Tuesday, November 13 of 2018

Daily Messages

Sacred Oceans – Part II

In the deep waters of the oceans, all marine life creates the conditions so that in the seabed, through the living beings, a balance that is vital for the sustenance of the planet and the purification of waters may be established.

On the spiritual and nonmaterial levels it happens in the same way, as the Mirrors and Intra-oceanic Precincts play a vital role in the physical-spiritual sustenance of humanity.

These Intra-oceanic Precincts are connected to all physical life present at the bottom of the oceans, and certain sea species, such as dolphins, whales, turtles and other beings of the Animal Kingdom,  represent, on the inner level, the guardians of these intra-oceanic spaces.

The same happens with the marine corals and with the so-called plankton, plant species of very high spiritual vibration that act not only physically, generating balance, but also on the spiritual level, generating harmony among the different oceans. 

In this sense, each species, element or Kingdom present within the depths of the oceans, is part of a great ecosystem of spiritual life, whose presence is irreplaceable on this type of planet, as is the Earth.

If today, within the oceans, there are imbalances among the species, this is part of a degeneration that the first human beings caused in the origins of the Earth; because within the scale of evolution, all manifested Kingdoms were correctly designed to live in harmony and not in conflict.

However, in spite of the maladjustments that exist among the Kingdoms of Nature within the oceans and the imbalances caused by the contamination and the exploitation of the seas, the Intra-oceanic Precincts, guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy, collaborates to the essential awakening of the balance and harmony lost after many experiences.

These Intra-oceanic Precincts, which are not physical but spiritual, have inhabited certain regions of the planet for a long time, and as poles of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Mirrors that capture the impulses of the Universe, they generate an atmosphere of greater protection and safeguard for all that has to evolve within consciousness, as well as in all manifested life.

The Intra-oceanic Precincts are like great magnets that attract toward themselves, from the universe, the cosmic currents that nourish and repair spiritual life so that a greater balance may be established.

The counterpart of these Intra-oceanic Precincts is manifested through the whales and the dolphins, sea species that have the physical and mental ability of retransmitting very potent impulses of peace and harmony that are emitted by the Intra-oceanic Precincts, and by means of these species, these impulses of light travel miles until they can reach the other side of the world.

Sea life and intra-oceanic life constitute one of the great discoveries that the human being will have to awaken within themselves so that, becoming aware of what the Creation of God truly represents, they begin to love it and respect it, so that the cycle of evolution of the species may never be altered again and, in this way, the evolution of the planet may never be altered again.

Everything will start from the consciousness and the maturity that human beings may be able to awaken in relation to the Kingdoms.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace