Divine dialogue between the Most Holy Mary and the Angel of Portugal

Angel of Portugal: “Sweet Queen of the Stars, Spiritual Ruler of all souls, lost and not lost; consent, Celestial Majesty, to raise each one of Your children into the arms of the Celestial Father.

At least, Adorable and Holy Virgin, shine with Your Divine Love upon each essence so that it may at last find God, the Supreme Lord”.

Most Holy Mary: “Welcoming Angel of Portugal, legionnaire and server of Archangel Saint Raphael, I send You and all of Your blessed armies, in honor of the Archangel Saint Michael to free all the consciousnesses that are chained by My adversary.

With Your Peace, Angel of Portugal, dissipate all illusion of the consciousness, and I ask, servant angel of God, that you pray for all My children, especially for those that believe they are living their spirituality and do not have God because of their great pride.

Angel of Peace, untiringly protect My beloved Portugal, and also have it inwardly know that all these peoples must still settle their errors committed against My indigenous peoples”.

Angel of Portugal: “Yes, My Lady, Most Pious Mother Who consoles the afflicted, Who brings hope and renewal to those who are spiritually hungry.

Yes, Mother, this is My humble reply before Your precious request for mercy. Remember, Holy Celestial Mother, those who blaspheme the Heart of Your Beloved Son; implore, Holy Virgin, for each consciousness of this world, so that nobody lose the peace of the Lord”.

Most Holy Mary: “Servant of My Father, who serves the Higher Universes, valued Angel of Portugal, I will respond to your holy petitions; I will ask My Beloved Son to placate the justice of God and that His Sacred Heart help to dissolve human indifference, the action that commits all the errors of the world.

O Holy Angel of Peace!, help the angels of all the nations, give impulse to each regent angel of each nation, so that it may show itself to the world. Holy Angel of Portugal, Consciousness that adores the Holy Body of My Son in the Eucharist, radiate the codes of light that spring from the untiring Heart of Christ and cause each soul to discover the sweetness of the Love of My Son.


Dear Children,

Today, when the Universe of God touches the Earth and pours Its Mercy over the whole planet, your Mother of the Most Holy Rosary, from America united to the heart of the Kingdom of Fatima will proclaim the word of life, the one that Her beloved Son Jesus requested Her to pronounce on this sacred day.

For this reason today your Celestial Mother will be united to all of the essences of this world, those that on this 13th of May declare to God and to Jesus Christ that the world accepts and recognizes the Mother of God as the Mother of all and as the Queen of Peace.

In this way the Angelic Universe will be radiating from Fatima, heart of the essential purity, a sea of Graces mainly over the hearts and souls that have remained imprisoned in the illusion and in the claws of the adversary.

Today, from the heart of the Kingdom of Fatima, it will be declared Peace for the world and this will come especially to the hearts that may commune on this day and may pray at least a mystery of the Holy Rosary.

Thus, dear children, the Church of Christ, the one that lives in eternity within the simple hearts, will be awakened again.  And the Holy Father will receive an inner aid with which He will be able to keep the spiritual world balanced for some more time.

For this, children, the Queen of the Holy Rosary will descend today in South America in spirit of peace and renovation so that all of the souls of the world may collect the last fruits that the Mother of Heaven will deliver in the hands of the simple and the truthful.

Today from Fatima, the priests of the whole world and all of the favorite children of Our Lady, the ones consecrated to the sacerdotal life, will deliver to the people of God a key that will open the door to liberation of all sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  From this door, the most sinful souls will be able to direct themselves through the path of inner and spiritual rehabilitation.

Twelve Celestial Angels of the Universe will be celebrating along with Our Lady this communion of reparation and of atonement of the whole world, an event that will happen at the same time in all of the tabernacles of the Earth.


Children of Mine,

In these times you will be able to see how My presence and My message of Peace traverse the world by means of the sacred pilgrimages, the ones that are possible because of the loving help of all of My children.

On this day, I wish to place you in consciousness before the magnificence of the task that your Mother has been carrying out in the whole world and especially in Medjugorje and in South America.  For these moments, beloved children, these two places have been chosen by the Supreme Will to represent some of the last points of light that My Immaculate Heart is igniting in the interior of the souls.

The whole of the Americas need the gentle visit of the Mother of God by means of the pilgrimages.  It is for this reason that I announce to you again My pending task in the Andes and in the United States.  As these are important missions, My Son has allowed for My Maternal Light to concentrate in one of the most needy places of each one of these two regions.

For this great purpose, children, today I announce to you that My Merciful and Maternal Heart wishes to arrive, in the next months, to Bogotá, Colombia, where My luminous presence will carry out, as the Bird of the Sun, a special task of blessing.  For this, I also come today to ask the groups of prayer of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Dominican Republic to form an only weekly group of prayer to pray and to work for this divine cause.  In this way, your Heavenly Mother will help you to concretize Her upcoming presence in Colombia.

In the United States, your Most Holy Mother wishes to carry out, together with Her Beloved Son, a spiritual mission of conversion before the material and liberal life.  In order for this conversion of the hearts to become possible and occur soon, I will ask the groups of prayer of the United States and of Europe to weekly unite in prayer in order to concretize the aspiration of the Queen of Heaven of lovingly going on pilgrimage to the city of Miami, Florida, and to the indigenous communities present in State of Oklahoma in the United States.


As a Star-Sun I descend upon the world to illuminate the abysses of the wounded hearts and thus rescue the souls from perdition.  To each one of them I deliver the strength to be able to go ahead so that soon they may find the new path that will take them to Christ.

I Am the Universal Star that descends upon humanity in order to save it and put it back in the Purpose of God.  I indicate the path to go through, thus no essence of God loses the Grace of meeting again its inner Christ.

I Am the Star of the World, the One that signalizes the coming of Christ to the hearts, the One that suspends Herself in the cosmos to radiate the Love of God and the One that lights the fire of the new devotion.

I Am the Star Guide of the navigators, of the souls seeking redemption, of those that wait patiently for the arrival of the Grace and of the great day of forgiveness.

I Am the Star of the Cosmos, I Am the Light that comes from God, I Am the Spirit of Purity, I Am the Spiritual Divinity of the Creator because My Heart sprouts from His Most Chaste Love and His Omnipotence expresses Itself through the perfect unity of the Creation.

I Am the Star of Hope, I Am the Mother that brings the spirit of redemption, I Am the one who works in the name of Christ and the one who builds the new inner temple.

I Am the Star of the celestial spheres, I Am that Bird that searches Her nest in the dwelling of the humble hearts, I Am the Mother who gestates the New Humanity.

I Am the Pure, the Invincible, I Am the Simple and the Humble, I am the Healing Mother who heals with Her Love, every sorrow.  I Am the One who guides the lost ones, I Am the One who purifies the heart, I Am the Mother who cleans the stains, I Am the Queen of Love.

I come to this world to look for My children.  I descend in Glory to call you because it is already time to awaken from the illusionary sleep.  I come to establish peace in each inner world.  I come so that you may discover the life that is lived in the stars.  I come for the last time to aid you and in order for you to undertake a flight towards Heaven.  I come to look for the best in each one and to awaken the sacred virtues that Christ left to you.


I Am the Lady dressed with and surrendered by the Light of the Great Sun.

I Am the Immaculate Spirit guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I Am the Mother of the Universe, I Am the Queen of the Peace.

I Am the Emanation of Love, of Unity and of Faith for all My children.

I Am the refuge for those that are alone, I Am the morning that awakens in each one of the lives.

I Am the Morning Star, I am the Dawn that gathering the herds of Christ.

I Am the Immaculate Conception that brings the comfort for those desperate, the love for those who don´t have, the faith for those alone and the redemption for those who have denied.

I Am the bridge to the Great , I Am the Mother of the Perpetual prayer of God.

I Am part of the Divine Verb, I am the testimony of the Creator.

I Am His Servant, I am His Server. I Am part of His Light for the world.

Dear children, I Am the Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity, I Am for you the new flower, I Am the subtle scent from the Fountain of God.

I Am the Mother of Redeemer, I Am the Servant of Christ.

I Am for My children, the fountain that heals the wounds, I Am the blessed and the Immaculate Heart.

I Am the Mystic Rose, I Am the Spirit of Peace.

But I will be more on the world and in the Universe, through our love, our compassion and our humility.

My children, today I invite you to be part of the Great Spirit of God. I invite you to live in the Heart of the Highest so that humility, the sacred devotion and reverence may be born from ours little souls.

I shall be within you the Mother of Graces. A Mother with Her child is a child with Her Eternal Father. And the Only and One Father conduces each soul, each one of My little children. 

Dear children, may from your essences sprout the wisdom to understand with the heart who for love and grace visit you month by month.

Dear children, today I tell you and I remind you that each one of you is part of the divine expression of the love of God, because through the prayer you will allow, in this definitive time, that will born and awake in you the love of the Creator.

May today be only love, divine love and immaculat love.

May today be only Peace, souls in the Peace of God and will serve to God with happiness.

The Queen of Peace wants to make you live and find Peace, necessary for the life of all My children in the world. With the jubilation of Peace in My Maternal Heart, dear children, I invite you to pray so that the Peace of the Infinite and Merciful Father may come to all the Hearts farther from Him.

My children, today I talk to you again about peace because it is something essential that many creatures lack and this lack of peace comes because of the absence of the life of prayer.

Many of My children know the consecrated life and the food that prayer irradiates for each spirit. In this way My Heart comes again to the world to heal and forgive the pain of all My children, pain that does not allow them to start to live the life of prayer.

For this dear children, the faithful service of all the devotees to My Immaculate Heart will be to help and pray for all those who, invaded by this world, lose the light of the path, the presence of God in life.

It is important that your consciousnesses face the events of the world in a loving attitude of prayer. My dear children, it is the great heart of all humanity that must place life before the love of God so that as little creatures His Merciful Love and the Holy Spirit help you to walk towards Eternal Peace.

And after here, after this world that must live the conversion of the heart, you as souls of God must come in deep prayer to the promised Kingdom: the Kingdom of Heaven.

Open the fountain of love that My Son has left each one of you, a fountain that must be searched for inside the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Beloved children of God, many still do not believe the true call of the Queen of Peace.

Because of this today I ask you and I tell you, little children:

“Come to Me, because if you come you will be in My Son, you will be in My Divine Peace.”

No longer fear for that which has not changed in the heart. It is important dear children, that your hearts are in immense joy when My Immaculate Heart comes to the meeting with all of you.

You are My beloved children: And the world, what is it to My Heart? Do you know?
I tell you, dear children, that humanity has been blessed for a long time by the merciful rays of God. God does not feel wrath towards the world. God is Love. God is Truth. God is Hope and Forgiveness. God is the primary source of Peace for the hearts.

If you My children, take the steps of consecration to My Immaculate Heart, I tell you that you will be doing it for all My other children who deny the Celestial God’s love.

Today I bring you, for your little hearts, a small piece of My Heaven, so that you may venerate and honor it for love of the Creator of All.

Dear children this little piece of the Great Heaven is My Immaculate Heart, which must be repaired from all the insults It receives from the children of this humanity. But the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy is still present for those who claim this divine aspect of redemption that My Son irradiates to the world.

In this exercise with Divine Mercy you will prepare the path for the time of justice, through the second return of Christ the savior, My Universal Son.
Live in the fountain of meekness, because then you will find the path of humility.

Let’s pray, little children; pray more!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Dear children: each day you must say and feel in your hearts:

Prayer is the strength of my faith, that gives victory for life.

It is my shield, is my light, is the source that satiates my thirst.

Prayer is the hope, is the original emanation of love.

Prayer is the source of the Graces that are shed over the world.

Prayer is the advice for the neighbor, is the intimate confession with God.

It is the shield for my soul, it is the emblem of the new humanity.

Prayer is the contemplation for the heart, it is the renewal of life.

It is the power that frees all evil, because in prayer you can find the way out.

In prayer I find the light that my heart is looking for, to illuminate the path until I get to the Lord.

Prayer is the announcement of the Good News, is the unity for each creature.

In prayer I discover the gift of happiness and I find peace for the heart.

In prayer the soul expresses itself to God and the Lord answers with His immense mercy.

Prayer is the pillar for all existence, it is the inner communion with the Son of God.

Through prayer I go back to Christ and in His Heart I reconcile life.

Prayer is a star for the world that foretells the coming of the new.

Through prayer I find myself day by day with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The soul praises with the prayer to the Queen of the Angels and of the Patriarchs.

With prayer I give my heart, to live in peace.

Prayer brings us closer to the eternal and loving life of the Queen of Peace.

In prayer we build the path to fraternity, because we are worthy children of the Father, that in prayer donate themselves to peace.

Prayer is the strength that raises humanity to redemption.

And in this call, dear children, you will be confirming the alliance with My Son, through prayer. In order that peace be alive in the world, we have to pray and affirm this aspiration, the path towards the good and the pure. The heart needs to be prayer in life and in spirit, so that more sleeping souls wake up to the mission of prayer for peace.

Let us honor the Lord, dear children, so that the Grace of reconciliation can irradiate for all the hearts of mankind.

With the answer that your hearts give through prayer, the world turns more peaceful and a new love, the love of My Immaculate Heart will appear for the life of all the children that aspire to live it.

Today’s apparition happened during the afternoon, the Divine Mother arrived accompanied by Father Pío, who came full of joy to irradiate us his love and his devotion to the Virgin Mother. The Virgin Mary this day placed us close to Her Immaculate Heart, so that we could feel Her Peace and Her protection as a Mother. This happened at the moment that Our Lady descended from the Heavens to the place of the apparition. She raised our consciousnesses until they came very close to Her Heart. It was for us a special Grace of love that the Divine Mother gave us together in the company of Father Pío. Right after that, the Divine Mother said:


Dear children, why do you cry, even when I love you?

I come to bring you My Celestial Peace which is unmistakable among the creatures. My Kingdom of Peace is for each one of My children and you should no longer suffer, because I, the Queen of Peace, want to make you grow as kind souls of God.

Dear children: today’s world and all that the generations have created will bring you to learn about life. But never forget that I am among you to satiate the thirst for My Son and to indicate to you the path that will lead you to Him. My Heart suffers when I see you sad, it is as if a thousand spears suffocate it. I need you to be as strong as the oak tree, so that the heart can be nourished from true learning.

Remember dear children, that the indomitable faith of the heart will allow you to see clearly the distances that you will still have to go through as souls of God. My dear ones, this is why you must not lose the hope, so that the daily prayer can yield the fruit that it promises you: the fruit of the true love of God.

For this My little ones, in My maternal silence I observe you, because you are still very small within this world and now, little by little have started the steps towards forgetting yourself.

Dear children: prayer said with the heart and together with Me, with My Immaculate Heart, will help you. And when you no longer have strength in the heart to continue, remember dear children, that My Heart will be the sure rest to sleep and wake up in God. I see the world that suffers and wears away by the evident lack of love among the hearts.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.