Monday, August 12 of 2013

Daily messages

Unexpectedly, before the presence of the Virgin Mary, descended in Glory from the Heavens the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who visited us to transmit His daily message together with the message of Our Lady for the Vigil of Prayer.

The Blessed Virgin Mary tells us:

Dear children, now My Blessed and Beloved Son Jesus will proceed, communicating to you the celestial words:

My Beloved ones,

On this day of Maternal Graces, as My Mother has said, the Lord sends to you, as a result of all of the spiritual goods that have been received by you during the Meeting of Prayer, an impulse of materialization of His Will for your lives.

For this My companions, it will be necessary that through the daily prayer of the heart you recognize the call that Heaven proclaims in face of the absolute necessity for the faithful Marian and Christic servers for this planetary cycle.

In face of all that happens in the world Heaven has given you all that It guards, waiting thus for an immediate answer for you to decide to live a constant life of prayer.

This is how it was,  and for this purpose the universe has prepared, it has been six years, this sacred space of the Marian Center of Aurora so that the souls of the world, especially all of the hearts of the Americas, would have a place of reference where they could  be able to realize the spiritual path.

Such as it has been in your history as humanity, Heaven chooses the immature and simple consciousnesses and It also chooses the forgotten and distant places so that the Father may be able to pour through the Celestial Messengers all of His gifts of love, of healing and of reparation.

For those people who pray and that follow My daily Messages I tell you that you are being participants in a unique moment for your souls, it is something that will remain guarded in the highest spirit of each being for, it after all, to follow the steps to Heaven.

For this I ask you that in prayer you be attentive to the moment in which you live as souls and as brothers and sisters in the various groups of prayer because if you are attentive you will know how to take the steps correctly and you will avoid mistakes.

In this time Heaven is opening its doors upon the Earth in order to redeem those who have distanced themselves from God. For this Heaven chooses places where ecumenism may be able to be expressed and the human power does not interfere in the Divine Purpose. In this way, all of the souls are free to participate and to feel if this call is for them.

Now the inner reading for each being is singular and Heaven sends you a worldly message for all because the moment has come for the definitive unity and for the fraternal integration with the superior laws of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

I only want to tell My ones that the last path of return to the Greater Life is being indicated in your path. God in His Glory has given you the art of deciding and of choosing. We wait for all of the people who pray and for the pilgrims.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with attention to My message!

Christ Jesus