In this time of definition, children, all beings, in different degrees, are being obliged to confront within themselves both human will and Divine Will, the old and the new human.

Within the human will are held all the beliefs about life, about yourselves, about God and His Plan, about your personal mission and how to move it forward, about knowledge, wisdom, truth and ignorance.

Within Divine Will, something profoundly unknown and silent is held, that with its simple approach, knocks down walls and structures, transforms, modifies and renews that which was out of place within beings.

But holding on to what is unknown is not easy to do. Allowing for the transformation of one's most formed and oldest convictions in the consciousness, in order to walk toward something that is unknown, where the human consciousness does not have roots but only spirit, is the great challenge of these times.

And how can this be carried out?

There will be no other way of going through this moment, children, except by praying, yielding more deeply each day and opening yourselves to a more true relationship with God so that, in this way, you may recognize Him, even in the invisible, even in the silence, so that you may know how to distinguish His Will, beyond the shouts of human wills.

During this time of the planet, you will only be sustained by a real relationship between God and humankind. It is about the experience of the Covenant already realized by Christ that must now be experienced by the beings. But in your relationship with God, there is no past, there is no human condition, flesh does not prevail, but only spirit.

To go through the doorway toward the Meeting, you will have to defeat shame, beliefs, convictions, personal plans, wills, conditions, fears and desires, goals and aspirations. It is in the void where you will find the answer and the correct vestments for going through the narrow doorway, where only spirit and love fit.

Pray to understand what I tell you. Become silent so that, in communion with silence, you may know how to listen to the Voice of the One who, even having manifested the Word, speaks through silence.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Child, learn to deal with the sorrows and the fears that come from your soul, that old soul that has already gone through so many stages of life and that now finds itself facing the unknown, a place where its security and deepest beliefs seem to disappear, a place where the desert shows itself to be so broad, and where dryness takes the place of faith.

Learn to feel the sorrows and the fears that come from your soul and manifest in your heart as such intense and deep feelings, the roots of which you do not know from where they came. These roots are in your soul.

So speak with this small soul and say to it: "Trust in the Lord, beloved soul. In you is the fortitude to cross deserts and to go through tests. In you the Lord builds the foundation on rock so that, in spite of the winds of these times, you do not see your inner castle collapse."

Pray, child, with your own soul, speak with the deepest nuclei of your being and, at the same time that you seek unity with God, also seek unity with yourself.

To understand oneself and to unveil one's own inner being, to see one's own weaknesses and sorrows, is something that you must begin to experience so that, in the coming time, you may be bridges and light in the world, able to help those who arrive blind upon the path.

For this reason, while feeling these deep and hidden feelings, go even deeper within, face your soul and ask it where its sorrow comes from, where its fear comes from. Pray with it and ask for the Grace of being free, of seeing and healing the most hidden wounds of the consciousness, and do not be afraid of what you will find within yourself, for with open arms, the Healer and the Redeemer waits for you, the Holder of all forgiveness and the King of Mercy.

But if you do not seek Him, if you feel your sorrows and hide them, how will your Lord touch your wounds and close them? Or with a single gaze, heal all of your being?

For this reason, child, do not fear, but rather love. Love God, love your neighbor and also love what God aspires to manifest within you. Love the sacred that dwells within you, love the Thought of the Lord for your life and allow yourself to heal and return to your purpose.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Universe of God is sublime, and its mysteries are incalculable. But, before reaching the celestial heights, children, you should learn to deal with your human condition and live the transcendence of illusions, available to humans by the time of Earth and its mysteries, until you can cross the layers and veils that separate you from the Truth and the Time of God, so you may discover not only the celestial mysteries but, above all, yourselves. 

If I spoke to you only of sublime things, you would make from the Truth an illusion in your minds, you would have it as a story, but not as an experience, as a philosophy, but not as life manifested in everything that you are. This is why, sometimes, I speak to you of the Universe and sometimes I go back to your human condition, to create a bridge between what you think you are and what you must find out about yourselves.

The Truth already is. It manifested in the Origin of life and has hidden in the essence and microcosmos of each being. To find it, you should search for it as you search for the things of the world today. Just as you make an effort for the victories on Earth, make an effort for the triumphs of Heaven.

Search for the example of those who have already walked this path. Drink from the experience of those who were tested and transcended human life, to find Christ hidden and alive within themselves. Those you call saints, children, are not God, and it is not their miracles that will make them reach God, but rather their example which can inspire you and bring you light for the darkness of consciousness.

To reach what is High, you should elevate yourselves. To reach that which is within, you should deepen. And this is an eternal and tireless mission, until you return to the Origin of life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

Daily Message of Saint Joseph transmitted in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Welcome the Science of God that is revealed and allow it to settle within you. Do not try to understand it immediately, but rather feel it and experience it, little by little, until it transforms you and reveals itself.

Learn to know, by living. Learn to welcome, by loving. Learn to transform yourselves, by being companions of God, each day a little more, and not just His children.

Aspire to be the new in this world.

Aspire to experience the unknown.

Aspire to be precursors of a new time, manifested truths, a new experience for the entire Creation.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the city of Fatima, Portugal, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus

If you are afraid of the unknown, it is because up until now you have not loved the Will of God.

Thus, trust in all that is beyond your knowledge, control and limits.

Trust in all that comes from the Universe as instruction and let all of this become your Guiding Star in this time.

This is the great moment of knowing the unknown, of deeply knowing about your real story so that your consciousness can each day draw closer to living the degrees of love.

Open so that what is unknown may be a part of your life and so that, in this way, you may be able to understand the amplitude and the infiniteness of the Universe.

By living the unknown, you will discover how small you are in the face of all the Universe and how small your story is in light of so many galaxies and stars.

The path toward what is unknown will cause you to think about your inner process of redemption and to generate the relief that this planet needs from all the weight it has carried since distant times.

For this reason, unite with the unknown and be a precursor in the healing of humanity through your unconditional "yes", through your absolute trust and your faithfulness.

Dare to be transformed by the unknown.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


When Jesus resurrected and brought life back into His cells, into His Body, closed His wounds, restored all levels of His being, He did it not only within Himself.

In His Resurrection, universal and cosmic wounds were restored that even precede the existence of the Earth. In His Heart, He transmuted, healed and restored the past of all of Divine and Universal Creation, from the smallest spiritual wounds up to those that deeply marked the history of the Universe. All the creatures of God were faced with an opportunity of transcending fear, in the potency of Love; of transcending darkness, in the potency of His Christic Light.

The love of Christ went throughout His Body and went beyond dimensions, beyond time  and space, touching those situations and consciousnesses that inhabit the invisible, that which for humanity, up until today is a mystery and unknown. This Love manifested as a Grace, as an opportunity. The Divine Hand was held out to those who were fallen so that a new cycle could begin, a new school, which transcended a civilization, a planet and even the Universe; a school for all beings.

The learning of this Love became available for all those who said "yes". And in this way, a new cycle of Redemption began for all of life. History began to re-write itself, beginning with a blank page so that all creatures could tread the path travelled by the Son of God, and all could find the point of their evolution which makes them worthy for the Creator God, worthy of being called His children.

The unforgivable was forgiven; the incurable received their chance for healing; those who were lost saw before them the doorway to their salvation. Christ resurrected and, with Him, all life was made new.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

These times will demand a sufficiently large openness from souls and all surface beings in order to be able to follow the changes that are necessary.

These changes will take place with a true receptivity that will build the bases to be able to experience that which is new and yet still very unknown.

In this sense, dear children, these times, which are part of a transition, must be experienced with a lot of courage, neutrality and peace. This will at all times allow the building of a positive consciousness within yourselves that is alert to living necessary changes, without the need of going through suffering.

Therefore, it is important for this humanity of the surface to maintain a constant gesture of gratitude and love in order to understand and accept changes and situations in life that would seem impossible.

It is time to open your inner worlds much more than they are usually open in order to be able to see, feel and understand that any change or new cycle is an opportunity for getting out of that which is static in this world, to be able to move beyond your own obstacles that hinder humanity from expressing itself spiritually as consciousness within this school planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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