Saturday, December 20 of 2014

Monthly messages

Beloved children,

In this state of Grace, that which on this dawn I bring to all of you and for this nation, I want that you to listen in your hearts to the song of My maternal voice.

This song brings the Celestial Light that covers the spaces, liberating the souls from the oppressor, that one that has always tried to distance My children from God.

Today, upon the mirrors of light of this Aurora that emerges before your eyes, My peace reaches to all the spirits and all the kingdoms.

Today, also I want to express to all My children the gratitude of the Celestial Hierarchy for the unity and love that all My soldiers are beginning to express.  From this love and unity is that from which the new race will emerge for this planet.  In this way you begin today to live timidly the fraternity between your beings, so in this way you must continue along the path that My Son is showing you.

This fraternity begins to be glimpsed among you, where not only are you answering to the requests of the Divine Messengers, but that also you have begun to strengthen between yourselves the spiritual ties of love that, through which you are learning, spiritual ties that will form the basis of that which we crave so much – you, little children in evolution – and Us, the Divine Messengers.  We see in your inner beings how the christic essence has begun to shine, that which will conduct you through this transition.

When the prayer groups are more strengthened, you will begin to live together with Us, your Divine Masters, a spiritual fusion; we have said many times, that even though evil will be spread with fury over the Earth, so also will the Light and Love of God be established and shine in the hearts of those who truly clamor for the return of Christ, the Redeemer.

In these moments, the love of the Celestial Hierarchy will be like a great voice that will resonate in the spirit of each redeemed child of God, and will have an echo in the whole universe.  Then all the stars of the cosmos will hear the singing of the self-convoked ones who, gathered as the 144,000, will take the great step towards the new time of the 1000 years of peace.

There will emerge a new race that will prepare the New Christs, those that will teach the whole universe about love and forgiveness.  Remember that My Son promised once that you would do greater things than He had done.

Therefore, these things that My Son was referring to, were based on the love that He has lived and taught, which will be multiplied in the new time through the coming Christs, those that will emerge and become someday masters of the Masters.

And all this, My beloveds, will happen in this time with those that merge themselves in sincere prayer, pure of intention and empty of expectations, that which is born from each essence.

Strengthen yourselves My beloved prayerful soldiers, strive each day for living fraternity, so that unity and love may be the pillars of this new humanity that you are building.

I am with you, I Am the Lady dressed of the Sun that comes in this Aurora to light the mirrors of light that will clean your spirits so that you may enter into this new time.

Thank you for being with Me today. 

Who blesses you and loves you,

Mary, your Mother of the Sun and Universal Queen