Friday, March 6 of 2015

Special Messages
Special message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Child King, Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón

The time has come to break the chains of inertia and of constant evil.

May the veils of blindness and impunity be ripped away.

May the doors to evil be closed and the abysses of consciousness be dissipated.

May the ties be released and may souls walk toward their expected awakening.

May the impious be transfigured and all those who have transgressed the Law of Adonai be redeemed.

May the innocent be gathered and the meek be reunited.

May the peacemakers surrender to God and may the fearful smile because My mighty Light has come for their salvation.

May the impure be defeated by the action of My Mercy and may all the executioners be purified.

I will repeat:

May the impure be overcome by the action of My Mercy and may all the executioners be purified.

May the condemned be freed from their own prisons so that the eternal Love of the Creator may arise, now and always.

May hearts be restored and the Kingdoms of all Creation be forever glorified.

May the angels of the universe participate in the great Final Judgment.

With My Hands, I will separate the chaff from the wheat and bring forth the new clay, the new divine design for every being.

May those who have not repented do so, and may all hear the cry of the mutilated.

May wars end.

May not even one more body be martyred, because the manifested Law is descending onto this Kingdom called world.

May the unjust be converted and the sinners surrender to the infinite Mercy of My Heart.

May the causes of the past be transformed into wonders for the future.

May the truth come to light and may the blind and deaf of heart hear the Call of the Universal King.

All evil is removed from the spaces of the world so that the Source of Purification may spring forever.

May no one fear the end of time.

May the merciful give Mercy, and may the good praying beings pray much, pray much for peace.

Now the King is preparing to give his principality to those who were faithful.

The Son of God comes to end any disturbance and to re-establish the thousand years of peace. But still much must pass for all this to happen.

Open your eyes of the heart and banish from your cells the imperfect badges of evil.

I Am your Love, I Am your Light, I Am that I Am in every soul and heart that knows, humbly, how to recognize My only Truth.

Mercy to those who deny Me.

Pity for the unjust.

Peace for all humanity.

Under the Universal Decree of the Supreme Creator, be living witnesses of My final Message.

Who blesses you,

The Glorified Christ Jesus, the Redeemer