Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

Today I leave in your hands the Sacred Reliquary of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, as an offering of My Celestial Spouse and in gratitude for all that has been lovingly manifested up to today.

This Sacred Reliquary of Saint Joseph will be your instrument for the battle against human indifference and will be the impulse towards a continuous fraternity among beings. For in this Sacred Reliquary is the Divine Heart of Saint Joseph, honored by the angels of Heaven as a spiritual model because of His holiness, humility, and service.

May this Sacred Reliquary of Saint Joseph that I place today in your  hands, motivate you to a continuous awakening to unconditional service, so that new souls embrace this proposal. Through the Most Chaste Heart, may you live in service to your fellow beings and the Kingdoms of Nature, building and regenerating all of humanity.

This Sacred Reliquary which Your Heavenly Mother presents to you today, is the fundamental relic that Saint Joseph constituted when He humbly entered the Kingdom of the Heavens. It was this Sacred Reliquary of the Heart of Saint Joseph that the Eternal Father received from His faithful server, after He was lifted up to the Heavens in soul and in spirit.

As a member of humanity, Saint Joseph brought to the universe a living example of love for knowledge and instruction. Saint Joseph was considered by Adonai to be the guardian of souls, and for the human race, this Sacred Reliquary represents the possibility of being in likeness to a transformed human example, as was the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

This Sacred Reliquary that the universe presents to you today, is a spiritual symbol for souls that it is possible to experience human transformation and redemption on Earth.

May this Sacred Reliquary, lovingly offered by Saint Joseph to the Divine Father, from now on represent the symbol of persistence and faith in the face of every human and materialistic condition.

This Sacred Reliquary will remain spiritually placed and displayed in the spiritual counterpart of the House of the Pilgrim, so that all the souls of the world that will come to this place may through prayer find this sacred teraph that the Chaste Heart gives you today through the Immaculate Mother. 

May this sacred teraph be worked with every 19th day of the month by the missionary and praying souls, so that in these times, there may be reparation for the grave outrages from the wars in the world, for the exploitation of children, for the women being sold on the streets, for the loneliness of the sick, for the death of the innocent, and for the harmful destruction of the Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Devic Kingdoms.

May this teraph be the bridge of communication of all with God; and in this way, He will not pour out Justice, but rather pure and infinite Mercy.

I thank you for responding to Saint Joseph, because these last four years of work have allowed this Grace that Your Heavenly Mother brings you today.

Who loves you, in union with the Love of Saint Joseph,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When the White Buffalo would appear on the horizon, suddenly, walking with serenity before the eyes of the pure, this was a sign of prosperity and hope. Its mouth did not speak, its language was unknown by humankind. Its silence would transmit the Will of God to them; its language was understood with the heart, by those who knew how to become silent.

When sadness flooded the hearts of humankind, they cried out for the grace of seeing and feeling the White Buffalo. Its serenity calmed them and they would feel hope that the Earth would remain fertile, alive and sacred.

When the heart of the children of the Earth was not rich in love and joy, they cried out for the White Buffalo. Its joy and Its love did not come from this world, but it nourished and healed the world. It appeared upon the horizon and represented the arrival of new cycles, where life would have a greater meaning, because the land would be fertile and so would the heart.

The White Buffalo was the Holy Spirit of the Earth, which walked silently among humankind. It came to dissolve fear, anguish, sadness, it came to unite the hearts of the children of the Earth with He who created the Earth, and all other planets, the Sun, the Moon and all Life.

The White Buffalo was the bearer of purity and re-ignited purity within the hearts of the children of the Earth so that they would not lose the hope of a world in peace and in communion with Life.

The White Buffalo was meek but invincible. Nothing could touch it and only the eyes of the heart could see It. Its mystery came from Infinity, even though its appearance was of the Earth. It made itself lesser than humankind, with the living symbol of a simple animal, but it wanted to represent the All. Within it were both the small and the great, from the animals to the Supreme God, from nature to the All.

The White Buffalo thus made it possible to understand that God is in everything.

I am the White Buffalo, the Spirit of the Earth, the Spirit of Life.

I am the representation of the fertile cycles, of the cycles of Peace.

In My presence, despair and fear are dissolved, and hearts again find the faith and the love of God.

I am, My children, the Mother of the Earth, and also of Heaven. The children of the Earth were born upon it, but they do not come from it. Their spirits come from Me, they were born of the Universal Source of Life, protected by the brightness of the stars that sparkle in Infinity, embraced by the Motherhood of God, Adonai.

I come to the world so that you may regain purity and hope, so that fear and pain be healed, and so that the certainty of being able to experience the sacred, and so that the unity on this Earth with Creation may again shine in your essences.

I am here, beloved children, now resembling humankind, with a body like yours and with a Divine Heart so that you may again find within yourselves what which unites you with the Creator, that which makes you a mirror of His Most Sacred Heart.

I came to mirror in your spirits the sacred and the divine.

I appear on the horizon, in silence, again bringing Peace. I appear on this day of a new cycle, representing a fruitful cycle in the life of the spirit.

I want to strengthen your hearts and build within you the new gardens of life.

I want to allow the new human being to be born, recovering the purity and dignity of the indigenous consciousness.

I come to bring the grace of union with the Origin, for those called original peoples and, in this way, all human hearts may rekindle within themselves the purity of the beginning, the original unity with the Heart of God.

May your lives be fruitful in love before the White Buffalo.

Regain peace, joy and hope, dissolving from spirit the evil that causes wars and degenerates hearts.

May the unity of the Spirit of God bring you wisdom, dissolving the ignorance that separates humankind from itself and from the All, that which makes them die, while being alive.

I am the White Buffalo, your Mother and Mother of all Creation. I come to bless you, embrace you and allow you to remember that the Creator has a perfect will for His children. It is enough, My beloved ones, that you contemplate upon the horizon of your inner worlds the presence of the White Buffalo, and allow yourselves to be permeated by its silence and meekness so that its love may again transform and permeate your lives.

I love you and I keep you in My Heart of Love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of all Life


In the deepest depths of God, where the Purity of His Divine Consciousness dwells, lies a principle of life, a living molecule of Divine Consciousness from Adonai. As the Love of God could not stay within Himself. the Creator gave life to this Most Pure Principle, thus creating a Divine and Universal Consciousness that encompasses more than a small body or a material consciousness.

Mary is the Divine Womb, She is Life, She is what gives birth to the creatures of every kingdom and what sustains them throughout their evolution.

Mary did not come from humankind and then ascend to Heaven; Mary descended from Heaven and, through Her infinite Love, became flesh among humankind to accompany the Son of God.

Mary is not a part of humanity: it is humanity that is a part of Mary.

When the Creator thought the human project, a project that would experience in itself a powerful degree of Love, He needed a Pure Creative Source, a Consciousness that emanated the Love that the human beings needed in order to develop. And so the Angels and Archangels of the Celestial Father resorted to that Pure Principle of God – which was the energy of maternity, purity and love itself – to create, from that perfect Source, the codes that the human beings would carry within themselves.

It is in Heaven as it is on Earth. In order to give birth to Love within the planetary consciousness, just as it had been born in the Universe, the Creator manifested His Divine Purity in mind, soul and spirit. From there came the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus.

Mary is the Grace of God, She is Goodness manifested in a sublime Consciousness.

Mary is the Maternal Gift that, even after having ascended to the Heavens, has not ceased to project Herself among humankind; She does not cease to represent, in the Universe as on Earth, an example for the material creatures.

What you have had before you all these years is the Perfection of God manifested in the Love and in the maternal Goodness of Mary.

Dear ones, I tell you this so that you learn to be before a Consciousness that, despite Her Greatness and Divinity, although She does not fit within a human form, She keeps manifesting Herself among humankind, She keeps expressing Her likeness to the creatures of the Earth, She keeps demonstrating the path to everyone.

Her Love is unchangeable, Her Perfection is incorruptible, Her Peace is eternal, because She hopes that someday you will joyfully accept to live in Her absolute Peace once again.

Allow yourselves to return to the arms of the One who created you as a part of God. Allow yourselves to be guided by the One who comes from the Holy Spirit of the Creator and who manifests Her Gifts in all creatures.

While there is still time, children, surrender to the arms of your Heavenly Mother and, like the Holy Family, let yourselves be loved and led by Mary. Her Love will reveal to you many mysteries and Her Purity will open the Gates of Heaven for you.

The One who loves you and delivers you, every day, in prayer, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

A group of monks from Aurora gathered together to pray the Rosary and wait for the coming of the Divine Mother. When we were on the last mystery of the Rosary, I saw clearly that the Middle East was being spiritually worked upon by the prayer, and I saw the Most Holy Mother above all those countries, pouring out an intense white Light that was coming from the palms of Her hands, from Her Heart and from all of Her aura. The Most Holy Virgin was stretching out Her arms towards that region in an attitude of constant offering and, at the same time, She was supplicating for all of those nations through a profound silence, while observing everything that was happening there. 


When the Virgin Mary appeared where we were praying, She showed Herself enveloped in a Mantle that had the flag of Syria imprinted on it. Mary embraced this mantle with love and fervor, supplicating to the Father.

Like a great Mirror of Light and of Love, I descend to the world to withdraw it from the evil in which it lives, because the world is absent from the Love of God.

I descend in glory toward the darkest areas of the planet, so that My Mirror of Light can dispel the ideas and forms about a frightening war. Thus, your prayers will always be the lights that will shine and will not allow evil to reign in the hearts of humankind, an evil that has expanded throughout the world.

The victory and the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will take place through all the souls that, in the most critical hour of the Earth, when the great abyss is completely open, will be the consolation for despair, will be the inner strength for transformation, will be the living word in the essence of those who seek the union with their Heavenly Mother.

In that hour, when everything will be evident and never again hidden, firmness and prayer done confidently will be the path for finding the way out. Souls will have nowhere to run to during the time of the purification of the Earth.

We are already in the first hour of the Judgment; the whole Universe will know on which side each soul from the Earth will be. The harvest has already ended; the straw and the wheat are spread all over the field. The time has come for the angels of Heaven to present the offerings of the fruits of the children of God and the result of what each soul has sown for these end times.

Your Mother is in permanent prayer, waiting for the last trumpets to be sounded by the seraphims in the direction of the Earth, a time when the winds will blow strongly and the Earth will be purified.

I know that many of My children do not believe this will happen; what was written in the Sacred Books is being fulfilled and this is the proof that there are very few who have taken the step towards the Lord. But there is still time for true repentance and forgiveness; your lives should already be corrected and aligned with the principle of the Lord of the World.

In this very critical hour, faith must be the unbreakable pillar, the immovable structure, serene and meek, which can support other consciousnesses when everything happens.

God, in His profound silence and reflection, did not expect so much human indifference and such little response on the part of His children to the call for a great change.

The Servants of Adonai have already decreed each of the words entrusted by Their God, few have heard and it is already late; hearts still sleep in their castles of mud and the great current of the cosmos is drawing closer with strength to the planet and to the solar system.

For this reason, your Mother descends like a great Mirror, so that you may understand that it is time for the majority of the self-summoned to reflect good things, following the principles of the Law and the Truth, so as to be protected from self-deceit.

Heaven knows that souls know nothing about the Apocalypse, because this is an experience that unfolds in the end times that all are going through.

If you transform yourselves, you do not resist and you make My true Heart triumph in each of your lives; maybe, beloved children, many will not suffer what they have not sown well.

Be those mirrors so necessary in these times, mirrors that must be as an offering in the Hands of God so that He may reflect His principles of Love and of Unity, something that all of humanity has forgotten.

Thus, be consistent with the call and in this way, you will not deviate because of your own human impulses. The Father awaits you with His open Arms to make known to you the power of His Love, a Love that in these times is not sought.

I hope that in this time of definition and of Judgment for the whole planet, your hearts may be raised to the Lord; thus, He will receive a true response of love from your inner beings.

Today I am praying and observing the spiritual Judgment that all of the Middle East is going through; thus, you will understand, dear children, that something is about to happen.

All we can do is pray, pray and pray and never fail, thus your hearts will be protected.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In prayer and vigil,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Elevate your heart towards Heaven and enter the House of the Celestial Father. Prostrate your soul and all of your being before His Luminous Presence and ask Him for what you so much need.

Do this for all the souls that do not ascend to Heaven nor prostrate themselves before Universal Love. Bathe in the light emanating from His Infinite Heart and feel the power of His Mercy.

Give Him everything that has made you happy; give Him your successes and even all of your failures. Before the House of the Celestial Father, the immensity of angels and archangels gathered together to glorify the name of Adonai can be glimpsed.

Imitate all those winged beings and elevate, elevate yourself, elevate to the Heights. Do not let anything cause you to descend; the soul of each being is the infinite expression of the Love that God has for all.

Remember that in the House of the Celestial Father, peace is like the light which expands in the firmament. Penetrate into this light without fear, and soon everything will become calm.

Live in adoration, silence, and prayer in the House of God; allow everything to rebuild within your being, everything has its moment.

Stay before God in gratitude, for the Father has saved you and, through your soul, wants to unite with all the souls of this humanity.

Continue in elevation, everything is already foreseen. Follow the Light of Adonai and live in eternal time; there you will be free of My adversary, because who is in God fears nothing.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you in the Essence of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May My Eagle of Light pour out the powerful rays of My Heart, rays that will illuminate the path of good souls, souls who must achieve redemption, just like you. 

May My Eagle of Light radiate the codes of rehabilitation to the nations and peoples; and when you see the Eagle of Light passing through each place, hearts can recognize the affiliation with My Heart. 

White Eagle, in your flight, you exist to remember that the Holy Spirit of God belongs to every heart that invokes It to live its transformation.

Eagle of Light, you exist to elevate your children towards God and to remind them of the saving Message of Christ.

In your interior, Eagle of Light, keep the redeemed who, like so many of My other servers, could clearly see the footsteps of Christ and thus, you have gathered in Your most pure Spirit all those who today celebrate redemption with you.

May your walk, through every space, leave shining the joy of re-encountering God, just like the star marks its infinite Presence in the firmament.

Eagle of Light, you are the spirit of divine works; you are in humility the true offering of the Plan of God to the planet.

Never tire of flying, Eagle of Light, for behind you still walk the seekers of your light; lead them all towards the Kingdom of Adonai to unite with the Love of the Universe.

Eagle of Light, as you pass by, leave the luminous Face of Christ engraved.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Today I bless this whole mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Eagle of the Sun and I protect all of My children under the sacred mantle of My wings of light.  I embrace all in My Maternal Spirit and I pour over the beings the Love of God.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, My rays come from the Cosmos and My internal Love gathers all of the stars for them to live redemption.

I am the Eagle of the Sun and I guide with my gaze of peace all of the Flocks of Christ until they achieve the union with the Son of God.

I am the Eagle of the Sun because My Spirit works in the hearts that search for the simplicity of the forms and for humility in their hearts.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, I reflect Myself in the gaze of the pure and My work manifests in the lives that have been redeemed.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, I am the Mother that congregates the souls and reminds you about your union with God so that once and for all you may feel as worthy children of God.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, with My chant in the mountains I elevate all of the hearts and I make them discover their true origin and their affiliation with Adonai.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, around My sacred mantle are all the stars that I gather for them to live redemption through love and truth.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, I make be reborn the heart that recognizes Me as its Mother and the Guardian of all lives.

I am the Eagle of the Sun, I am the Mother of humanity.  I am the great Ray of Love.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who elevates you to Heaven and to the Great Sun,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I wish all the time, from heart and soul, that all My children may someday know the great Love of God because it was this Love and Mercy that brought each one of you into the world at the perfect level of need.

Therefore, children, while you face the first steps of a late purification, I invite you again to cling to the great Love of Adonai, a Love that rebuilds the universes and the wounded hearts. Without this Love of God, nothing would be possible in these times.

It is this love, My children, that has made you mature and grow, to thus, assume your redemption on this planet.

Learn to live and search for forgiveness, because it is forgiveness that will lead you to love, and love will make you find the so necessary and urgent Mercy in this time of chaos.

My children, your Heavenly Mother helps you to become aware that without the Love of God you will not be able to overcome the tests nor the cycles of intense and accelerated purification.

The love of God takes you to peace, therefore I surrender My Heart of Mother so you are able to feel and experience it as part of your lives.

For this, children, banish your self-love, human love that controls and deteriorates all that it touches.

I come at this time to convert earthly love into a sublime love, purer and healthier each day.

Therefore, My dear children, your real permission will allow new divine Laws to reform your lives so that you can start to live in the ocean of the Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who guides you to the universe of the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Monthly Messages

On this holy day, when the darkness of the Earth is withdrawn from those of Mine, I would like to dictate an aspiration of My Heart to you.

Today I have come to speak to you about the glorious image of your Glorified Lord Jesus and about the powerful image of the Merciful Jesus.

When I dictated the universal and celestial powers of My ocean of Mercy to Sister Faustina, one night I revealed My merciful Face to her, so that the world would know the infinite compassion of My pious Heart.

In this way, I showed her the Blood and Water that constantly flowed from My Side, but I also made known to her the great thirst that I felt, at that time, before a blind and deaf humanity, which never wanted to hear the Voice of God through His beloved Son.

At that time, the Blood and Water would be the great justification between humanity and God, through Christ, in order to awaken a way of universal atonement in the world.

So I asked Sister Faustina, My daughter, to have an image painted just as she had seen it in an outer vision. I came during the night to show, through My Mercy, that I Am the Light that defeats and illuminates all darkness. Thus, I revealed to her the ocean of My Mercy and asked in writing that whoever venerated and contemplated it in the end of times would be protected by the mantle of My unfathomable Mercy.

After ten years, when the war had already ended, My Face came to be known. No painter would be capable of expressing My Presence; they could only do so if they loved the Mercy of My Heart.

At that time, I asked that My Mercy be known and venerated the Sunday after Easter, for in the past, after My death, the apostles knew the power of My Resurrection through the Wounds of My Mercy.

Thus it was that Adonai, through the Face of My Mercy, granted that humanity, despite their sins, would know the path of the way out toward the universe of the Love of God.

Years have passed and humanity does not understand what this atonement that I offer the souls of the world means. And as I promised in the Garden of Gethsemane, before elevating to the universe, I will return with even more power and glory. That is why I told Sister Faustina, through inner speech, minutes before her death, that humanity would have the Grace to know My eternal Glory through the powers of My Mercy.

That is why I told her that before My return to the world, before the last eight lunar cycles are fulfilled, I would appear again with the Face with which My Father clothed Me, so that in this way, humanity could contemplate not only My Mercy, but also the mystery of My Grace through the essence of My Glorification.

That Face is known to the whole universe. Thus, on this day, I have come days before all can know My Face, to reveal the twelve promises to those who contemplate and hold the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus.

That is why I have come on this holy night, the holy night of the supper, so that the world may consciously know Who they will be contemplating.

To those who will contemplate My glorified image, I promise:

1. To unify the essence of the family purpose through a sacred life, free of the influences and tendencies of these times.

2. The concretization of the spiritual task through consecration of mind, body and spirit to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

3. Divine protection of the travelers and those who work daily out of love for the Plan of God.

4. Inner knowledge of an experience of spiritual love that will allow an inner maturity.

5. Liberation from the evils that influence the life of prayer and disturb sleep.

6. Reconciliation with the Holy Eternal Father, to thus find the spiritual task again.

7. To keep out of danger whoever carries and disseminates the image with reverence.

8. Spiritual union with the Primordial Source during the time of planetary transition.

9. Guidance beyond tests and fears.

10. Expansion of the channel of the heart so that Christ God may dwell in it.

11. Redemption from the habits and actions that lead to a life of condemnation for the soul and the loss of the spirit.

12. Union with the essence of the Most Holy Trinity, that is to say, spiritual Communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, when you face My Mercy, you will be asking for redemption. When you face My Glorified Face, you will be pleading for the evolution of your souls. In this way, you will have two ways of entering My Kingdom, through My Mercy and through My Glory.

Under the Pity that comes from God, Who has allowed all of this, be blessed.

Who unites you with Divine Creation,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

There is no greater sun than My Immaculate Heart, that which offers itself before God every day to be the path and the light among the darkness.  My Heart incarnates the Holy Spirit of God and it is this Spirit that I pour as gifts of Mercy and Forgiveness to the world.

Children, now that you got to know the work of My Spirit and My Heart throughout the times, I offer you this moment of renewal so that certain internal values might become available to the service of God the Father.

For this, children, your paths are being straightened by the cycle of purification.  May all of you be able to accept the call for responding to the Will of the Eternal Father, so those Plans of the Universe, which are not fulfilled by the hearts that are blind and distracted, will be able to be accomplished and fulfilled in the hearts that are opened to recognize the Will of the Lord.

For these times I bring to you the science of discernment, the time to be able to search for the inner resources that will help reforming the life over the planet.  For this, My beloved ones, your Heavenly Mother gathers you in the cenacle of the Heart of Christ, so that you may feel the power of His trust and the love of His Consciousness, which will help you walk and take the correct steps towards the Sacred Purpose of Adonai.

In all this work, you, My children, have an important participation towards the Plan of the Divine Messengers; it is through an awake and less indifferent humanity that everything will be able to be converted and consecrated in time.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who blesses and cares for you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


From Heaven and from the whole Greater Universe, I come to awaken your souls and your consciousnesses to the infinite life of the Cosmos.  In those divine spaces and divine dwellings, your inner beings have a favorite place before the Kingdom of God.  It is in this way, children, that evolving life makes up part of a great experience of love, forgiveness and redemption throughout the entire Cosmos, where suns, stars and galaxies, unknown to humanity, rule.  

Other humanities express themselves in the Universe, just as the rays that have their own colors and shapes.  In the spaces of the Universe, evolving life is the keynote of the whole ancient experience and this transcends the history of your humanity.  You, children, come from different parts of the Universal Heaven and from there you came to Earth in order to learn about rehabilitation and love in this Earthly school in which the Sacred Hearts deigned to also live for some time.

In the celestial spheres of the universe, the attributes are applied in life and each attribute is a divine experience that allows one to awaken their consciousness even more and implements them, liberating them from any error.  Children, in the Universe, which is vast and infinite, laws are manifested as a principle of education and awareness for everything that is life; it is in this way that harmony, order and peace are expanded throughout the suns, stars and great galaxies. One lives a communion with the Consciousness of God and always seeks to learn through love.

Adonai is the principle and the reason for everything that exists in the different stellar governments.  Life is impregnated by the Consciousness of the Father and the Presence of God is the spiritual guide in all of the paths.  It is the One and Only Source of Adonai, which springs and re-springs in the galaxies and in the stars and the whole life is a participant of a divine font, which is able to restore and heal every creature.

In the Universe, children of Mine, your planet represents an initial Project of God, an experience of love that once had a purpose, and from genesis everything has changed.  For this, after humanity has experienced many lessons and mistakes, your Eternal Father sought, contemplated and meditated upon what He would do for the Earth to again be a rescuable planet.

Thus, the Archangelic Hierarchies started working so that the best project of redemption, forgiveness and liberation could be manifested and, also, to avoid deviation and the decay of humanity. It was so that in the infinite spaces of the Universe, where the Spiritual Source of Abba expresses Itself, the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, worked in order to express the principle of divine love which would provide redemption to this material world.  It was at that universal moment that God chose to become a man and a living consciousness on this Planet, through the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, through the Firstborn Son.

For this, in the Celestial Universe and in the other universes, the governments thought about manifesting this precious life through a Holy Woman.  There, at that moment, God chose the consciousness of Mary to be the Mother of the Redeemer.  The Spirit of the Sacred Hearts, which is divine and pure, gave Itself in order for this project to be carried forward.

And as Jesus was born from a womb touched by the Holy Spirit,  Mary also was born from a generation that followed the Will of God.  And My Maternal Spirit comes from the Universal Creator Source where the conception of life is the greatest present of the beauty of God.  Mary and Jesus were one before the Project, They lived the experience of salvation, and Mercy defeated Justice before the world became lost.

Today, dear children, I wish I could make you understand with the heart the true history of this Creation, which continues learning and maturing through the universal life from which the world forms a part, even as ignorant as it may be of it.  For this, I come to awaken your interest in divine life so that you may at least let go of Earthly life and believe in something greater that is waiting for you.

On this day, children, by means of prayer, reflect your true mirror of love to the world and help Me to dissipate the horrors that this blind world carries forward before the Celestial Father.

I tirelessly come to guide humanity towards the path of redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to the true universal life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Messages
Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Listen to the Voice of My Eucharistic Heart and surrender in peace before My universal Redeeming Presence.

Allow Me to carry out the designs in each stage of your life.

Reconsider in time, for My Truth manifests before you today.

Let Me be the seed within you, which will yield the promised fruit for Adonai.

I Am the only sure shield for your small life.

If you are in Me, nobody will be able to generate fear in you, as long as your trust is greater than your own fears.

I am present in each space of your life. I have already passed by your side many times. Thus, be brave and take the risk at this time of listening to what you never wanted to see about yourself.

So that My infinite Heart may dwell in you, I must first find an orderly space, free of human ambitions and desires.

I seek only the sacred temple of simplicity and equality, so that the spirit of fellowship may finally be manifested.

Always remember who calls you. Help them and do not feel mistrust or discomfort just because somebody needs something from you.

Be like John the Apostle, faithful server, untiring and silent, open to listening to the Word of his Lord, trusting always in His Majesty and Love.

Why do I tell you these things today?

Because I know, My child, at what point you are and how many times you have stopped looking at Me.

I Am that unfathomable and divine spring that nurtures the life and spirit of each soul.

I Am the mystery of Love still to be known.

Who seeks Me, finds Me.

Who calls Me, patiently waits for the coming of their Master.

I Am the bridge that unites what is separated.

I Am that mystery that forgives and redeems the greatest sinner.

On this sacred day, when your eyes have focused on My Eucharistic Heart, I tell you that I am returning to this house. I am returning to a new Marathon of prayer so that, more than ever, you feel Me close, among you and in you; so that you feel Me living in the Communion and in the heart; so that, once and for all, you believe that I am living and omnipresent in each soul that fully surrenders into the Arms of their eternal King.

Believe, My son; believe, My daughter; I can be in you in these difficult times. Purify and redeem yourself.

Through My Love, I am close to  all, because My Love, the Love of Adonai, penetrates the dimensions of your hearts. There we will be one for the whole universe.

Let this Marathon be the Marathon of joy, of renewal.

Let your hearts rejoice and be glad for being in Me, and I in you.

Accept My Will and you will not be alone.

Under the Mercy that gathers you together, be blessed.

Thank you, sacred Figueira, for receiving Me and for faithfully waiting for Me!

He Who unites you and loves you always:

Your Master, Christ Jesus

After transmitting the special Message, Christ Jesus continued transmitting the following to us:

Just as you have seen My living Heart in the Eucharist, I wish it to be alive in your hearts.

This is My principal motive, dear companions, for uniting you here again, in the name of God, in the name of His Will and of His Love.

Through the celestial imposition of My Hands, I bless you for this task and all these sacred elements you have served at My table.

For the absolution of the Holy Spirit, I renew you and bless you with the luminous sign of the cross and of your essences, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Gladden My Heart during these days. The Celestial Kingdom must be here, as it is today with you, to help the planet.

I bless you.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!



Today My Mantle of protection and shelter extends itself as light in this sacred place of Adoration to My Son.

Today, I gather you in this cenacle, so you carry on praying with Me for this mission of peace in Africa; which has had, in the last few days, inner repercussions in the life and in the existence of the sinful souls.

But on this day, I am calling you to withdraw, to the inner silence and prayer, as a path to achieve peace in difficult times.

Your Lord Jesus, the King of Mercy, has again found His place of faith and devotion in the heart of Africa. For this reason, these days, the task of support and sustenance has made some of My Children dispose their inner instruments to help the flow of the important mission in other planes of consciousness, where neither the mind nor the intellect can reach, and only prayer is able to construct and transform.

New sheep, new redeemed and rehabilitated souls were incorporated in the scriptures of the books of Adonai to start walking, from now on, towards the service of God and His Divine Plan. For this larger salvation of African souls to happen, it was necessary, My children, that the Universe of Divine Light gave the instruments of the Universal Mother all these inner deeds that needed much prayer, transmutation and compassion. 

And all this was achieved, dear children, because the Will of Adonai so determined, and his Lady of Kibeho was able to placate the Justice of the angels of the Creator.

The most difficult debts were liberated and forgiven, little by little. The unfair and serious actions were reconverted by means of the spirit of prayer and mercy of everyone.

Peace reached spaces where it had never existed and the trapped souls, and most of them condemned, found the breath of a new divine breeze. The mission continues and My missionaries prepare themselves to enter in one of the nations most in need of spiritual aid and prayer. 

In the Congo you will find the reasons and the causes that have led, for example, to the destruction of the Kingdoms of Nature and the lack of consciousness of what is being done. 

Beloved children, the Congo is a reality barely known, where the need, poverty and spiritual blindness generate a lack of consciousness and meaning in manifested life. In the Congo, there will be much to be forgiven and to do, so as to recover at least a drop of Mercy.

My children already walk towards the last stretch of the intense and profound mission; thus, carry on praying for them, so that the work may come true.

But today I ask you, children, to also pray for the visionaries, so My Plan of Peace in the world may be concretized. These are already the last moments in which your Lady of Heaven directs Her words to the world before the Armageddon that is coming. 

My greetings of peace to all my children of Goiania for having responded promptly and with diligence to My call. I thank you for your understanding and true love. 

I thank you for helping to concretize My plans.

Who congregates you in the sacred cenacle of the Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children of Mine,

Anywhere on Earth where a soul celebrates today, together with My Son, the Last Supper, it will receive the Grace of transformation of its being.  In this way it will avoid, in the times that are to come, to deviate itself from the path that My Son has offered you since the beginning.

For this, on this day, be witnesses of the great universal event in which you are called to participate and, in this way, to say “yes” to the Celestial Father.

It is important, children, to understand that, when every year the memory of the Last Supper of Jesus with His Apostles is celebrated, new doors of redemption, of mercy and of spiritual rehabilitation open to all those who wish from the soul and from the heart to cross them.  Behind them you will find the pathway of reintegration into the path of Christification.

For this, dear children, once a year, when the Sacred Supper of the Lord is celebrated, the Universe donates Itself entirely and all the universal laws stop so that the Mercy reached by My Son may be able to be poured over all that is very impure and that seems irreversible.

Wake up to this moment in which, all of you, as worthy Children of God, will be depositaries of the same gifts that allowed the redeeming mission of the Son of God to be fulfilled.

Today I open My arms and your Celeste Mother receives you in Her Immaculate Heart, inviting you to renew yourselves and to confirm the mission that the Eternal Father entrusted you by the means of the vivification of the Passion of My Son.

In this time you are led to understand the mysteries of the Universe through the voice of the Celeste Messengers.  For this, with spirit of joy, raise your supplications to God and receive on this day of the Secret Supper the keys that the Lord will give you so that, when the time comes, you may open the doors that will lead you to the Paradise of God.

While you are this world, much must be done in the name of the Lord so that at least one more soul may receive the opportunity to wake up to the Infinite Universe that waits for it.  This, My children, will be possible through your consecration and constant search to remain fused within this Gran Infinite which is the essence of Love of Adonai.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who reunites you on this day around the Sacred Table of Jesus,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages
Monthly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Remember, My child, remember, My soul, that in this life you belong to Me and that every day, until the end of times, I will come to take your most little heart.

Thus, little creature of God, you will allow Me to accomplish the prodigies and wills that Adonai has presented to Me.

Therefore, little soul of Mine, embrace My mystery, embrace My great mystery and submerge into the ocean of My Mercy so that the obedient angels of God may help your spirit to reach the invisible and awaited purpose that your most beautiful life must fulfill.

Allow your soul to cause great states of love for My Heart. Thus, you will be glorifying the Celestial Father through His beloved Son forever.

Promise yourself every day, every single day to come, that you will be faithful to Me and that, in face of the great test that will transform your earthly life, you will follow Me until the end of times.

Be worthy to live in My Sacred Heart, set your goals based on the virtues of charity, service, and good for humanity.

I have something valued and unknown for each soul. Thus, My Sacred Will, which is the Will of the Creator of everything that exists, will be manifested in infinite ways.

Souls can see the Aspects of My Glorified Heart in different ways, and thus, I elevate all creatures to the Thrones of God.

Today I open one last door for you, for My loving offering is extended to all the hearts that, having recognized Me a second time, are called by the Son of God to restart the path that was not completed.

My Spirit allows you to love the Law, even though many do not know it. My love allows you to reconsider and My powerful Heart impels you to reach new steps.

In this time of tribulation, blessed be those who call Me because I will answer them, maybe not as they expect, for My Virtues act in a way unknown to the souls of the Earth.

Be, in this time, that which My Holy Father expects. Proclaim the day of your redemption and your liberation so that, when I arrive in glory from the Celestial Universe, all may know and listen to their Guardian Angels, those who in service and absolute love will guide you towards the spiritual and divine place where I will be found to dine once again with you.

After the time of purification, there will be no more distance between you and Me. You will be able to feel Me, see Me, and know Me as I truly Am. From the beginning, you will be able to know Me, beyond My Transfiguration, you will know My Glorified Face.

But now it is time to keep rowing My boat, to be vigilant and awake so that no headwind from the northeast can submerge the boat and make the waters too rough.

Therefore, constancy will be the key. It will give you the impulse to pray and watch so that, in the face of any false deceit, you may know how to recognize the truth amidst illusion.

Move forward, some will reach the top of the purpose, while others must become bridges of light so that the self-summoned cross it and attain the goal that I left written within your hearts.

While the world seeks other things, I invite you to concentrate your gaze on My Sacred Heart, thus you will prevent that stumbling blocks deviate you from the path and that any lie makes your hearts believe in false truths.

Search for My Heart which is full and open to all, there, no one will perish.

Under the Peace of the Lord, be blessed and worthy.

Thank you for glorifying My Heart.

The Glorified Christ Jesus, the One of the past, of the present, and of the future

Special Messages
Special message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Child King, Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón

The time has come to break the chains of inertia and of constant evil.

May the veils of blindness and impunity be ripped away.

May the doors to evil be closed and the abysses of consciousness be dissipated.

May the ties be released and may souls walk toward their expected awakening.

May the impious be transfigured and all those who have transgressed the Law of Adonai be redeemed.

May the innocent be gathered and the meek be reunited.

May the peacemakers surrender to God and may the fearful smile because My mighty Light has come for their salvation.

May the impure be defeated by the action of My Mercy and may all the executioners be purified.

I will repeat:

May the impure be overcome by the action of My Mercy and may all the executioners be purified.

May the condemned be freed from their own prisons so that the eternal Love of the Creator may arise, now and always.

May hearts be restored and the Kingdoms of all Creation be forever glorified.

May the angels of the universe participate in the great Final Judgment.

With My Hands, I will separate the chaff from the wheat and bring forth the new clay, the new divine design for every being.

May those who have not repented do so, and may all hear the cry of the mutilated.

May wars end.

May not even one more body be martyred, because the manifested Law is descending onto this Kingdom called world.

May the unjust be converted and the sinners surrender to the infinite Mercy of My Heart.

May the causes of the past be transformed into wonders for the future.

May the truth come to light and may the blind and deaf of heart hear the Call of the Universal King.

All evil is removed from the spaces of the world so that the Source of Purification may spring forever.

May no one fear the end of time.

May the merciful give Mercy, and may the good praying beings pray much, pray much for peace.

Now the King is preparing to give his principality to those who were faithful.

The Son of God comes to end any disturbance and to re-establish the thousand years of peace. But still much must pass for all this to happen.

Open your eyes of the heart and banish from your cells the imperfect badges of evil.

I Am your Love, I Am your Light, I Am that I Am in every soul and heart that knows, humbly, how to recognize My only Truth.

Mercy to those who deny Me.

Pity for the unjust.

Peace for all humanity.

Under the Universal Decree of the Supreme Creator, be living witnesses of My final Message.

Who blesses you,

The Glorified Christ Jesus, the Redeemer



"Lord, forgive all of humanity for its ignorant inner and moral destruction.

Forgive them because they do not know Your Love nor Mine, that only comes from and is born of You.

Forgive them, Lord, for so many denials and outrages, for taking the life of innocents and for not allowing the birth of those that should be born in this divine life.

O My Lord! Supreme and Glorious Father, let Your beloved Son, Who carried the Cross to the foot of Mount Calvary and crawled as the most despised among all, be able to offer a total reparation today for all the faults that humanity continues to commit.

Lord God Almighty, hear the prayers of those that are consequent and good; immerse yourself, My God, in the souls that only desire to seek You through sacrifice and renunciation.

No longer look, o God, Adonai!, at the fragility of Your creatures, but rather, beloved Father, allow all good essences, which please You and satisfy You, to restore this submerged and lost humanity from its decadence.

Abba, Source of all creation and origin, remember, beloved Father, all Your creatures from the origin, and let Your Love impregnate them completely until they feel the divine wholeness of only living in You and for You.

Emmanuel, Celestial Presence of Power and Truth, continue without tiring to pour out Your Graces over the innocent, so that the demolished spirit of the pure may revive in the essence of Your most pure Love.

I promise You that through Your Mercy, everything will be possible, and the last of the self-summoned will achieve Your eternity; and although the world causes Your infinite Heart to suffer, today I again offer You, Lord, the Cross I carried, the Wounds that marked My Body, and above all, Father, the precious consecrations of those that do not turn their back on you.

Today I offer you all My flocks, so that the whole world not experience Justice, but rather a constant reparation that I offer to Adonai, the gratitude of the humble and the simplicity of the pure; for the time has come, Father, that You show the world the universe of Your Love."

For this reason, today I come here to pour out the last drops of My Water and of My Blood over those that listen to My Words and truly live them.

In your hearts carry My blessing to the Celestial Father and understand that no other path but Mine exists that will give you a spiritual life and peace.

Woe to those who distance themselves from Me! How will they be able to be worthy of My Mercy? And when will they stop being thorns in My Crown?

I offer you My only Truth.  I give you My true Words so that you may incarnate them in your essences.

Let this new Marathon be dedicated to the absolute and urgent reparation of the hearts that suffered martyrdom and that today, in My Kingdom, are glorified for having been faithful unto death.

Receive My last Graces before the end time. The hands of the clock mark the time of the surrender and the emptiness of self. In this way, the world will be able to recover the innocence it lost.

Be merciful always; thus you will make My Heart happy.

I only ask that you not forget Me.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Mercy of My Heart!

The Glorified Christ Jesus



The Apostolate of Mary

My Immaculate Spirit comes from the Light of the Heart of God; from there I arose in divine and chaste essence and I arrived on Earth to fulfill a great mission, the one of being Mother of the Son of God and then of being the Mother of Humanity.

I learned in purity through holy love; from this divine love the gifts of the spirit were born, those that helped concretize the mission of the Plan of the Creator. Before the eyes of the spiritual and angelical universe I was conceived and God gestated in His Divine Thought the projection of maternal love, that untransferable love that would be able to overcome fear and the Cross.

At the age of twelve, I was already working through the living example of the Sacred Family of Anne and Joachim. The old people of Israel was conceived as the principal essence of life, it was the people that would receive the coming of the Messiah.

The angels of the Lord guided all the Purpose; in their prayers the mystery of the Faith of God expanded and in their silent works immediate service expressed itself to the whole world.

At that time, the Eternal Father accompanied the advent of Christ.  For this reason, My holy womb was the purest receptacle to receive the Spirit of God.

When the Archangel Gabriel descended from the universe to meet Me, it was the first time that the most profound light of Adonai began to expand again throughout the whole Earth. Gabriel, the Archangel was the one who announced the word of salvation and redemption to the world. The Angel of the Lord brought with him the superior worlds and, in His presence before Mary, changed the laws of humanity, turning it into a redeemable race.

When Gabriel, the Archangel proclaimed My Eternal Grace, My Consciousness was at that moment the column of light that was the repository for the new consecration for all women. Mary was that one who renewed in virginity the maternal essence in all female beings and fertilized in Her womb the infinite Mercy of God.

For this, My Grace has no end; happy is that soul and that heart that proclaims My blessed name.

After the Resurrection of Jesus began the spiritual expansion of Mary’s task. My Immaculate Heart says to you that, when Christ ascended, the Mother of God, in Her Grace, took over the Work as Co-redeemer together with Her son; and since then were born the springs of Universal Mercy through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

At that time Christ entrusted Me to the entire humanity, in order that, through Maternal Grace and Divine Love, all of the generations after Israel could recognize me as the Virgin, as the Mother of God, as the Intercessor of humanity.

Fulfilling the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel, Jesus, from the Upper Heavens, entrusted Me to guide humanity. This is why, forty years after the Ascension of Christ, My Spirit and My Body became glorified during the Assumption and later became merged with the Highest during the Universal Coronation.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit poured out the power of the gifts of the Holy Trinity, so that now the Mother of God would conquer the serpent of evil; that serpent that, since the time of the Adams and Eves, diverted the project of the Father.

For this reason, God honored His Humble Servant and crowned Her with twelve stars, in order that, from the twelve universes and from the twelve celestial choirs, She would guide the redemptive purpose of Christ for all of humanity.

Also, the Creator gave to the Mother of the World the power of His Seven Swords, in order that, through Love, Healing, Faith, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Transmutation and Liberation, She could, by means of His Holy Grace, save humanity until the return of His Son.

