Tuesday, October 24 of 2017

Daily messages

Declaration of Divine Love

Listen, children of God!

Listen, companions of Christ!

The maternal Voice, the Mother of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, speaks to you!

Rise now from your death, because the Great Spirit of the Resurrection of Christ has come!

May the millenary chains be broken!

May this people of Chile rise from where it has fallen, because today the time of true freedom has come!

The Voice of the Mother of the World cries out for your awakening today!

The Voice of the White Lady of Peace today gathers you together in spirit, so that all this people accepts with gratitude the redemption that is being offered by Our Lord.

Listen, My soldiers, your wreck has now ended!

May your hearts open to feel again the powerful divine energy!

I come from Heaven to liberate you from the chains of yore. I come to make those who have been disappeared appear back. I come to bring Divine Justice in the face of so much injustice.

My Children, look at God! Feel the echo of His Merciful Love resound within you!

Oh, beloved Chilean people! Oh, ancient people of the Andes, I am here today!

I am your Mother of Heaven, I am the Condor Bird, I am the Sacred Spirit of Peace who gathers you together to commune in reconciliation and in faith!

Believe, My children, that your true Spiritual and Celestial Church exists! Seek within yourselves for the Inner Christ, call Him by His Name and in this way you will all be saved!

Make of your people a garden of Paradise!

Make of your motherland, a celestial motherland!

May your faith be renewed today! May the national hypnotism end here today, so that hearts may recognize within themselves the value of their filiation with God!

Rise, armies of Christ!

May the Guardians, Vigilants and Commanders of the Plan rise now!

May they raise their flags up to the Universe! May they again form the ranks of the armies of the end time!

I come here so that you may unite with Christ again and in this way set aside this cruel inertia.

May Chile awaken from North to South, from the mountains to the sea!

May Chilean hearts be uplifted as trophies at the feet of the Redeemer!

May no one fear to relinquish this blind captivity, because I am here, I am your Divine Mother, who wants to again guide you towards the Heart of God!

May the Mirrors of your hearts be ignited!

May the doors to inner reconciliation be opened!

May the hearts of Chile be truly repentant, so that the Grace of the Universe may descend here and make of all this people the cradle of a blessed motherland!

Now, may the Suns of your hearts rise and see emerge, in the firmament of this Universe, your origins as great stars of light!

May the Commanders of yore prostrate themselves upon the ground and divest themselves from their swords and their capes so that the King of the Universe may pass among them and thus bless them!

May healing reach your hearts! May a true and full love exist, so that this nation may be rebuilt, and instead of having swords, I will give each Chilean My Holy Rosary so that as from now you may pray to My Heart and I am able to liberate you!

May today be the day of your joy, because the Almighty has sent His Faithful Servant so that the self-summoned prostrate themselves before the Altar of the Redeemer!

May the great Prophecy be fulfilled in you!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace