Thursday, June 18 of 2020

Daily messages

Child, learn to deal with the sorrows and the fears that come from your soul, that old soul that has already gone through so many stages of life and that now finds itself facing the unknown, a place where its security and deepest beliefs seem to disappear, a place where the desert shows itself to be so broad, and where dryness takes the place of faith.

Learn to feel the sorrows and the fears that come from your soul and manifest in your heart as such intense and deep feelings, the roots of which you do not know from where they came. These roots are in your soul.

So speak with this small soul and say to it: "Trust in the Lord, beloved soul. In you is the fortitude to cross deserts and to go through tests. In you the Lord builds the foundation on rock so that, in spite of the winds of these times, you do not see your inner castle collapse."

Pray, child, with your own soul, speak with the deepest nuclei of your being and, at the same time that you seek unity with God, also seek unity with yourself.

To understand oneself and to unveil one's own inner being, to see one's own weaknesses and sorrows, is something that you must begin to experience so that, in the coming time, you may be bridges and light in the world, able to help those who arrive blind upon the path.

For this reason, while feeling these deep and hidden feelings, go even deeper within, face your soul and ask it where its sorrow comes from, where its fear comes from. Pray with it and ask for the Grace of being free, of seeing and healing the most hidden wounds of the consciousness, and do not be afraid of what you will find within yourself, for with open arms, the Healer and the Redeemer waits for you, the Holder of all forgiveness and the King of Mercy.

But if you do not seek Him, if you feel your sorrows and hide them, how will your Lord touch your wounds and close them? Or with a single gaze, heal all of your being?

For this reason, child, do not fear, but rather love. Love God, love your neighbor and also love what God aspires to manifest within you. Love the sacred that dwells within you, love the Thought of the Lord for your life and allow yourself to heal and return to your purpose.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph