Monday, December 18 of 2017

Daily Messages

If a part of your being still does not believe that I am here, why are you still here?

By chance, am I not here, Who is your Mother?

Firstly, be grateful for everything that you live and for everything that you experience.

Do not try to escape any longer from the reality that surrounds you, because truly, child, you will be escaping from yourself, and where you choose to be, you will always be with yourself, carrying the same cross everywhere.

Have the inner awareness that you will not be able to change the world, and not even people, overnight.

Accept with joyful resignation the test that Heaven sends you in this time.

You will not be better or worse by being away from the reality that could be disturbing your heart.

Live each experience as a unique possibility for expanding your love and your renunciation.

Do not allow your mind and My adversary to deceive you.

Distrust everything that comes from you and what your mind processes, because if you stay in that place, you will always find a great obstacle.

Start by making the change that you expect so much, first inside of you, and do not try, in any way, to change the Plan, the destiny, nor the events.

Do not believe that in this world you will find perfect things. Be truly intelligent, and do not allow doubts to erase and dissipate the faith of your heart.

Accept, above yourself, the destiny in which the Universe has placed you. And if you want so much that people and things be perfect, as you need them, begin by being the example in patience, in effort, and in service, without wanting to escape or hide from the true need so as not to feel tired.

Live your Gethsemane with intelligence and let only the constant love of your fellow beings invade you, a deep love that you have never lived before.

Search, child, for the truth in what is simple and easy, and not in what would delight you as perfect and complete. If you have surrendered your life into the Hands of God, His own Hands put you in this place, where you must serve unconditionally; and today your Mother from Heaven tells you this, I declare it without intermediaries.

Have gratitude and expand it, so that others may recognize in you a New Christ who accepts, understands, and loves beyond self and of any expectation.

Work every day for your redemption based on profound acts of love and of service, and I assure you that the doubts, or even the disagreements, will no longer be in you; but they will die in the mouth of the one who utters them: My rival.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace