Monday, March 25 of 2019

Monthly messages

What it is to represent the Spiritual Hierarchy on the Earth

Dear children,

Throughout the entire evolution of the Creation, like that of human beings, the Law of the Hierarchy has always existed.

The Creator, as He multiplied, manifested Himself in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Who, although they are only one and have never lost this spiritual and divine unity, represent the first degree of the Hierarchy of the Creation of God.

Each one of the Aspects of God were responsible for emanating different aspects of life: the dimensions, the Archangels, the planets, the spaces in which life expresses itself. And thus, from the Divine Consciousness to the material manifestation of life, of which the human beings are a part of, everything creates, manifests, expresses itself and lives according to the Law of the Hierarchy.

This Law is drawn in the Universe as on the Earth not by degrees of superiority, as you know by your human definitions. Nor is it due to their abilities that beings are on higher steps of the hierarchical consciousness. It is by the degrees of love, children, of surrender and of donation of self that a being is conducted to represent and guide many more.

In Heaven, like in the invisible levels of Earth, where only your hearts can reach, there are what we call Hierarchies, which are those consciousnesses Who arrived, throughout their evolution, following the guidelines of the Will and of the Plan of God. And, in the evolutionary scale of the Creation, they are treading the path to return to the Heart of the Father; beings that have surrendered their will to the Will of God, and who live beyond the material dimensions to represent the Divine Will.

Their thought is one with the Thought of the Father, their spirit is one with the Spirit of God, their love is an extension of the greater Love of the Son of God and thus, they are worthy of representing the Creator within the different scales of life.

The Earth was thought of and created by God to renew His Love, renew His Creation, and thus elevate life to a greater degree of Love.

So that this may happen, there must be consciousnesses here that love the Law of the Hierarchy and that, by their degrees of love and of surrender, can be worthy of being called the Third Order of the Brotherhood of God.

This means, My children, that not only in the invisible levels must there be consciousnesses that respond to the Divine Will and represent it.

Also on Earth, the consciousnesses must adhere to the Will of the Creator and embrace the purpose of living His Love and of being living and conscious extensions of His Presence.

Thus, they will be able to participate in the Hierarchy that conducts the creatures to the return of their origin. And it is with degrees of love and of surrender that this is built; it is with the rendition of your lives to a greater purpose that you begin to build what I am telling you.

Today I call all of My children of the Planetary Light-Network and all of those who aspire to return to God to take a step further in your surrender, raising your goals and aspirations, raising the purpose of your lives so that you may aspire to be part of the Hierarchy, extensions of the Divine Will on the Earth, and thus you may help even more consciously in the fulfillment of the Plans of God.

Meditate on My Words, My children, and ardently aspire to live love more each day, with transparency and sincerity, so that you may be worthy of being part of the Third Order of the Brotherhood of God, of His Hierarchy upon the Earth.

I love and bless you today and always.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace