Wednesday, January 13 of 2016

Daily messages

When Mary came, She showed me an image of the Universe, and in a way which I do not know how to explain, I saw the Consciousness of God. He was withdrawing into a profound silence that, in spite of being silence, resounded across the whole cosmos and was causing the inner being of all creatures in Heaven to shudder. God held within Himself that first Thought that He had when creating the human project. He concentrated on the perfection of His Original Idea for humankind, and thus meditated.

Mary showed us that many councils gathered together, but not knowing how to assist humanity; just observing so that, in the unpredictability of the human heart, some possibilities of guiding humankind to the fulfillment of the Plans of God could emerge. Our Lady said that for all of the universe, in this moment, the destiny of the Earth is unforeseeable. She said that only God knew what would happen, but He stayed silent and concentrated all of His Love toward the essence of each human being.

It was as if, in that moment, God was not using any intermediary, for He Himself, in His silence, was attempting to reach the essence of all human beings to reveal His Mystery directly to those hearts that might perceive His Presence.

Mary explained to us that in the midst of all of the chaos and the evil in the world, the Creator Himself began to take action on Earth, trying to show the human heart the greatness of His Plan for humanity, the unique possibility that the human being holds for uniting with Him, perfectly and absolutely; the one love that is found latent within of all of us. All of this God is trying to show to us.

Then Mary invited us so that, by ourselves and in silence, we might enter into our own hearts in order to try to feel God, to search for Him inside of ourselves, and to discover what He wants to reveal to us in His silence.


Dear children,

While the world agonizes, the Heart of the Most High God goes silent, and the Creator concentrates His Divine Spirit on the true purpose of His Creation.

In these times, when humanity is at the peak of their deviation from the reason for their existence as part of a Divine Project, the Lord is trying to keep alive within Himself that divine aspiration that one day left His Consciousness to renew all of the Universe.

When He accepted the experience of the human project, God knew all the risks, but He also knew the power of the love placed as a latent possibility within each human being, in their deepest essence.

The Most High Creator allowed His Creation to run a great risk: that creatures apparently so small would have the possibility of carrying all of the material universe manifested by Him to an extreme of evolution or of involution.

Children, now in face of all that occurs in the world and that transcends the atrocities of the material life, with truly dangerous repercussions that are destructive to the life of the spirit, the Lord just observes the world and is in silence.

All of the creatures created by God are attentive to His silence, which reverberates as a great mystery within all of Creation.

The Lord knows that this is a definitive moment, even for His Divine Consciousness. The silence of God holds within itself a certainty of His triumph, in spite of making all creatures inwardly tremble.

When God is in silence it is because only He knows what will happen. The universe, however, only attentively observes the movements of humanity and waits, second by second, for the way in which it can guide it on the best path.

While the councils gather, and the masters and guides, among the Blessed, renew their plans, God just is in silence.

I say this to you today so that you may feel the silence of God; so that you may feel His Eyes set on your hearts all the time. Not only the intercessors for humanity pray for the awakening of the human heart; God too, in His silence, concentrates all the Power of His Creative Consciousness to safeguard, within Himself, the perfect archetype of humanity.

In the silence of the Creator, He unites with the essence of all the creatures of Earth that aspire to fulfill His Plan. Therefore, children, if you hear these words today, meditate for an instant on what I tell you and unite with the silence of God.

Observe your own essences as a true and pure connection with the Most High. Find within yourselves the union with the Father, and thanks to this union, allow the Creator to awaken in you that unique thought that He has for each one of you.

In the center of the universe, God is in silence, and in His silence, He multiplies Himself in the center of each creature.

I know that what is taking place in the world disturbs many hearts and also the consciousnesses of those who know of the gravity of the times; however, My beloved ones, if you truly want to help humanity, feel God in your own inner being. Imagine the Creator of all things in His deep silence, which reverberates loudly within all beings.

The Universe comes to a halt before the power of the silence of God. He is trying to make Himself heard by His children; He is concentrating the power of His Love for humanity and for the infinite cosmos with the intention of letting you know the truth. For this reason, in spite of all that afflicts your hearts today, allow your consciousnesses to uplift beyond matter; that at the same time, you enter into your own inner being and travel to the center of Creation, finding, inside of yourselves, a silent God Who stretches out His Hands to you and shows you the truth of His Plan.

While the intention of God with His silence is mysterious for all of the cosmos, He wants to enter the inner being of human beings in order to directly reveal to them the truth of His Love.

Children, will you embrace the greatness of what I say to you? Will you open yourselves to the mystery of receiving within yourselves a Creator so immense, Who makes Himself small in order to speak to your heart?

Discover today the only and perfect union between human beings and God, because the Lord is in silence in this time in order to let humankind know about the greatest mystery of His Creation, which is the unique possibility of the perfect union with the Most High.

While miseries emerge from within all, and chaos makes use of all of its strategies for conquest, God aspires to reveal His Greatness to you.

Who will open to this Truth?

I bless you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace