A poor soul lacking the basic means to survive in the world was questioning the Lord, asking where He was and what was the reason for its suffering, saying: "Lord, I who so seek and ask, in Your Name, receive no answers, but rather ever greater suffering and woes. Tell me the reason for the imbalance in this world, and why I cannot have as much as my neighbor."

And the Lord responded to it with a question, saying: "Where is your treasure, little soul? In longing for accumulating things of the Earth or in discovering the mysteries of Heaven? So then contemplate those who truly knew Me. The illumination of their consciousness allowed them to give up all goods of the world, and they were made poor among the poor, yet they were rich before Me.

Contemplate My Son. Was He sent to the world to accumulate riches, to experience pleasures, to satiate His Body, mind and His feelings? Will My Son be your example and guide? Is the mirror within Him what you want to find reflected within yourself every day? 

And so, little soul, understand that the suffering and the poverty of this life comes to balance the great many excesses of humanity. They must be a symbol that your school is not through accumulation, but rather in renunciation and gratitude.

Teach the world through a humble example and open the Doors of Heaven for those who are ignorant of this truth, and who look to the world rather than in Me for the way of filling their lives."

I am telling you this story so that you may learn where lies the true treasure of your lives. And when you feel that something is lacking, give thanks, and be an example of the humble Love of God. In this way, you will open the Doors of Heaven for those who are more ignorant.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter into the celestial spheres through the adoration of the Eucharistic Body of Christ. Let the Bread be revealed as a consecrated part of your Lord and find the mirrors and the portals within It.

See your essence reflected within the One who gives Himself to be adored, and, in the silence of your heart, experience the revelation of the Covenant, always new and eternal, sealed by Christ, so that your consciousness may transcend the human condition and live His Divine Purpose.

To deeply adore the Eucharistic Body of Christ is to experience the revelation of the unity between God and humankind, between the infinite Cosmos and the microcosm within you. This is where the truth is revealed, where the already torn veils open, like the curtains of a theater that has come to its end, and the characters cease to exist so as to show their true faces.

Not only do you contemplate and adore the Eucharist, child, but also, as a spiritual and divine magnet, let It come toward you, and you will find that portal to the Heart of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Then, upon entering, you will be in the eternal Time of God and be able to recognize who you are.

In the Sacred Eucharist, contemplate the Celestial Church of your Lord. Let It reveal that which is sacred within you.

In this way, understand that there are infinite mysteries, not only in what is hidden and in the silence of the invisible dimensions of life, but also, child, in that which was given to you as Grace and ceremony; furthermore, in your own being, in your own body, soul, spirit and heart; there are mysteries that you must unveil.

In the Sacred Eucharist, contemplate the doorway that leads you toward this celestial revelation and where mysteries no longer exist.

You have My blessing for that.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the Kingdom of God within you and discover that the Father, with all His Power and infinite Light, dwells within you.

Let Christ reveal Himself, always alive at the center of your heart, so that you may realize, child, that you do not need to die in order to be in God, but rather to discover the true life, the revelation that God is within you.

The Christs of the New Time are those who seek the Truth within their own hearts and find it; they are the ones who know the Kingdom of God dwells within them as well as within their neighbors, and that the key of love and of humility is enough to open the doors that keep It in their hearts.

The Christs of the New Time do not seek the revelation of the Kingdom beyond the stars, looking toward the sky. The Christs of the New Time revere the stars and their mysteries; however, they know themselves as mirrors of the infinite Cosmos; they know that that which they seek so much is within them.  

Thus, experience your search, child, from the inside out. Contemplate the Cosmos that exists within you; value the power of virtues and of love, and love to know that the Kingdom is within you. Be that living Kingdom to the world. Be a mirror that reveals to your neighbor that all that lives and breathes is part of God, dwelling of His Kingdom.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Accompany, with your heart and spirit, the steps of your Lord through this world. 

Cry out, on behalf of humanity, for the roots of corruption of human consciousness to be pulled out from the depths of beings and of the Earth. Allow the Divine Hands to plunge into the ocean of the records of humanity, to liberate and purify you, removing from the consciousness of men and women of this world, the weight that does not allow them to walk. 

Beg for Grace and liberation.

Let Mercy descend upon the Earth as a transforming flow, and offer your heart so that it may be the first one to be healed and transformed by God. Because thus, child, with your own example, you will open an even greater door so that the Mercy of God may descend to the world. 

Cry out and be an example of the action of Divine Mercy. Ask God to transform the world and let yourself be transformed. Ask the Father to sublimate human corruption and let Him tear out from you the corrupt roots, the ancient energies and hidden forces  that hinder you from deepening your steps toward God.

Look at the world, child, and feel yourself as a mirror of it. If you transform what is inside of you, that which is outside of you will also transform.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph      



Enter into prayer and cry out to the Father so that He opens the doors of His Kingdom within your own heart. 

Place your attention in the depths of your essence and, as one who returns to his parents' house after a very long time, go with joy to meet your Creator. Feel His Love waiting for you; feel the spiritual warmth of His Presence. His Mercy fills all the spaces of your being.

Get onto your knees at the Feet of God and embrace Him spiritually. Tell His Heart your most sincere confession, repenting of your most hidden sins, and ask the Father for the Grace of being in Him and with Him, at each moment of life.

Receive the balm of the forgiveness of God and strengthen your faith. Then, cry out with a pure heart for those who most need it in this world. Do not forget to pray for the Kingdoms of Nature and for the sinful souls who get lost in the abysses of their own ignorance.

Ask the Father in the name of all life, of all human consciousness, that the light of His Wisdom permeate His Creation through His divine Mirrors, and that this same light may be reflected onto you.

Understand, child, that at the feet of God,  in your essence, is kept the key for the transformation of all things. Do not seek outside of yourself for the relief of your heart, when within you is found the door to be in God.

Receive from Him the blessings for the concretization of His Plan and, more than that, to intercede for this world.

Return then, to the House of the Father with your heart in peace, in the certainty that your consciousness remains there, for He is in you. Live in God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



For the Kingdom of God to reach Earth, it will first have to live inside of beings. Open the path toward this Kingdom through your prayers, moments in which the purity of your hearts emerges and makes you know the real feelings and thoughts that a human being came to express in the world.

Pray, children, attracting peace inside of you and toward your consciousness, and afterwards let this peace expand throughout this world.

As creatures similar to God, human beings keep within themselves the potential to radiate for all of life that which is within them. The universe of their bodies, the micro-cosmos that is kept in the composition of their beings, from the consciousness to the smallest atoms, are a mirror of the infinite Cosmos.

You, children, are mirrors of the Heart of God. That which inhabits within you radiates to the world, even if you are not conscious of it.

To have a world of peace, you need to let peace install itself in your consciousnesses and establish itself in all of your cells. Pacify yourselves consciously and this way you will bring peace into life.

All that you cry out for, you can attract to the world through the transformation of your own consciousness. In prayer, you can find in yourselves the door to the Kingdom of God, and when you are able to let Him express Himself within your interior, then, children, this Kingdom will begin to expand throughout the world.

Do you understand the science of human existence?

The Creator manifested human beings to transform all of His Creation through them. The love that can be born within you, when it encompasses its genetics and expresses itself in all its atoms, can transform galaxies and universes. In the same way, when you do not live in peace, the darkness that inhabits within the beings also resonates in all of life.

So recognize the potential of your hearts, of your bodies, of your lives, and become instruments of peace and Mercy for this world.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

Today, children, I come to this place, on such as important day for Me, to bring the Graces and blessings that I am able to pour upon the world, through the prayers of My children, so that this nation may be redeemed and these people may be liberated from the chains of error and of sin.

Today, I come to dry My tears with the Sun that ignites in Fatima, by the victorious prayers of all praying beings that unite to My Immaculate Heart. I come to expand My Kingdom of Peace amongst nations so that human beings may no longer be under the yoke of darkness, but rather under the Light of My Love.

I come here on this day not only to shed tears but, above all, My children, to deliver to you a warning and the opportunity of redemption.

Repent of your sins and cry for Mercy. Return in prayer to the Heart of God, while there is time. Ask the Father for forgiveness for all that was done up until now and decide to renew your paths and your souls.

As your Celestial Mother, I come to this place with My Scepter of Light and with the potency of My Celestial, Universal and Divine Mirrors, to liberate and heal everything that you permit Me to, with the sincerity of your prayers.

The miracle that I come to accomplish on this day is spiritual, a miracle of redemption and of reconciliation with God so that you may recognize the divine Presence within My Presence and, before the Father, cry out for awakening.

Pray with Me to remove, from the essence of the seas, the suffering and the pain of the souls that have become lost and that have constantly cried here for not knowing peace. Pray with Me to ignite a Divine Light here, to open the path toward the Scepter of the Will of God, liberating the potency of evil and of deception so that thus, children, you do not lose the opportunity of knowing love and forgiveness.

I come not only to make your faults evident, but also to show you the path to redeem them. Listen to My Immaculate Heart and cry with Me. If you just open your hearts and repent sincerely, I will be able to intercede for you and for all souls, before Christ, so that they may know peace again.

Aspire, on this day, to recover the purity that has been corrupted within your hearts, and to strengthen faith and unity with God.

Your Celestial Mother comes to meet you for a Divine Will and not for a human will. I asked to be here on this day, to bring the potent rays of redemption that emanate today from Fatima, so that they may be poured out upon this nation and thus, the roots of darkness can be torn out from your lives.

Therefore, accompany Me today with love, and do not try to understand the things of God, but open for His Wisdom to let you know His Truth, and for the pure feeling of My Celestial Love to be sufficient so that your hearts may know that I am here.

Today I listen to your prayers and welcome your hearts. I know how much you suffer and how much your souls aspire to find God. Therefore, pray, pray with Me and you will find peace and liberation, to be in My Kingdom.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Tears of Syracuse

Monthly Messages

On a day like this, more than one hundred years ago, under this sky I reposed My Immaculate Heart, warning the world about the trials of all times, calling human beings to penitence and prayer, to consecrate this world to My Heart, and so that humanity might live a longer time of peace.

On a day like this, more than one hundred years ago, My Heart opened to the world a new cycle, attracting universal and divine Laws that, with the presence of My angels and archangels, made the original purity descend over this planet, manifesting here its dwelling.

On a day like this, more than one hundred years ago, I brought to the Earth the Mirrors of Purity, which radiate to all life the purest essence of Love and of Divine Grace, the thought that God emanated when He created His Celestial Mother, when He emanated the Divine Womb, from which all things would arise, from which His First-Born Son would someday be born on this planet.  

On a day like this, more than one hundred years ago, God granted a unique Grace to the planet, and the key to access it is the power of sincere prayer and the purity of the heart.

The Creator Father delivered to His children the gifts that would allow them to return to the Source and, more than this, sanctify and consecrate humanity through the Christic code of love and wisdom.

The Sun that shined forth here, dissipating the clouds that were in the sky, brought an eternal light to the Earth, removing the millenary roots of error and of evil in the heart of human beings, which instigates them toward wars and self-destruction.

Today, children, I come as a new Sun, a spiritual and profound Sun, which descends to the Earth with new Laws, instituting and opening a new time and a new cycle. Prayer will continue to be the key for you to find what I tell you.

I come to warn you today that the world still needs peace, but not only the peace that dissipates wars, but rather spiritual and inner peace, which gives back the life of those who have lost it, although they circulate in this world as if they were alive.

The human beings are losing their original essence, their divine purity. And today I come with a new Sky to prevent and deter the advancement of darkness over My children. My Kingdom must be revealed to this world, universal Truth must become a reality in the life of all beings so that they may recover the sense of their existence.

Do not be afraid to accompany My steps; do not be afraid to surrender your lives out of love for God and to lose human control and power so that God may reign within you.

In this time, it is urgent that souls awaken and that the Kingdom of God may be established. It is urgent that the supreme Truth may come to light, that beings may receive the Gifts of God, that nations may be redeemed and the spirits may return to their origins with the learning of the Christic Love.

I just ask you to accompany Me with prayer, but also with action, with instruction and with the transformation of your lives.

The flowers of God, which are the precious souls of His children, are drying in this world, because they do not know the Truth and the Love of the Father.

Therefore, no longer fear to announce the new, no longer fear to enter other Laws, no longer fear to perceive that you are in this world to announce, attract and live something different and, although you may be persecuted, humiliated and rejected, do not fear.

The love and meekness of your hearts must speak louder than the criticism of humanity. The truth mirrored in the testimony and in the example of your lives must be the sign of sanctity that speaks to the world about the presence of the Divine Messengers.

A new reality must be established in consciousnesses; a new instruction must descend to the Earth. And for this, it will not be enough that instructor souls, sent by God, speak to the world. But all of you, My children, must accompany this new cycle, without fear.

Be the heralds of a new time, be the saints of the last days, those who overcome themselves out of love for a Greater Plan and Purpose.

Today I bless and support My dear daughter, the one I sent to represent My Motherhood to all of you. And I tell you that it will not be enough that she give all of herself; each one of you must accompany and support this surrender.

Be one body and one Work that, on behalf of humanity, responds to God’s Will and Designs.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fatima


Take the Reliquary of My Heart wherever you go because, as a pilgrim, I will silently pour out the Graces of God upon souls, radiating the purity and humility that hearts need to find the Father and the path of return to His Celestial Dwelling Place.

The pilgrim Reliquary of My Chaste Heart will reveal to souls their own purity and truth so that, when faced with it, souls may recognize who they are and what they came to this world to do.

The pilgrim Reliquary of My Chaste Heart will be like a mirror for souls which will show the reflection of their purest essence and, little by little, will discover how to express it, how to be that which they are discovering about themselves.

The pilgrim Reliquary of My Chaste Heart exists for the simple purpose of bringing peace and revealing to humankind the path of return to the Heart of God.

When you are sincere before My Heart, you will be able to receive the same Graces that I received to find God and unite with Him.

My Heart is not the Way, the Truth and the Life, but rather that which knows how to surrender to God, to tread this Path, to know this Truth, and to become whole in the true Life, which is Life in God.

May peace, which comes from it, reveal your origins to you and inspire you so that you know how to return in spirit to the Heart of God, even while having your feet on the Earth.

May your souls know the path to the Heart of the Father.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

From the deepest Love of God, emanated the Fount of Healing.

From His purest aspiration that each being may attain Perfection, the Fount of Redemption was born.

From His purest aspiration, that beings may be liberated from their errors and from the duality that they live on this planet and in this Universe, the Fount of Liberation was born.

And as the union of this Divine Purpose, for all beings, the Consciousness of Aurora was born in the Heart of God, as an emanation of His Feminine Principle.

Aurora was born as a state of consciousness, which concentrates within itself the maternal energy which comes from God, united with His profound Love for creatures. Because it was thus, within this consciousness of maternity and of Love, that the Principles could gather: the Principle of Healing for all spiritual and material infirmities; the Principle of Redemption for all errors and mistakes lived by beings; and the Principle of Liberation, so that, regardless of the degree of the bonds to which a consciousness was submitted, everything could be liberated.

This state of consciousness, called Aurora, brought new hope for the Universe. Aurora is the Light that emerges resplendent after a cycle of darkness. Aurora is the possibility, that all beings receive, of returning to God in this Universe and in all others. Aurora is the expression of the Love of God for life.

So incommensurate is the Love of the Father, that He, placing His Eyes over the planet and contemplating the human errors and deviations, delivered to humanity one of His most beloved treasures: the Consciousness of Aurora.

This cosmic and universal Principle of God, created to help Him in the evolution of all beings, was projected and placed within the planet, in spaces that safeguarded its presence and that became sacred by Aurora.

This Aurora, sometimes explosive, sometimes silent, has never been understood by human beings.

This state of divine consciousness, after welcoming within it the principles that emerged from the Heart of God, also concentrated in itself rays and emanations that came from the heart of the Archangels, called Elohim, and the Sublime Mirrors of God, called Emerald Mirrors, because they concentrated within themselves the necessary vibrations of Healing so that all beings, born of the Divine Source, could return to it.

The Emerald Mirrors that concentrated within the Consciousness of Aurora hold in themselves the registers of the Origin of each being, of each race, of each essence, of each planet, of each star, of each Kingdom of Nature. They hold within themselves the records of the Origin of Life. Because it is through them that Healing takes place: when those who have deviated from Divine Purpose receive, from the emanations of the Emerald Mirrors, the purest Thought of God for themselves, the original vibration of His creation. And thus, they can convert their errors and return to the Father.

Aurora is not only the Healing for the planet, but Aurora is also the Healing for all Life; however, so great is the Love of the Father, that part of this Consciousness was given to the Earth, as a symbol of the importance of the planet for all universal and cosmic evolution.

The time has come for Aurora to be profoundly known and revered by the beings who recognize the Truth in the divine revelations, and who understand with the heart the grace of being within the Consciousness of Aurora.

Live in Aurora, My children, with the reverence of the archangels. Feel yourselves within the Divine Consciousness and as participants of God's purest Love for life. Because this is Aurora.

May all beings recognize in Aurora this Divine Grace because, through gratitude, they will cross its portals and receive Its Healing.

Aurora is the manifested Love of God. And today you are invited, My children, to awaken to this Love.

Through you, may the Graces of Aurora finally arrive in this wounded world because the planet needs it and, more than that, the Creation needs it.

I bless you and thank you for loving the Divine and Cosmic Consciousness of Aurora. Its mystery is revealed so that you can awaken.

I love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Cry out to God so that the flow of healing that comes from the Source of His Heart may descend upon the Earth and permeate the beings.

Cry out so that the Heart of the Archangel Raphael may be ignited as a sublime mirror of light, awakening and activating the emerald mirrors that pulsate throughout the center of the universe.

Cry out so that this cosmic net of healing may concentrate its emanations on the Earth and reach those who need it the most. 

May the heart of the Inner Aurora prepare itself so that, once again, the planet may feel its love and its power. May the heart of the Inner Aurora prepare itself so that its core may be the eternal dwelling of your Celestial Mother.

Cry out, child, with love, so that the doors and the portals may open, in Heaven as on Earth, and the souls may finally cross the threshold of their redemption.

May the sick of body and of spirit not lose the opportunity of again finding peace. May the Kingdoms of Nature also be worthy of restoring themselves and of within re-establishing the unity with the purpose of life.

May this divine aspiration be a part of your most intimate inner aspiration. Thus, child, cry out so that when the sun is setting at dawn, it may always illuminate this world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Trees and life - Part I

From the interior of the Earth, the Plant Kingdom absorbs the wisdom and the story of the human evolution, holding this legacy within itself, and it offers it constantly to God through its elevation, its physical and spiritual growth.

The great forests are large receptacles of wisdom, great mirrors, that return everything to the Heart of God that He sends to Earth as divine rays and vibrations, which assist in the evolution of all of life. In this way, life on Earth is always renewed through the emanations of the great trees. The Lord receives the human experiences in the Creator Sources and renews them, sending new rays and impulses to Earth according to what humanity needs to evolve and return to God.

If hearts would only contemplate the forests with gratitude, they would be able to feel and perceive these and other mysteries of the science of life.

Trees are communicators, mirrors of God, that receive everything that He sends to Earth and they also communicate in the development of life to God.

Contemplate the Kingdoms with reverence and, in silence, search for the mystery that is kept in them. Thus, child, maybe one day the mystery about yourself will be revealed to you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My children,

Today, contemplate the Divine Creation under My Mantle, because, as the Mother of Life, I come to reveal to you the mysteries of the Sources that inhabit the Cosmos, as extensions of the Divine Consciousness; Sources in which, all that is manifested life, was generated.

Contemplate, under My Mantle ,the Infinite Consciousness of God, which expresses itself in the divine dimensions as an immense Light, a Light that holds in itself all colors and all sounds. This Light, which dazzles eyes and hearts, but fills them with Its magnitude, is the Divine Consciousness. As an infinite and eternal lake, whose silence vibrates in an unexplainable way for the human minds, and is only palpable for the heart, this is God.

Contemplate this Fountain of Light. Feel the vibrations that emanate from It, as invisible waves which cannot be seen but which are felt, because they contain the creative principles, particles of life.

From this Infinite Fountain, which is the Divine Consciousness, emanated other smaller Fountains in the Cosmos; they are called smaller due to their celestial hierarchy, but are so full and perfect, as God Himself, because He finds His Dwelling in these Fountains.

The Fountains of Life, which are the very own manifested Divine Consciousness, communicate through a network of Sublime Mirrors which carry Love, Grace and the Creative Power beyond the dimensions, recreating and renewing the Creation. These Sublime Mirrors receive, from the Eternal Father, His principles of manifestation and life, and thus create and feed the new Fountains with the celestial principles that come from the Heart of God.

The Sublime Mirrors are the arms that work and the Divine Word that is manifested in the vast Cosmos and, beyond it, in all life. The Sublime Mirrors are, within themselves, the Science of Creation for they hold inside the mystery of the Perfection of life.

The Perfection that derives from God is poured onto the Sublime Mirrors and through them, it reaches everything that exists. From a small flower to a galaxy, the Perfection of manifestation is conducted by the Sublime Mirrors, and through them it permeates life and allows beauty to exist, it allows the same Perfection of God to exist in the expression of life, in nature as well as in the universe.

The Sublime Mirrors, My children, have the oceans as their dwellings on Earth because the purity of waters and the sea beings allow Perfection to reach matter and to be renewed in order to radiate to all life on the planet. The oceans are thus the link between the Creation that manifests on the planet and the Perfection of the Divine Consciousness. Through them, beauty, grace and life can exist.

If the oceans die, life also ceases to express itself as a likeness of the Divine Consciousness because the Sublime Mirrors, which bring the vibrations, the Love and the Perfection of God, would no longer find their dwelling.

If the oceans become ill, the Kingdoms of Nature, the consciousness of the planet and the human beings will become ill because the Perfection of God will no longer manage to express itself with plenitude of life on the Earth. This causes illness, chaos and evil to permeate the Earth, within and outside of beings.

Today I come to make you aware of a higher life so that you may expand your knowledge and, above all, so that you may expand your hearts and understand that, in order for harmony to exist and for humanity to keep evolving and expressing itself as a Project of God, all kingdoms must be respected, loved and taken care for by men.

Understand the oceans as a Divine Dwelling, as a bridge to God within the Earth. And thus, love, respect and revere these great Mirrors of Light that grant you life.

Today I bring you and reveal to you the Sublime Mirrors of Creation and, just as I manifest them in My Heart, I also reveal to you this presence in the oceans.

Know how to love life, My children. Know how to revere the Divine Presence that expresses itself on Earth and be part of this Whole by living in harmony with all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Pray for the oceans and commune with them from the Perfection of God.

I bless you and thank you for awakening to divine knowledge, for opening to universal science and for loving the oceans as you love God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Just as the signs in the sky announce, clear and beautiful to the eyes that know how to see them, so God arrives on Earth and manifests within and outside of humankind His Splendor and His Grace.

As simple as contemplating a rainbow that emerges on a cold afternoon in the Earth's sky, and makes hearts happy, so should souls contemplate the presence of God within themselves.

The Celestial Universe, beautiful and sublime, is as simple as the things that truly make human hearts and souls happy; but to attain it, it is necessary to seek it with the same love and will with which you seek the signs that are manifested in the sky.

Within you lies a mystery hidden behind what you think you are. This mystery is the Sublime Universe of God, whose doorway is not in the heights, among the clouds, but in one's own heart.

God makes Himself as accessible to the spirits of humankind as the beauty of a rainbow is to your eyes. But just as you seek the rainbow and find it, so also your spirits must seek that which nourishes, brightens, and fulfills them, which is God within yourselves.

To find God in your own heart, you can let Him be reflected as a mirror within you. When you contemplate a sky full of beauty, when you contemplate a pure expression of Nature, do not remain only in what you see, but open the mirrors of your hearts and let that which is beautiful reveal the beauty and the purity of your spirits, that which you truly are.

Everything that was created by God is beautiful and perfect, and that same divine expression that you find before your eyes you can find within yourselves, when you open yourselves to find the Truth in your inner world.

May everything uplift you.

May everything bring you to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



In spite of everything, gladden your heart.

The moment and the hour you have so awaited for and in which you prepared for, for so long, has arrived.

Gladden your heart in spite of everything that happens in the world, for the moment and the hour to open yourself to a higher Love has arrived, of transforming your human condition, of living according to the Gospel that guides you, and thus, of renewing, in life, the Words of the One Who gave His life for you and freed you from eternal death, from suffering, and from spiritual stagnation.

In spite of everything, gladden your heart.

I know that the world is agonizing and so many suffer, but you can never lose the gladness that will heal the wounds of your brothers and sisters throughout the world and will help them to clearly see the times they are transiting as humanity.

The joy in your heart does not represent indifference in the face of the suffering of your fellow beings; the joy in your heart represents the balm that God causes to flow through it to the entire planet when your consciousness is set in the right place, and in spite of the circumstances, you open yourself to be an instrument of God, a mirror of His in the world, which reflects not what is logical, but what is necessary.

In spite of everything, then, do not lose the gladness in your heart and do not lower your arms.

Place yourself in the Heart of God to understand the difficulties of life as your opportunity to overcome yourself and, one day, to do greater things than He who taught you to work and to live.

Be, then, a living prophecy; be the living mystery of the Words of Christ. And if it seems to you that this time presents great challenges and difficulties, overcome them all with your face clean and restored from tiredness; overcome them with a peaceful gaze and a heart in God; overcome them as a service that reflects hope to those who thought everything was lost.

Today I only tell you, child, that you, in spite of everything, in spite of anything, never lose the gladness of your heart.

Be the salt of the Earth; be the light of the world, with the One who is, and that is in all things.

You Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My Celestial Government

Here is My celestial government, which has always descended to the world when your Mother descends to open the portals of the Heavens.

Here is My celestial government, formed and integrated by the angels of different hierarchies, who in obedience and in an unconditional way, serve Your Humble Celestial Mother.

Here, children, is My celestial government, which has its basic foundation in the teachings of My Beloved Son and in His Divine Work of Mercy.

Here, dear children, is My celestial government, guided by the Divine Thought of the Father and manifested by the work of His Eternal Grace.

Here, My little ones, is My celestial government, which has its universal headquarters in the Divine Church of Christ, existent and present in the sacred Spiritual Universe.

Here, My children, is my celestial government, inwardly extended in this world by those who proclaim their faith and their love for Christ.

Here is My celestial government, renewing and expressing itself in devout hearts and in the spirits that surrender for the love of service.

Here and now is My celestial government announced by the Archangel Gabriel in the first moments of the Annunciation.

Here is My celestial government, proclaimed by the humble word of My cousin Saint Isabel, and from then on by all generations.

Here and now is My celestial government, spread throughout the Universe after My Assumption into the Heavens, through the work and the immediate service of the angels.

Here and now is My celestial government, given by the Divine Father and by the Loving Son during My coronation as Queen and Mother of the Universe and of the Earth.

Here, children, is My celestial government, concretized by means of the purpose that the Almighty entrusted to Me for this Universe and for this beloved blue planet.

Here and now is My celestial government, given impulse as a work by the state of My eternal Grace, and carried forward with the maternal love of My Immaculate Heart.

Here is the Eternal Slave of the Lord, Who holds all Her beloved children in His invisible Kingdom, Who protects the steps of the wayfarers of faith, Who guides and shepherds the lovers of Christ.

Here and now is the celestial government of Your Most Holy Mother, alive and resplendent through the Mirrors, which subtly radiate the eternal principles for the emergence of the new consciousness of humanity.

Here and now is the celestial government of the Mother of God, which is carried forward throughout time with the adherence and the surrender of Her little children.

Here and now is My celestial government, manifested during these years of work with Me with the work on the surface, which is inwardly moved by the constant impulses that the Holy Spirit sends.

Here and in this time is the work of the Most Holy Mary present in the hearts that are a part of it.

Here is the Marian Work of God through all of this group of souls that has given its “yes” to Mary, just as Mary gave Her “yes” to the Archangel Gabriel.

Here and now is the work of the Co-Redeeming Mother of Christ, a work that has expanded and and become widespread on the five continents, a work that reaches the souls of various languages in the world.

Here is the work of Love and of the Mercy of God through the Most Holy Mary, slowly acting and working through the love of Her children and the faith of Her soldiers.

Here is the work that arose, in the beginning, in an orange orchard of Aurora and that then emerged like a great sun for the whole planet, today managing to serve and to rescue the most lost souls.

Here is the work of hope, Mary’s work and our work, guided by Her noble Heart and carried out by Her humble hand.

Here and now is the work of peace, present in the world by the Will of the Father after ten years.

Here is the work that has regenerated many lives, that has worked true miracles in hearts in need, that has returned love and life to those who had lost them.

Here and now is the work formed by many children of Mary that together with their Mother, are weaving the mantle of peace in the world, the mantle where Christ will place His Feet when He returns.

Here is the spiritual delight of Your Mother on seeing the glow of Her Grace in the eyes of Her children, and the hope expressed in the countenances of those who had lost it.

Let us give thanks to God for having allowed His Humble Lady of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity to come to you so as to be able to make of your lives receptacles of Grace, instruments of love, and pillars of Her eternal and divine Mercy.

For the sharing of these ten years, today I thank you.

Who blesses you under the light of the Immaculate Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother.

I am She Whose authority does not come from this Earth, but simply from the Heart of God.

I am the Lady of all times, She Who leads creatures from the beginning to the end, not only in their lives in this world, but in all of their evolution, from origin to origin.

I am the Lady of the Universe and also the Celestial Mother, a living part of the Divine Consciousness, Who comes to Earth in these times to allow you to wake up.

Today I brought you to the desert so that you could enter the desert of your hearts and there, find the essence of the Brotherhood.

This new cycle, My children, will mark a definitive stage, in which hearts must unite with the Cosmos and discover the universal mysteries, like those mysteries that are held within the planet.

Today I brought you to the desert because this is the refuge where I take My children when they most need it.

It is in the inner desert where consciousnesses can experience the synthesis for these times, can assimilate the lessons of the past and build the new foundations for the future.

It is in the desert, in apparent solitude, where it seems as if nothing exists, that your hearts unite with the Brotherhood, with Heaven and with the Earth, with the true time that exists beyond the illusions of this world.

It is by finding the void within you that you will turn to God if you are open to that.

Today the Universe stops and places its eyes on the Earth, on the four corners of this world, in the invisible of the planet.

Those who came from the beginning to serve in this human Project are today in prayer, because the time has come, My children, for humanity to grow and find its true origin in the Universe as well as in the Heart of God.

Today the Portals of the Cosmos open to the Earth, and the invisible worlds are shown to the human heart.

Heaven dresses up to celebrate, in spiritual rejoicing, to impel creatures to find the purpose of their evolution in the fulfillment of this Plan.

Today your Celestial Mother, in the desert, ignites all the Mirrors of Heaven as well as of Earth, ignites the Mirrors of the hearts of Her children, to thus build the path, the bridge that connects the whole expression of Life.

My Heart comes to the world to open a new cycle, in which I want to see My children living in fellowship among themselves and with the Universe.

I want to see the Mirrors of your hearts radiating the new life that emerges from within you and is reflected in the human consciousness.

I bring you to the desert so that you may find the truth about yourselves and live based on that truth, rather than on the illusions of the world.

Let My Greater Mirror be reflected in your hearts.

Children, let what is purest in you be able to emerge and that in this meeting with the Universe, you not look at your errors, do not think about the deviations you experienced so long ago, but rather that you find again that universal Reservoir, that purest vibration that, like a sweet sound, I heard echo in My Immaculate Heart at the moment when your essences were created.

Enter the desert of your inner world, where you will be able to demystify the human condition so as to reach the void and there, find the All from which you apparently came so long ago.

Today I call you to an inner maturity, to an awakening and union with My Immaculate Heart, so that in Me you may find the essence of life.

Today, in this desert, a mystery is being revealed: the real life that exists on Earth and hides in the simplest, purest, most humble places.

It is within this planet, invisible to human eyes, that the Will of God expresses. It is where silent nature and the communion between all the Kingdoms exists, that the Will of God expresses.

It is in the humility of those that no longer look to be known by humanity, who serve this planet in silence, that the Will of God expresses.

It is in the unconditional surrender of consciousness that could be evolving throughout the dimensions, but that meanwhile, continue on Earth to guide and lead humanity, even though many do not know it; that is where the Will of God expresses.

It is in the perseverance of those who do not look at human wretchedness, but rather the potential for love that exists in the essences, that the Will of God expresses.

Today, children, contemplate within yourselves all of the Beings of Light who came to the Earth since the beginning, all the Centers of Love that hide within the planet, with the hope that human eyes may one day see them.

In the sacrifice of those Centers of Love, in their humility and in their silence, find the true meaning of your lives, and when everything seems difficult to you, remember that there are those who serve untiringly and surrender their evolution so that humanity may take a small step in this world.

Today, the Mirror of My Heart reflects the sacrifice of the Cosmos in you, those that responded to the call of God, beyond the dimensions, so that in this new cycle, you feel inspired to experience this same sacrifice out of love for others, to forget yourselves and in humility, experience renunciation, surrender, in the depths of your being.

Feel inspired by the desert, so that in this state, you experience the times that will come.

The fortitude of the Centers of Love is held in silence, and it is there where the fortitude of My children must be found.

Be like this desert, silent yet full of the Power of God; humble and empty, yet holding within itself the Greatest treasure of this planet.

In these ten years, My children, when I have been at your side, let your consciousness walk on.

On this anniversary, may you commit yourselves to continue with Me, reflecting My humility within yourselves, loving this planet as I love you and serving humanity as I serve you.

I am the untiring Servant of God and I call on you to be untiring together with Me.

On this day of celebration, on this day of glory, I invite you to build a path of hope for the new time, where reflected in you, My children, souls see My Sacred Presence.

Let the Heart of God find a hope in human evolution through your steps.

Let the whole Universe feel the pain of the sacrifice experienced since the Origin be worth it for the triumph of the human Project and, as a result, the triumph of universal Life, the unity of every creature with the Heart of God.

With these words, I give you an impulse and I bless you.

I thank you infinitely for responding to My call and I hope, children, that not just ten more years go by, but rather that all eternity may come and that you will be at My side.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the Valley of Peace, I make you all alike, so that you may be the smallest and humblest in the world. Thus, I will be able to accomplish My world work in humanity and many souls will be benefited by this Grace that I bring from Heaven.

This is why souls gather in the Valley of Peace, to celebrate communion with Christ and pray for the planet, striving so that the Source may descend into humanity.

In the Valley of Peace, souls are in surrender, in service and in love, available and open to receive any call to the point where, in sacrifice, they give all for love.

In the Valley of Peace, where I am always to be found, I gather the soldiers so that they may listen to the Will of the Father and carry it out as a sacred goal for humanity.

In the Valley of Peace, the attributes of the Mother of God are radiated, and, as impulses, they transform the hearts that trust in the Purpose.

In the Valley of Peace, souls open their hearts to receive Christ and, in this way, establish a deep alliance that helps them to fulfill the Purposes of the Father throughout their entire lives.

In the Valley of Peace, consciousnesses ignite their inner Mirror and make of this moment a great offer of love to the Creator.

In the Valley of Peace, souls live their freedom by being close to the Mother of God.

The Valley of Peace is the portal to the new consciousness of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who gathers you in the Valley of Peace, love and brotherhood,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today My Maternal and Divine Consciousness descends to the world as a great Mirror of Universal Light to reflect on it, and especially on human beings, all the divine attributes that this race does not yet manage to live or practice.

It is thus that through each prayer pronounced every day by My prayerful children, your Heavenly Mother has the permission to help souls find not only the path to peace but also the essence of their existence.

My children, knowing that humanity lives today one of its great failures due to the lack of true higher love, your Mother, as the humble servant, kneels before Her Beloved Creator to offer Herself as victim and mediator before all the outrages that the Heart of God Himself receives.

Thus, through an inexplicable Grace, the Queen of Heaven and of Earth can succor and help the ignorant souls that are most in need. When you truly pray, I can be that Mirror that through your hearts and lives can reflect the essence of the Love of God to the world. In this way, so simple and sincere, many situations can be avoided.

It will be more difficult and arduous for those souls that, being in the illusion of life and that do not seek God, miss the opportunity of knowing the true love that arises from the Heart of their Master. It is this Love of Christ, dear children, that brings Me here every day to help the suffering world and still indifferent humanity.

It is in this way that, through your hearts, I can establish the Kingdom of God so that more souls may find it again in this hour, in which absolutely everything, from spirit to matter, is at stake.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

As the Mother of all the people and all the races I will still continue in pilgrimage in Mexico to be able to heal most of the pain possible that My children live at this time.

It is so that from Heaven I light the Mirrors of prayer for them to radiate very potent streams of love, healing and liberation.

In this way, children, your Heavenly Mother will be able to penetrate with Her Divine Consciousness the spaces with most suffering in Mexico and in the world, and with the inner strength of all Her praying children She can carry out the co-redemptive work with Her Beloved Son.

Therefore, beloved children, humanity will see itself liberated from millennial mistakes by means of the Mirrors of prayer that each soul lights in the moment of simply offering Me the prayer of heart.

It is in this last cycle that the Divinity of the Son of God will allow many consciousnesses to enter the inner planes, the spaces of love, where the angels of Heaven can spiritually take care of them; this is in truth a state of Grace generated by the “yes” of all of the servers.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unites you to God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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