Today when we were finishing the Mystery of the Rosary, we once again saw Our Lady silently helping in Turkey, on the path of the exodus of the refugees of the Middle East. She was dressed as an Arabian mother, with a light pink colored tunic that fell to Her feet; She was wrapped in a long white garment which covered Her entire head in a veil-like way, and She was barefoot.

The Divine Mother was walking along the route from the border between Syria and Turkey towards the countries of Eastern Europe, in the exodus among the refugees. And we asked ourselves: Why does the Mother of God walk silently among the multitude of refugees who are in exile?

Then we saw Mother Mary with a small child in Her arms, and suddenly more children could be seen in Her arms; She was carrying them all, and with the multitudes, was crossing a large desert between Syria and Turkey to help the souls of all those brothers and sisters. She showed us that the souls were going through a process of great despair, of fear, and of uncertainty, and thus, Mary would place the head of each one of them close to Her Heart so that they would feel peace.

When the Divine Mother appeared to us with the same garments we reported at the beginning, She named Herself as the Mother of the Refugees and transmitted the following message:

       Your Mother walks through the desert, crossing all of Turkey from one side to the other, towards the countries of Eastern Europe, to search for inner asylum in the hearts that will open to recognize the Master in the refugees.

Just as it was in Bethlehem, dear children, the Sacred Family, which is this project of humanity, is fleeing the war that has been precipitated over the innocent.

My children, You do not know so far what it means to not have a home nor a place to rest. As the Mother who brought salvation to the world, I have patiently suffered what is called exile, not only in Bethlehem, when we were looking for a place where the King could be born, but also when we searched for refuge somewhere in Egypt.

Dear children, today I want to bring to your consciousnesses this passage of the Sacred Family, because nowadays humanity is more and more driven into exile and despair.


When we were praying the last decade of the Mystery of the Rosary, we saw Our Lady assisting and working in a region of the Middle East. Moments later, when She appeared, She told us that we were seeing a place in Turkey. She pointed with Her left hand to an infinite number of winged angels gathered together working and flying over the area.

The Divine Mother told us that She had commissioned a certain number of angelic hosts to unite with a specific group of souls present on the planet in order to collaborate with them and assist them in establishing one of the most important Purposes of God: Peace. She told us that these souls, incarnated on Earth for these times, were souls in service to the Plan of God that would help in the times of greatest worldwide emergency.

Our Mother of Heaven showed us that the angels and the souls in service were working intensively in the physical counterpart of the path that the refugees travel at this time inside of Turkey on their way to exile in Europe. She told us that the angels and the souls in service are attempting to contain this situation in a harmonious and peaceful way, working to generate spiritual and inner relief in each one of the brothers and sisters exiled from the Middle East.

Following this explanation of Our Lady, She transmitted the following message:

       Dear children:

The summoning for collaboration and cooperation in the mission for the Middle East has already been made by the International Humanitarian Federation, and all are spiritually in the last preparatory steps for departing on this important task. And as it was done in Africa, Your Heavenly Mother, together with the instructions from Saint Joseph, will closely guide this risky humanitarian mission.

My missionaries of peace are already working together with some angels in Turkish territory. This sister nation is caught in the middle of two opposing realities: on one side, the Arab war, and on the other, the entry doorway to the countries of Eastern Europe.

Turkey is the main route for all of the refugees. But My missionaries of peace will not only find out about the needs of this nation, they will also see the reality of the peoples of Syria in search of a new way of life.


Dear children,

Listen to the following revelation and request that today from Heaven Your Most Holy Mother comes to make you.

Today listen to the voice of My Heart and not only to the words.   Today listen to the supplication of Your Dear Mother to this humanity.

I profoundly wish, My dear children, that a new humanitarian mission be taken forward by the missionaries of Peace of My Immaculate Heart.  This time the protected destiny of the mission will be the border between Turkey and Syria, to give spiritual and humanitarian help to the children without parents that are living the horror of a war and of an endless exile, that have no house to live and no food to eat.

Now, My beloved children, do you comprehend the sorrow of My Immaculate Heart?

I will also send My servers of Peace in a sacred mission to Hungary, which has become the secondary focus of an endless battle among injured refugees, decimated families and social revolutions because of the non acceptance of immigrants.

The boat of humanity is rapidly swamping and just a few manage to have the consciousness that if something is not rapidly avoided, something surprising may happen with this part of humanity.  For this I am inviting My children so that out of Mercy and Piety you leave aside your important preferences and accompany with your prayers and donations to Your Heavenly Mother and My missionaries of Peace.

Dear children, as it has never happened before, the Middle East has become the most serious point of conflict of the planet and it is the loving work of everyone to stop this war which is destructive of the human dignity.

Dear children, with supplication of Mercy today I come to this Marian Center to call you to a profound reflection of charity and brotherhood.  This mission to Turkey will have as a task the spiritual, prayerful and service treatment of the families in the refugee camps, and in Hungary, the moral and food care, as the health care for the families that come to these countries, thirsty for help and peace after having traveled paths and borders for days.

No one in the Middle East is being saved from this conflict against peace.  My plans through your prayerful hearts will be to help and rescue the greatest number of essences that are suffering all the time.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.