Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-third Poem

Morning Star,
that brings the Light of Love and Truth,
guide us along the path of redemption.

May our eyes be fixed upon Christ
so that we may be reborn
and inwardly healed of all that may be necessary.

Lady and Mother of Consolation,
embrace us and place us under Your protective Mantle.

May Your maternity awaken within us
the unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Celestial Mother,
we aspire to be the redeemed stars
of Your Crown of Light.

Help us to live the attributes of Your Heart.

Teach us to practice
the Instructions of Your Son in daily life
because, in this way, we will be the apostles of the Lord,
servers and collaborators
of His redeeming Work.

give us strength and courage
during the moments when we most need them,
so that we may live perseverance and faith
at each instant.

Make us true Christians,
disciples of Your Son’s Love
because we hope to serve Him and find Him
in each step of life,
so that in Christ we may fulfill
the Will of God.


I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages
Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

The Return of the Mother of God 

Silent as the breeze and brighter than the Sun, the Mother of the Sun, the Morning Star will also return.

First, children, it will be My silence that will prepare your hearts and let you mature and live those experiences that confirm your spirits in adherence to the Plan of God.

Before everything happens and the triumph of God manifests, you will see within yourselves the fruits of the last years of Graces and of teachings, and the very expression of your lives will be the testimony of this Work and of the Divine Presence that has guided, led and instructed you for so many years.

The day will come when Our Sacred Hearts become silent, so that the prophets, the apostles, the saints and the Christs of the last days and of the new times may manifest themselves.

Our Hearts will become silent because it is part of the Plan of God that you can grow for yourselves and make the seeds of Grace and Love bear fruit.

Just as God became silent in the Heart of Christ for Him to manifest Love and Christification in His human Heart, so will God become silent in the hearts of those who listen and respond to His call today.

But this is not to punish you, My children, this is so that there may be born within you a unique love, which arises from the human potential when it faces a great need of love.

Before Our Hearts become silent, we will have given everything to humanity, and nothing will be lacking for you to fulfil the Plan of God.

The silence of God will have a time and during this time it will seem eternal and painful. You will look for the Father within and outside yourselves and you will seem not to find Him, even though He will always be there.

His silence is the symbol of the dark night that the whole planet will experience, because it is necessary.

There must be night so that the sun may rise again.

There must be darkness so that light may have meaning, and so that daytime can exist.

So children, do not fear, but have faith in the new promises of Christ and in the revelations of your Heavenly Mother.

When the night comes upon the world and silence and solitude take over the hearts of humankind, remember what I will now tell you: brighter than the Sun, a Star will be born in the firmament, which will be the announcement of the return of the day, of the physical and spiritual day, which will illuminate again the inside and the outside of beings.

This Star will bring with it a deep feeling of peace, of support and of hope; it will bring the relief that hearts need to go through the last and most intense moments of this dark night.

It will remain silent in the sky until the Sun can be born again, until the Son of Man has the permission of His Father to return to the world and, as the Great Farmer, to seek the fruits that were born in the hearts of beings, and multiply them.

The Morning Star, which announces the arrival of the Sun for this moment will remain silent. But, after everything is fulfilled, My Feet will also touch the Earth and, with My Son, I will come to concretize the Plan of God and reveal My true Face to you.

The mystery of My return, My children, is to finish uniting peoples, races and religions and to bring toward My Immaculate Heart those who through ignorance denied My universal Motherhood.

I will return to receive from My Son the most lost souls, I will wash them in the Fountains of Grace and lead them so that they may have a new destiny and may receive a new opportunity.

The return of the Mother of the World will happen to seal the union between Heaven and Earth, between the different Faces of God and His creatures.

And there, My children, will be revealed to you all the truths that are hidden today, because I will cause to reflect in the mirrors of your hearts the true story of Creation and only then, when everything is fulfilled, will you understand the true meaning of this experience on Earth.

From that moment, the Scepter of God will be placed upon Earth, and a new world and a new being will be established.

Feel the Grace of My words and awaken your faith in the new and eternal Prophecies of God, for they will be fulfilled as, from the beginning, all that the Creator said through the prophets was fulfilled.

I bless you and thank you for listening to My words and responding to My call!


You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I am the Morning Star, the one that is shining now in the firmament of Aurora in order to give the sign of the beginning of this gathering between hearts and souls.

Blessed be all of those who gather through the presence of Christ, because from today on you will be glorifying His holy and blessed Name, such as the day of His holy birth was glorified.

Children of Mine, receive then from your Heavenly Mother, the guide for the times to come, trusting your path of redemption, following the steps of your Pilgrim Mother that reunites you in this sacred cenacle of love so that you may forever find the Redeeming Light of My Son.

Today the Aurora of My Heart shines in its internal Glory and summons the hearts so that they may receive from the Kingdom of God, the Grace of feeling worthy in the Lord.

Dear children, open your hearts so that the Spirit of Christ may enter and you may feel united to His Universal Love.  I leave for everyone a path of hope and truth through the school of prayer, which you are invited to live in these times.

Children, today I bless you and give you Peace, the Peace of Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you in Divine Unity,

Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Blessed are those who live and proclaim My Faith because they will be called converted children of God.


I come this morning to announce to you that the Morning Star, the Mother of the Universe, announces the glorious coming of Her Favorite Son.

After the splendor of the Great Star of the Lady will come the Glory of the Son, as bright as the sun, to pour the Light over the consciousnesses in redemption.

For this moment your hearts must be open to the new time that the Morning Star will announce. Rejoice in My Glorified Heart so that My Holy Heart may be able to be visible as a sign before humanity.

Today I leave for you My Merciful Compassion because as humanity you will need to reconcile yourselves with the Most High Lord. The Father loves all of His Creatures but many of His children still do not love the One and Only God.

I Am present among you to be the bridge that may lead you through My Sacred Heart towards God the Father, towards His Kingdom of Love and of Unity.

Dear servers,

Never lose the aspiration of imitating My Path and of encouraging yourselves to consecrate your consciousnesses to My Divine and Sacred Heart. If you did like this you would relieve the sores that the actions of the world open in Me day by day. As the Redeemer I give you My loving absolution and My Peace for all.

Under the Infinite Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you, children, for lovingly receiving Me during this morning!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 


Dear children,

For the commemoration of My monthly apparitions each 25th in Medjugorje, today I invite you and I gather you in the name of Jesus so that your hearts may contemplate the existence of the Marian Center of Figueira.

After twenty-five years of instruction, necessary for your lives and loving for your souls, today I announce that the Blessed Universal Mother, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, has walked silently together with you through this pathway of teachings and learning.

Dearest children, today I want you to understand in your hearts that God the Father manifests Himself not only through My Immaculate Voice, but also through all those who give themselves from the heart to concretize the Divine Plan on Earth.

Therefore, My children, God the Father is the Great Tree of Wisdom, Its roots and Its branches are the expression of the Infinite Universe and Its leaves are the emanations of the souls upon this beloved planet.

Dear children, in order for this to exist in all of the created life, there exists in your lives the presence of the Universal Mother, the Queen of Peace, the Morning Star that announces the new time before the coming of Her Son.

Dear children, this is why your lives and your essences are al- ways united to the essence of the Heart of God. As the Mother of the World, as the Lady of the Heavens, I come to your en- counter to reveal to you the true mystery of your faith and of your lives; this mystery is called Love for the Whole, Love for the One, Love for the Will of God.

This is why today, with the Rosary of Peace in My blessed hands, again I invite you to prayer, because day by day many souls are lost and they do not find the path towards Light.

For you, My dear children, who are awake to the life of the spirit, it will be enough to serve in this time: to serve by giving yourselves, to serve by loving, to serve to repair the Heart of My Son.

Through your inner maturity and with prayer as a primordial exercise, you will be taking secure steps towards the consecration of your little hearts.

My children, on this 25th of October and after so many events that have happened by means of the presence of My Immac- ulate Heart, I call you to the awakening of your consciousness so that, under the will of God, new and donated Marian servers of peace may emerge. These soldiers of peace have the spirit of loving prayer, of being in inner service for souls and finding, in the Will of God, the aspiration to reach Eternity.

My children, awaken to the call and listen in your hearts to the Voice of the One and Great Lord.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I am the Lady clothed and surrounded with the Light of the Great Sun.

I am the Immaculate Spirit guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I am the Mother of the Universe, I am the Queen of Peace.

I am the emanation of Love, of Unity and of Faith for all My children.

I am the refuge for those who are alone, I am the morning that awakens in each one of the lives.

I am the Morning Star, I am the Aurora that gathers the flocks of Christ.

I am the Immaculate Conception that brings comfort for the desperate, Love for the dispossessed, Faith for the lonely and Redemption for those who have denied God.

I am the bridge to the Heights, I am the Mother of the Perpetual Prayer of God.

I am part of the Divine Word, I am the testimony of the Creator.

I am His Servant, I am His Server. I am part of His Light for the world.

Dear children, I am the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, I am for you the New Flower, I am the subtle Scent from the Fount of God.

I am the Mother of the Redeemer, I am the Servant of Christ. I am, for My children, the fountain that heals the wounds, I am the Blessed and Immaculate Heart.

I am the Mystic Rose, I am the Spirit of Peace.

But I will be even more, upon this world and in the universe, through your love, your compassion and your humility.

My children, today I invite you to be part of the Great Spirit of God. I invite you to live in the Heart of the Most High so that humility, sacred devotion and reverence may be able to be born from your tiny souls.

In you I will be the Mother of Graces. United to My Motherhood you will be united to the Eternal Father who conducts each soul, each one of My little children.

Dear children, may from your essences spring the wisdom to understand with the heart who, for Love and Grace, visits you month by month.

Just as I want to be with you, My Son wants to be part of your beings.

What greater Love is there if not the one that is born perpetually from God?

Dear children, today I am calling you to contemplate the immensity and the magnitude, the greatness and the universal expansion of the Love of God over all the universes.

Dear children, today I tell you and I remind you that each one of you is part of the divine expression of the Love of God, because through prayer you will allow the Love of the Creator to be born and to awaken in you in this defining time.

Today, only be Love, Divine Love and Immaculate Love. Today, only be peace, souls in the Peace of God and serve God with joy.

Blessed are the humble and those who persevere in My Son, because they will find the Kingdom of God in the heart.

I am the Mother of the Most Holy Heart of the Creator; as a part of Love, I love you and I bless you in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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