I Am the Lord of the Silver Armor and through it I protect and safeguard My soldiers during the most demanding missions.

I Am the Lord of the Silver Armor and through it I dissolve the clashes that want to prevent the victory and the triumph of Love.

I Am the Lord of the Silver Armor and through it I divert the dangers that want to absorb souls into uncertain realities.

I Am the Lord of the Silver Armor and through it I repel the contrary currents that try to establish chaos.

I Am the Lord of the Silver Armor and I prepare this sacred tool for all that will happen, in which the spiritual Hierarchy will intervene during Its passage through Mendoza, a place where, through the love and devotion of My companions, the Divinity will try to dissolve the conditions of hostility that were created around and within the nations of Chile and Bolivia.

I Am the Lord of the Silver Armor and I prepare for the great moment of the planetary operation.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you and safeguards you with His Silver Armor,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


While the channels of transmutation of the Divine Hierarchy are preparing to carry out the regional task with Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Argentina, some souls are placed in this service in the inner planes so that, out of love for My Heart and My Grace, Divine and universal Justice does not fall upon those nations, especially upon those nations that are today experiencing severe social and human conflicts.

But this situation goes beyond disconformity in the people that inhabit those nations. In these events, two complex realities come together, the spiritual reality and the cosmic reality of souls, the veiled history of those not yet aware that they came to the planet to be redeemed and to reconcile.

For this reason, the Spiritual Hierarchy will join this task, not only to attend to a spiritual situation, but also to try, with great risk, to resolve the cosmic situation within the consciousnesses.

Because what is occurring today in South America is not only a process of abuse of power and of inequality of rights and of assets. As never before, South America is now the scene of errors that are being repeated again, like in other times.

Thus, the Hierarchy will concentrate in Argentina, through a special epicenter that will assist in the freeing of certain thoughtforms that awaken and generate momentum towards rebellion in souls.

For the Hierarchy, it will be one of the most demanding tasks.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this stage for the mission of the Plan of Redemption!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Now that the divine and inner Hierarchy returns to Argentina, the inner spaces and the consciousnesses are already beginning to be prepared to move forward with the next operations of liberation and of redemption that will take place in the upcoming days.

With the Pilgrimage for Peace in Colombia having finished, this nation has had many of its inner tools ignited so that in this new cycle they may assist in the elevation of consciousnesses, as well as in their process of redemption.

The Hierarchy will now concentrate on Argentina so that, from this country, a spiritual and inner support may be offered for all that Chile and Bolivia are going through.

In this sense, the Hierarchy will try to unblock the contrary currents that obstruct the consciousnesses of nations, as well as all that has to do with their people so that peace and solidarity may be regained among consciousnesses.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear warriors of Christ, lovers of prayer and of service:

Today I come from Heaven especially to make a request for you, so that Brazil does not lose peace nor justice, I deeply implore to you, that starting tomorrow, October 25, and during nine days, you may offer to My Maternal Heart one novena of the Holy Rosary, which will be transmitted by means of the channel of the prayers for Peace in the Nations, in order for the Brazilian people to make a decision, with discernment and wisdom, so that the patronage of Our Lady of Aparecida can be preserved throughout the times.

My anguish for what happens today in Brazil is great because, as Mother of Brazil and of all of its people, I see how the nation distances from the Grace of God in an unexpected way. 

For this reason, children, I need that all the Brazilians, who have love for Our Lady, may dedicate, within these coming nine days, a Mystery of the Rosary for the Mother of the Most High to have the joy of interceding for a people that is deeply loved by Me.

Even more, if in the Marian Centers, in the groups of prayer, in the cities and in the villages you gather to pray to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart during the coming nine days, I will be able to embrace a greater number of souls and hearts to remove them from a great spiritual and material deviation that Brazil is creating for its destiny.

I wish for My cry to be relieved and to not be a cry for a Brazil that will lose its spiritual and internal senses, but instead that My cry be of joy for the happiness that Brazil has generated to Me throughout the years, with your praise and love for the Lady of Aparecida. 

Brazil cannot lose its values nor the gifts that faith has always provided for it. 

I pray in these days for a Brazil that I love, which must learn to live justice, equality and good, because in this Brazilian land exists precious souls, lives that are capable of manifesting the New Eden in South America.

I wish, My children, that during these nine days of transmissions of the Holy Rosary for the good and justice in Brazil, My children dedicate themselves to this exercise of prayer as something that is a priority and not secondary, being aware that through prayer the angels of God will be able to intercede as much as is allowed, so that the destiny of your people may not be interfered with by any spiritual consciousness contrary to the Divine Will. 

With Venezuela and Chile, it is already enough for Me. My Heart must endure what Venezuela is living due the actions of humanity, and Chile, it is already more than enough, for the hidden perversion, now known, that the Church of My Son has lived, in which hundreds of lives were wounded and outraged by supposed representatives of Christ.

Oh, what agony and what shame does My Heart feel for the Church of Chile!

Who will relieve the Heart of the Mother of God?

I call you, children, to be responsible for your coming destiny, so that, placing your consciousness on the path of prayer, you may be protected from everything that will be seen and known in these difficult times.

With all the gratitude of My Soul, I will wait for all of your voices to be united in this current of prayer during these nine days, for Brazil not to lose the most beautiful destiny that it has.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Santiago, Chile, to São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

When the Father decides to accomplish His Will, the universe responds, and that Supreme Will is fulfilled, above all things.

For this reason, you must trust that, if it is the Will of God that good be done, it will be done, and nothing will be able to oppose it.

My children, feel in your hearts how the sacred Principles of the Father manifest in creatures by means of the Will of God, and these Principles are expressed through the love that emerges from your hearts and lives.

The Will of God is undeniable and He presents it through the Angels of God, who accomplish His Designs.

I encourage you to cling to the Will of the Creator, because, in this way, nothing within you or outside of you will be able to hurt you.

Encourage yourselves to be like the Angels of Heaven; encourage yourselves to be in likeness to Me and live the Will of God in this time, just as I lived it while facing the Archangel Gabriel.

I bless you, on this day, and I thank all of you who collaborated and made My Pilgrimage for Peace possible in Argentina and Chile, once again. Special thanks were placed within the hearts that opened on this blessed Pilgrimage.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special message of Jesus Christ, transmitted for the 52nd Marathon of the Divine Mercy, in the city of Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Second Message

As I come from the heart of this universe, I would like your souls to rise up to meet Me. This will allow, at this time, for you to create this perfect Communion between your souls and My Heart.

I would like you to open your innermost ears to listen to My Message and to make it part of your lives, because knowledge will not be enough, it will be necessary to apply it to your lives for My Plan to be fulfilled, step by step.

Today I come to give continuity to what I said yesterday. I come to extend this special message to all My companions, because it is still necessary that you grow in love and in truth, without leaving behind what you have to transform, all that you have to transcend, all that you have to aspire to reach in these difficult times, in which the Plan experiences many risks unknown to the souls, because, in many cases, they will not be attentive to the signs that the universe sends.

Now, I invite you to double the efforts; I invite you to be considerate with one another, as I taught the apostles in the past.

You must fulfill the basic rules of evolution because in this way, you will know the Law and not only just have knowledge of it.

This is one of the reasons why the souls of this world and, most of all, those souls that are My companions, do not know how to internalize the impulses that My Heart sends you from time to time, trying to raise the souls more each time towards the Truth and towards the Sacred Knowledge.

When you do not know how to internalize what we tell you, you get lost somewhere along the path and may be confused, without knowing where to go or what to do.

But there is a master-key, for all of this, which is trust. Trust in all that is presented. Trust in all that is proposed. Trust in all that is revealed.

Because, in essence, everything goes beyond your possibilities, knowledge, intellect.

I have not come to build My Kingdom in the concrete minds because, otherwise, it would not have made sense for me to come to this world to incarnate to witness, on this plane, the Presence of the Love of God.

It is that Love that will reveal My Kingdom to you. It is that Love that will unite you forever. It is that Love that will never separate you. For wherever Love is, I am present, throwing seeds of Light on fertile soil, which will then bear Me fruit, so that in the end, they will be Gifts that I will offer in Glory to the Creator. 

Therefore I search in the more simple hearts what is good and true. I glorify Myself in the humble hearts. I distance Myself from the resistant hearts. I distance Myself from those who do not want to listen to Me, because I know that they fear the real Love because they have never known it completely, because they have never had the courage to take a step and to let themselves be torn inside, until Love makes them hurt deeply.

Therefore, I deposit My inner Wounds in the hearts that know My Love.

I cannot give My Legacy to abstract minds. The world and its humanity would  completely lose their way because of their ambition and pride. I need to break what is still rigid and hard.

Therefore, I use My great hammer of Light and strike that which is most resistant for it to be broken one day and so that all may surrender at My Feet; not for Me, but for My Father who is just and compassionate, who deserves the goodness of your hearts and souls for all He has given you in spite of your miseries, in spite of your mistakes, in spite of your falls.

I come to elevate the consciousness of humanity to another point because, even if it does not seem so, I am here in constancy and faith to move forward.

Therefore, to those who follow Me in these times, who say they are My companions on the path and in spiritual experience, I encourage them to live the changes without resistance or restriction.

I invite you to not put a limit on your consciousnesses and to know how to recognize, with humility, the Sacred Knowledge that comes from God by means of Our Sacred Hearts, for this humanity of the surface.

Thus I will be able to bring even more My Heaven, the Heaven of My Father, His Heavenly Universe and My Angels will be following every step, every moment  as well as every trial, just as they followed Me from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Cross.

The sufferings that I offer to My companions of this world, are feared by some because they do not know them, because, before everything, they do not dare to love the Will that I bring to fulfill My Projects and My Designs in their lives.

I have chosen to be among these sacred mountains of the Andes to remind the world that it still has not raised its consciousness nor its mind. It is time to leave the atavistic. It is time to give up what is superfluous and petty.

I shall leave My Keys of Gold in the simple hearts, in those who can hold within them My Legacy, that does not come from this world but from the Universe.

For this Plan to go forward, for the Work to continue, you must, companions, reposition your places, knowing that all that you have received in these last years, will not be wasted by humanity as it was a part of My Passion, even if you do not believe it.

With Eyes of Mercy, I come to observe the world. With a compassionate Heart I come to rescue those who suffer and those who cannot give themselves entirely to My Heart.

Know, My dear souls, that there is still much to do. Therefore, I invite you to renew the unity and fraternity among your consciousness. I invite you to respect the Law of the Hierarchy so that the Universe of God can always be near you and in every detail.

Now, be My redeemed stars, coming out the abysses of error and sin, of perversion and evil. Honor your King and Lord as He deserves, in Heaven as on Earth.

Do not separate yourselves anymore. Unite yourselves through My Heart so that I may continue to come to you; to avoid My not coming anymore at this time in which humanity needs the high vibrations of love and peace.

Remove from your hearts and lives what is already old and resistant, what does not give unity and love among creatures and peoples, between races and origins.

I gave My Life to this world and for this humanity so that they would know how to do it, and thus, not fall into temptation.

I come on this day, with a second message, to open your eyes even more and, especially, to open your hearts more to what you need to hear with maturity and calmness.

I would not like to see those responsible for this Work confused, I do not want to find them like this anymore, knowing that each stage we experienced together is essential for your God, for the realization of His Will, for the manifestation of His Work on the different planes of this universe, until it reaches humanity.

If the ties of love among you break, My companions, who will take My Plan forward?

You already know that it is true that I do not find a place or shelter where I can announce My new Word, My new Message sent by God  from the Heights of this universe.

I would not want to lose sight of you, because there are souls in this world who also need Me, and I must attend to them, as I attend to your souls at these times.

Through this Marathon, raise your most sincere offering to God so that a Ray of My merciful Heart touches that space in your consciousness that is still dark and resistant to change.

Remember that I can do everything and that My Father has not set any limits for Me.

I come with My Heavenly Government to put all things in order, from the invisible to the visible, from the immaterial to the material, from the spirit to the flesh. All under the universal order.

May the souls of Chile rejoice for this moment, so that it can be repeated during these critical times, in which more of My companions must be awakened to the call of redemption.

Joyful will be those who listen and believe without having seen.

Blessed in Heaven will be those who keep the Treasures of My Heart and vivify them, from time to time.

I bless you in the name of Love and Unity.

Under the Light of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



My Son comes in this end time to establish His Divine Purpose in humanity. But, for this to be possible, it will be necessary that souls be able to transform into the spiritual and inner model that He needs in order to carry forward His redemptive Work.

If it is not this way, and souls resist changing what they consciously know is not part of the Plan of My beloved Son, for their own protection they will not be able to participate in this Work, in the part that is theirs to do.

It is important to keep in mind that My beloved Son seeks allies and devotees of His Sacred Heart so that souls may serve as precious receptacles for Him, into which He can pour His Codes of life to renew them, time and again. Thus, the process of inner transformation is not only restricted to just one consciousness but rather it influences all that surrounds it, in a permanent way.

Christ expects to find, each day more, within His followers and servers, the possibility of carrying out His Supreme Work in them in a true and crystalline way. Thus, the transparency of your hearts and minds will determine, at this time, the chance you will give the Sacred King for transforming you into new vessels, into His transformed instruments.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the region of Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Let there be no lack of absolute trust that, in the name of the Lord, all will be well; because in these times, souls need to learn to survive and remain in God so that the perfect and invincible union with the Kingdom of Heavens may be established.

This trust that we can have in God every day is that which attracts the effect of miracles and of marvelous things that can happen during the path of spiritual life.

Therefore, My children, rejoice, smile, and give thanks to God, because His Plan, which would seem impossible to be carried forward, is being fulfilled under the spirit of charity, fraternity, and effort, so that more Graces and more miracles may be materialized on this planet and in this needy humanity.

I encourage you to say yes to each new service so that the doors of the Mercy of God remain open.

Good start of work for all My missionaries!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Olmué Commune, Marga Marga, Valparaíso, Chile, to the the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

May your cross not be heavy today, the cross that God has given you to learn how to free yourselves from matter.

May your cross be light today, may it be like the wings of angels that elevate you to a state of constant redemption.

Feel that I am here in the name of My beloved Son to renew all things, reaching the depths of the essence of Life so that all may be redeemed soon.

No longer feel the weight of this cross as a punishment or a defeat, please the Lord by carrying it with valor, courage, and resignation.

Avail yourself of this cross to make every moment a victory of Christ, not only in the surrender, but also in service, in prayer, as well as in each act of love that your heart can offer humanity.

Feel that you can take the steps and that you no longer stop on the path.

Move forward with your cross, just as Christ moved forward until the end for each one of you.

Experience each stage as if it were the last and use each test in order to be able to realize the Plan.

May this sacred cross of life which you carry on your back, today be the symbol of the triumph of love and of infinite charity for this wounded planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Let the weight or the anguish that your heart may feel not precipitate into your consciousness. It is at the moments of greater tests when the great spirit of temperance must be born and emerge. As a Mother, I comprehend and understand what it means to go through a culminating and crucial moment.

Beyond what might seem painful or difficult, you must learn, children, to see the omnipotent Will of God acting, which comes to safeguard you and protect you from yourselves. A Greater Will that has tried from the beginning of this planet to place the human consciousness on the true path of its evolution.

Encourage yourself to say "yes" to the pain, to the test, or even to the suffering that God sends you, because all of this will make your hearts stronger, and the human illusion of believing that life begins or ends here will dissolve.

I come as Mother of the pain lived by My Son, to give you the spirit of valor, the impetus to live with courage and determination this end of times, which most human beings do not accept living or facing and only try to escape from the true reality.

May this moment and this transition place each one of My children before the true reality of how the Plan of God should be carried forward in trust, in love, and feeling in the depths of the heart, just as I felt it when His Mother said "yes" to God through the Archangel Gabriel.

To accept, in this time, realities, truths, and revelations that vibrate and that are far from human control, power, or a personal inquiry into things, will be the keynote that will lead the human consciousness into defining if it loves the Plan of Our Creator more than itself, because that will demarcate the next step of the human race and its future destiny.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Mary, Guiding Star of Chile

Dear children,

Today I appear to you as the Lady of Mount Carmel, Patroness of this nation and of this people.

I come on this extraordinary day to grant more Graces and help to My children of Chile, so that the souls walk on the path of repentance and of reconciliation so that, finally, peace may be established in the Chilean hearts that do not have it yet.

For this, dear children, I wish to renew the advocation of the Virgin of Mount Carmel so that all Chile adopts it as the Divine Face which is destined to protect and shelter the future of this nation.

Dear children, I come to ask you, on this day, for the establishment in this country of the pilgrim Virgin of Mount Carmel, who, after having travelled in Chile from North to South and from village to village, She can also make a pilgrimage through other nations of South America, just as other sacred images have pilgrimage in several places in the world.

My second request, on this day, is that in each home of each chilean child an alter be established of prayer in honor of the Lady of Mount Carmel. This will help to consolidate families; it will help to unify the fraternity among beings and the love among the consciences.

I would like each Chilean home to be protected by the Little Virgin of Mount Carmel, so that they never lack the necessary guidance and protection on this path of pilgrimage through the Earth in search of the blessed motherland

The Virgin of Mount Carmel represents for each consciousness of Chile, the Principle of salvation, of the redemption and of the reconciliation.

The Virgin of Mount Carmel, by means of Her intercession, brings the opportunity so that our souls unite to God, to His Divine Essence. She is the Patroness of the sailors and the Star that guides consecrated life.

To the Virgin of Mount Carmel, many Graces are attributed, that we can be receive from the moment of Uur sincere consecration to Her Holy Face.

The Virgin of Mount Carmel attracts, to the Consciousness of Chile, the path through where the most separated souls can again unite and, in Her Immaculate Heart, dissolve the root of the indifference, of the lack of love or of the absence of charity.

Chile has, through the Virgin of Mount Carmel, the possibility of attaining inner peace as well as the opportunity to close the uncertain doors that were opened in the past of this nation.

The Virgin of Mount Carmel brings to Chile the moment of the pacification of the hearts and, at the same time, the awakening of the consciousness toward a Greater Purpose.

The Mother of God calls to each Chilean heart so that, on this day, it consecrates to the Virgin of Mount Carmel and thus each one can be the depositary of the Graces that the Most Holy Mother brings from Heaven.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the jurney from the city of Santiago to the Olmué Commune, Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Now, dear children, that part of the souls of Chile have been gathered and awakened to the path of the concretization of a greater life, your Heavenly Mother expects this mission with the consciousness of Chile to continue to bear fruits of love and light.

For this reason, dear children, it will be necessary to know how to care for and protect the bases that were established so that souls may, from time to time, take steps toward a deeper awakening.

In this way, dear children, all that you may do for this dear country will help new consciousnesses, who are also awaiting to awaken, to receive the same opportunity that your brothers and sisters of Chile received during these last two days.

You must take care that this flame kindled by My motherly Heart does not extinguish, but that it leads each heart through prayer, service, and instruction, to be able to have greater awareness and motivation for universal and Christic life .

I leave you this invitation for the purpose of generating in this part of the world a new Light-Community .

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Science of Superior Love

Dear children,

I come from a dimension that you do not know, a Divine Universe where you have never been as material creatures, but only as a unique part of the Consciousness of the Father, before your lives manifested themselves. And it was there, in the origin of your existence, that you experienced and felt the Science of true Superior Love.

Today I speak to you about the Love that comes from the Heart of God, a Love that transcends all that has already been experienced by His creatures in this Universe and in all of the others.

With My Divine and Celestial Word, I come to make you feel that which is concealed, hidden within your hearts.

Today I bring in My Hands the seven keys that open the doors of your chests and in this way, places you before an unknown reality, even though it comes to something, children, that is within each one of you.

Today I want to teach you the Science of Superior Love, which in truth is the science of the return to the Heart of God; the path that you must begin to tread still in this life, so that, crossing the portals of Eternity, you find a safe space, where you will be able to continue your own redemption.

The Science of Superior Love begins to be lived when the being emits their “yes” to the Universe, recognizing their limited human condition and their great need of God.

It is there, children, where emerges in the interior the Principle of humility, which little by little breaks down the false fortress of arrogance, of haughtiness and of human pride.

Before recognizing oneself as small and poor, with sincerity of the heart, there is no way of giving place for this Superior Love to develop within you.

When the being recognizes themselves as miserable, they are capable of seeking the healing for their miseries in service, in forgiveness of their failures, and of the failures committed by their brothers and sisters. Because upon recognizing their imperfections and allowing to be born in their own interior the Principle of humility, no matter how small it is, the being can also comprehend the imperfection and the misery of others.

The more you serve and find within you the spirit of abnegation, the more you will live in the Science of Superior Love and you will let universal chemistry take place in your spirits and, above all, in your personalities, which so many times impede your walk to the return to the Origin.

Discover on this path the power of prayer, the selfless prayer, which seeks no other thing but the redemption of the world.

Let your anxieties for getting this or that convert into a possibility of union with the Divine Word, for the redemption of Life, for the forgiveness of human errors, which did not begin in this world.

Little by little, you will discover that the roots of your miseries cannot be found only in what you know about yourselves, but that they enter mysteries of human consciousness that seem unreachable for you.

But when you reach this moment, when it seems impossible for you to be healed, because it escapes your possibilities of comprehension, it is there, My children, that God will make you know something more about yourselves, something beyond your miseries and imperfections.

This is Superior Love, which is also beyond what you know of this world, and at the same time, has as dwelling the depth of your hearts. Place that is hidden from you today and which you do not know, even if you think you know how to love.

It is when the being gradually unravels their miseries and breaks down the barriers of their ignorance that the Science of Superior Love is revealed, because you become meek and humble, before the One who Is the Only One that can help you: God Most High.

The Creator will then strengthen you and encourage you to go beyond, to unite yourselves to His Spirit and to Universal Life.

And to find in the true meaning of the existence of the Earth your strength, not only to live your own purification and the purification of the planet, but also to give testimony in the Universe of the redemption of your spirits.

All that I tell you today, My children, is for you to raise from the abyss of ignorance and of resistance, and to open yourselves to the living of Superior Love.

In this way, I will lead you to the awakening of greater truths and you will discover that today I did not only speak to your souls and to your hearts, I spoke to your spirits, to your old Warriors and universal Commanders, to your essences and to this which you do not know and which comes from God, to awaken today the Science of Superior Love in your lives.

Encourage yourselves to comprehend what I tell you with your own experience. Take a step in trust and in faith, in service and in abnegation, in redemption and in the purification of your miseries and live the Science of Superior Love.

I bless you and guide you on this path and I thank you for coming to meet Me and for trusting that, from today on, your lives will never be the same.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Declaration of the Divine Love, continuation

Oh, beloved Chilean people, who has printed on your blue and red flag, the star that must be the symbol of a celestial motherland!

Oh, sacred mountains of the Andes, which keep in in their mineral heart the greatest treasures of the original history of this humanity!

Oh, My children from Chile, who reflect on your faces the legacy of the peoples of the past!

Lift your white flags of peace and that, upon the cry that the Universe will emit, your inner stars receive the sacred call of the redemption!

May the Vigilant of the Legacy wash their faces in the Fountain of My Grace, so that they may be healed of everything!

May the Guardians of the Treasures of the Universe receive the balm of My Peace to be able to be healed!

May the Commanders of other times be forgiven and receive the spiritual Absolution from the Son of God!

Children of this ancient sacred people! Peoples of the beginning and peoples of the end! Open your hearts to be liberated!

Throw from your hands the weapons of destruction! May each radiant Sun, which dwells in this people, be erected again to the Glory of God, so that everything may be restored, so that nothing is lost. So that, from the silence of the Andes, the Sacred Word of Our Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ may be heard.

Follow your Mother of Heaven on the path that will lead you to the blessed motherland, because thus your people, wounded by the causes of yesterday, will be redeemed of everything.

Trust, children, in everything that I bring you!

Trust in the renewed hope and in the end of this national captivity!

I Am the Mother who moves the whole Universe so that Her smallest and needy children have an opportunity!

May the soldiers of the Stars gather today at the foot of the great Celestial Altar! And may the doors to the abyss of this people be closed now!

Because the inner Christ will emerge from your beings and thus you will be one with My Son, so that He, in His Celestial Glory, may be one with His beloved people!

I want the Star of My Brotherhood to now be the motto and the symbol of your people!

I want, from this country, beings redeemed by the Love of the Creator!

May the Commanders of once now raise their hearts to Heaven!

Because now, without helmets, weapons nor cloaks, you will be free to sit at the Redeeming Table of the Lord and thus commune of His Codes of Life.

May the fallen in the past, arise in this present!

May those who have not yet forgiven the errors of this homeland and of this people, forgive today, so that My Beloved Son, in His Divine Grace, may reunite you and, by means of His Word, make you commune of His Most Holy Spirit!

That today Chile can, as a people, take each other by the hand, to declare the long-awaited reconciliation and pronounce the so longed-for peace, erasing thus, from this Chilean history, the errors of yesterday!

Thus, your hearts will shine and together with Me you will be able to take the steps toward the reunion of love that will heal the greatest wounds.

Let no one else grieve his or her heart, for Christ, My Son, will put an end to this exile!

And all the soldiers and Commanders of the purple helmets will unite in Christ, to make of this nation, the concretion of the Divine Promise in the life of each being.

That today the swords be abandoned, and the meek heart of each Chilean be offered to the Creator, so that the Plan triumphs, beyond everything!

So be it.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Declaration of Divine Love

Listen, children of God!

Listen, companions of Christ!

The maternal Voice, the Mother of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, speaks to you!

Rise now from your death, because the Great Spirit of the Resurrection of Christ has come!

May the millenary chains be broken!

May this people of Chile rise from where it has fallen, because today the time of true freedom has come!

The Voice of the Mother of the World cries out for your awakening today!

The Voice of the White Lady of Peace today gathers you together in spirit, so that all this people accepts with gratitude the redemption that is being offered by Our Lord.

Listen, My soldiers, your wreck has now ended!

May your hearts open to feel again the powerful divine energy!

I come from Heaven to liberate you from the chains of yore. I come to make those who have been disappeared appear back. I come to bring Divine Justice in the face of so much injustice.

My Children, look at God! Feel the echo of His Merciful Love resound within you!

Oh, beloved Chilean people! Oh, ancient people of the Andes, I am here today!

I am your Mother of Heaven, I am the Condor Bird, I am the Sacred Spirit of Peace who gathers you together to commune in reconciliation and in faith!

Believe, My children, that your true Spiritual and Celestial Church exists! Seek within yourselves for the Inner Christ, call Him by His Name and in this way you will all be saved!

Make of your people a garden of Paradise!

Make of your motherland, a celestial motherland!

May your faith be renewed today! May the national hypnotism end here today, so that hearts may recognize within themselves the value of their filiation with God!

Rise, armies of Christ!

May the Guardians, Vigilants and Commanders of the Plan rise now!

May they raise their flags up to the Universe! May they again form the ranks of the armies of the end time!

I come here so that you may unite with Christ again and in this way set aside this cruel inertia.

May Chile awaken from North to South, from the mountains to the sea!

May Chilean hearts be uplifted as trophies at the feet of the Redeemer!

May no one fear to relinquish this blind captivity, because I am here, I am your Divine Mother, who wants to again guide you towards the Heart of God!

May the Mirrors of your hearts be ignited!

May the doors to inner reconciliation be opened!

May the hearts of Chile be truly repentant, so that the Grace of the Universe may descend here and make of all this people the cradle of a blessed motherland!

Now, may the Suns of your hearts rise and see emerge, in the firmament of this Universe, your origins as great stars of light!

May the Commanders of yore prostrate themselves upon the ground and divest themselves from their swords and their capes so that the King of the Universe may pass among them and thus bless them!

May healing reach your hearts! May a true and full love exist, so that this nation may be rebuilt, and instead of having swords, I will give each Chilean My Holy Rosary so that as from now you may pray to My Heart and I am able to liberate you!

May today be the day of your joy, because the Almighty has sent His Faithful Servant so that the self-summoned prostrate themselves before the Altar of the Redeemer!

May the great Prophecy be fulfilled in you!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On the inner planes, your Heavenly Mother is already gathering the consciousnesses of this nation so that, at the foot of these sacred mountains, they may surrender to Christ and participate in the communion of reparation that My Heart will offer you during these next days.

This surrender will be first spiritual and then material, so that the consciousnesses of this country may come into contact with their spiritual and physical reality and, thus, be able to live their moment of redemption.

This will take a long time until, finally, most recognize that it is important to look at God every day and to be able to live in His Heart of Compassion and Love.

Therefore, from now on, I invite you to continue praying for the intentions of your Heavenly Mother so that they may be fulfilled, one by one, and that, in these definitive times, healing and peace may be established in most hearts.

This will also help My Immaculate Heart triumph!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Santiago, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

From time to time, I choose the places most in need in the world and, with what My children give Me, I go to meet the worst and most hostile situations on the planet, so that at least one soul awakens among so many that are lost.

Therefore, where My Father and My Son send them to is to counteract, spiritually, the perversion and uncontrolled freedom that millions of consciousnesses experience daily within the large cities of the world.

Thus, I place My soldiers of peace in the first rows of the battle, to help Me transmute and endure the chaos of this world so that more souls are awakened in these times.

But, in spite of all that, as a Mother, I do not leave you alone in this mission.

I have come first to the city of Santiago to remove it from its most archaic resistance, so that the hearts that are here perceive the spiritual illusion which they experience and how they need to try harder to get out of their convenience and comfort.

For this reason, I return to Chile to give continuity to what I once did in Peñablanca, so that the souls that are here move towards God and do not go backwards as they have been doing for more than thirty years.

As a Mother, I come to ask that the hearts reach true and not lukewarm repentance. Therefore, I will need to remove that which is immobile, so that the consciousnesses may have the slightest opportunity.

If this does not happen soon, the nation will be strongly moved as it has been in previous times; except that, by not changing, this next movement would be worse.

I invite all the Chilean hearts to give an answer to the call of their Heavenly Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The mission that has already changed

Dear children,

On the 13th of October, while your Heavenly Mother was visiting Her children of Argentina at the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, My Voice of Mother reminded all the importance of the materialization of this mission; above all the second part of the mission which corresponds to the nation of Chile.

The efforts that, for example, My children of Argentina made until today, were seen; this is what has allowed this sacred mission, integrated by all those who pray, to be able to reach the city of Mendoza.

The importance of the materialization of the spiritual task of the Divine Messengers with the nations, and the conscious collaboration of those who directly or indirectly participate in this Work of love allows to generate the necessary bases so that the Plan foreseen for each nation, as for each part of humanity, may be fulfilled and, specially, certain catastrophic events be prevented.

Thus, the souls, with a little more material time, can meditate and reverse their errors, travelling, as of this cycle, the path of redemption that My Son offers.

The materialization of a divine mission as the one of Chile includes many factors, some of them in favor and most of them against, since the mentioned nation, in the last times, has not been receptive to the spiritual and inner changes that it needs to live.

This is the reason why Chile, as a country, has faced processes of purification through earthquakes, tsunamis, tremors and recently, through the very serious fires.

In 1981, your Heavenly Mother presented Herself as the White Lady of Peace, in Peñablanca, Chile, with the aim of stopping the serious errors of dictatorship and of the disappeared, which became a regional process of all the Southern Cone, promoted and planned by the mentioned nation.

In this sense, the spiritual debt acquired by Chile is, at this moment, unpayable.

It is thus that the Merciful and Compassionate God decided to risk this pilgrim mission through Chile to try by all means for this nation to have an opportunity.

As in the last months the support and the collaboration for this pilgrimage has come from very few donor hearts, the mission through Argentina, in this last phase, began to feel the lack of means and of resources to be able to continue.

When the Divinity presents the program for a pilgrimage it means, in the first instance, an aspiration that the most awaken humanity is called to help to concretize, as is the case of Santiago, of Valdivia and of Punta Arenas.

But as this aspiration, until the moment, has not been totally manifested, today, as Mother and Intercessor of the just causes of Heaven, I see Myself in the duty and in the commitment of announcing that the pilgrimage will fulfill half of the foreseen program.

However, with the few resources received, we must reach Santiago de Chile, so that, one way or another, Chile may receive at least one part of all the Grace, of the Redemption and of the foreseen Mercy.

For this to be possible, today I come to ask the world to at least help your Heavenly Mother to carry forward this mission in three places that I have chosen for this purpose. They are: Santiago, on 24th and 25th of October, Viña del Mar, on the 28th of October, and Valparaíso, on 5th and 6th of November with the Marathon of Prayer.

These places chosen by My Heart are relatively close and are within the possibility of the resources received.

However, dear children, the help for all of this happens will be essential.

The next visit to Valdivia and to Punta Arenas will remain an inspiration of your Heavenly Mother, in the hope that, in another cycle, your consciousnesses may already be in another point of awakening.

I thank the company of all My children and again I thank the loving efforts.

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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