My dear children,

With joy I return to My beloved Figueira to once again meet with My favored children, and to announce that the Eternal Father has granted Me the Grace of bringing His Message from Heaven on the coming March 25, a time when the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, of Mary and of Saint Joseph will complete this important inner and spiritual preparation of all the followers of Christ for the next Sacred Week.

I want to tell you that this will be My only opportunity that on the coming March 25 I am able to be among you, like a Mother Who feels joy for once again being able to meet with Her children of South America.

After this, the Divine Messengers will continue in the Northern Hemisphere, opening the pathways for the important humanitarian cycle in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and in other places where the Divine Hierarchy will have the opportunity to intervene and help. 

After the next Sacred Week, the door of the end of times will finish opening. This means that the door will open so that those who have become defined can go through it together with My Son, and thus, take on the preparations for His expected Return. 

Everything that happened in Aurora, as well as in Figueira, over time, consciously prepared you to take on this important cycle of planetary redemption with spiritual maturity.

I, as the Mother of all, pray and will pray for you, My favored children, so that at the side of My Son, you may walk firmly and strengthened in Love, for the world has need of merciful souls and selfless hearts, which together with the Archangel Michael, are capable of dissolving evil so that the Love of God may be born again in all hearts. 

The time for the apostleship has come, the time for growing within has come. 

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

With joy and happiness, I return to My sacred Figueira so that, starting in June, the month of the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus, the inner fruits of the spirits of each child of Mine may now be at the service of the planet and of souls.

I would like that, in this next prayer meeting of the 1,000 Hail Marys, your most sincere prayers and pleas be directed to the Heavenly Father for the intentions and pleas of your Heavenly Mother.

I wish, with ardent devotion, that My praying children pray for the following intentions:

1. For a true and sincere peace treaty in the Middle East so that My Israeli and Palestinian children may reach a peaceful dialogue for the benefit of the common good, and for those who are most unprotected and helpless.

2. For a fraternal and real agreement in Colombia so that the poorest and most innocent are no longer the most chastised by the protests and strikes.

3. For Brazil to conceive a coherent government, according to divine mandates, so that those who have been struck the hardest by the national disorder of the pandemic may have the grace of rebuilding their lives.

4. For the displaced and indigent of Morocco, so that Europe stops its heart from becoming cold in the face of the current and unprecedented critical crisis, so that all refugees be helped and rebuild their lives with dignity.

5. For peace and the cessation of the dictatorial conflict in Myanmar so that religion not be used as a mask to hide the most traumatic actions that harm the entire nation and, above all, push the poorest into exile.

6. For the end of conflict within Syria, Venezuela and Ethiopia so that the life of human society is no longer used to impose misery and chaos upon the peoples and among the peoples.

7. I ask you to pray for the humanitarian missions so that all precursors of humanitarian service be protected, guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. So that beneficial and lasting decisions be made for all who seek to start over after a traumatic and painful departure from their homelands.

If you pray for these intentions of Mine, I will be grateful to you, since My Heart is outraged by world corruption, which will have an end, at the Return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

May the deep Peace of Jesus be upon you, in you, and especially in the places where wars and conflicts are lived today.

After more than 2,000 years, Israel and Palestine continue to cruelly hurt each other.

These neighboring peoples are losing peace in a staggering way. Behind those who suffer and are more innocent, dark ideas are planned that only seek and fuel the use of weapons and their sales within the most fragile and hostile nations of the world.

The economies of powerful countries are sadly strengthened by all of this through disorder and the suffering of those who suffer the excessive injustice of this current humanity.

As Queen of Peace, today I come to ask you to unite fervently to all the needs of the world, but especially that you join the Prayer for Peace in the Middle East.

Humankind unconsciously plays with weapons, and this subdues and degenerates peace, imposing human orders that imprison the freedom of people and nations.

My beloved Holy Land has become a scene of horrors and blood.

For all that My Son left sown in the Gospel, but above all, through His sorrowful Passion, I come to beg you, My children, to pray very united, through the Prayer for Peace in the Middle East, so that a third war, that could have no way back, not be created nor generated. No child of Mine knows evil and its cunning.

I call upon you and summon you as My praying armies. Thus, your hands in prayer will dry the tears from the face of your Heavenly Mother from seeing the suffering and agony of those who are most innocent.

I thank you for responding immediately to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Messages

I am the Lady of the Tears of Syracuse. I come on this day to tell you, My children, that no one has calmed My cry for these people of Sicily, and that I still wait for the great moment of conversion of the sinners who are on this island.

Thus, I present Myself to you today as the Lady of Tears because, through My Tears, I leave the message for this place that these people of South Italy do not yet accept redemption and that, by means of appearances, they believe everything is well and that it will continue to be so.

I call My children of Sicily to repent from the heart so that you may ask for forgiveness to the Celestial Father because thus, He will grant you His Mercy and not His divine and powerful Justice.

Thus, My children, with the prayer of everyone, the people of Sicily will attain a special grace, and this grace will also have reprecussions within the members of the Church of My Son.

I come to Sicily for the people of the South of Italy not to forget that the Lady of Tears cried and that She is still crying because Her children most in need of love do not want to hear Her.

I come to remove you from the power that you believe you have in your hands.

I come to offer you My maternal Heart as a path for your final conversion.

But I also come to the South of Italy, as the Lady of Tears, for one of the most serious crises of this twenty-first century, which is the migration of My children of Africa and of the Middle-East to Europe, through the Mediterranean Sea.

It is thus, My children, that the Lady of Tears also cries for the great indifference of all Europeans before the lack of welcome and of love for the refugees.

This is the time and the opportunity that not only Italy but also all of Europe has the grace of being able to reverse its debts through service to the refugees.

I, as the Mother of all, call you to fraternity and to step away from yourselves so that the one who suffers the most and escapes the conflicts and wars may occupy the first place within your lives. Thus, you will learn to know Divine Mercy.

Italy has always been a very blessed land by the saints and by the Eucharistic miracles because it is the nation that most needs Pity and Mercy for the end of these times.

All the praying beings, in this moment, can be important intermediaries before the Divine Justice so that, united to your Heavenly Mother, you may collaborate for all the important stages of the Pilgrimage to be fulfilled, according to the way God wishes and feels.

Let us continue, My children, allowing the unfathomable Mercy to descend upon the nations of the Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I descend from Heaven on this day to bring peace to the world, especially to place it into the heart of those who need it most.

After the important mission, which My Beloved Son has accomplished, your Celestial Mother comes to conclude the final stage of the spiritual work that was realized in these last days here, in Austria.

This is the main reason why the Celestial Father granted Me the permission to descend into Austria, along with some of the celestial chorus, in order to seed in the inner worlds of the souls certain attributes that will help them in the next stage of humanity, on the spirit level.

This way the Mother of God, and the ever Virgin Mary, today will not only be working on you, as souls and essences, but also will be working in the context of all of Eastern Europe.

In this sense, the Pilgrimage for Peace, the places and cities which are visited, demonstrate the need of inner and spiritual help which thousands of souls have,  beyond them belonging to the European continent or to other regions, as for example Africa and Middle East.

The spiritual operation, carried forward by the hosts of Light of the Mother of God, manage to work and act in levels of the human consciousness, deeper each time, and this reverberates not only in the planetary life, but also in the scope of the surface of the planet, where events increasingly committed are unleashed, which could harm the next stage of current humanity.

When the Divine Messengers visit different nations and cities, in this case of Europe, it is to prevent events, and to divert the race from unexpected dangers.

Thus, each city visited by the Pilgrimage for Peace not only receives the divine impulse of prayer and music, but also very deep aspects of the past are worked by the very Spiritual Hierarchy. And in many of the current cases, these aspects are worked altogether, at the same time and under the same Law: the applied Law of Redemption, Liberation and Mercy.

Each aspect which is directly treated is united, from the consciousness, to an aspect of that nation or of the culture of the people.

As you could witness in this last month and a half of pilgrimage, the Celestial Hierarchy has intervened in places, cities and cultures that were not foreseen inside the purpose of Divinity.

But this happened from the adhesion of souls, which originally represent those nations, and participated in the Campaign for Peace. As souls from other nations that live in European countries participated, and opened a spiritual door so the operation and the divine intervention, which happens through this Pilgrimage, could arrive to these places; which is the case of Cologne, in Germany.

With all of this perspective, we aspire as Divine Messengers of Love, that the participants of this Work, who have demonstrated to be totally adhered, and also those who arrive for the first time, may understand that the Pilgrimage for Peace is more than a physical journey through places indicated by the Hierarchy and that the answer, and mainly the love, the faith and the trust of the prayerful and devoted hearts, strengthen this great operative network of spiritual and divine help, which descends directly from Heaven, to help the humanity of these times.

This immediate adhesion builds unity within the beings, and therefore in humanity.

May this divine operation, which comes from Heaven, move forward with the support of everyone, so that more nations, cities and souls are touched by the Healing Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My crying demonstrates to the world the pain that wars cause My Heart; especially those that are generated in the Middle East.

In this way, love among brothers and sisters is lost, as well as brotherhood among beings because of the prevalence of certain ideals of conquest and ostentation.

Today My crying is for everything that I see happening there, in the Middle East, and what that harsh confrontation among the nations and its peoples is causing.

Peace has already dissipated and that is My principal agony as a Mother.

Weapons have gained more power and reign more than hearts themselves, and something worse could be unleashed in weeks.

For this reason, I come to ask My children who pray to intercede before the Father, together with Me, and that each prayer may be a spark of light that ignites within a dark planetary reality. That this light, which comes from prayer, may illuminate the inner spaces of the consciousness so that the dignity of being children of God, and brothers and sisters among the nations, may be recovered.

I wish for My crying to be felt and heard.

In truth, children, something worse has been unleashed in the Middle East and we must beg God that He, with His Infinite Power of Love, stops it.

I will be grateful to you for your inner union.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


An urgent call to the prayer for Peace

My most dear children of the world, favorite servers of My Heart,

Today on behalf of the Greater Good and the Mercy of God I come to ask you again to pray a Mystery of the Holy Rosary every day for the next six months in order to avoid the infernal spread of a cruel war between the nations of the Middle East. If this call is not answered as part of the supplication of Your Heavenly Mother, you will see with your own eyes much blood running, despair among peoples and more attacks that will affect more innocent souls.

I would like, My children, for this summoning to prayer to be expanded across the five continents and in all possible languages, because I know there are souls still waiting to hear My words and recognize My voice in them.

My children, the tyrant mobilizes its more than four thousand armies of fallen angels to dominate the frustrated and innocent consciousness of My children in the Middle East.

I ask those who can to offer for the next six months the Mystery of the Rosary in Arabic and Hebrew, so that the powers of prayer may embrace more hearts and more planes of consciousness.

I tell you, My little children, that this humanity which is already lost, flaunts a conquest of the planet that is not real and that is driven by demons.

As My adversary knows that I am walking through Europe to avoid that the war of everyone against everyone expands to this part of the hemisphere, he uses all his explosive weapons and all souls that are committed to this reality and remain doomed to Earthly hell , which they fail to leave.

Dear children, the time has come for you to run along with Your Mother into the inner desert where we will take refuge, in prayer, from all evil and be safe.

At this time when the battle will define the moment of the return of Christ, I invite you to have a persevering, humble and sincere heart. If you, My children, love one another, we will gradually disarm the plan of My adversary to dispel faith and true love between consciousnesses. I awake you at this hour to a truth that many want to hide.

Let us pray with firmness in the heart and confidence that all the angels of Heaven will aid you in this final battle in which the Woman Dressed of the Sun will overcome Her eternal enemy through the most powerful flow of love.

Spread My call and let it be known to the world that the whole Universe is attentive to what happens in it.

May the hearts regain their innocence and purity so that My Immaculate Heart will thus triumph.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this mission of redemption!

Who loves and understands you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Beloved children,

In order for peace to be established, ignorance must be dissipated from the hearts and consciousnesses of human beings.

This sacred planet is being taken to the abyss by the actions and the ideas of those who believe themselves wise but who ignore the truth, even about themselves. How to live in wisdom, if you, My dears, do not even know the truth about yourselves, about your origin and the real reason why you came to this world?

The path to discovering the truth is considered by many to be the path of the ignorant; those who seek to develop faith in order to unveil heavenly mysteries are often considered lost and blind by the great powers of this material world.

Children, very unhappy is the heart that is blind to the things of God or has a tepid and superficial faith, only to give the appearance to society that it follows a path that leads to the Father.

My beloved ones, at this moment, on the planet, when a definition is demanded of all consciousnesses, you must give everything for love of God. The definition of your lives must be complete and absolute, because this is the only way to not be deceived by the enemy and by yourselves. Because I tell you that the very human tendencies, those that have been rooted in your consciousness for so many centuries of uncertain and diverted experiences, can lead you to the abyss, without My adversary having to make any effort.

Children, do not think that My words threaten or come to cause you fear, because, otherwise, how will I reveal to you the truth about these times?

Those who do not realize for themselves that we are in the last days of human illusion and who do not see with their own eyes the decay of the world will awaken abruptly when this chaos that expands in the world touches their lives forcefully.

My beloved ones, I just want to make peace and good triumph in your lives. I want to keep you firm for the trying times so that you may persevere with the inner light ignited and alive in the days of darkness. For many will depend on the light ingnited in the hearts of a few in order to see their own path and not get lost.

My children, it is time to hold on to the life of prayer, so you are not confused by what is coming. It is the time and the moment, especially for the Americas, to protect the Plans of God, and this will be done within each one.

Children, leave external influences and material appearances for the strategies of My adversary, because the masks of illusion will fall by themselves when, on the return of My Beloved Son, light triumphs again in the world.

Concentrate, you all, in affirming the foundations of inner fortress, the one that once built, is immutable and impermeable to harassment and doubt, which are inherent at these moments.

The adversary is fighting with all his strengths. In world events, you can see the reflection of this battle which does not only happen in the Middle East, but everywhere on the planet. Therefore, My beloved ones, in every way I insist and beg with My Heart for an immediate awakening.

May light be established in your lives and may the power of love, which is expressed in unity and fraternity, be greater than the incentives to false power, which generates the conflicts and wars that are growing in the world.

I love you and for this reasonI tell you all these things. Unite to My Heart in prayer, in donation and in service. Persist so that peace will be established. Persist to overcome the obstacles, and may My Plans, which are the Plans of the Creator, be able to be fulfilled.

I bless you, under the Celestial Light of the Most High.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My very dear children,

In this next to last day of daily messages, I would like to express My maternal and sublime gratitude to all the hearts which united in prayer in the four corners of the Earth, and those who lovingly made the humanitarian mission to Turkey possible, where exiled brothers and sisters were helped.

Dear children, around the month of July of 2016, a second mission will take place in Turkey, but this time the mission will have Greece as its main entry point and as the doorway that receives the shipwrecked refugees from the Mediterranean Sea.

It will be through the new mission to the Middle East and Greece that the missionaries of peace will come to know the deep pain of the hearts that through the seas seek a way out of the terror of the impending war.

The first mission in Turkey brought very positive results from a spiritual point of view, and the most outstanding was that your brothers and sisters in the Middle East were able to remember that there are hearts that still love and believe in God. This has meant that the doors are open so that new humanitarian missions can be carried out.

The whole group consciousness that is part of the Work of the Divine Messengers was called to take a step, far from comfort, to make a sacrifice, so that this last mission in Turkey could bear fruit on the Sacred Tree of the Mother of the World. That step was taken by all, but I still know, as Your Mother Who loves you, that all the prayer groups have yet more to give and to offer to Heaven.

It seems promising that the second humanitarian mission to Turkey and Greece will be able to establish a possible base for humanitarian work and permanent service in Turkey through the international assistance of the Turkish association that supported the first mission. In order to reach this level of service, the Divine Messengers expect that in the next meeting of the Children of Mary, the impulses are sown that will again cause the group consciousness of the Planetary Network-of-Light to take a step towards the global assistance of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


​​​Dear children,

On this day that the missionaries are returning to Brazil after an intense experience of fraternal charity, I would like to ask everyone to prepare their hearts and their inner beings from now on to receive their account of all this last missionary experience.

Each of the missionaries who went to Turkey will bring back engraved in their memory a stage of their life; a stage that will remain indelible and that will help them to strengthen their surrender to the arms of the Celestial Father.

My dear children, a door of light and of mercy stayed opened in the Middle East so that the new missionaries will be able to serve in the main migratory crisis of the 21st century.

Dear children, beyond everything the missionaries experienced in name of everyone who with their prayers and donations supported the mission, the possibility to learn to love the human condition and above all, to give love to the hearts that live day and night in the terror of wars, will be kept as a spiritual wealth.

At this time in which My missionaries have already left Turkey to return to the Americas with all this life experience, I once more ask that you prepare your hearts to know the truth about what is nowadays a demoralized humanity, lost and blinded by the actions of the adversary. But I will not get tired to tell you, dear children, that My Heart triumphed through each small sacrifice performed by each missionary when they opened their heart to receive the great pain of the world.

Dear children, tonight I bring to your consciousness the importance to perceive the planetary reality.

Your Mother is today with all the missionaries.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Maria, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children,

Today I wish to ask you to pay attention to an important point in the humanitarian missions, about something that has produced special spiritual results between the missionaries of peace and the refugees. That is to say that in spite of the cultures, in spite of the languages or even the nations, an inner bridge of fraternity and love has positively been created in the middle of a crisis that does not seem to stop because it is so serious.

On the subject of fraternity and love, today I wish you all to pay attention and see how the inner ties between souls are established spontaneously when everything is real and humble.

It is at this stage of the mission where each one of the refugees that came under the humanitarian and spiritual care of the missionaries of peace is able to remember and recognize that love and peace still exist, and that it is not solely the war and darkness created by the adversary that endure. It is in this way, dear children, that this spiritual and intimate recognition of each child of the Middle East makes it possible for that part of humanity to not lose the hope to carry on.

Through the humanitarian mission in Turkey, not only the refugees but also the servers of the Turkish association are waking with the inner impulse that the missionaries of peace are giving through service, in listening to each refugee, and above all, through the fraternal love that is being expressed.

Today I reveal to you that between the missionaries of peace, the servers of Turkey, and the refugees from the Middle East will remain an inner and true tie of brotherhood that will help in the manifestation of the New Humanity.

These are the new patterns that the New Humanity will gestate in its consciousness after the whole planet has been purified.

Dear children, it is in this way that the inner work of the Hierarchy expanded spiritually, from the moment in which the missionaries of peace responded to the call of remaining more days at the service of the humanitarian needs in Turkey, and at the service of the refugees.

The wounded hearts must be heard, that is the important task that the missionaries have fulfilled under the guidance of the Celestial Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the Heart of the Redeemer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Refugees


Dear missionary children,

In these last days in Turkey may the fire of your prayers intensify in the simple offering of your hearts for the conversion of sleeping hearts.

My children, Your Heavenly Mother will receive the plea and the love of each one of you in Heaven so that I may, in Glory and Mercy, intercede for the greatest number of souls possible.

My Heart rejoices because it has seen the effort of all those who pray and of the missionaries to establish a greater time of peace in this world.

Truly unite heart to heart with each one of your praying brothers and sisters, so that will be established on the inner planes the great network of light and love that will equally unite all of you through the holy impulse of My Immaculate Spirit.

Just as Saint Joseph, the Worker of God, has asked each one of you, pray for all that is happening today in the Middle East; in this way you will allow the Sacred Hearts to spiritually assist the souls that have no escape and that are imprisoned in the hands of enemies.

Dear children, each one of these souls, completely forgotten and incarcerated in the distant deserts of Syria, hope that at least somebody will remember them and will pray so that, in spite of martyrdom or decapitation, they may soon come to meet God.

Those souls are truly brave on facing their enemies, because at the most culminating time of their lives or their deaths, they give testimony to the sovereign presence of Christ in their hearts, and nobody can take this away or erase it from their souls, because in those moments Christ is also dying again with each one of them so that the enemies can be saved someday or at least at the expected day of the Final Judgment.

This is an everyday reality and it does not stop. Now, dear children, do you understand the importance of truly praying?

Know then that the most forgotten souls wait for the prayers of all praying beings. Let us be one in these times, one in Christ, and one in God, for the victory of the Kingdom of Adonai in the world.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who awakens you to the Higher Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees

When Our Lady finished transmitting Her daily message, She remained a time in silence until, opening the Heavens, She began to show us all of Creation, from the existence of the One Source, the presence of the Son, Jesus Christ, touching upon each one of the Archangels, the angelic legions, the suns, the stars, and other things. And in that moment the Mother began to transmit the following prayer:

Universal Prayer of Faith for Planetary Purification
Prayer to be recited during the cycle of purification and the Armageddon of humanity, at least once daily

I trust in the Almighty,
because His Hands of Mercy extend towards me.
I trust in the presence of the Powerful Son,
because Jesus Christ, Our Lord, will redeem us.
I trust in the authority of His Ministry.
I trust in the divine preaching of His holy Words
and, above all, I trust in the Omnipotence of His Christic Love.
I trust in the Omnipresence of the Holy Spirit,
because Its seven Gifts can descend over the whole planet.
I trust in the power of Its Science,
because it reveals the whole Universe to us.
I trust in the existence of Divine Wisdom,
because day and night it guides the Hierarchies and creatures.
I trust in the Fear of God,
because I know that the Father will never allow me to be separated from Him.
I trust in the seven Gifts,
because they are the visible rays in the manifestation of the Work of God. 
I trust in the Sacred Feminine Source.
I trust in the universal sovereignty of the Mother of the World.
I trust in the conception and in the incarnation of the Son
that Mary, forever Virgin, gestated in Her most pure womb.
I trust in the Reign of Peace and in the living of all miracles
that the Most Holy Mother has accomplished in me.
I trust in the truth of Her Words
and in the sublime manifestation of Her holy maternity.
I trust in Her Omniscience,
because She is the creator of all works of light in the world.
I trust in the power of Her Infinite Love
and in the intercession of Her Consciousness, for each one of us.
I trust in the charity of Her Guidance and in the humility of Her Works.
I trust in Her Celestial Authority,
because She converts hearts and saves lost souls.
I trust in the existence of all the Archangels,
because they serve Our Father God.
I trust in the Celestial Commands and in all the legions of light
that carry out the project of the redemption of humanity.
I trust in Archangel Michael,
because He is our protector during the battles.
I trust in Archangel Gabriel, 
because He is the Announcer of the Divine Word
and the Judge of all fallen angels.
I trust in the magnitude of Archangel Metatron,
because His Divine Fire illuminates our spirits and guides our paths.
I trust in the divine science of Archangel Raphael,
because He cures and heals all that has been created.
I trust in the power of Archangel Uriel,
because He protects the inner worlds
and strengthens our essential union with the Creator.
I trust in the presence of the Guardian Angel,
because They obediently serve and protect each one of our steps.
I trust in the continuous prayer that Their divine voice pronounces.
I trust in the protection of Their wings in the face of the attacks of the enemy.
I trust in Their holy patience, in Their divine consolation
and in the sacred refuge that They have for us.
Yes, I trust that all of this exists and I will fear nothing,
because I am a child of God and I am part of His Sacred Creative Work.
May the Most High have pity on me when I do not respond to Him.
May He give me the strength and courage to purify myself.
That in surrender, in trust and in renunciation,
I may discover the true way out towards inner freedom.
May the Will of my Father be fulfilled in this sacred humanity.


Dear children,

On this day of My Immaculate Conception, may the desperate hearts of the Middle East receive a ray of My Grace through the works of charity and service being carried out by My missionaries of peace.

Dear children, on this day when your Heavenly Mother revealed Her Immaculate Conception to the world, I would like to ask each one of My children to remember their latent original purity deep within their spirit. It is this sacred original purity that most of My children lost as a consequence of wars and of the exile to distant regions.

Yet, My children, all those who pray in this world to My Immaculate Conception are still keeping alive this purity that God conceded to each one of you from the beginning.

Dear children, work every day without delay, so that one day your surrender and offering of self be the testimony of your original purity on facing My Son.

My wish is that through the humanitarian missions, not only the values of human dignity are recovered, but also the spiritual values of the original purity. This you will achieve when the spiritual presence of the Celestial Father is reflected in your beings through love, service, fraternity, and the surrender that all are called to live in the name of My Son.

My children, while the mission in Turkey continues, I wish the missionaries of peace to carry engraved on their hearts the pink flame of My Love, the Divine flame of your Mother, which will guide them into finding the original purity in their beings.

While the world is being purified, it is necessary that there exist peacemaker souls that radiate the original purity of the Creator through fraternal acts of service and love of others.

There is a great purpose in all of this: to recover the innocence lost by humanity through ignorance and error. It is thus, dear children, that the humanitarian missions will be a direct bridge to the experiencing of love and forgiveness that is lacking in the whole world.

Today I universally bless you from the Sanctuary of Notre Dame of Lourdes.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children on mission,

Turkey has shown itself to you as an organized nation, from the humanitarian point of view, to be able to help in the great immigrant crisis that has still not ended.

While the disagreements and immigrations continue, the world will not have peace. For this reason, your Heavenly Mother implores the Eternal Father to establish His Justice in the face of so much cruelty and annihilation of good souls.

My children, the time is indicating that we must continue to pray without ceasing to open in the Heavens the extremely powerful stream of Divine Mercy that will be able to lead to Heaven the souls that were imprisoned and decapitated by the adversary.

The board of the Armageddon is still at stake to define who will win the last battle in the coming time.

While chaos manifests in the world, and above all in the lives of the refugees, dear missionary children, may your main purpose be maintaining inner peace wherever you go and the warm smile of love and of fraternity that My children of the Middle East need. It is in this way, My children, that your Heavenly Mother is able to embrace everybody and place them under Her protective Mantle.

Dear children, the Turkish nation has been a school of maturity and of inner definition for each of you, just as it was for your Heavenly Mother when She was in this region to finalize the synthesis of Her existence.

May your synthesis be to define yourselves as a missionary group for the end of times, available to accomplish the call of the Celestial Hierarchy, just as you have done until now.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and guides you, together with you on mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted during the trip from the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay to the city of Córdoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

Awaken! See your Heavenly Mother in a great planetary mission with the missionaries of peace, those who together with Me prepare themselves to meet the greatest needs of love and service in Turkey.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother, with the missionaries of peace, head toward one of the farthest places in the Middle East to carry out an important, essential rescue of souls, that need to know My Peace.

This way, My children, the missionaries of peace must radiate the spirit of paternity and maternity towards the smallest and most forgotten,

In the upcoming second phase of the humanitarian mission, My missionaries will start to enter the true camp of refugees, the one that is projected in the planetary consciousness of the helpless and those who are marginalized because, in reality, dear children, the total abandonment and exile lives in the spirit of each being.

This next phase will demand that the missionaries of peace face the internal results of human cruelty, something that they will be discovering under My holy guidance as the mission takes place throughout different regions of Turkey.

Istanbul will be the final and hardest phase because My missionaries will see the apex of great human exile.

The service to the children will require spiritual, moral and physical attention to the little ones, those who, through wars or the loss of their families, have lost the joy of living or the purpose of being in this world.

The paternal and maternal love of each missionary is essential, therefore, dear children, I invite all of you to consider this part of the mission as important, because the missionaries must unite themselves to the inner Christ of each little child of Mine, so I will be showing you, My missionary daughters of peace, where lies the need of the greatest maternal love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

While by the Grace of God, peace is established in your hearts, it is withdrawn from the innocent hearts of My children of the Middle East, who miss the true chance of experiencing God.

