Saturday, November 12 of 2016

Daily Messages

Assert yourself in the power of prayer…

Dear children,

In times that will come, humanity will violently purify itself and it will not be this way because the Eternal Father establishes it, but the purification of the humanity will come hand in hand with all incoherent actions that will be committed by the humanity of surface, which will affect many people.

It is in this way that in these times, prayer will be the shield and at the same time the spiritual remedy against all mental, psychic and emotional infection, which is consequence of the global mismatch that humanity has attracted to itself and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

Prayer will cover with light and peace those who practice it with heart and not for obligation.

On the other hand, humanity will not know how to sustain itself, not even spiritually, the moment in which the purification unleashes in the consciousnesses overnight.

But prayer will offer, to those who live it with heart, an inexplicable balance, capable of neutralizinge spaces or entire cities, because its power is unknown until today.

While the world is being purified, many consciousnesses will realize too late all they never offered to God and how far they have been from the Source of His Eternal Love; this will be the most difficult moment for most of the humans of the Earth.

But prayer will make of the prayerful souls, crystalline essences, not bound to the debts of the past; they will be as mirrors of light that will reflect, wherever they go, the codes of redemption.

This will be part of the last phase of the apostleship in these times.

While the planet is being purified, unknown human situations or causes never seen before in the health of humanity will appear, which the scientists will consider: without explanation.

But these causes will have their roots in the lack of love. Souls that do not pray nor seek union with God in these times will, little by little, fade because the love in their interior will not be enough, since this love is based on the personal needs and not on the divine essence, which is what moves love in the Universe.

In this time, the true prayerful ones will have a special mission, and the love that they have generated inside themselves through the works of good, of charity and of peace, will make that all of these consciousnesses that will be as “dissected living beings” by the lack of love, may receive this divine energy of love that will save them and redeem them.

Here, My children, I speak of inner revelations that will emerge little by little, as humanity fully enters the transition of the Earth.

Many consequences and inexplicable events that humanity lives today are generated by a great worldwide imbalance: by conducting abortion of innocent souls, by the unmeasured killing of animals for human consumption and by the wars that are consequence of a worldwide sin that has increased over the past three years.

In this way, the humanity that has not been redeemed by Divine Love, that denies the existence of the celestial and invisible worlds, will live what it has sown; and what it will live in this last cycle will not be for lack of spiritual assistance, but for the indifference before so much world inequality.

But prayer will make of the prayerful beings, impenetrable shields of light, capable of enduring the purification of the planet; in truth, these prayerful souls were chosen by the angels to accompany the current and acute planetary process.

I did not wish to offer an apocalyptic message, but this is what humanity has started to live since the last August 8.

This world reality must reach the consciousness of all servers of light, because with the support and prayer of all, it will at least be lighter for some.

Dear children, in these times prayer will become the most effective and powerful spiritual tool in the moment of being pronounced with heart.

If souls knew about the power of prayer, maybe their own debts and sins would not be purified through pain, but rather through the love that the prayer itself awakes, a love that is not human nor from this tridimensional world.

In this sense, the prayerful life in the end of the times will become priority for the awakened hearts to understand that, without prayer, the exit and the enclosure to be far from chaos that will reign on planet will never be found.

Prayer will make you remain in the world to serve it and to learn, but without being in it. All this will all be the beginning of a preparation that will define the battle during the Armageddon.

I thank you for accompanying Me in prayer.

Who loves you and guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace