Tuesday, February 14 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

Each day you must feel and say with your hearts:

Prayer is the strength of my faith that brings victory to life.  It is my shield; it is my light. It is the fount that quenches my thirst.

Prayer is the hope; it is the original emanation of love. Prayer is the spring of Graces that is poured over the world.

Prayer is the advice for the neighbor, it is the intimate confession with God.

It is the shield for my soul; it is the emblem of the new humanity.

Prayer is the contemplation of the heart; it is the renewal of life.

It is the power that liberates all evil, because in prayer is the exit is to be found.

In prayer I find the Light that my heart seeks to illuminate the path towards the Lord.

Prayer is the announcement of the Good News. It is the unity for each creature.

In prayer, I discover the gift of joy and I find peace for the heart.

In prayer, the soul expresses itself to God and the Lord responds with His Immense Mercy.

Prayer is the pillar for all existence; it is the inner communion with the Son of God.

Through prayer I return to Christ and in His Heart I reconcile life.

Prayer is a star that foretells the coming of the new world.

Through prayer I encounter, day by day, the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The soul praises, with prayer, the Queen of the Angels and of the Patriarchs.

With prayer I surrender my heart to live in peace.

Prayer brings us closer to the eternal and loving life of the Queen of Peace.

In prayer we build the path towards fraternity, because we are worthy children of the Father who, in prayer, give ourselves to peace.

Prayer is the strength that raises humanity to Redemption.

With these affirmations, dear children, you will be confirming the alliance with My Son through prayer. So that peace may be lived in the world, we must pray and affirm our aspiration to the path of good and purity. The heart needs to be prayer in life and in spirit so that more sleeping souls may wake up to the mission of prayer for peace.

Let us honor the Lord, dear children, so that the Grace of Reconciliation may be radiated to the hearts of humanity.

With the response that your hearts give through prayer, the world becomes more peaceful and a New Love, the Love of My Immaculate Heart, will be able to appear in the life of all the children who aspire to live it.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace in the hearts of all,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity