Be a guardian of all the impulses that you receive from God, cultivating within your heart that which draws you closer to His Truth and His Graces.

With silence, defeat adversities, with prayer, keep your consciousness elevated, and with eternal gratitude, constantly open the doors of the Universe, as well as to Infinity.

Child, be a guardian of all you receive in the name of humanity. Let each impulse reach your consciousness as something that pushes you toward the path of ascension, so that each day you are more within the Time of God and outside the time of humankind.

In your heart cultivate the good and the love for the Divine Purpose and leave the things of the world, which are no longer for you, to those who are still lost.

The impulses you receive come, in this time, so that your heart may be a doorway toward higher life. For this reason, keep your consciousness focused there, united with the subtle worlds, united with the Truth of God, united with the celestial mysteries that are revealed behind the veils that continue to be torn in these times.

Cultivate faith and hope, in spite of all that is taking place in the world. And even though life around you may seem so distant from what is real, do not suffer, rather simply walk toward what is High.

Do not let your mind be confused with the illusions of the world, which seem so real. There is a greater Life, there is a higher Purpose, there is a reality drawing closer to Earth and this is where your heart must be.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


From the beginning of the manifestation of life, My children, in the most pure and profound Thought of God, when He was gestating the Project of this humanity, within it was contemplated the existence of the original peoples; those peoples are called thus not only because they gave origin to the civilizations of this world, but also because, from the origin of life, they were thought by God to maintain the union between Heaven and Earth, union among all Kingdoms of Nature, union between the surface of the planet and the subtle worlds.

The original peoples, beloved children, are those thought by God to be the doorkeepers of the sublime worlds, of the superior realities where the sacred dwells, where beings are invited to return to their Origins in the Celestial Founts.

It is in this way that, from the beginning of humanity and up to today, the Divine Hierarchy has impelled the original peoples to find their purity and return to the Purpose that God manifested for their lives at the beginning.

Upon creating this planet and each being of this Earth, which is the bearer of a particle of the divine essence, your Celestial Father created not only the Kingdoms, the elements and the human being, a fruit of the clay consecrated by His Divine Breath. God also created subtle realities, invisible to the human eyes that do not seek with sincerity the sacred within their lives.

These subtle worlds maintain, within the planet, the Divine Purpose. Within them, communion with all kinds of life is lived; within them the dimensions unite and there is no danger, because those who enter there live pure in heart and in spirit, and only aspire to fulfill the Divine Will and Purpose.

Those who enter these subtle worlds, My children, have been divested of their personal wills and from their human condition of impurity and degeneration. In this way, their hearts find the path to express purity and unity with the Divine.

These subtle worlds are safeguarded by nature, by its strength, beauty and harmony. In the invisible of the lakes, seas, deserts and mountains, they hide, not only to sustain the planet, but also so that, through the greatness of the expression of nature, those who arrive there can feel that something more dwells there; that a sacred mystery lies hidden there, and it is as if Heaven were closer to humanity and God could express Himself.

Throughout the times and the history of humanity, many were the peoples who could enter these subtle worlds with all they were because, while humanity, in other parts of the Earth,  lost its purpose, these peoples found it and deepened into it, not only through science and wisdom but, above all, through love for the sacred and divine and through respect for life and nature.

These were the Keys that allowed these peoples to live the Science of Transfiguration. And, just as My Son had once revealed It to you on Mount Tabor, they also could recognize their true face, illuminate cells and atoms and allow, not only for their heart and consciousness to vibrate in another more elevated level, but also their more material part. This part, which today seems so dense, had elevated and became transfigured in ancient times.

Through the simplicity of the heart, the original peoples discovered that the same solar essence that they contemplated and adored in the infinite sky dwelled within them. And, in this way, they lived a profound union with God, as they could understand Him.

Upon illuminating their cells and atoms, upon letting themselves be permeated by the light in their souls, these peoples attained the same vibration of the subtle worlds, and thus could not only see them, but also enter and participate in them, as representatives of humanity.

In this way, they became Guardians and Doorkeepers of these subtle dimensions, which up to today hide within the planet. Some of these peoples left upon the surface traces of their history and life, and then disappeared. But others, My children, were never known by humanity.

Today your Divine Mother comes to this place, sacred to Heaven and Earth, to reveal to you a history and, more than that, to impel your souls toward the quest for purity and for the sacred.

The time has come to unveil the hidden mysteries in the history of humanity, not only to abandon ignorance but, above all, My children, to embrace purity. And in the time to come, when the Earth will be elevated in its vibration and conducted to a new time, a new reality, may your hearts and spirits be ready, not only to see, but to participate in this sublime life.

Seek the purity of your hearts, seek union with life and nature and, just as today I reveal to you many mysteries, other truths will also be revealed in your hearts.

I bless you and thank you for coming here and for being open from the heart to the revelations that God brings to you at this time.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series: The Sequoia Trees - Part I

Trees are the life of the planet and they regenerate every living being, simply with their plant presence.

The Sequoia trees are the greatest manifestation of the Power and the Will of God. They attract the materialization of Divine Will to the Earth. They express Will in their growth, expansion and beauty, this is the reason why they are so large and tall, so that the human consciousness may remember this is the way that God must be reached, so it may live His Will rather than its own, and so that the spirit may not lose its ardent aspiration to rise and transform, according to the need of the Plan, so that everything in this Universe may be recreated again.

The great trees are the guardians of the cosmic portals that enter the Earth through the inner planes in order to have it become ever more elevated and closer to higher reality.

The Sequoia tree represents the Sacred Spirit of the immortality of the soul and of the evolution of consciousness, under the principle of the righteousness of the good and of service.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

It is time to expand the heart and the consciousness in love and in service to God. This is the time for, within you, there to be a space to receive and feel those who arrive.

It will be in this way that, just like My Son when He surrendered for you, you will be able to feel your neighbor, you will be able to participate and welcome the other's suffering and pain so that it may be transmuted and liberated in love.

Each being on this planet has a place within the spiritual path and this place, still unknown, is waiting for the consciousness to awaken to the Truth that comes from God. A Truth that will liberate you, forever, from the chains of error and illusion of this world.

Therefore, to those who have already awakened, I invite you to be conscious and keepers of this purpose for those who will arrive upon the Path of My Son, which is the same as your Path; seeking an opportunity, relief and hope for this crucial time of the planet.

As a Mother, I open My Heart again to welcome those who are just arriving and need great faith and fortitude to learn to detach from everything that binds them to the world and to perdition.

These souls that are just arriving and awakening are the ones that most need consideration and support so that they can feel that someone is there to sustain them in their trials and to help them in their transcendence.

The youth in the world need to be guided onto the correct path because, day by day, thousands of youth go astray in the illusions and in the promises that the world offers to them. Therefore, as the Mother of all, I open My Heart to accompany and sustain those who will awaken and arrive before the presence of My Son to say "Yes" to Him in a complete way.

It is the time of revelations, but it is also the time to support and accompany, from the heart, those who seek to find an inner and spiritual meaning for their lives. This is the task and the commitment of those who already serve Christ, day and night.

The youth in the world need to be listened to and understood, they must not be rejected or omitted. When they have a shoulder upon which they can lean and cry, they feel relieved and encouraged, beyond their youth, to change and mature.

Children, this cycle of youth and welcoming has arrived for all.

As of now, I thank you for imitating and accompanying Me!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the battle of these times, reassert your faith every day through prayer and spiritual maturity. Strengthen unity with one another, transforming within yourselves that which injures your neighbor and destroys love amongst creatures.

Observe yourselves, so that you may be guardians of the Plan of God, in yourselves and on the planet. Unity among servers is the greatest strength that you can offer to God as humanity: this is what will keep open the door that leads you to the Father, to His Presence, His Wisdom, His Grace. 

In the battle of these times, vanquish yourselves every day, in order to know how to make yourselves available to planetary service, overcoming the limits of the consciousness and receiving the sustenance from Divine Grace, which will reveal to you the potential for overcoming that exists within you.

In the battle of these times, prayer will be the door for your return to the Heart of God, but unity and love among you will allow the Father to be always present, even though you do not see Him or feel Him.

You are, children, in a time of battle, but not like the battles on Earth nor like the spiritual battles that humanity already knows. You are before something unknown and that, to be overcome, you need to find, within yourselves, the love that will triumph above all things, just as the Love of Christ triumphed upon the Cross .

The Creator allows you to pass through the battles of these times, as He permitted His son to live the suffering on the Cross, because this will reveal to you who you are and what you have come to do in this world. Therefore, persevere in love, seek peace and care for unity.

You have My blessing for this.

You Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Each day, elevate your heart a little more to God. Do not tire of persisting; do not tire of trying to be meek and humble in the face of all situations in life, keeping in your essence what makes you a guardian of the Divine Purpose.

Meekness and humility are not weakness and indifference. Be meek and humble and, at the same time, be firm in the silence within you, making the Will of God in you and around you incorruptible.

Emanate peace in your actions and words. Emanate peace in your presence and let God express through you. You already know, child, that this must be the expression of your being and, day after day, I come to remind you of these things because, while I speak, I give impulse to your consciousness so that it may take a new step and always go deeper into the living of higher teachings.

The mission of a companion of Christ is to be His living Word and to spread His Teachings with their own life. Thus, every day, My Chaste Heart comes to the world to form the companions of Christ and help them achieve the Will of God for their lives.

Let My instructions transform you. Let My presence inspire you so that one day, child, you also may transform and inspire souls by bringing the presence of your Lord into life, in all that you are and in all that you emanate to the world.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Choose to get past yourself and move on.

Choose to silence and overcome the temptations that your mouth leads you to live, destroying with your word of illusion the truth that your soul tries to build.

Choose to pray with your heart when there is distress within you so that it may be dissolved by the presence of God.

Choose to confess before Christ and build between your heart and the Heart of the Lord a path of humility, solid and firm, where your feet can tread.

Choose to obey and strive to build in unity this Work of which God has called you to be part of.

Choose sacrifice and renunciation so that your brothers and sisters may walk in front of you to the Heart of God, and love guarding their steps, just as a mother accompanies the steps of her children.

Choose to love God above all things and find His Will in difficulties, as in triumphs, knowing that everything in your life happens to forge in you that which leads you to fulfill the Divine Will.

Always choose to say "yes" to the Creator.

Choose to rise before the superficialities of this world.

Choose evolution.

Choose peace.

Choose to be an apostle of the last times, a Saint of the last days, a New Christ, the renewer of God's Love.

During your definition, child, always choose the right way, because behind you there are many others who hope to be inspired by your steps, in order to proceed.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Sacred Oceans – Part II

In the deep waters of the oceans, all marine life creates the conditions so that in the seabed, through the living beings, a balance that is vital for the sustenance of the planet and the purification of waters may be established.

On the spiritual and nonmaterial levels it happens in the same way, as the Mirrors and Intra-oceanic Precincts play a vital role in the physical-spiritual sustenance of humanity.

These Intra-oceanic Precincts are connected to all physical life present at the bottom of the oceans, and certain sea species, such as dolphins, whales, turtles and other beings of the Animal Kingdom,  represent, on the inner level, the guardians of these intra-oceanic spaces.

The same happens with the marine corals and with the so-called plankton, plant species of very high spiritual vibration that act not only physically, generating balance, but also on the spiritual level, generating harmony among the different oceans. 

In this sense, each species, element or Kingdom present within the depths of the oceans, is part of a great ecosystem of spiritual life, whose presence is irreplaceable on this type of planet, as is the Earth.

If today, within the oceans, there are imbalances among the species, this is part of a degeneration that the first human beings caused in the origins of the Earth; because within the scale of evolution, all manifested Kingdoms were correctly designed to live in harmony and not in conflict.

However, in spite of the maladjustments that exist among the Kingdoms of Nature within the oceans and the imbalances caused by the contamination and the exploitation of the seas, the Intra-oceanic Precincts, guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy, collaborates to the essential awakening of the balance and harmony lost after many experiences.

These Intra-oceanic Precincts, which are not physical but spiritual, have inhabited certain regions of the planet for a long time, and as poles of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Mirrors that capture the impulses of the Universe, they generate an atmosphere of greater protection and safeguard for all that has to evolve within consciousness, as well as in all manifested life.

The Intra-oceanic Precincts are like great magnets that attract toward themselves, from the universe, the cosmic currents that nourish and repair spiritual life so that a greater balance may be established.

The counterpart of these Intra-oceanic Precincts is manifested through the whales and the dolphins, sea species that have the physical and mental ability of retransmitting very potent impulses of peace and harmony that are emitted by the Intra-oceanic Precincts, and by means of these species, these impulses of light travel miles until they can reach the other side of the world.

Sea life and intra-oceanic life constitute one of the great discoveries that the human being will have to awaken within themselves so that, becoming aware of what the Creation of God truly represents, they begin to love it and respect it, so that the cycle of evolution of the species may never be altered again and, in this way, the evolution of the planet may never be altered again.

Everything will start from the consciousness and the maturity that human beings may be able to awaken in relation to the Kingdoms.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Love and respect for Egypt and its people are great, from the depths of My Heart, because it was the Egyptians who welcomed with hospitality and love the Sacred Family when they arrived in the city of Cairo.

In those times, the Sacred Family, after having escaped and exiled themselves in Egypt, was received with glory and love by all the Egyptians they met along the way, even by those who received them at that time to be able to protect the newborn Baby Jesus.

It was a request from the Highest that the Egyptians be the first guardians of Baby Jesus. The royal family of Egypt, knowing about the arrival of the Messiah, decided to help with all that was necessary.

The Sacred Family was the first refugee consciousness upon foreign lands. This was an unforgettable event because, to this day, My children of Egypt remember the passage of the Sacred Family within this place, where the spiritual and divine marks of healing, love and redemption are experienced now, by the Christian devotees of these times.

The exile of the Sacred Family in Egypt was the first step in the expansion of Christianity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Time to confirm the Commitment

Dear children,

The time has come to confirm to the Father your unconditional commitment of service, giving, willingness and more time to serve God.

The time has come, after these ten last years of Graces and blessings, for the Children of Mary to confirm themselves before the Plan of God, which is supposed to be accomplished through their lives.

Children, the time has come for the old servers of the Work to confirm themselves before the Plan of God and to give their time even more, as only some have already fully given, without hours, without sleep and without conditions.

Dear children, the time has come to confirm your commitment to the different aspects of the Work and, above all, to the spiritual foundations, the ones that are expressed through the Light-COmmunities and its group life.

Children, the time has come for you to confirm and assume your commitment before the Father within this Work, which was conceived years ago, and that you are no longer halfway, but that you decide for the definitive awakening and evolution.

Dear children, the time has come to live spirituality and the Purpose entirely and not only on the weekends or in the free hours of the day.

The time has come to assume what you really came to assume in this life, to assume an integral and definitive service for a planet and for a sick and asleep humanity.

Dear children, the time has come for you to live what you say that you must live, and not for you to stay halfway or to be searching to satiate your needs or incomprehension in other places.

This Work of love and unconditional redemption is the one My Son offers to you for millions of other souls, the ones that someday will have to awaken, as you have awakened.

My children, the time has come to take the step and not to think anymore, the Father waits for you to be able to manifest His Rescue Plan and, above all, He waits for your total adhesiveness to all His requests within this Work of love that you live.

The time has come, children, for you to perceive by yourselves and realize what you are doing, what you are sacrificing or offering for a larger goal.

My children, the time has come for you to place your feet on only one path, on only one pathway.

I tell you this, children, because time goes by and you will not be able to wait thirty years more to be able to define your paths.

You can no longer only look for personal benefits within the Work, you can no longer only aspire for the Graces of Heaven and not make sacrifices or efforts that must be immediate.

You can no longer, children, only be present when all is about to begin in the meetings of prayer or instruction.

Where is this fire that used to ignite you before with love for the Communities, the inner fire that before used to lead you to give everything for love, to prepare each space, to be present with anticipation to celebrate with the brothers and sisters?

Children, there is no time left, this is the truth.

 You are no longer children spoiled by your Heavenly Mother, you are already servers and disciples consecrated by My Son. What are you waiting for to take the step?

I ask you, children, that these next meetings that will come may help you to confirm yourselves and not to take refuge in your homes and ways of life, since there is much to be done and the nations destabilize themselves, day by day.

Children, I am your Celestial Mother and I need you beside Me in an unconditional way.

I am saddened by the personal conveniences or tastes. I want you available, immediate, vigilant and guardians of My Work, this will allow, before the Universe, for Me to stay longer amongst you.

My soldiers of always are now tired of fighting alone, and a day will come when they will not be able to get up from the ground from being exhausted from working so hard.

Really offer yourselves to the Plan. Do not take on light tasks, the Work demands more hands, but especially more unconditional hearts.

I thank you for listening to Me with your hearts and without resistances!

Who blesses you for your prompt definition,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received during the journey from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Lima, Peru, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The life of the Missionaries of Christ is under the care of their Heavenly Mother, Who protects and safeguards each step that they take.

In obedience, the Missionaries of Christ follow the principles of the Brotherhood and gestate within them the awakening of the sacred sun that ignites the inner universe.

The Missionaries of Christ walk in faith and do not separate from the Commandments of God.

They help to renew the Earth and its humanity by their daily offering and permanent sacrifice to the Higher Purpose.

The guiding star of the Missionaries of Christ is to always glimpse the Divine Purpose, which will lead them all the time to know themselves in order to experience the sacred transformation of their little hearts.

The Missionaries of Christ collaborate with the manifestation of the Plan, as guardians and watchers of the night so that the designs may be fulfilled.

They make a promise before Our Lord Jesus Christ and, from then on, the blazing flame of the spirit illuminates them so that they also take the sacred steps in the Higher Plan.

The Missionaries of Christ have nothing to gain nor to lose. They have much to give to humanity by means of their consecration to God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you in this mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Declaration of the Divine Love, continuation

Oh, beloved Chilean people, who has printed on your blue and red flag, the star that must be the symbol of a celestial motherland!

Oh, sacred mountains of the Andes, which keep in in their mineral heart the greatest treasures of the original history of this humanity!

Oh, My children from Chile, who reflect on your faces the legacy of the peoples of the past!

Lift your white flags of peace and that, upon the cry that the Universe will emit, your inner stars receive the sacred call of the redemption!

May the Vigilant of the Legacy wash their faces in the Fountain of My Grace, so that they may be healed of everything!

May the Guardians of the Treasures of the Universe receive the balm of My Peace to be able to be healed!

May the Commanders of other times be forgiven and receive the spiritual Absolution from the Son of God!

Children of this ancient sacred people! Peoples of the beginning and peoples of the end! Open your hearts to be liberated!

Throw from your hands the weapons of destruction! May each radiant Sun, which dwells in this people, be erected again to the Glory of God, so that everything may be restored, so that nothing is lost. So that, from the silence of the Andes, the Sacred Word of Our Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ may be heard.

Follow your Mother of Heaven on the path that will lead you to the blessed motherland, because thus your people, wounded by the causes of yesterday, will be redeemed of everything.

Trust, children, in everything that I bring you!

Trust in the renewed hope and in the end of this national captivity!

I Am the Mother who moves the whole Universe so that Her smallest and needy children have an opportunity!

May the soldiers of the Stars gather today at the foot of the great Celestial Altar! And may the doors to the abyss of this people be closed now!

Because the inner Christ will emerge from your beings and thus you will be one with My Son, so that He, in His Celestial Glory, may be one with His beloved people!

I want the Star of My Brotherhood to now be the motto and the symbol of your people!

I want, from this country, beings redeemed by the Love of the Creator!

May the Commanders of once now raise their hearts to Heaven!

Because now, without helmets, weapons nor cloaks, you will be free to sit at the Redeeming Table of the Lord and thus commune of His Codes of Life.

May the fallen in the past, arise in this present!

May those who have not yet forgiven the errors of this homeland and of this people, forgive today, so that My Beloved Son, in His Divine Grace, may reunite you and, by means of His Word, make you commune of His Most Holy Spirit!

That today Chile can, as a people, take each other by the hand, to declare the long-awaited reconciliation and pronounce the so longed-for peace, erasing thus, from this Chilean history, the errors of yesterday!

Thus, your hearts will shine and together with Me you will be able to take the steps toward the reunion of love that will heal the greatest wounds.

Let no one else grieve his or her heart, for Christ, My Son, will put an end to this exile!

And all the soldiers and Commanders of the purple helmets will unite in Christ, to make of this nation, the concretion of the Divine Promise in the life of each being.

That today the swords be abandoned, and the meek heart of each Chilean be offered to the Creator, so that the Plan triumphs, beyond everything!

So be it.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Declaration of Divine Love

Listen, children of God!

Listen, companions of Christ!

The maternal Voice, the Mother of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, speaks to you!

Rise now from your death, because the Great Spirit of the Resurrection of Christ has come!

May the millenary chains be broken!

May this people of Chile rise from where it has fallen, because today the time of true freedom has come!

The Voice of the Mother of the World cries out for your awakening today!

The Voice of the White Lady of Peace today gathers you together in spirit, so that all this people accepts with gratitude the redemption that is being offered by Our Lord.

Listen, My soldiers, your wreck has now ended!

May your hearts open to feel again the powerful divine energy!

I come from Heaven to liberate you from the chains of yore. I come to make those who have been disappeared appear back. I come to bring Divine Justice in the face of so much injustice.

My Children, look at God! Feel the echo of His Merciful Love resound within you!

Oh, beloved Chilean people! Oh, ancient people of the Andes, I am here today!

I am your Mother of Heaven, I am the Condor Bird, I am the Sacred Spirit of Peace who gathers you together to commune in reconciliation and in faith!

Believe, My children, that your true Spiritual and Celestial Church exists! Seek within yourselves for the Inner Christ, call Him by His Name and in this way you will all be saved!

Make of your people a garden of Paradise!

Make of your motherland, a celestial motherland!

May your faith be renewed today! May the national hypnotism end here today, so that hearts may recognize within themselves the value of their filiation with God!

Rise, armies of Christ!

May the Guardians, Vigilants and Commanders of the Plan rise now!

May they raise their flags up to the Universe! May they again form the ranks of the armies of the end time!

I come here so that you may unite with Christ again and in this way set aside this cruel inertia.

May Chile awaken from North to South, from the mountains to the sea!

May Chilean hearts be uplifted as trophies at the feet of the Redeemer!

May no one fear to relinquish this blind captivity, because I am here, I am your Divine Mother, who wants to again guide you towards the Heart of God!

May the Mirrors of your hearts be ignited!

May the doors to inner reconciliation be opened!

May the hearts of Chile be truly repentant, so that the Grace of the Universe may descend here and make of all this people the cradle of a blessed motherland!

Now, may the Suns of your hearts rise and see emerge, in the firmament of this Universe, your origins as great stars of light!

May the Commanders of yore prostrate themselves upon the ground and divest themselves from their swords and their capes so that the King of the Universe may pass among them and thus bless them!

May healing reach your hearts! May a true and full love exist, so that this nation may be rebuilt, and instead of having swords, I will give each Chilean My Holy Rosary so that as from now you may pray to My Heart and I am able to liberate you!

May today be the day of your joy, because the Almighty has sent His Faithful Servant so that the self-summoned prostrate themselves before the Altar of the Redeemer!

May the great Prophecy be fulfilled in you!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

In these times of definition, souls will be able to choose consciously which path to follow in the present cycle.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother comes to the world to instruct and teach souls for them to follow the only correct path, where they cannot be mistaken: the path of love and of peace.

If these two attributes are not present daily in the life of the souls on Earth, these will mean they are not connected to the true Purpose – the one that brings discernment and wisdom – but that in this cycle, temptation and mistake will make false a true spiritual life.

Therefore put your hearts and minds in the universe of My messages, dear children, help the souls that day by day submerge in this spiritual illusion, believing they are doing the right thing.

I need that at this time your lives may be a representation of the instruction of the Hierarchy and that through examples of love and brotherhood you may not allow to My adversary show himself so similar to that which really exists in Heaven.

Thus I invite you to be guardians of those solitary hearts that in many cases need a divine intercession and help to be able to be spiritually guided.

In this cycle, decide to be, together with your Mother, guardians of the most solitary souls of the world. May your inner love emerge towards all of them.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses and elevates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Elohim: Golden Angels

In the Essence of the Heart of God, there once arose the great Purpose of creating life and the planes of consciousness.

As I told you yesterday, dear children, the archangels, those called the Resplendent, were born of Divine Inspiration, an inspiration that allowed archangelic and angelic beings to become concretized and manifested.

God expressed in the Mental Universe His twelve principal manifestations, which arose from the Most Pure Source. From there, the twelve Elohim, as Rays and impulses of fire, were born within the consciousness of the Higher Mental Universe.

From the moment in which the Eternal had the sacred will that, from His Most Pure Essence, the Archangels should be born, the Mental Universe was already a vital reality within the Spiritual Universe.

The Elohim were appointed by the Most High to carry out the organization and manifestation of all the universes where, in the future, life would exist.

Thus, from the moment in which the Elohim were manifested within the Mental Universe, the first legions were subtly created in reservoirs of light, which are great receptacles and conduits of divine energy that preceded the Mirrors.

Let us see then, dear children, how the divine history of Creation previous to material life was considered by God Himself to be a Project of love and of absolute unity.

It was based on love and unity that the Angelic Hierarchies, those called Elohim, developed the Project of the Eternal Father and gave continuity to the Work of Creation.

The reservoirs of light were also created through the essence of Divine Will, and the first Elohim were the ones that accompanied the manifestation of these states of consciousness, which held within themselves the spiritual emergence of angelic life.

Each archangel, as a Creator Father, deposited in the reservoirs of light a molecule of the twelve spiritual Rays that were present at the moment of the birth of the angelic beings. An angelic consciousness is born from the expression of love in the Mental Universe and through an act of profound union that the archangel establishes with the One Source.

At that moment, the archangel projects on the reservoir an extremely potent flow of love and unity and, as a consequence, through the grouping of all the molecules of the Creator Fathers, the reservoir emanates an angelic consciousness which is inside a precious crystal of a magenta, blue, green, white or gold color. When the angelic consciousness emerges from the reservoir and until it finishes forming, the crystal remains suspended above it for a certain period, like the gestation of a child in the womb of the mother. It is the creative and divine energy that internally gestates the purpose of this angelic consciousness.

The crystal may contain any of the twelve Rays to show the Mental Universe what has been the Greater Will for the task and service that the new angel will fulfill.

Thus, after its manifestation as mental and spiritual consciousness, the angel experiences a formation that helps it develop its mission in the Mental Universe or in the Material Universe.

After gradually forming the armies of light, which from their birth live an unconditional service and a perfect union with the Eternal, the archangels begin the building and materialization of the Academies of the Rays, so that each angelic being may develop its purpose before the Father.

The next step is the manifestation of the spiritual formation of the Seven Heavens or that of the seven states of Divine Consciousness, where the great armies begin to populate the celestial dimensions.

At that moment, under Highest Will, the archangels define the mission of each angelic consciousness, which establishes what Heaven or which states of consciousness it is to eternally serve.

As from this moment, the Creator Fathers assume the government of the Seven Heavens, so that from the beginning the Law of Hierarchy may be cultivated among consciousnesses.

The mission the angelic consciousness lives will be according to how its emergence has taken place inside the crystal.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a magenta crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of living love, of radiating it and protecting it in the universes.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a blue crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of protecting and vivifying the unity of all the universes, as well as that of being a guardian of the sacred knowledge of the spiritual, mental, and material Laws.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a green crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of exercising the Law of healing, and of continuously emanating harmony in all of Creation and wherever it is.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a white crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of drawing to itself the highest degrees of purity and of expanding it as essence toward the universes.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a golden crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of an eternal praising of the One, as a member of those called Celestial Choirs, which draw to the universes the principles of the Source of God.

It is thus that the Creator Fathers send all the angels that were born of the Source through the reservoirs of light on a mission so that, together with their archangelic regents, they may assume the mission of protecting and supporting the evolution of the universes through the different Rays to which they belong.

The Elohim are part of the Divine Purpose and they are represented through the twelve main emanations of God, which we understand as the archangels; from that, the twelve emanations formed the twelve governors, and from the angelic governors another twelve emanations arose until we reach the guardian angels.

The Mental Universe has no limits and it is an infinite state formed by the Will of God. There the state of resplendence is lived, which means that each angelic consciousness generates in itself the highest degrees of love and of unity with the One.

The whole of angelic consciousness exists to protect and guard the essence of the Project of God within the Spiritual, Mental, and Material Universes. In this way, the Elohim can penetrate the dimensions and planes, even though they are mental beings, because they are at all times moved by the spirit of obedience and of eternal service.

From the beginning, the Father conceived the Elohim as the main guardians of the Purpose of Creation and of all life existing in the universes.

In this way, through the Resplendent Ones arose the first experience of the Cosmic Brotherhood, which later became established as a premise for all consciousnesses present on the different planes.

The Elohim are also considered the Messengers or the spokespersons of the Primordial Source for the Material Universe; they are the ones who carry out the concretion of the Divine Purpose and they are the ones who give impulse to the guardian angels so that each soul may live its mission within Creation, and in this manner fulfill the objective of the Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is in union with each guardian angel,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Angels


At the Marian Centers of the world consecrated by Your Heavenly Mother, by Christ and by Saint Joseph, are spiritually kept precious pearls of Light that, lit in the essences of souls, awaken conversion.

Those are the treasures of Heaven that My Divine Soul comes to pour each time that I am present among My dear children; it is in this way that My Maternal Spirit establishes at each Marian Center one Gift of God that allows to awaken the redemption of the hearts and of all consciousness that pass by them in prayer.

The Sacred Family made use of these treasures of which I speak in order to carry out the redeeming work of humanity. It is in this way that the spiritual relics are to be found deposited, for example, at this Sacred Marian Center where the Celestial Hierarchy still develops a planetary task in union with all the consciousness that are here to sustain the vortex of light that is opened over each Marian Center.

In these final times when humanity will define its next destiny, I ask you, dear children, that you never get tired of being guardians of all the treasures and all the Graces that the Celestial Messengers have poured with much love. 

In this time when redemption and the planetary healing are essential, may your hearts always renew and be guardians of the divine legacy that will have its fruits and its victory in the next humanity.

As once I told you, dear children, you are guardians and successors of a divine knowledge that is kept at all the Marian Centers.

In prayer, work every day so that this knowledge and these divine codes expand more and more in the world and in the consciousness that need it the most.

May the living remembrance of the treasures of the instruction always motivate you to take your steps toward My Son and for the fulfillment of the sacred Plan of Love.

May the flame of your hearts never be extinguished and may it always be united to the flame of Your Heavenly Mother, thus We will reconstruct this humanity.

I thank you for responding My call! 

Who impels you to move forward,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Lady and Guardian of the night.

I am the Lady in white that cares for and protects Her children from all evil.

I am the one who keeps vigil in silence and I am the one who during the night observes the sleep of Her small children.

I am the Lady and Guardian of the night, I am the one who follows the vigil of the souls that pray.

I am the Mother who guides the hearts through the path of the only Light.

I am the Lady in white, I am the one who watches the walk of Her children for them not to miss the path of Christ.

I am the Lady and Guardian of the night, I am the custodian of the door of the heart so that nothing bad will approach My little ones.

In My arms I hold My children during the night, even more when the hearts pray with Me and unite themselves to the Celestial Father.

I thank you for responding to My call! 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the District of Miraflores, Lima, Peru to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Where you call to Me, there I am present, because who invokes My Holy Name receives the help which their consciousness requires.

I am the Mother of all impossible causes, I am that Pillar of Light on which My beloved children can lean, and thus find rest and protection.

Dear children, I am that Holy Mother Who responds immediately because of the trust and the faith of the hearts that believe in Me. I am present when hearts call to me; I do not cease spiritually helping those who ask Me with all their heart, because I know it is important to each being that I, as your Mother, can be present in your life.

It is because of this that My Consciousness responds unconditionally to all needs, because I know that hearts must keep alive their trust in God the Father.

In this critical hour for the planet, My Heart is present more than ever, because the time has come for My children to feel that they can count on Me regardless of what happens.

I am that guardian Mother Who protects Her children and leads them on the path of the good so that in humility they may conquer it.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who protects and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of peace


It is time to recognize the Truth of God, My children, to remove from your consciousness the ignorance about itself and to experience divine filiation as an everyday principle.

It is time to recognize your own essence and in humility turn to the Creator of all things, He who dwells within yourselves, and let Him expand and definitely establish His Reign.

I have come to the Kingdom of Lys, beloved children, for a Universal Purpose rather than a human purpose. I have come because this is My spiritual and divine Kingdom, where that which is most pure in each consciousness is held. It is from the Kingdom of Lys that I safeguard the essences and protect all My children from themselves and from My adversary.

The keys that open the doors of this Kingdom are faith and ardent devotion, and it is this faith and this devotion which I came to renew within My children so that, through their awakening, the doors of the Kingdom of Lys may be open for all of humanity and for all the Kingdoms of Nature, which also have their purity safeguarded in Lys.

While the critical times begin and many of My children are lost in the darkness, especially in the north of the planet, it is necessary that the doors of Lys be open so that, in recognizing their own essence, discovering and experiencing their filiation with God, souls are not extinguished and discouraged in the face of challenges and the abysses into which My adversary propels them.

Children, we are in a great battle for the triumph of Peace and you must be aware of this. The Kingdom of Lys must count on awake soldiers on the surface of the Earth so that, aware of the spiritual and physical situation of the planet, they may be guardians of the spring that flows from Lys to sustain souls in truth and in love, and that they not allow themselves to be lost nor deceived by the confusion of these times.

My children, the Purity radiated by the Mirrors of Lys is indispensable in these times of obscurity and darkness for a large part of humanity. And when I speak to you of darkness, I am not only referring to wars, hunger, to violence, but I am also speaking about ignorance, the indifference to God and the growth of capital powers, which blind the eyes of those who committed themselves to My Son and to the Creator, to experience Christic principles and awaken a love that opens the doors to infinity for a union with God.

The Mirrors of Lys, with their divine potential, must dissolve the darkness that does not allow My children to find the truth about themselves and about life on Earth. And for those Mirrors to be active, children, there must be pillars of prayer and of faith that support them and that, with purity of intention and humility, offer the Father their awakening and their surrender to be His instruments in the world.

It is for a universal and divine reason, My children, that I awaken the Kingdom of Lys and I establish a new Home on the surface of the Earth, not because that which I have already achieved as Divinity in Europe through Fatima, Lourdes or Medjugorje was not enough, but each of My Homes has a unique function: to awaken certain souls and to manifest a divine principle.

Now is the time for a more profound awakening for Europe, like in America. It is time for My children to be more aware of the battle of these times and to unite through universal ecumenism to spiritually sustain the planet and prepare to fertilize the ground of the Earth for a new life.

Children, it is for the simple reason of elevating you and awakening you that I am here. As a Celestial and Universal Mother, I seek to lead you to the Truth of the Creator.

This evening, may the Mirrors of Lys be ignited within you and reflect Their Purity and Their Peace in your essences so that you feel and live an awakening to higher life, and may your souls, which are thirsty to serve the Father, finally find their path.

I love you and bless you, placing the Flower de Lys in your essences, a flower that awakens purity and truth within you.

The One who always guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Worthy of glory and praise is the Most High Lord, Who sent his Son to the world to redeem humanity! May all creatures dwell in the Lord now and forever!

Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I open your eyes to the spiritual and planetary reality that has wounded the Heart of God very much in the last century of the existence of humanity.

With the mission to Chaco, the Universe of God was before the opportunity of redemption of many situations that refer to the indigenous consciousness, the original peoples of the planet. However, so that this liberation does not overload a few, it is necessary prayer and conscious collaboration from all.

Throughout the last centuries, your brothers and sisters of the indigenous consciousness suffered from the cunnings of the enemy of God, which have manifested in the planetary and material life as that which you call social injustices. These injustices are actually encouraged by the one who fights against the Divine Project on Earth and that, not only seeks to dispel the indigenous consciousness through the shortages and miseries that they live but also causes resentment to appear in their hearts.

This resentment was being transmitted from one generation to the next until very few remained in their original pacification and purity. It was in this way that conflicts and fights for possession and material resources led many souls, that should be guardians of sublime realities of the planet, to the hells and purgatories of this world.

With this humanitarian mission in Chaco, many hellish doors were opened to the rescue and rehabilitation of those souls, not only from Argentina but from all of America.

This fact, children, commits you as humanity because the loss of those souls was also caused by human actions.

It is for this reason that I ask you for greater awareness and prayerful spirit because, even though the acts performed in Chaco are simple, many evils can be balanced with the unity and adherence of everyone.

The planetary urgency calls on you to act and multiply your efforts. There is still much to be liberated on the planet and, with these two current missions, the consciousness of your group is beginning to understand the true performance of service, as well as of prayer.

If you live in the spirit of unity, many of your brothers and sisters that suffer in the underworlds of the planetary consciousness will be able to receive an opportunity to go through redemption in time.

Do not forget to dedicate some time to the true and heartfelt union with the missionaries; thus, many other doors will open for the liberation of the planet.

I love you and count on your prayers and your ignited hearts, as a doorway so that the Divine Mercy may descend to Earth.

Your father and friend, server and missionary of God,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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