The Love of Christ in each of the Christians of the Middle East will never disappear, because no matter how much damage is done to the consciousness, the soul of each of My children of the Middle East is already confirmed in Christ.

Dear children, let your acts of charity and of love help to sustain the faith of all those hearts of the Middle East that are assaulted daily by the hands of the enemy.

The damage may be greater, but the victory of those hearts over martyrdom affirms that Christ will always reign and that innocent blood should no longer be spilled, since the Justice of God will be severe with those that provoke horror in the world.

The path of faith must be unbreakable for all, for it is in this faith that you, My children, will be able to receive the Grace of continuing to open the doors of Heaven and the door of the heart, which will lead you to the Love of My Son.

Be witnesses to the true faith of those who are mutilated. The faith in Christ will not be erased.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I Am the Mother of the refugees because I keep in My Heart all who despair.

My Children, as does Your Heavenly Mother, today I invite you to place in your hearts each of the souls of Syria, who exile themselves into an unpredictable destiny, without refuge and without a place to live.

Dear children, the world has the wherewithal to shelter the abandoned for a long time; if this is not really done, it is through a lack of love in the consciousness and of true charity.

I need you to think every day about these families, and that through them you see the Sacred Family of Nazareth, escaping from the Herod of the current times, and seeking refuge far from human evil and from pride.

Dear children, open the doors of your hearts and reconsider; may the flame of constant sacrifice encourage you to work for peace as soldiers of My Heart.

The wrath of God is still being provoked, and the world has not seen Divine Justice. Because of that, I warn you so that, at least amongst yourselves, as members of the Plan and happy for having received My Grace, you have good attitudes, both fraternal and of unity, among brothers and sisters of a single purpose. If you, who were called by My Heart to live the conversion of life and of heart, do not change your patterns of behavior, no one in humanity will do so, and in the future this will weigh heavily on you, because you were aware.

Be attentive to your attitudes and your human actions; everything is being observed.

Recognize the Grace that you have received and thus see the events that take place in the Middle East. I lovingly ask you to not hinder the Plan, but rather, with a mature look you take the place that has been entrusted to you for this Armageddon; thus you will be ready to wait for the return of Christ in your lives.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to Fraternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When we were praying the last decade of the Mystery of the Rosary, we saw Our Lady assisting and working in a region of the Middle East. Moments later, when She appeared, She told us that we were seeing a place in Turkey. She pointed with Her left hand to an infinite number of winged angels gathered together working and flying over the area.

The Divine Mother told us that She had commissioned a certain number of angelic hosts to unite with a specific group of souls present on the planet in order to collaborate with them and assist them in establishing one of the most important Purposes of God: Peace. She told us that these souls, incarnated on Earth for these times, were souls in service to the Plan of God that would help in the times of greatest worldwide emergency.

Our Mother of Heaven showed us that the angels and the souls in service were working intensively in the physical counterpart of the path that the refugees travel at this time inside of Turkey on their way to exile in Europe. She told us that the angels and the souls in service are attempting to contain this situation in a harmonious and peaceful way, working to generate spiritual and inner relief in each one of the brothers and sisters exiled from the Middle East.

Following this explanation of Our Lady, She transmitted the following message:

       Dear children:

The summoning for collaboration and cooperation in the mission for the Middle East has already been made by the International Humanitarian Federation, and all are spiritually in the last preparatory steps for departing on this important task. And as it was done in Africa, Your Heavenly Mother, together with the instructions from Saint Joseph, will closely guide this risky humanitarian mission.

My missionaries of peace are already working together with some angels in Turkish territory. This sister nation is caught in the middle of two opposing realities: on one side, the Arab war, and on the other, the entry doorway to the countries of Eastern Europe.

Turkey is the main route for all of the refugees. But My missionaries of peace will not only find out about the needs of this nation, they will also see the reality of the peoples of Syria in search of a new way of life.

The main effect of the war falls on the children, over the littlest ones, those who must transcend the consequences of hunger and the lack of water.

That is why the three Sacred Hearts already can be found in the spiritual region of the conflict, preparing the way so that humanitarian and praying assistance will reach the greatest possible number of people.

My missionaries of peace will meet with other missionaries, and in the name of peace and of voluntary service, they will unite their inner forces of love and of labor for all of the refugees.

The main deficiencies present in the faces of My children of the Middle East are fear, exile, hunger, and the lack of human love. It is for this reason, dear children, that this forthcoming humanitarian mission will place not only the missionaries of peace, but also all of the work in the reality of the true Armageddon, of which there is an attempt to spiritually stop, so that it will not expand across the world.

The war is not only the cause of the precariousness of humanity; the planet as a whole is immersed in several conflicts, which are first gestated within families, and then in all of humanity, coming then into great nations.

Divine Justice is active, but the time of Mercy is also in force. That is why this next humanitarian mission to Turkey is considered by the Plan of God to be a mission of Mercy. It will be through service, and through any need that must be fulfilled, that the energy of Divine Mercy will be the main source for the transmutation of the contrary negative streams, which feed on the wars.

My fourteen missionaries of peace, in the name of God, will be consciously entering a global area of great mental and spiritual conflict, safeguarded by the Archangel Michael. It will be like entering a great storm that is occurring in a precipitated and unmeasured way.

The motto for the missionaries of this new mission will be: “The Grace of God is our stronghold”. The secret Mercy that must be disseminated through each act and service will turn back human desperation and may bring a little of peace to hearts.

The humanitarian mission to the Middle East will open other doors, so that the Project of the Hierarchy can be requested in other regions of the planet, where similarly complex needs of assistance exist.

The union of each missionary of peace and of each one who prays with the three Sacred Hearts in a true, faithful, and loving way makes it possible to not run certain risks.

In the times of Armageddon, may the faith and the trust in Christ be the shield and the greater strength that will generate absolute surrender to the Plan of the Father so that His precious Will be fulfilled.

My Son has gathered all of you together in these times; for this reason, each soul is called to be a part of this work of redemption, without attachments or forms.

May Our Light be present in each missionary of peace. May Our Love fill them so that Peace will reign.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In preparation and vigil,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


​​While the Sacred Hearts work tirelessly for this world, the weeping of the most little ones of the Middle East is heard in face of the lack of mercy and of compassion. In the most little ones there exists the spirit of inner purity, this purity and innocence that some try to banish through fear, panic and of perturbation.

It is for this, that the Sacred Hearts of Saint Joseph and of Mary have entered the regions of greater conflict in order to assist spiritually and materially all of the families that live in the sea of desperation and of exile.

Your Heavenly Mother decisively implores to Saint Michael Archangel for Him to place the Creative Power of His sword of Light over those regions and consciousnesses of the planet that provoke the worldwide disorder.

If this comes to pass, the Law will be hard with the ungrateful and the unjust ones, which will not be able to be reverted.

It is to prevent a punishment that could leave a mark in humanity that Your Most Holy Lady of Heaven descends to the world to beg to all of Her children for them to ask for mercy and redemption.  It shall be for the sake of the profound and truthful supplication of the praying ones of the world that a longer period of peace may be achieved.

Otherwise, if the more conscious and awake humanity does not pay attention to the call that comes directly from Heaven, humanity will see much more than blood flowing and corpses decomposing in the streets and in the nations of the world.

If this happened, a kingdom of darkness would be established in the world, but as I know that My Immaculate Heart will triumph, I will come to ask for the life and the surrender of a few servers so that in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ they will balance all of the degenerated causes in this world of today.

This will prevent this unfair kingdom to be established and will permit that the Powerful Heart of Mary may triumph in the great regions of the Earth.  In this way, the Angels of the Most Holy Trinity will descend to the planet to remove the consciousnesses that have opened the doors to evil.

Thus, many will see the great prodigy of the Mother of the Sun in the horizon, a sign that will mark the beginning of the expected one thousand years of peace.  For this to happen, all that seems impossible and exacts sacrifice will be asked of those who gave their yes to Jesus Christ.

It will be in this way that the Work of God will not be lost as the innocent blood that flows in the streets of the world today is lost, and the Work of God shall have its victory through Grace.

I thank you for embracing with trust My important call!

In a vigil of light and of prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in Paují, Bolívar, Venezuela, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

While the networks of evil are furiously unleashed on this day across the entire planet, which celebrates naive bonds with these realities, My Heart thanks all those who pray and, strengthened by faith, together with Me defeat the adversary and, through the heart, establish the perfect alliance with My Son.

It is for this reason that once again, I come to ask for more prayers, not only for the Middle East, but also for the whole consciousness of the planet, which is damaged through the actions and the decisions that do not cease to be carried out.

So that My Heart may have Its triumph, at least in a part of humanity, My wish is that at the end of the novena that you are carrying out to Saint Joseph, your hearts please God through the Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration of Jesus, praying the 81 beads for nine consecutive days. 

On finishing this practice, My deep desire, My children, is that you dedicate nine more days of prayer to My wronged blessed Heart by means of the Rosary of Forgiveness.

When this new cycle of prayer ends, I will tell you, My children, how much Your Mother is able to do for all of humanity, and especially for those who fulfill these simple requests with devotion, interest and faith.  

My guardian Angels never cease to accompany the spiritual life of all those who please My Heart with their praying word.

For all of the prayers given, I thank you all.  

Let us continue working for the Plan of God.

I thank you for responding to My petitions!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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