Dear children,

Today I leave to the souls and to the whole world the promises of the Rose of Peace, for those who have this holy image with them.

These promises will serve as help and protection for the hearts that have faith and hope, and they will also be a bridge of salvation for those who are in most need of light and redemption.

I give you the Twelve Promises of Mary, Rose of Peace, so that they may be the means by which the Divinity may work and intercede for the world.

The Twelve Promises of Mary, Rose of Peace

1. To protect the homes and families from any attack or war.

2. To awaken solidarity, mutual fraternity and the good amongst the peoples.

3. To sow the values of faith and of the communion with Christ based upon the principles of the Gospel and the Word of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

4. To gather the souls to be in prayer and in union with the nations, those in need and all those who suffer adversities.

5. To unify the hearts with the principle of an elevated brotherhood and peace without borders.

6. To place within the families the attributes of love and of peace based on everything taught by Christ.

7. To dispel from the human consciousness any form of danger, temptation, oppression or chastisement. 

8. To learn to live together in harmony with Nature and motivate and encourage the care and protection of the Younger Kingdoms.

9. To reflect in the human consciousness the Wisdom and the Discernment of God in order to make correct decisions rather than hasty or impulsive decisions. 

10. Solidarity with the poor, the dying, the orphan, the sick and all beings in moral, psychological or material suffering in order to alleviate them and bring them closer to the Mercy of God.

11. To confirm within oneself the victory of the Love of Christ and the expression of Love in its different phases of life through service, family, prayer, healing and instruction.

12. To assume the commitment and the mission that one came to fulfill on Earth, strengthening ones faith in the Mother of God, as the Guide and Advocate of all souls.

I will help you so that these promises be fulfilled in you.


My dear children,

For these difficult times do not forget the use of the Scapular of Peace and the Sacred Medal of the Glorified Christ, because both symbols are pervaded with divine codes of the Creation, which help the conversion of souls and the inner awakening of hearts.

The Scapular of Peace, as the Sacred Medal of the Glorified Christ, also help fulfill the divine promises that the Celestial Universe itself proclaims through Our Sacred Hearts.

So that their Graces of Forgiveness and Mercy may continue to work lovingly on souls, in nations and even on the whole planet, today, on this extraordinary day, your Heavenly Mother comes to remind you about the importance of the collaboration and the monthly contribution for the concretion of the sacred objects; which, in this time, should be available for the most simple and needy children who do not have the material means to acquire them.

It is the mission of all Children of Mary, as of the consecrated groups of the Divine Messengers, to collaborate in the monthly concretion of the sacred objects; in this case, the Scapular of Peace, the 72-bead Orandium and the Medal of the Glorified Christ.

For such, and for the first time, your Celestial Mother will request from the secretarial sector of the Children of Mary and from the House of Our Lady of the Poor, the elaboration of a simple leaflet and of a deposit slip to be sent out, monthly, to the homes of My more than two thousand consecrated children as Children of Mary; so that, together with the Mother of God, you may carry forward the periodic concretion of the sacred objects, especially of the Sacred Medal of Christ.

In the deposit slip that you will receive monthly, and after a moment of prayer, you will feel how you will be able to contribute, knowing that these objects, for the coming cycle, not only will need to be with each one of you to be carried as a divine protection, but also that the sacred objects of the Scapular of Peace and the Medal of the Glorified Christ will need to be within reach of other cultures, nations and peoples; as is the case of the Middle-East and the Far East.

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of São Paulo to the Marian Center of Figueira, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Until the end of days, I will be with you, until My Son arrives in His Glory, when He will bring the Kingdom of God with all His splendor and Mercy.

I will be here until the end of days, until I see the birth of the New Humanity, which will have a new consciousness and will, finally, make of this planet a sacred place.

Until the end of days, I will be with you, so that My children will be guided and no one will disperse or remove you from the true path of light.

This is My spiritual promise for all those who follow Me and make of this promise their own aspiration. For whoever calls upon Me will be heard by Me and will have a response. Whoever pleads will be filled with an unknown Grace.

I will be with you until the end of days, until My eyes see the birth of the inner Christ and He is present and mature in the essence of each one of My children.

After it all, I will return to the Glory of the Father so that, together with the angels, we may exalt the Father with praise for the fulfilment of the birth of the New Christs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Message of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

I want My Omnipresence to be demonstrated to the world and that the Power of My Heart, which is incomprehensible to many, is able to touch your lives to completely transform them.

One day, I will look down from the Kingdom of the Heavens and in the world, I will contemplate the fruits of so many impulses sent by God.

Today I want to calm your hearts, so that you may know that the steps are being taken in your spirits and that your souls are complying with the many impulses you have received. 

I tell you this, for I see many hearts that are distressed, because they believe that they are not responding to My call; but I tell you, My dears, that your souls are precious in the Eyes of God, Who does not find in the world those who open their hearts to live His Words, which descend through His Messengers.

While My Voice resounds in unison through so many hearts, it also enters into your essences and strengthens them.

I see in your lives today the fruits of prayer, because divine purity already has room in your essences, and many can confirm what I tell you.

My dears, although the times place you in many tests and the life in matter as well as the life of the spirit demand more and more attention from your beings, I want you to be firm on this path and to  count on My maternal assistance.

Many suffer because they do not truly believe in the miraculous power of divine transformation, which transforms the hardest clay into a cup to be filled by the Love of God and by His Holy Spirit.

My beloved ones, let the Gift of Hope be a reality for all the beings of this world, because it is possible to experience a special state of Grace in this time and become a sacred instrument of God, who permanently accomplishes His Plan.

My beloved ones, do not be afraid of healing your hearts and of surrendering your faults to Me. Do not be ashamed of what you once were or what you still want to be because of the impulses of the world; rather, just as you are, walk towards these arms that open to your hearts and invite them into a divine embrace.


Illuminate your consciousness with the Light of Wisdom that the Messengers of God bring to the world.

Awaken to the principles of Christification, living service and unconditional surrender every day.

Experience the gift of humility and the grace of silence in the light of Divine Grace and thus, My child, see the promises of God become fulfilled within you.

Live the alchemy of transformation of the consciousness in the simplicity of prayer.

See the Divine Purpose be fulfilled within you through the sincere submission of your heart to God and discover how simple it is to manifest Divine Will.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To persevere spiritually is not to struggle against the world for the establishment of one's own dreams and aspirations. To persevere spiritually is to surrender to God and stay surrendered, in spite of all difficulties, desires, and temptations that emerge from the heart, the body, and the mind.

To persevere spiritually is to kneel when you feel safe and bow down when you feel firm, for there is no safety or firmness except in God. There is no safer place than the Heart of the Father.

To persevere spiritually is to cry out for Mercy even when you feel your heart to be clean, in the certainty that there is always something unknown to redeem, in one's own consciousness or in the human consciousness.

To persevere spiritually is to know the vastness of the Universe and the infinitude of the Divine Creation, and thus, always deepen the union and the knowledge of God, because the Father always has something new to reveal and teach His children.

To persevere spiritually is to trust in the promises of God through Christ and to be certain that, whatever may happen in this world, someday His Words will be fulfilled, and His promises will be life.

To persevere spiritually is to walk toward being nothing, more each day, discovering and loving humility, learning and allowing oneself to transform through renunciation, discovering a communication with God in the mystery of silence and solitude.

Persevere spiritually, children, because this is the time to be supported by and be firm in God, until the fulfilling of His promises.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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