Jesus


My dears:

Today I invite you remember the perfect union that there was in the past among the Sacred Family so that through this example your inner beings may be able to reach the sacred.

For your best understanding, I will tell you what are the fruits that the Sacred Family achieved through the daily living in Nazareth. In each one of us were awakened the gifts of the Spirit of God, which were those that were at the constant service of humanity, even when we used to live upon the face of the Earth. These gifts of the Spirit of God awakened in the Sacred Family the following mysteries:

In the Virgin Mary were awakened: the gift of Prayer to realize the plans of God; the gift of Maternity to shelter all of the children of God; the Gift of Humility to reaffirm Her most pure surrender to God; and the gift of Virginity to radiate pure love of God.

In My Father Saint Joseph were awaked: the gift of Chastity to conserve the designs of God; the gift of the Good Worker to manifest the Will of the Father; the gift of Silence to construct the new in the inner planes and the gift of Joy to heal the sick.

These gifts made themselves also evident in the spirit of the little Child Jesus as for example: the gift of the Word to transmit the Love of God; the gift of Redemption to convert those who were distant from God; the gift of Retreat to interiorize the plans of God; the gift of the Heart to radiate the Spirit of God and the gift of Meditation to carry forward the ideas of the Universal Father.

The gifts of the Sacred Family were always a mystery for many but they generated, through the three Sacred Hearts of the Holy Family, a deep change in the consciousness of humanity, in this way leading it to conversion and to redemption.

For this today pray and meditate upon the powers of the gifts that are radiated from the Heart of God. In this way you will help to consecrate again the humanity in need.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living the gifts of God!

Christ Jesus.

Monthly Messages

May Jesus Christ always be praised in you and in all the world!

After the coming of the Son of God, My Chaste and Humble Heart comes today to an inner encounter with you, to announce My fraternal and loving spiritual accompaniment to all the missionaries of peace who, for reasons of earthly laws, have not been able to embark on the highly important mission ordered by the Virgin Mary.

For this reason, today more than ever, little brothers and sisters of Mine, I ask for all the prayer groups to pray, so that the celestial plans of peace and redemption that the three Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph impart, may be sown in all the needy hearts throughout the world.

Today I announce Myself to you to instruct you so that, if such a mission to India is delayed more than is predicted, that is, past the next month of August, I announce to you that there will also be other missions that were waiting to mature in your consciousnesses, missions to nations such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Asian countries, which in this time are those that most need pity, love, abnegated service and Mercy.

Be aware, My missionaries of peace, that when a door of the world closes, another divine door opens to the whole world, bringing Graces and blessings to all.

From Heaven, in the depths of My Chaste Heart, I bless you, encouraging you to live in the faith and in the hope that the Plans of God are perfect and precise for these times.  Follow My humble steps in silence and in prayer.

I thank you for your offer and dedication.

Your Missionary Father,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph.

At the end of the message, Saint Joseph delivered to us the following prayerful impulse, especially for all His missionary children:

Prayer of Protection and Light for the Missionaries of God

God the Father,
Who, through the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, 
touched our simple hearts,
and we in humility and in faith
responded to Your Celestial Mission.

We ask you, in reverence and love,
beloved Saint Joseph, faithful missionary,
to cover us with Your violet mantle of protection
so that our steps may be invisible.

Give us Your holy scepter,
so that we may respond to the mission of love and peace.

Give us Your powerful seven lilies from Heaven
so that, under this Grace,
that comes from Your Holy Heart,
we may now and always live:
the Purity of soul,
the Love of self-giving,
service without delay and without time,
humility as a source of absolute faith,
total Surrender to the Will of the Father,
the rescue of those most in need,
the perfect union with all the Created Kingdoms.

Oh Humble and Chaste Heart!
Under Your Power of Love and Humility,
may the Great Mission of Peace be accomplished
in all humanity.


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more