Tuesday, January 24 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children:

With joy I prepare My Immaculate Heart for the days 25th and 26th of this month, the moment in which I will appear to the whole nation of Brazil. The Lord is granting you for these days the special Grace of forgiveness and of conversion of the heart. All of this will start, dear children, with the action of daily prayer. In this way, little children, more Graces will be poured in several nations that are in need of peace.  My call to peace is for all humanity, but first this state of peace must begin in the depth of your hearts.

Rejoice your hearts for this day, My dear children, shine like the stars in a perpetual prayer for the world and for all the souls.  You already know that I have appeared to many hearts, and in different times of the world; today I am arriving again to the world from the Heavens by means of distinct, but united, apparitions. My Heart wants to permeate all the children because My call to all of you is the call of attention to the daily task of prayer.

Dear children: your hearts are in time to convert pain into joy and suffering into donation to God. Your efforts as souls surrendered to the Will of the Supreme will help you in the real transformation of your hearts.  Love the Divine Will.  Love the Infinite Will that comes from Our Celestial Father.

Little children: today I invite you to prepare your hearts for the encounter with Me during this month.  Joy and gratitude will be the keys that will open the doors to the new.

Dear children: God the Kind Father has granted Me the Grace that we meet in Figueira, for the coming month of February, on the days of 25th and 26th, where My Immaculate Heart will give you Peace through My Voice.

We are in a time of redemption, My little children, your hearts will not be able to lose the call that I make for each heart.  The world will be able to live in peace when all the souls seek prayer daily, in this way My Immaculate Peace will be life and hope for many.

Thank you for answering to My call.

I listen to your prayers…

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.