Tuesday, January 12 of 2016

Daily messages

When we were praying the last decade of the Mystery of the Rosary, we saw Our Lady assisting and working in a region of the Middle East. Moments later, when She appeared, She told us that we were seeing a place in Turkey. She pointed with Her left hand to an infinite number of winged angels gathered together working and flying over the area.

The Divine Mother told us that She had commissioned a certain number of angelic hosts to unite with a specific group of souls present on the planet in order to collaborate with them and assist them in establishing one of the most important Purposes of God: Peace. She told us that these souls, incarnated on Earth for these times, were souls in service to the Plan of God that would help in the times of greatest worldwide emergency.

Our Mother of Heaven showed us that the angels and the souls in service were working intensively in the physical counterpart of the path that the refugees travel at this time inside of Turkey on their way to exile in Europe. She told us that the angels and the souls in service are attempting to contain this situation in a harmonious and peaceful way, working to generate spiritual and inner relief in each one of the brothers and sisters exiled from the Middle East.

Following this explanation of Our Lady, She transmitted the following message:

       Dear children:

The summoning for collaboration and cooperation in the mission for the Middle East has already been made by the International Humanitarian Federation, and all are spiritually in the last preparatory steps for departing on this important task. And as it was done in Africa, Your Heavenly Mother, together with the instructions from Saint Joseph, will closely guide this risky humanitarian mission.

My missionaries of peace are already working together with some angels in Turkish territory. This sister nation is caught in the middle of two opposing realities: on one side, the Arab war, and on the other, the entry doorway to the countries of Eastern Europe.

Turkey is the main route for all of the refugees. But My missionaries of peace will not only find out about the needs of this nation, they will also see the reality of the peoples of Syria in search of a new way of life.

The main effect of the war falls on the children, over the littlest ones, those who must transcend the consequences of hunger and the lack of water.

That is why the three Sacred Hearts already can be found in the spiritual region of the conflict, preparing the way so that humanitarian and praying assistance will reach the greatest possible number of people.

My missionaries of peace will meet with other missionaries, and in the name of peace and of voluntary service, they will unite their inner forces of love and of labor for all of the refugees.

The main deficiencies present in the faces of My children of the Middle East are fear, exile, hunger, and the lack of human love. It is for this reason, dear children, that this forthcoming humanitarian mission will place not only the missionaries of peace, but also all of the work in the reality of the true Armageddon, of which there is an attempt to spiritually stop, so that it will not expand across the world.

The war is not only the cause of the precariousness of humanity; the planet as a whole is immersed in several conflicts, which are first gestated within families, and then in all of humanity, coming then into great nations.

Divine Justice is active, but the time of Mercy is also in force. That is why this next humanitarian mission to Turkey is considered by the Plan of God to be a mission of Mercy. It will be through service, and through any need that must be fulfilled, that the energy of Divine Mercy will be the main source for the transmutation of the contrary negative streams, which feed on the wars.

My fourteen missionaries of peace, in the name of God, will be consciously entering a global area of great mental and spiritual conflict, safeguarded by the Archangel Michael. It will be like entering a great storm that is occurring in a precipitated and unmeasured way.

The motto for the missionaries of this new mission will be: “The Grace of God is our stronghold”. The secret Mercy that must be disseminated through each act and service will turn back human desperation and may bring a little of peace to hearts.

The humanitarian mission to the Middle East will open other doors, so that the Project of the Hierarchy can be requested in other regions of the planet, where similarly complex needs of assistance exist.

The union of each missionary of peace and of each one who prays with the three Sacred Hearts in a true, faithful, and loving way makes it possible to not run certain risks.

In the times of Armageddon, may the faith and the trust in Christ be the shield and the greater strength that will generate absolute surrender to the Plan of the Father so that His precious Will be fulfilled.

My Son has gathered all of you together in these times; for this reason, each soul is called to be a part of this work of redemption, without attachments or forms.

May Our Light be present in each missionary of peace. May Our Love fill them so that Peace will reign.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In preparation and vigil,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace