Sunday, April 17 of 2016

Daily messages

Beloved children,

In order for peace to be established, ignorance must be dissipated from the hearts and consciousnesses of human beings.

This sacred planet is being taken to the abyss by the actions and the ideas of those who believe themselves wise but who ignore the truth, even about themselves. How to live in wisdom, if you, My dears, do not even know the truth about yourselves, about your origin and the real reason why you came to this world?

The path to discovering the truth is considered by many to be the path of the ignorant; those who seek to develop faith in order to unveil heavenly mysteries are often considered lost and blind by the great powers of this material world.

Children, very unhappy is the heart that is blind to the things of God or has a tepid and superficial faith, only to give the appearance to society that it follows a path that leads to the Father.

My beloved ones, at this moment, on the planet, when a definition is demanded of all consciousnesses, you must give everything for love of God. The definition of your lives must be complete and absolute, because this is the only way to not be deceived by the enemy and by yourselves. Because I tell you that the very human tendencies, those that have been rooted in your consciousness for so many centuries of uncertain and diverted experiences, can lead you to the abyss, without My adversary having to make any effort.

Children, do not think that My words threaten or come to cause you fear, because, otherwise, how will I reveal to you the truth about these times?

Those who do not realize for themselves that we are in the last days of human illusion and who do not see with their own eyes the decay of the world will awaken abruptly when this chaos that expands in the world touches their lives forcefully.

My beloved ones, I just want to make peace and good triumph in your lives. I want to keep you firm for the trying times so that you may persevere with the inner light ignited and alive in the days of darkness. For many will depend on the light ingnited in the hearts of a few in order to see their own path and not get lost.

My children, it is time to hold on to the life of prayer, so you are not confused by what is coming. It is the time and the moment, especially for the Americas, to protect the Plans of God, and this will be done within each one.

Children, leave external influences and material appearances for the strategies of My adversary, because the masks of illusion will fall by themselves when, on the return of My Beloved Son, light triumphs again in the world.

Concentrate, you all, in affirming the foundations of inner fortress, the one that once built, is immutable and impermeable to harassment and doubt, which are inherent at these moments.

The adversary is fighting with all his strengths. In world events, you can see the reflection of this battle which does not only happen in the Middle East, but everywhere on the planet. Therefore, My beloved ones, in every way I insist and beg with My Heart for an immediate awakening.

May light be established in your lives and may the power of love, which is expressed in unity and fraternity, be greater than the incentives to false power, which generates the conflicts and wars that are growing in the world.

I love you and for this reasonI tell you all these things. Unite to My Heart in prayer, in donation and in service. Persist so that peace will be established. Persist to overcome the obstacles, and may My Plans, which are the Plans of the Creator, be able to be fulfilled.

I bless you, under the Celestial Light of the Most High.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace