Just like various species of flowers exist upon the planet, in the same way, there are different Aspects of God that are revealed within the Most Holy Trinity.

The same thing happens with His beloved Son. His different faces, in Heaven as on Earth, fulfill a divine and essential purpose.

This mission of your Master and Lord, through the various faces, has expanded since the moment in which Jesus ascended to the Heavens.

The various faces of Christ respond to an unknown and broad spiritual and cosmic Will, with the only difference being that, in this cycle, the various faces of Christ will approach the Earth and humanity so as to prepare, in the inner planes, for the expected Return of Christ.

These aspects will bring souls extremely important revelations that will expand the consciousness of believers and non-believers so that, with such revelations, humanity may enter its great process of rehabilitation and healing.

These revelations will come directly from Heaven.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

What it is to represent the Spiritual Hierarchy on the Earth

Dear children,

Throughout the entire evolution of the Creation, like that of human beings, the Law of the Hierarchy has always existed.

The Creator, as He multiplied, manifested Himself in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Who, although they are only one and have never lost this spiritual and divine unity, represent the first degree of the Hierarchy of the Creation of God.

Each one of the Aspects of God were responsible for emanating different aspects of life: the dimensions, the Archangels, the planets, the spaces in which life expresses itself. And thus, from the Divine Consciousness to the material manifestation of life, of which the human beings are a part of, everything creates, manifests, expresses itself and lives according to the Law of the Hierarchy.

This Law is drawn in the Universe as on the Earth not by degrees of superiority, as you know by your human definitions. Nor is it due to their abilities that beings are on higher steps of the hierarchical consciousness. It is by the degrees of love, children, of surrender and of donation of self that a being is conducted to represent and guide many more.

In Heaven, like in the invisible levels of Earth, where only your hearts can reach, there are what we call Hierarchies, which are those consciousnesses Who arrived, throughout their evolution, following the guidelines of the Will and of the Plan of God. And, in the evolutionary scale of the Creation, they are treading the path to return to the Heart of the Father; beings that have surrendered their will to the Will of God, and who live beyond the material dimensions to represent the Divine Will.

Their thought is one with the Thought of the Father, their spirit is one with the Spirit of God, their love is an extension of the greater Love of the Son of God and thus, they are worthy of representing the Creator within the different scales of life.

The Earth was thought of and created by God to renew His Love, renew His Creation, and thus elevate life to a greater degree of Love.

So that this may happen, there must be consciousnesses here that love the Law of the Hierarchy and that, by their degrees of love and of surrender, can be worthy of being called the Third Order of the Brotherhood of God.

This means, My children, that not only in the invisible levels must there be consciousnesses that respond to the Divine Will and represent it.

Also on Earth, the consciousnesses must adhere to the Will of the Creator and embrace the purpose of living His Love and of being living and conscious extensions of His Presence.

Thus, they will be able to participate in the Hierarchy that conducts the creatures to the return of their origin. And it is with degrees of love and of surrender that this is built; it is with the rendition of your lives to a greater purpose that you begin to build what I am telling you.

Today I call all of My children of the Planetary Light-Network and all of those who aspire to return to God to take a step further in your surrender, raising your goals and aspirations, raising the purpose of your lives so that you may aspire to be part of the Hierarchy, extensions of the Divine Will on the Earth, and thus you may help even more consciously in the fulfillment of the Plans of God.

Meditate on My Words, My children, and ardently aspire to live love more each day, with transparency and sincerity, so that you may be worthy of being part of the Third Order of the Brotherhood of God, of His Hierarchy upon the Earth.

I love and bless you today and always.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Heart's feeling of Love during the Birth of Jesus

Since My first years of life and before them, I was prepared by God to fulfill His Will and to manifest His promises, those that were kept in the words of the Prophets in the sacred books of our people.

My Heart loved the Lord with fervor and this same Love allowed that, in My prayers, My Consciousness could cross dimensions in order to be before God.

Thus, I contemplated this eternal Source of life and silence; I observed how all of life was renewed through the rays, sounds, and colors that came from the Heart of God and were led by the angels and archangels to the different Universes.

My Heart only aspired to be in silence with God, to be there, in that dimension of consciousness, where all was stillness and peace.

It was like this that, contemplating the Divine Consciousness, the Creator revealed to Me the mysteries of His Creation, He showed Me the moment in which His Love expanded and gave origin to life, manifested through dimensions, He showed Me the moment in which the first Mirrors of the Cosmos were created and how they served to take Love and Divine Will to all that was created.

In His silence, the Lord revealed to Me the grace of the expression of the Divine Trinity and how, from His Heart, His Divine Spirit and His Son were born and, finally, through Archangel Gabriel, the Creator revealed to Me that His Love would manifest in life as a human body, soul and spirit, hiding all of this mystery which had been revealed before.

Before Archangel Gabriel, My Heart expanded and all the Cosmos and the sublime realities that I had been contemplating before, with my eyes, through the portals of light that opened in Heaven, I was now beginning to enter within Myself, into My womb, which kept all of this divine mystery.

First, the Creator dwelled in My Heart, then in My Consciousness and also in My body, making all the levels of My Being experience His divine presence.

The more I lived God, the more silent I became, because His Love flooded My Being in a way that there was no place for My expressions, but only for God's.

Each day that passed and the Little Child God was growing in My womb, it was like contemplating, once more, the creation of the Universes, the manifestation of the Aspects of God, the birth of the angels and archangels through the purest feeling of the Father. But now, My children, this was happening inside My womb.

An inner Cosmos was awakening in My physical body and all that I was, as part of human life, transformed into a Mirror of the Divine Consciousness. The Spirit of God mirrored in Me and, as He gave life to all that inhabited the Universe, now He was gestating a new life in My maternal womb.

Today I express with words what was lived in silence so that your hearts may participate in the mysteries of life and love them in order to seek the truth about yourselves.

Each day of My gestation was accompanied by a Divine Revelation and My Spirit rejoiced in God, in the eternal presence of the angels, as if My feet did not touch the Earth anymore but constantly lived in the renewal of life, in the divine dimensions.

My Chaste Spouse Joseph accompanied My silence and, also silenced, this allowed Him to commune with the mysteries, although He did not understand them, He lived them with the same depth.

On the Road to Bethlehem I accompanied with love every test that He lived and, in My silence, I allowed humanity to be transformed and converted through His Chaste Heart. Now the moment would come for the Spirit of God to flood His Heart and, knowing that everything has its time, I only remained silent and let the Love of God, which pulsated in My Womb, expand to His humble and faithful Heart.

The Birth of Christ was felt by Me as a new creation, a new divine expansion. My Consciousness was transferred to the Cosmos and, seeing the Unique God multiply Himself, I felt His Son being born and expressing Himself in matter.

The angels sang glory and hallelujah and emanated sounds never heard before on Earth; the Silence of God expanded as waves of Love and I felt all of this in My Heart.

Having My Son in My arms made Me share the Love of God while He multiplied Himself; the first feeling of motherhood of all life came from His Heart. And, like something sublime and indescribable, a renewed feeling of Love, a Love that did not live on Earth, My Heart lived a new expansion of light.

Feel, My children, this Love that is kept in the memory of My words and, on this day of glory, allow this expansion of Love to be lived, in some degree, within you. 

Today I revealed to you the most profound feelings of My Heart and, with simple words, I let you know that which cannot be explained, but only lived.

To truly understand what I am telling you, you must allow My words to enter into your hearts and give origin to a new state within each one of you.

I thank you for trusting in the impulses that come from Heaven and for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Before the existence of this Solar System and the group known as the Nine Galaxies, which make up the grouping of a universe of lives, God, as Creator and grand expression of Love-Wisdom, deeply wished that some of His Children, the Creators of the Material Universe, also called Archangels, the great Co-Creators of this life system, would offer each of the Nine Galaxies the opportunity to experience evolution by means of “self-knowledge” and the so-called “degrees of love”.

It was in this way that these great Co-Creator beings carried forward all the universal projects received by them as subtle spiritual impulses of light, and then offered to the created systems, known as “Milky Way”, the opportunity of deepening in “spiritual knowledge” and in the “degrees of love”.

All this happened before the fall of the adversary.

In this time, in all the Universes, the first one thousand years of peace were lived, a period in which the development of life, the inner schools of learnings and, above all, the awakening of the different "degrees of love", granted this Local Universe, in which this Solar System exists, including Earth, the opportunity that on a planet of very high spiritual characteristics, like the Earth, one of the twelve most important Projects of God's Love could be carried forward.

For this reason, the planet Earth went through different cycles. The seas, which used to be acidic, became alkaline so that they later might become containers of mineral and crystalline components, living as a high degree of oxygenation.

The continents, which used to be desert and cold, experienced a biological re-adaptation to later become seedbeds of new species. 

In this way, planet Earth, and all of its atmosphere, converted into a great womb of light, to finally gestate the consciousness of humanity, which was later known as Adam and Eve.

In this first experience of love, the Heavenly Father internally aspired that this Project, so yearned for by His Heart, would allow to correct and recreate Creation so that increasingly higher degrees of love may be lived.

Some time later the Universe began to live the first failures in evolution due to the very intense fall of the disobedient angel.

From there, the whole Universe, a place where peace, good and harmony were lived, became the sudden scenario of the first steps of duality, a current contrary to the principle of the Maximum Will; a duality that would begin to place at stake the freedom that had been granted to all creatures, with the aim that they might learn to love, just as the Heavenly Father loves them.

The planet Earth was one of the last places in which this spiritual current of duality descended to test, through Adam and Eve, the Project of a humanity essentially united to the Kingdom of God.

For various inexplicable temptations, the Project was being altered and changed, as the contrary spiritual currents gradually broke the scenery of the so-called “Eden”.

Why did the Heavenly Father allow this?

In a mysterious sense, Adam would have had the opportunity of taking his first step in the evolution of the degrees of love and of the awakening of consciousness, if he had been unconditionally obedient to God.

As for her, Eve, would have had the possibility of being the promising consciousness that would experience the Feminine Aspect of God by means of the spirit of Motherhood, a state that would concede the pure birth of the following creatures that would come after her.

At that moment, the Earth, as the first human experience, underwent its first and great test, which, had it been victoriously faced by Adam and Eve, as representatives of humanity of that time, would have allowed this race to attain a degree of love similar to that of Jesus.

This is the reason why God Himself, present in the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, that is, in the Son, decided to incarnate on Earth, after so much time, to give Himself to His Children in Love and Wisdom and to teach all about Truth.

It was during the preparatory time for the incarnation of Jesus that the Father extracted, from one of His purest Founts of the Spiritual Universe, one of His most elevated and pure Aspects, which was the spiritual basis for the Divine Conception of whom later would be known on Earth as Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Thus, the Archangels, at the request of God, were the ones who prepared this scenery for the coming of the Messiah, That One Who, having given testimony of love and of life, would demonstrate, in his maximum humility, how duality could be overcome so that every living being on Earth may finally learn to fulfill the Will that brought it to the world and to transit the school of forgiveness and redemption, inner paths that will one day again place the human consciousness where it once had been before making the mistakes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Unite your Heart to the Heart of God, contemplating each one of His Aspects of His manifestation in life.

Begin by finding, in the smallest of the particles that composes your body, a hidden God, immense and infinite, occult in the apparent human smallness.

Go through your own body, recognizing your cells, your organs, your body itself, as living mirrors of an infinite Creation. If God did not dwell in everything that you are, you would never be able to express perfection, as you express, even in your smallest particles.    

Recognize, then, the presence of God outside of you, in the invisible air that touches your face, in the breath that enters imperceptible within you and that gives you life, granting matter the possibility of expressing and living its perfection.

Contemplate, thus, God in the elements. Recognize the presence of God in water, without which life is not possible. Water and air unite in one single element, transformed by its expression and function in life, but one does not exist without the other.  

Such are the Aspects of God. God is only One, that expresses in different forms to give life to the possibility of existing and, more than this, of expressing perfection.

Contemplate inside of you the presence of God in the sound of the birds and in the scent of the flowers, in the beauty of the woods, in the love and fraternity among humankind. This is God, nourishing souls with such vital things as air and water are for the body.

The singing of the birds nourishes the spirit, the scent of the flowers strengthens the heart, the beauty that enters through the eyes reaches the soul and gives it joy, gives it life.

Go expanding your consciousness and understand the presence of God.

God is not something invisible and non-material in the Celestial Heights. God is the One that Is and without whom nothing could exist. You are, child, constantly in the presence of your Creator, because He is Life itself.

In gratitude and reverence, live accordingly to the God that dwells in you and let perfection express itself not only in your cells, but in all your consciousness. Just as the cells allow themselves, be inhabited and nourished by God, let your consciousness also experiment, being an expression of God in this world. Thus everything will be fulfilled. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the Consciousness of God as a great Kingdom of infinite proportions and beauty, and each of His Aspects as a gateway to a state of consciousness of that Celestial Kingdom.

Contemplate the Aspects of God as a great path of ascension built by the Father Himself so that His children may reach Him.

Each Aspect of God is a bridge of upliftment to a higher dimension, and the gradual contact with Them causes you to return to the Source of Unity, where everything becomes One again.

Each Aspect of God, besides being a bridge, is also a Kingdom that is revealed when the heart opens to discover it.

Within the human heart lies a unique key, which opens the doors to each one of the dimensions of the Kingdom of God as this heart lives greater and higher degrees of Love.

The Kingdom of God on Earth, still unknown to humankind, is the manifestation of an Aspect of the Father that can only be revealed to hearts that love. To experience the Revelation of Life on this world and come to know what is hidden both within the Earth and in the invisible of the surface that you can see with your physical eyes, you must first learn to love that which is accessible, palpable, and visible to you.

To access a higher state and experience a Divine Revelation, you must first learn to manifest Love at the level you are on.

Manifest a Love for life, for your brothers and sisters, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the consciousness itself of the planet, and you will see how your hearts and your consciousnesses will access the dimensions of life that have always been here, but which you could never see.

You will thus find the true expression of God on Earth, a Revelation of His Kingdom and of the Sacred that Adonai manifested in material life as part of Himself, as a dimension of what He is and was given to humankind so that, in communion with the God that manifests in matter, they would be able to renew Divine Consciousness though Love.

While the world shakes, God calls upon you to wake up your consciousnesses to the true meaning of life, and through the Love that is born from your hearts, to access what is Real and transcends all knowledge, including all human wisdom.

You will be able to move beyond the times that will come only with the heart and consciousness immersed in the Truth and in the Revelation of the Kingdom of God, which lives together with life on Earth, in dimensions that hearts that do not open to Love cannot see.

All lies will come to light. Everything that seemed perfect and, however, belonged to illusion, will fall to earth and return to dust.

For the hearts that do not know how to love and that do not experience the Revelation of the Kingdom of God, there will be no life, for the foundations of their lives will crumble and they will see nothing but dust before their eyes and confusion in their inner world.

On the other hand, the hearts that awaken to Love and to the Truth and allow God to reveal His Kingdom to them and the higher life that lives in Him, will look at the dust, and behind the dust, they will see the Truth manifested.

That is why today I tell you, children, that to live, you must love, because you will only find Life when Love reveals to you that which without it, cannot be seen.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Olam, the Sacred Eternity of God

Dear children,

One of the Aspects of God, Olam, leads the earthly humanity to the elevation of spirit and of the senses.

Olam represents, in this Universe, the possibility for each creature, created in His image and likeness, to discover within its inner universe the aspect of immortality, that is to say, that which is eternal, which nothing can dissolve.

Olam brings eternal life, eternal service to Creation and consecration to the supreme Life of divine existence.

Within the Universe, the spiritual aspect of Olam helps correct the path of evolution, it helps each human being to stay within the path of awakening and the evolution of consciousness.

Therefore, Olam represents in these times the time of the correction of the essences of the Universe and the time to again direct them towards the threshold of eternal Life, a place in which the spirit of each creature will hold forever the remembrance of the Love of God and His divine spiritual Science of divine Alchemy, which conceives in the essences the new patterns of eternity and ascension.

Olam brings, in these times, the readjustment of consciousnesses of the Earth to the cycle of the end of times. This sacred Aspect of God facilitates the intimate affiliation of each soul and each spirit with the Celestial Father.

Olam means this fire that, being eternal, sublime and divine, purifies the human consciousness and elevates its plane toward a spiritual and unique level.

Olam is the essence of our inner resurrection to the light of the Spiritual and Mental Universe.

Olam is the path to find the Dwelling of the Elysians.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Mount Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The arrival of the Aspects of God from the Universe 

I would like humanity to understand the inner, universal and cosmic meaning that in certain places of the planet the Aspects of God descend, brought by the angels within great celestial spheres and placed in the most sacred places so that the spiritual consciousness of humanity may be helped, liberated and transmuted from the precarious conditions of its own spirituality and life.

Therefore, children, the descent of the Sacred Names of God, to the interior of the planet, generates a space of luminous, atomic and cellular renewal of humanity. In this way, the spiritual meaning of humanity is protected and the great spheres of the Consciousness of God bring to humanity a sense of rescue and salvation that it also needs.

In these times, the descent of the Aspects of God to the planet generates an immediate possibility of being and remaining in communion with Creation and with Life, thus being able to repair the serious mistakes that the present race makes, distancing itself from the Law and from the essence of Creation.

The Father, who is fair and merciful, comes to the world in search of union with the essential life of His children; thus helping, in every way, the unconsciousness of humanity that is deteriorated by all of the actions committed.

The Aspects of God allow the creation, within the sacred and spiritual spaces, of this new bridge that will help the creatures in the inner world to recover their affiliation with the universe and with all existence, with their true inner origin.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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