Monday, July 13 of 2015

Daily messages

From Heaven and from the whole Greater Universe I come to awaken your souls and your consciousnesses to the infinite life of the Cosmos.  In those divine spaces and divine dwellings your inner beings have a favorite place before the Kingdom of God.  It is in this way, children, that the evolving life makes part of a great experience of love, forgiveness and redemption in the whole Cosmos, where suns, stars and galaxies, unknown to humanity, rule.  

Other humanities express themselves in the Universe, as well as the rays have their own colors and shapes.  In the spaces of the Universe, the evolving life is the keynote of the whole ancient experience and this transcends the history of your humanity.  You, children, come from different parts of the Universal Heaven and from there you came to Earth in order to learn about rehabilitation and love in this Earthly school in which the Sacred Hearts deigned to live for some time.

In the celestial spheres of the universe, the attributes are applied in life and each attribute is a divine experience that allows to awaken even more the consciousness that implements them, liberating it from any error.  Children, in the Universe, which is vast and infinite, laws are manifested as a principle of education and awareness for everything that is life; it is in this way that harmony, order and peace expand themselves throughout suns, stars and great galaxies. One lives a communion with the Consciousness of God and always seeks to learn through love.

Adonai is the principle and the reason for everything that exists in the different stellar governments.  Life is impregnated by the Consciousness of the Father and the Presence of God is the spiritual guide in all of the paths.  It is the One and Only Source of Adonai, which springs and re-springs in the galaxies and in the stars and the whole life is participant of a divine font, which is able to restore and heal every creature.

In the Universe, children of Mine, your planet represents an initial Project of God, an experience of love that once had a purpose and from the genesis everything has changed.  For this, after humanity has experienced many lessons and mistakes, your Eternal Father sought, contemplated and meditated on what He would do for the Earth to be a rescuable planet again.

Thus, the Archangelic Hierarchies started working so that the best project of redemption, of forgiveness and of liberation could be manifested and, also, to avoid deviation and decadence of humanity. It was so that in the infinite spaces of the Universe, where the Spiritual Source of Abba expresses Itself, the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, worked in order to express the principle of divine love which would provide redemption to the this material world.  It was at that universal moment that God chose to become a man and a living consciousness on this Planet, through the second person of the Most Holy Trinity, through the Firstborn Son.

For this, in the Celestial Universe and in the other universes, the governments thought about manifesting this precious life through a Holy Woman.  There, in that instance, God chose the consciousness of Mary to be the Mother of the Redeemer.  The Spirit of the Sacred Hearts, which is divine and pure, donated Itself in order for this project to be carried forward.

And as Jesus was born from a womb touched by the Holy Spirit, also Mary was born from a generation that followed the Will of God.  And My Maternal Spirit comes from the Universal Creator Source where the conception of life is the greatest present of the beauty of God.  Mary and Jesus were only one before the Project, They lived the experience of salvation, and Mercy defeated Justice before the world would get lost.

Today, dear children, I wish I could make you understand with the heart the true history of this Creation, which continues learning and maturing through the universal life from which the world forms part, as ignorant as it may be of it.  For this I come to awaken your interest for the divine life so that, you may at least let go of the Earthly life and believe in something greater that is waiting for you.

On this day, children, by means of prayer, reflect your true mirror of love to the world and help Me to dissipate the horrors that this blind world carries out before the Celestial Father.

I Tirelessly come to guide humanity towards the path of redemption.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who awakens you to the true universal life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace