Sunday, January 1 of 2017

Daily messages

When the White Buffalo would appear on the horizon, suddenly, walking with serenity before the eyes of the pure, it was a sign of prosperity and of hope. Its mouth did not speak, its language was unknown by humankind. Its silence would transmit the Will of God to them; its language was understood with the heart, by those who knew how to become silent.

When sadness flooded the hearts of humankind, they cried out for the grace of seeing and of feeling the White Buffalo. Its serenity calmed them and they felt the hope that the Earth would remain fertile, alive and sacred.

When the heart of the children of the Earth was not rich in love and in joy, they cried out for the White Buffalo. Its joy and Its love did not come from this world, but it nourished and healed it. It appeared upon the horizon and represented the arrival of new cycles, where life would have a greater meaning, because the land would be fertile and so would the heart.

The White Buffalo was the Holy Spirit of the Earth, which walked silently among humankind. It came to dissolve fear, anguish, sadness; it came to unite the hearts of the children of the Earth with He who created the Earth, and all other planets, the Sun, the Moon and all of Life.

The White Buffalo was the bearer of purity and re-ignited the purity in the hearts of the children of the Earth so that they would not lose hope of a world in peace and in communion with Life.

The White Buffalo was meek but invincible. Nothing could touch it and only the eyes of the heart could see It. Its mystery came from Infinity, even though its appearance was of the Earth. It made itself lesser than humankind, with the living symbol of a simple animal, but it wanted to represent the All. Within it were both the small and the great, from the animals to the Supreme God, from nature to the All.

The White Buffalo thus made it possible to understand that God is in everything.

I am the White Buffalo, the Spirit of the Earth, the Spirit of Life.

I am the representation of the fertile cycles, of the cycles of Peace.

In My presence, despair and fear are dissolved, and hearts again find the faith and the love of God.

I am, My children, the Mother of the Earth and also of Heaven. The children of the Earth were born upon it, but they do not come from it. Their spirits come from Me; they were born of the Universal Source of Life, protected by the brightness of the stars that sparkle in Infinity, embraced by the motherhood of God, Adonai.

I come to the world so that you may regain purity and hope, so that you have fear and pain healed, and so that the certainty of being able to experience the sacred and unity on this Earth with Creation may again shine in your essences.

I am here, beloved children, now resembling humankind, with a body like yours and with a Divine Heart so that you may again find within yourselves what unites you with the Creator, that which makes you a mirror of His Most Sacred Heart.

I came to mirror in your spirits the sacred and the divine.

I appear on the horizon, in silence, again bringing Peace. I appear on this day of a new cycle, representing a fruitful cycle in the life of the spirit.

I want to strengthen your hearts and build within you the new gardens of life.

I want to allow the new human being to be born, recovering the purity and the dignity of the indigenous consciousness.

I come to bring the grace of union with the Origin, for those called original peoples and, in this way, all human hearts may rekindle within themselves the purity of the beginning, the original unity with the Heart of God.

May your lives be fruitful in love before the White Buffalo.

Regain peace, joy and hope, dissolving from spirit the evil that causes wars and degenerates hearts.

May the unity of the Spirit of God bring you wisdom, dissolving the ignorance that separates humankind from itself and from the All, that which makes them die while being alive.

I am the White Buffalo, your Mother and Mother of all Creation. I come to bless you, embrace you and allow you to remember that the Creator has a perfect will for His children. It is enough, My beloved ones, that you contemplate upon the horizon of your inner worlds the presence of the White Buffalo, and allow yourselves to be permeated by its silence and meekness so that its love may again transform and impregnate your lives.

I love you and I keep you in My Heart of Love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of all Life