Thus, God asked the Most Holy Mother to go to the world again, to reveal the secrets that would allow Redemption and Mercy and to appear in all places and times of the world to announce to humanity the warning to change.

On behalf of the Supreme Will, everything was fulfilled and, throughout the centuries and years, the Mother of God has come to the world to call all of Her children. Now the Lady Clothed with the Sun comes with Her Seven Swords, which are invincible, in order to guide the flocks of Christ toward the saving portal.

And now My Spirit is here, among you, My dear children.

Have you understood after seven continuous years why I am still here?

Have you recognized My main message and call?

In every place of the world that I have appeared, I have left a warning and a primary request. Here, in South America, after Medjugorje, I come to complete My task of the end of time and warn Uruguay and the sister nations, that they must follow the steps of God and not of humanity.

For this reason, I come in this last time in order to consecrate hearts and soldiers, those who are willing to go with Me even to hells and save all those who get lost second by second. I come to reveal to you the power of My Conception and to demonstrate to all of humanity from here what was in truth the profound wish and the Infinite Will of God for this race.

In order for these mysteries to be known by all, I come as the New Aurora, that which brings, upon Her lap, the birth of the New Humanity.

I Am the Mother of the Divine Conception, the one that reveals to you the Power, the Mercy and the Liberation, conceived by the Holy Father, the Firstborn Son and the Holy Spirit. Happy are those who attentively listened on this night to My message and kept My last words of salvation for this end of the year.

For this reason, those who are still not willing to follow Me, let them follow Me! I will only take you to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ will bring you into the arms of Emmanuel.

May the Celestial Universes open!

May the Holy Spirit of God descend in Glory!

Let us celebrate, with joy and fullness, the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, so that the Church of Christ may not miss the call of My Voice. Times call for the unification of creeds, of peoples and of all hearts on the Earth, this will soon liberate you from all evil.

Who blesses you under the Supreme Light,

Your Holy Mother Mary, Lady of the Seven Swords and of the Southern Cone

Special weekly Message of Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Be humble before those who, through error or fear, abandon My precious and preferred path.

Pour out the infinite Graces that I have placed in your heart upon those who have lost them through ignorance. Take a risk to the point of giving your life for your friends. There will never be something similar or different that can destroy the love that with so much effort has been built among brothers and sisters.

Happy are they who fully believe in My Truth and profess it because I promise to compensate them on the day of their celestial glory.

Look now at My wounded spiritual Side, which is a sign of the anxieties and the deserts caused by souls into which, from the beginning, I have poured out My infinite Mercy.

All want to drink of the Source, but few dare to seek it through pain, the desert and the void.

Pay attention! I have shown you the path of the desert, and in truth, I tell you that you have not even crossed the first part of the great aridity of the heart.

Sometimes, I have you spiritually experience the thirst that humanity caused Me during the Passion, on the Cross; but I know that when this unbearable and unsustainable thirst worsens, many have the impulse to abandon Me at that time.

I know that after everything you will understand the mystery that I come to reveal to you, the mystery of suffering out of love and of enduring the bitterness that would punish the world. For this reason, day and night, I avail Myself of your inner-selves, to place within states of emptiness and transmutation, necessary to avoid the sovereign Law over humanity.

When you still believe that you will never see Me, I will visit you. When you still believe that you will never feel Me, I will cause Myself to be deeply felt; but My Law is to test the degree of your love and the unalterable faithfulness of your souls.

Woe to those who have not truly invoked Me! They will soon lose all that was foreseen to be received within their dwellings.

But so great and mysterious is the power of My Divine Mercy that I come to warn you, that if you have thought of abandoning Me, you still are in time to return to the path of My Heart, to the blessed House of Adonai.

Today I open your eyes to take away the dust of blindness. Today I touch your hearts so that, now and forever, you will be able to believe that I Am Who speaks to you: Jesus of Nazareth.

Blessed are the simple, for they will always find the suitable answer.

Let your feet not tire of following Me; let every inner desert be a reason for purification and the concrete affirmation of the Plan of My Father.

Under the Love of God, be blessed and intelligent.

Thank you for persisting through My Heart!

The Merciful Christ Jesus




May the Peace of Christ be always in your hearts!

In the end the flowers of devotion will open up in the interior of all those that invoked the Precious Name of the Lord yesterday!

Praised be Our Father who is in the Heights!

Glorified be always His Presence, in Heaven as on Earth!

May the angels always elevate the humble offers of love from all the children of God.

May every expression of true devotion among the healthy creatures permit that the plans of the Most High be concretized.

Praise be the name of Adonai!

Blessed be the presence of Emmanuel!

Hallelujah for the existence of Abba, the Eternal Father!

May the Infinite Heavens be opened and may the rays of Mercy be poured over the impious and the innocent.  God is for all the creatures; His loving presence is in everything that is life and evolution.

May the great stars of universal salvation descend upon the Earth.

May the doors of love and of celestial healing be opened for all.

May the suns awaken to the Great Call because for the Father, the time of salvation and forgiveness has come.

Let us glorify the God of Love!  May all the souls of good will pronounce His name and may all of humanity receive the power of His Grace.  As the Sacred People of Israel, the soldiers of Peace come together to respond in joy to the call of Adonai.

Holy is Our Lord!

Holy is Your Name forever!

May Your Original Project be accomplished in all the hearts now and always!


Dear children: may this divine declaration of love and of devotion awaken in you the enthusiasm and the spiritual and inner impulse to proceed forward.  Remember My little ones, you have a place saved for you in the Heart of God.

For this, be encouraged to live the accelerated transformation of the end of this time, in the same way as the world turns fast, the souls reach the path of transfiguration.

I am among you always; I bless you.  That on this day of unity and of joy may you receive My dear children from prison with love, because now I have opened to you the door to Freedom, to the Freedom of the heart and of love.

I love those that surrender at the feet of Christ because Your King will liberate you.

Thank you Figueira, Sacred Tree, for responding to My call!

Mary, Immaculate Conception


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more