Sunday, November 13 of 2016

Daily Messages

The Mother of the Inner Church of each being

Dear children,

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, I am the Mother and Guardian of the spiritual temple that resides in the essence of each soul.

This is why I am here, so that you remember the value of the sacred and of the eternal, of what is pure and of what will always lead you into finding peace in that perfect union with Jesus Christ, your Shepherd.

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, and through it I watch over, I pray, and I adore in order to see My Beloved Son in the very depths of each soul.

This Inner Church is inexplicable, and at the same time, mysterious, because each soul that considers it and appreciates it in their lives, will sooner or later know that there are precious treasures that are inner and non-material.

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being and I guide consciousnesses through the prayer of the heart, so that they may always find within themselves that spiritual communion with the Divine Consciousness of My Beloved Son.

I am that Mother that will lead you by the hand to Jesus and I am the One that will give you the inner strength to overcome the obstacles.

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being and with My celestial armies I protect the souls that unite with Me from all perdition and destruction.

As the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, I come on this day to lovingly ask you to look inside of yourselves and see the condition of your Inner Church, your Spiritual Church. 

I invite all at this time to, day and night, from cycle to cycle, reinforce this vital commitment of maintaining your inner worlds orderly and aligned with the Purpose.

I have taught all of you the great key that opens all doors, the key of the Holy Rosary; through it the Inner Church strengthens its existence and is able to keep within itself the greatest treasures that may motivate the soul to take its steps toward the Light of the Kingdom of God.

In this time, children, millions of Inner Churches are at risk because of the superficiality that dominates the human life and relationships.

Your families must be the sacred example of unity and goodness, so as to be able to protect the values of love, of service, and of fraternity.

Dear children, I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being and I come on this day to warn humanity that it is very far from its true spirituality and that it is only centered upon itself, upon its benefits, upon its comforts, upon its modernities and upon its egocentricity.

I ask all My dear prayerful ones to live definitively in the sacred flame of My Immaculate Heart so that your consciousnesses, in the name of all, may be closer to the Goodness of the Father, to the Love of the Son and to the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I call on all to be less indifferent to and more fraternal with world reality.

I want, My children, a perfect communion of your Inner Churches with the Celestial Father, in order to recover certain principles of light, which humanity loses day by day due to its pride and its arrogance.

By recovering the sense of harmony and of peace in the Inner Church, dear children, you will help the Mother Church, which is expanded and present all over the Earth, to be strengthened by its children and not by its governors.

In this way I invite you to not have power over anything and to remain detached from everything, so that the treasures of Heaven, which are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, may penetrate beyond the human consciousness.

Remember that as the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, I hope that My children may believe in the blessed redeeming message that My Beloved Son brings you in this time.

In this cycle, your Heavenly Mother appears outside of the institutional Church because the priests have not yet managed to go beyond the soul of people.

Thus, I come to teach you that all are essences created by God and that all without exception have a mission to fulfill before the Celestial Father, a mission that will allow the planet to be placed on a greater scale of rescue.

My beloved children, I announce Myself outside of the institution of the Church of My Son because He asked Me seek all the hearts that, on their own, destroy their union with the Celestial Father.

Thus, through this work I am forming new Christians, similar to the first that in the past testified to the presence of Christ within themselves.

This is why I come now for all of you, without leaving behind any child of Mine.

Remember that I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being and that I am the Mother of all, not only of the Church, I am more than that and the time has come for you to come to know the Mother of the Sun.

Keep My words within, and on this day of consecration, may your hearts and lives find again the path towards the Inner Church.

I thank you for receiving Me.

Who accompanies you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace