Within the great oceans of the Earth, places in which intra-oceanic life manifests, the Kingdoms of the sea maintain the essential balance for the manifestation of harmony within the planet.

In this sense, the marine beings, for example the dolphins and the whales, draw toward humanity and especially toward the planet, the possibility of maintaining harmony between Heaven and Earth between the inner world and the external world of the human consciousness.

When these Kingdoms are continually abused, this cycle of harmony is broken, humanity increases its debt in the face of Divine Justice and of Creation and, as a side effect, this causes an increase in the psychic imbalance of the different peoples and races; without there being any possibility for finding a cure for all of these mental disorders.

For this reason, the love and the respect that the human being is capable of expressing for Creation can collaborate in this physical-spiritual support that, in this case, whales and dolphins provide, as consciousnesses that have evolved more than the human being.

Each aspect of Creation fulfills a mission within the Material Universe; if these missions are interrupted, chaos is produced in humanity.

Human beings must carry out a conscious introspection in order to be able to awaken their love for Creation.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Stay with your Heavenly Mother and abandon your concepts

Stay, My child, with your Heavenly Mother, by Her side, accompanying each step of Her Work of Maternity and Mercy, and abandon all your concepts.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and let the Universe of God Itself work in you, and not that you work in the Universe.

Abandon all your concepts, ideas and projects of wanting to improve a destiny which is already written in the Heart of God.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and accompany Me, My child, in each new mission, divested of your creeds or opinions.

Let My Son empty you like a wineskin, so that He can fill you with His Peace and His Will.

Abandon, at this moment, all your concepts and intentions of perfecting things.

Encourage yourself to live beauty, first in the dignity of the spirit, so that it may later reflect itself in matter.

Stay, My child, with your Heavenly Mother, so that in this new year which will begin you abandon your old customs, your living habits that do not build unity nor love.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother so that I can indicate to you the just path, and not for you to choose where to walk.

Trust fully in everything that is not within reach of your consciousness or your reality.

Accept, My child, the first step, which will be healing your life and your human consciousness, so that later the heart can be cured and everything can be healed.

Remove, with My help, the hatred and the resentment from your interior, no longer see that everything is degraded around you, submerge yourself within your true reality and you will see that you must first divest of yourself so that, finally, the world as a whole, can divest itself.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and no longer place your gaze upon the defects, but upon the virtues and the loving efforts of your fellow beings.

Life is very beautiful, only the human being can obscure it or make it shine, according to its intentions.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and you will take steps in true love.

Do not go backwards, anymore.

Advance your path to be able to meet the Lord.

Allow, My child, that the Father show you His Will, and defeat your own.

Let you wounded heart open so that the Rays of My Heart may heal you.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and no longer make hasty decisions.

Open internally to the guidance and the Instruction that Heaven sends you, thus you will be a new soul, thus you will be a spirit at the service of unity and love.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and accept reality.

No longer force your accomplishments. No longer submit your brothers and sisters according to your pleasures or beliefs.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother so that your inner child may express itself and step out of the constant silence in which it is found.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and the doors to Love will open.

Listen to My Words with gratitude and the hate within you will disappear.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother, and you will not suffer.

The Kingdom of God is being fulfilled, even though it does not seem so.

Stop suffering unnecessarily. Stop embittering your heart with everything that no longer has meaning and, for this to be possible, you must surrender yourself, empty and humble, meek and peaceful, thus the Holy Spirit will find a path to be able to act.

Stay with your Heavenly Mother and I assure you that you will not recognize yourself, as long as your surrender is honest and crystalline.

Allow the blindfolds of mirage and illusion fall from your eyes so that you may soon see reality.

Allow, beloved child, that the love your fellow beings and the Love of God heal your agony.

May you live a year in the Lord and not in the world.

May everything be redeemed within your being so that you may fulfill what God wants.

Finally, I ask you, My child: be free from yourself.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Children, recognize yourselves as part of an infinite, which you ignore, due to your own smallness.

The fact that the Creation is not understandable for you or that not all knowledge is inside your minds does not mean that it does not exist.

The Work of God in this time must be definitive and generate the awakening that the souls have expected so much for hundreds of years.

In all religions, just as in all spiritual groups that have existed on Earth and that began with pure principles, the interference of the human mind many times diverted the Purpose of God, and this made souls wonder if the religions are, in truth, being guided by God or by men.

This is how faith began to be lost in the human heart and the Creator sent His Messengers, so that will be Themselves those who guide humanity.

The Divine Messengers, children, are not only here among you. We have also tried to guide and warn other groups and religions, but even so, they were not capable of listening.

The Voice of God is trying to silence humankind in order to straighten their path and remove human power and authority that some think they have over souls throughout the whole world.

The human heart has lost confidence in their fellow beings because the one who is not reliable cannot rely on the other. This is why, children, many deny the Words of God pronounced over times.

The one who is transparent and true in their faith recognizes the truth when it is before their eyes, and does not fear or doubt when listens to the Words of God, because they know they are capable of following them, even beyond themselves.

Children, if you want to recognize the truth, be true. If you want to live plenitude and launch yourselves into the Will of God without fear to deceive yourselves, then, do not deceive your neighbor, do not lie, do not manipulate, and attract for yourselves only wisdom and truth.

You will live in peace and without mistrusts when you are able to sow peace and trust in the world through your works, your feelings and your words.

You will be able to proclaim yourselves as apostles of Christ when, in truth, you follow His Words and live for Him and not for yourselves.

Humankind would not fear the destruction of the church if they did not know that it is about to collapse, due to its own actions.

You do not need to fear the destruction of the Work of God if you know that it is truly of God and not of humans and if you know that you will do everything, in obedience of the Designs of God, so that this Work may be sustained.

Today, children, I teach you to be true, because in this way you will recognize the truth. There is no other way to perpetuate a Work but with truth and the living example that you give to the world.

Do not fear the words of humans because the one who points out false lies in their neighbor is the one who tries to hide their own.

Follow the truth and work everyday so that you may be each day more transparent before God. In this way the masks of illusion will fall by themselves.

The one who warns you for you to be true and humble, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the beginning of all, the Creator aspired that all of His children came to know the truth and understood the essence of His Love, the reason of why He had multiplied Himself.

The only reason of the existence of all things is the Love of God, that in a moment was so great that It could not fit in Himself, which made Him multiply in Three, while still being One. And, while still being One, He multiplied Himself in many more.

The mystery of Love is that it multiplies and gives Itself, while still belonging to the same Source. The one who loves participates in the multiplication of God and in the essence of Creation; the one who truly loves, loves with the Love of the Father and gives It to everyone, making this Divine presence infinite and at the same time unique.

The time will come when the words will give place to the knowledge of the heart, because the Divine Word is vibration and not just series of letters that form ideas, concepts and try to fit in it something that is inexplicable and understandable at the same time.

In the beginning of the human school, the beings of Earth attracted, from previous experiences, the ray of the science of God because at that moment they needed the Divine knowledge in order to evolve as a race and as a consciousness. However, humanity has limited the divine science with the concrete walls of its mind, and much of what the Creator tried to reveal got stuck in the human impossibility of receiving the impulses of God.

It was in this way that the knowledge stopped on the limitation of the human mind, and that which was infinite and sublime got limited as much as humankind, which was stuck in its matter and far from its spirit.

In this way, children, the truth has never been revealed to you, because, even though you believed you had knowledge, you have always tried to place in the human understanding a knowledge and a truth that infinitely transcend this understanding.

The ones who could contemplate or glimpse a bit of this truth have remained in silence, because they knew it could not fit in the human concepts; as I told you, the Divine Word is vibration and not words.

It is for this reason that the history of the Universe, of the Cosmos, of Creation, is written on the Mirrors and not on sheets of paper.

To understand the truth that I bring to you, you must enter in the inner universe and read on the mirrors of the heart what I transmit to you.

Many believed that the fact that I approached to this planet meant a retrogression in the evolutionary life, and, in truth, children, arrogance and human ignorance have not let you understand that I have come to put you on the right path of evolution; I have come to activate the mirrors of you hearts and teach you, rather than to think, to feel and live the teaching.

It is through My presence that you can reach the essence of the heart and understand there, without explanations, the divine mysteries.

Now that prayer has already opened the doors of your hearts and consciousness, the time has come to understand these mysteries that I have announced to you so much. I only ask you not to make the same mistakes of the past, trying to understand and scientifically explain what I will tell you. This is the age of Love and no longer of science, because science has brought you here so that now you will enter in other levels of evolution and will be able to manifest the divine will.

If you keep trying to guide yourselves by impulses or teachings of the past, you will lose the opportunity to live the new and to be transformed by the sources that this current cycle brings to you from the universe.

Listen to what I tell you, My children, lightening the mirror of the heart and not the mind. In the mirror of the heart, there is silence and wisdom and it is in this way that you must receive the new keys of these times.

The Creator wishes to approach you to the truth about your origin, not only for you to have knowledge, but so that this information may approach you to the Divine Life and you may find the path to return.

May the Truth and the magnitude of the Cosmos reveal to you the truth and the magnitude about yourselves because it is time to recognize the likeness with God – that is spiritual and essential – so that in this way will you bear the times that will come, sustained by the truth, and manifest the Plan of the Creator on Earth.

I love you and thank you for listening to Me with the mirror of the heart. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Oh human soul that is in the last time of your imperfection, renounce what binds you to the old world, and launch into the infinity of a new life! Struggle firmly in your last battle of this cycle of darkness, a battle that will cause you to ascend to sublime realities and that, despite being long and painful, its merits will never end.

Oh soul that is so unknown to yourself, plunge into your inner world and remove the veils that cover your human eyes, so that you may discover the infinity of your own consciousness.

Soul of God, so tired of the cycles of illusion experienced on this Earth, the blindness and indifference are now coming to an end, so that you may rest contemplating the Sunrise of a new day, of a new era.

Soul of God that is so small and infinite at the same time; your greatness was hidden by the ignorance of the human mind, and your smallness is to be found in the humility which you are to uncover. Within you, humility and greatness must encounter, because it is only through recognizing yourself as a small nothing that you will discover the likeness to God that contains all things within Himself.

Open your heart to the Creative Word, speak through prayer, and no longer with human concepts and limited ideas.

Contemplate before you the great example of the Sacred Family and overcome the ancient prejudice against being pure and simple like those three Sacred Hearts. The greatest of mysteries is unveiled in simplicity.

No longer search so much for great sciences, if the greatest of all sciences is to discover yourself in likeness to God: in Him lies Omniscience.

While the world anchors matter to the old patterns of the Earth, elevate yourself, little soul. Make yourself light as the wind and return to the Father. In the silence of your example, carry all humanity with you, and reaching the Heavens, open the doors to the new time, to the time that has always been, that is, but that your world never came to know.

Go in search of the new, the eternal, the infinite.

Who shows you the path to the new era,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Renew your consecration to God every day and enter into the eternal movement of universal cycles.

Renew yourselves before the Creator so that He will conduct you through new inner paths and you will never remain in the steps you have already taken.

Recognize the infinite before you, and how much you need to grow far beyond this life. Recognize in the vast universe the infinite dimensions created and that each one of them will charge from you a certain learning that will make you grow and unite yourself each day more to God.

Child, what humanity calls contemplation and union with God, in this material dimension, is nothing more than an approach to the greatness of the Creator, an experience with His Divine Light. Contemplation is an act of recognizing the existence of God and of approaching Him, but much is still missing from the human heart and consciousness for it to be One with God in its origin.

This path is built and walked little by little. As the being empties himself from himself and from all the need to explain and to understand what he experiences, as he empties himself from the known concepts by his mind, he starts being permeated by other laws and vibrations that do not belong to this world and that are palpable to the human heart, but not understandable for the mind.

The approach and acceptance of these sublime laws gradually cause the doors to other degrees of evolution to open before the consciousness, and it will be only after crossing these doors and experiencing these laws that you will be able to feel and understand them, but not explain them.

You cannot explain what you live on higher levels because the matter that composes the human mind does not correspond to this subtle vibration; but yes, child, the heart, that is similar to the Creator of all things, can understand and live all laws.

Just as the Lord is unlimited in His Existence, so is also the heart of human beings. But this heart needs to expand, cross portals and break barriers, transcend limits and human tendencies, stop being so closed, and open itself to the Cosmos – that, for it, is inexplicable and understandable at the same time.

To reach this state of union with the higher life, that is more than a contemplative experience, child, it is necessary that you renew yourself every day and, when you perceive that you are stagnated or going backwards, always search for a form to awake and advance.

Therefore I come to the world, to impel the human heart towards the infinite, and to lead it to an experience of what it truly is.

Let yourself be guided and impelled by these words. If you do not understand them, only feel them and let them by themselves –alive as they are– work within you.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Allow your heart to know the gift of faith. Let this faith break within you the barriers of doubt, of indifference, of the need to keep the appearances before the world; let it break the barriers of impossibilities, fears, vanities. Let yourself be filled by the faith that transcends the comprehension of the mind and does not find a confirmation of its existence but in the depths of the heart.

There is no scientific evidence that confirms the action of faith and often you want to explain the miracles caused by it as a way to dissolve its merits in the human life. But faith, per se, child, is a great miracle.

When faith is established in the heart, it is a sign that this heart has already won many barriers within itself and that the consciousness has already treaded a certain path of transformation and of union with God to arrive there.

Faith is born without obstacles in the simple of mind, of heart and of spirit, and in them it expands each day, transforming itself into a source of love and graces for the incredulous and the desperate.

Those who have faith and let themselves be filled by it become, sooner or later, vehicles of the divine Grace for other hearts: faith itself, covered by Grace, makes miracles.

Child, what is called miracles in this world is nothing else but the action of faith in the human heart. If the one who needs a miracle, at some level, does not make their consciousness ready to receive it with faith, this miracle does not manifest itself, because miracles are the manifestation of Grace and divine Mercy, and if there is no attunement and affinity in the heart and consciousness, these Graces do not descend.

The universal Laws are a great mystery for the human mind, which ignores them almost completely. Only those who live under these Laws understand them.

Today, child, I call you to experience the divine principle of faith for you to receive from the Highest God the Grace you need in these times, manifested in a miracle of love and transformation, for you to fulfill your mission while it is still time.

Be willing to live the faith and ask for the Grace to receive it.

May the Father fill you with divine faith, transforming not only your small consciousness but also all of humanity, which, empty of faith and hope, does not find a meaning for life.

I bless you today and always.

Your father and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Dear companions in Christ,

I would like to talk to you about the greatness of Creation and the celestial mysteries. I would like to reveal to you the love that fulfills the stars and animates the universes, so that you see yourselves strengthened and guarded by a higher purpose, so that you fulfill your own missions in the end of cycle on Earth.

With My words, each day I expect that your consciousnesses reach a level of understanding which transcends the limits of the human mind. I try to make you understand the magnitude of the Plan of God and how this Plan cannot start and finish in the existence of this world.

I know that many need the simple words so that they can understand and engage themselves in the task of recue of the Divine Messengers. Many prefer not to believe Our words and in Our presences when we reveal to you something you do not understand and that do not adjust itself to what you already know. However, I ask you not to try to reduce the greatness of God to the understanding of the human mind. Do not try to compare the Love of the One and Only with your own ability of loving. And do not expect that the Creation of God restrict itself to the existence of this small planet, when so vast is the universe.

What for would exist so many stars and galaxies if not for the different expressions of the Love of God in His creatures to inhabit in them? Or do you think by any chance that the stars exist so that they can be contemplated by the humankind in the sky of Earth?

While a great change precipitates itself in the world, the Divine Messengers will try to elevate the understanding and the knowledge of humanity. They will try to open the eyes of the human heart to the truths that cannot be seen with the material eyes.

This will so because only the certainty of a superior purpose and of a superior life, which supports you, will give you strength to live the times that will come. Without a higher understanding about the Plans of God, your lives will become meaningless, such as life has become meaningless to many youngsters and adults who did not find a reason to be in this world.

If you are strengthened by the hope of a spiritual and divine goal, you will be able to persevere and keep yourselves firm to overcome the obstacle with love, forgiveness and braveness. And, when it is time, you will be able to reconstruct the world with the proper courage and with the principles of the spirit.

You will know that you are never alone and you will be able to count on the help of Brothers of yours who observe the world and wait, with holy hope, for the Earth to live its learning.

In love and peace, preparing your hearts,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the world where you live and, for an instant, silence the thoughts of your mind and the emotions of your being.

Observe how your inner world recognizes that the life which expresses itself on Earth does not resemble the Thought of God.

See how within you inhabits the archetype for humanity and the expression of the planet as a whole.

Feel how your heart has the yearning of living fraternity and of knowing true love, that One who makes you give your life for your friends and to forgive the enemies, loving them as if they were part of you.

What will you do with this which dwells within you? Will you shut your heart – as most of the human beings do – or will you renounce worldly views to institute new life on the planet, even if it seems crazy in the eyes of the world?

Child, the age of the Armageddon has come to the planet, but most of your brothers are seeking scientific, philosophical and spiritualist concepts which place a pattern of normality in what is happening in the world today. These are the human minds trying to silence the heart.

Those who listen to the voice of God in their own interior know that a final time has begun in the world and that, without the establishment of peace in the human heart, chaos will establish its reign and govern the minds and spirits of those who did not open themselves to the truth.

Those who unite themselves to God and silence their minds, in order to let the wisdom of the essences arise, do not fear to know the truth and do not want to silence the Will of God. They know that, at the end of all this battle, the good will triumph. For this reason, they recognize the urgency of the need for transformation, recognize the imperious inner will of renouncing the old man and its tendencies and to open themselves so that the New dismisses the reign of the outdated human addictions, even though, for the human mind, these retrograde and degenerated energies, when manifested in matter, sometimes are called technologies.

Child, the path to retrocession is known by the human mind as a progress. Those who follow the trends of these so-called “advancements” do not perceive that the path to evolution was left behind when the human consciousness rejected simplicity, fraternity and love and in the industrial age, that marked a spiritual retrocession of humankind, opened itself to competition, slavery, the obsessive usufruct and the almost absolute denial of spiritual life.

In other eras of decadence, as in the end of Atlantis and Lemuria, it was the eagerness for manipulation of the spiritual power that lead man to lose its path of purity and unity. Now, again, false power takes control of the mind and of the aspiration of men who believe they can place themselves above the Creator with their free will.

The degenerated man believes it has the power over life and over the Kingdoms of Nature. That is why, by sending His Son, Who conquered death and perpetuated His Resurrection, the Creator wanted to demonstrate to humanity that only He has the Power and that all that exists under His Power belongs to the force, which is the one that loses itself and vanishes like dust before the fire of the Glory of God.

I tell you, beloved child, that many of your brothers did not learn from the example of Christ and chose an even greater suffering, a learning that would transcend the experience of only one man and would involve in himself all humanity and all the Kingdoms of Nature. The Armageddon is the Passion of the planetary consciousness.

You might be in this Passion in three different ways, as Christ and the crucified thieves next to Him: both the thieves were thinking only about themselves; however, in the end of all, one of them accepted the Will of God and converted himself in time. The other decided to keep his pride and not even with all the suffering did he surrender himself to the forgiveness of God. Or you might be like Christ, being this one who will live the same steps of the Passion of all the beings on the Earth, but not with the spirit of punishment, guilt, anger, frustration or of pain, but only offering to the Father each step with the cross of the world, so that a new redeemed race can appear from your offer of love and of forgiveness.

Child, you must choose, right away, the path which you will follow: if your footprints will be over the footprints of Christ, confirming the victory of God; if you will choose to suffer in the ignorance and remain in your own opinion, to surrender yourself in the last hour; or if you will remain in your boundless pride and even in the presence of God, you will choose the path of the abyss.

The cross will be given to you in every way. Hold it tight and take your steps.

The first steps in the planetary Passion will dictate the destiny of humanity. For this reason, from now on, in your inner Gethsemane, renounce temptations and accept redemption. God will be with you, the angels will support you and you will carry your cross, only contemplating the victory of your Most High Father.

After all, peace will reign.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, this one who comes to open the eyes of humanity


In the spirit of simplicity, surrender your own will to God and do not be afraid of following His Designs that are often incomprehensible to the human mind, but will always be full of perfection.

The Will of God always will echo in the interior of the heart that silences to listen to Him, and the one who aspires to follow this Will shall know that this profound feeling is real, is true.

God always speaks in the intimate of His creatures, but, in most of the times, the noise that exists in the interior of the beings is very big for the constant seeking of contentment that you will not achieve in this world.  In other cases, they occupy even the soul in purely material aspirations and they cannot listen to their own heart or, in order to not follow it, they doubt that this feeling and this inner voice are true.

But today I tell you that to follow the Will of God, you must be brave and firm in spirit, as in the heart, because humanity is far away from what it should express and, often, the hearts of good will, that try to walk to God, are making their efforts to the opposite path.

With this, I do not want tell you to abandon all that you do, but to listen more to the Voice of God in your own interior and to be more attentive to listen to Him and willing to follow Him when He gives you clear indications.

This possibility of uniting to God will never be taken from you.  The voice of God fulfills the spirit and rejoices the soul; do not confuse it with the voice of mind that quenches the aspirations of the senses and vanities.

This is My message for today: in the silence of the heart, listen to God and, in the courage of spirit, answer to His call.

I bless you today and always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Until the end of time My Heart will unite the rings that I carry between My hands and that represent the unity among the hearts.

I still contemplate the great necessity of brotherhood that exists between the children of My Father. For this, day and night I come to the world to save it and to help it to merge itself in the essence of My Love.

True love supports and renounces.

True love forgives and is not separated by words.

The true love of God dissolves and removes all evil among the servers so that the love for the Divine Will may prevail.

In this time many souls are separated as are the stones in a river that runs rapidly and swiftly.

Whither will these precious stones go?

In which ocean will they end up?

Only My Ocean of Mercy will allow you to wash your wounds and heal your own evils. I come in the time of Mercy to unite you to Me and so that nothing that has to do with your understanding may separate you from Me.

Trust in My Mercy, pray to Me each day more and with the heart. Try to be in peace so that in this way you may overcome the mental barriers. Be heralds of My Love and distribute My Light to wherever you may go. Never fear to transform yourselves because in transformation is found the liberation of oneself.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with love!

Christ Jesus, Your Saviour

Message for the Vigil of Prayer received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My dear ones,

I thank you for the perseverance of your hearts.

I thank you for the effort to understand and live My Message, for I know the difficulties of human hearts in living celestial impulses.

I thank you because I know about the barriers that must be overcome, barriers created long ago and strengthened over the centuries that, with hard stones, separate hearts from My Spring of Grace.

I know it is not so simple to break those barriers that exist in the consciousness, and I see how your spirits strive to help you on this long trajectory.

I thank you today because from the Heavens I saw the movement of your hearts, I heard your prayers, your petitions, your requests for help for this path of transformation.

In these last days, many offerings reached the Feet of the Lord, offerings of souls, of spirits, and offerings of the consciousness, so that through the intervention of the Creator, your hearts may be able to take new steps.

My dear ones, after this first movement that your consciousnesses, souls and spirits carried out toward the Creator, it is time to persevere more than ever, because the Lord heard your petitions and, at this moment, is sending you the tests that will strengthen you in your persistence, and that will test the true aspiration of your hearts so that your consciousnesses may no longer live from passing impulses.

With faith, secure all the impulses sent by My Son Jesus and by God Himself. Nurture your spirits with the codes placed in your hearts through the merciful Presence of Christ, and allow those codes to multiply through prayer, communion and true fasting, for in this way, those codes will transform the cells, the matter, the heart and the consciousness.

In the face of the tests that come, reaffirm yourselves! In the face of all the tests, bring to light within the heart the spring of Mercy offered to you by My Son, and persevere in the purpose of your hearts.

With faith, move toward the goals that your consciousnesses made themselves available to accomplish, and when returning to your homes, do not live as if all you witnessed in these last days were just a dream.

Go and fulfill the evolutionary proposals that your souls are pushing you to accomplish.

Go and persevere in the aspirations of living the Messages sent by God.

Go and do not allow all that was placed in your consciousnesses to die, because your souls cry out at the Feet of God for Him to preserve those impulses in your hearts. Your souls glorify the Creator for the opportunity given to them to awaken definitively to the true life of the spirit. Do not miss these celestial opportunities.

My children, today I just ask that you continue to persevere in the same way that you responded to this impulse of the soul that brought you here, may you continue to respond to the Will of God which resounds in your hearts and inspires your consciousnesses.

I thank you for being here today with Me and for continuing by My side.

Under the impulse of the infinite Graces the Lord pours out over the world, I bless you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I radiate My Immaculate Peace to all the missionaries of prayer, and especially to My children that in this final time have made a long path of service under the Plan of the Lord.

My dear ones,

United in the reparative prayer the new networks of Light are interwoven, which will be able to reach all My children that are distant from My Heart. For this reason, the groups of prayer consecrated to My Immaculate Heart will be essences that will shine for Me in the cold of night.

For this I am preparing you in a vigil of prayer. The only path that will lead you to Me is the true essence of prayer; it will help dissolve the mental and psychic maladjustments that many of My children suffer today.

Each moment of prayer is like the opening, by means of the sincere voice, of a door to the Heavens, and thus the Great Universe of compassion can descend in this final time. It is necessary to strengthen the wise hope; in this way, My little ones, your hearts will be guided by My Light and by My Love.

Who loves you and guides you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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