Sunday, December 31 of 2017

Daily messages

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and abandon your concepts

Stay, My child, with your Heavenly Mother, by Her side, accompanying each step of Her Work of Maternity and Mercy, and abandon all your concepts.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and let the Universe of God Itself work in you, and not that you work in the Universe.

Abandon all your concepts, ideas and projects of wanting to improve a destiny which is already written in the Heart of God.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and accompany Me, My child, in each new mission, divested of your creeds or opinions.

Let My Son empty you like a wineskin, so that He can fill you with His Peace and His Will.

Abandon, at this moment, all your concepts and intentions of perfecting things.

Encourage yourself to live beauty, first in the dignity of the spirit, so that it may later reflect itself in matter.

Stay, My child, with your Heavenly Mother, so that in this new year which will begin you abandon your old customs, your living habits that do not build unity nor love.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother so that I can indicate to you the just path, and not for you to choose where to walk.

Trust fully in everything that is not within reach of your consciousness or your reality.

Accept, My child, the first step, which will be healing your life and your human consciousness, so that later the heart can be cured and everything can be healed.

Remove, with My help, the hatred and the resentment from your interior, no longer see that everything is degraded around you, submerge yourself within your true reality and you will see that you must first divest of yourself so that, finally, the world as a whole, can divest itself.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and no longer place your gaze upon the defects, but upon the virtues and the loving efforts of your fellow beings.

Life is very beautiful, only the human being can obscure it or make it shine, according to its intentions.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and you will take steps in true love.

Do not go backwards, anymore.

Advance your path to be able to meet the Lord.

Allow, My child, that the Father show you His Will, and defeat your own.

Let you wounded heart open so that the Rays of My Heart may heal you.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and no longer make hasty decisions.

Open internally to the guidance and the Instruction that Heaven sends you, thus you will be a new soul, thus you will be a spirit at the service of unity and love.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and accept reality.

No longer force your accomplishments. No longer submit your brothers and sisters according to your pleasures or beliefs.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother so that your inner child may express itself and step out of the constant silence in which it is found.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and the doors to Love will open.

Listen to My Words with gratitude and the hate within you will disappear.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother, and you will not suffer.

The Kingdom of God is being fulfilled, even though it does not seem so.

Stop suffering unnecessarily. Stop embittering your heart with everything that no longer has meaning and, for this to be possible, you must surrender yourself, empty and humble, meek and peaceful, thus the Holy Spirit will find a path to be able to act.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and I assure you that you will not recognize yourself, as long as your surrender is honest and crystalline.

Allow the blindfolds of mirage and illusion fall from your eyes so that you may soon see reality.

Allow, beloved child, that the love your fellow beings and the Love of God heal your agony.

May you live a year in the Lord and not in the world.

May everything be redeemed within your being so that you may fulfill what God wants.

Finally, I ask you, My child: be free from yourself.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity