The time has come to prepare hearts for the living of a spiritual, inner and human synthesis.

In this cycle, many inexplicable memories will emerge in the consciousness as a way of being healed.

It is the cycle in which love has already begun to gain space within beings and they are now able to face that which must be healed and forgiven, and they choose to do this through love.

It is through this inner healing that your fears are defeated and give way to the Love of God in your hearts; Love that must grow and expand in order to be renewed and multiplied.

Thus, children, in this cycle of revelations, allow a synthesis to take place within you. Let that which happened and shaped the growth of your consciousnesses, which is not like a stone closing your paths but rather a base that elevates your spirits, take its correct place within your hearts.

The last definitive cycle of humanity will seek within human beings nothing more than hearts permeated with such great love that there is no room for darkness, fear nor doubts.

Let the synthesis take place within you. Give thanks for what happened, allow yourselves to be transformed by the present and let the future simply remain in the Divine Mind.

May your spiritual treasure be the fulfillment of the Will of God. And if you cannot find it, serve, love, more and more each day, and you will discover that it is in a simple way that the Plan of God is built.

Obey and you will know that your spirits express themselves when your personalities are shaped. There will be no greater inner freedom than that which was defeated through obedience, service, humility and love.

For this reason, be free, so that this new cycle may find you ready to be dwelling places, not of yourselves, but of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Series – Divine Revelations of these times

My Divine Conception in union with the Most Holy Trinity

In the elevated spheres of the Spiritual Universe, a place in which the Living God is present, there are great spiritual matrixes, which encompass great spaces of the Trine Consciousness; because these matrixes are the faithful reflection of a Principle and of a Purpose of the Divine Will.

With forms of great crystal cities of light, these matrixes, which are spiritual and divine, formed by the contribution of the Gift of each Creator Father, that is, by the intervention of each archangel, guard elevated principles and attributes of the Divine Mind with the goal of being able to project and manifest the Plan and its different manifestations within the Universes.

From one of these ancient matrixes of the Spiritual Universe, arrives the Immaculate and Pure Essence which comes from the Divine Conception of the Mother of God.

These immaterial spaces, within the sublime spheres, can only be visited and contemplated by the archangels since it is from these spiritual matrixes that the principles of the Creator Source also emanates because these great crystal cities of light are united, in vibration and in a spiritual way, to the twelve main Sources of the Creator Father-Mother.

This entire evolutionary system of life is a great current of elevated spiritual energy that nourishes the spaces of Creation and, at the same time, moves towards the other constituted Universes: the Spiritual Universe, the Soul Universe, the Higher Mental and the Cosmic Material Universe.

It is in this way that all existing life is benefitted by these impulses which eternally emanate from the Creator Sources of the Spiritual Universe.

In this sense, just as the Creation and the Universe feeds and nourish themselves on divine principles that the Only Mind constantly emanates, the creatures, created in the image and likeness of God, have the inner potential to establish a contact with the meaning for their existence, that is, to resume union with their purpose of life.

The Essence of the Mother of God emerged, manifested itself and sprang from one of these most potent matrixes so that we could live, by the Will of God, an experience of love on Earth.

This Divine Conception of the Mother of God was formed without any stain, as it did not have any experience of suffering, duality or errors.

The Divine Origin of the Essence of the Greater Mother was constituted based on an extremely high degree of purity, of love, and of humility; which led her to incarnate on Earth as a purely immaculate and humble Being.

This characteristic, unusual within the Creation of the Project of God, had an unknown meaning and purpose to the human being, up until the present time.

Within the revelations delivered to the Most Holy Mary, through Archangel Saint Gabriel, it is expressed that the spiritual constitution of the Mother of God is a faithful mirror of the ardent desire of God for the creatures of Earth to know the Love of the Father in a maternal and cosmic aspect.

All of the simplicity and poverty that the Mother of Jesus could manifest during Her passage on Earth were reflections of the fulfilling of this project thought of by God, to defeat evil and duality, by means of the arrival of the Messiah, the Savior.

For God, first it was important for the spiritual, universal and divine contribution of the Creator Fathers, of the Archangels, so that this experience of divine maternity and of unconditional love might have a lasting result throughout the times and the ages.

The recognition that each being of the Earth can make of maternity, and of the affiliation with the Mother of God, spiritually allows God to grant His Divine Presence in the heart of humanity.

Thus, evil is once again overcome by the power of maternal love, by that unconditional motherly love that is capable of giving life to each one of her children.

In synthesis, the desire of God for humanity to have a material and spiritual Mother, like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was to break the chain that was formed at the beginning with Adam and Eve so that, with humanity being able to recognize the Mother of God, the Mother of all, the maternal love might dissolve the roots of evil, and the causes of all errors, time and again.

In this way, the project, thought of within the Source of Creation, through the matrixes and with the spiritual contribution of the archangels, by indication of the Eternal Father, constituted the Essence of Mary as a possible and evident result by applying the same experience of love in all creatures, permitting the actulaization of the Plan and the transcendence of duality.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Hearts suffer because, prisoners of themselves, they cannot manage to get away from their wills, aspirations, accomplishments and goals, even if these are internal and spiritual. They suffer because, within themselves, they build a perfect plan, a perfect humanity and a perfect planet, but cannot find, in their own self, the way to perfection, which can only be achieved in the Unity with God.

Hearts suffer because they want to know, to live and to be things that are not real. And since life does not fit their illusions, they suffer and perish, without perceiving that the root of their suffering is within their own self.

The Plan of God, child, is perfect, but many times incomprehensible, because the Divine Mind is not like the human mind; likeness between God and men is to be found in the essence and in the heart, not in human thought.

The Creator sketched a unique path for each being, a path that is perfect, because in its trajectory there are the perfect obstacles and tests to break structures and resistances, to make the consciousnesses mature and be confirmed, to make spirits consolidate their union with the Father and to be empty of themselves.

In order for you to find plenitude, you must follow God's ways with joy, accept, with peace, the service He gives you, the tests He puts in your way through the difficulties in life. Do not be in the world any longer looking for your mission and trying to discover the Purpose of God for you, because it is already written in the Words of His Messengers which are given to you every day, it is enough for you to be able to see this.

Your mission in the world is to live Love and transformation, cross the thresholds between the old and the new man, bare, with gratitude, the transition of times and express, with humility, the new life.

The mission of God for you is not built with skills but with virtues; it is not expressed with titles but with humility; it is not shown in recognition but in the silence of the unity that is built between your heart and the Heart of the Father.

Pray and meditate on what I tell you, because the years and the cycles go by and you are searching for your mission, when in reality, you are the mission. Your life must be the expression of God's Will wherever you are.

Go and be a seed of the new in the silence of your spirit, in the truth of your service, in the humility of your life, in the sincerity of your prayers.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Revere the mysteries of God, recognizing your ignorance and love your entrance into the Divine Wisdom.

Revere the God Who hides in the Eucharist and who is revealed in a profound dialogue of love when the heart opens and is capable of hearing Him.

Revere the mysteries of God, because His Will is beyond all human comprehension and logic. The Mind and the Will of God do not move like the mind and will of humankind. For this reason, believe that the Creator Father hides in the bread and the wine and places His Divine Consciousness in the sacred elements, chosen to hold the memory of the Passion of His Son so that, thus, beings may learn to re-experience this Passion and find it reflected today in all situations of life.

God does not diminish His greatness to be in the bread and in the wine. He reveals His Omnipresence and, in this way, invites beings to deepen into the knowledge of His Spirit, of His Divine Science.

Today, child, simply revere the presence of God and let Him renew you and reveal to you the truth of your heart.

Today I come as the one who contemplates the Heart of God in the Eucharist, as in the Universe, to teach you that God is only one, present in the Cosmos as in the Eucharist, present in the Infinite as in the essence of each being.

Seek the path to find Him, create a communication with the Father, because only He will sustain you in the time that will come.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


At the beginning of Creation, only Unity existed, the Divine Consciousness that dwells where there is no time or space, where there is no matter, feelings or thoughts, where there is only Spirit.

Without ceasing to be Unity, the Spirit of God is multiplied. This is Omnipresence.

Without ceasing to be Spirit, the Mind of God is born, manifested in the Archangels. This is the work of Omniscience.

Without separating from the levels of Spirit, God manifests the Light in material creations. This is the fruit of Liberation.

God, who was One, divides into three, without ceasing to be One. His Transcendence is incomprehensible to the human mind.

God the Father became the Son and, in Transfiguration, He multiplies His Only Son into all creatures. All are One with the Father, through the Son.

The primordial principles take on a life of their own and creative power. The Rays become consciousness and dwell in all the particles that exist in the cosmos.

God never lost the Unity of the beginning. His multiplication has no end, it has no limit. His Consciousness is expanded beyond the boundaries of spirit, mind, and matter. His Divinity permeates everything.

You may ask yourselves: “How can the Creator dwell in a world so full of darkness? Where is God when chaos rushes into the world?”

God is the Life that dwells within the essence, the Consciousness that animates those who are aware, the Light that gives shape and life to that which the eyes of the not blind can see.

A person may not be blind, but if there is an absence of light in their lives, they will not be able to see. It is not that the world does not exist, that colors do not exist, that life does not exist: what is happening to that person is that they are separated from the light. They are not blind, they are simply stuck in a dark and empty room and do not find a way to open the windows or do not even know that there are windows in the room of their consciousnesses.

This is what happens with the majority of humanity. Ignorance and indifference have shut the human consciousness into a dark room and all the mysteries of life are outside, ready to be revealed at the moment the window of the consciousness is opened.

As they are not blind, they think they see everything. As they do not know the light, they do not know they are imprisoned in a dark room and they think life begins and ends within the four walls of that room.

Love, service, and prayer reach the darkness of those consciousnesses like chinks of light that come through the window, revealing that the window exists and that behind it there is a great mystery.

Some can see the light through the chink and believe they already know everything; others will dare to open the window and contemplate the view before them. The consciousness will be deeply expanded, in spite of only seeing life before their small window.

Up until today, there has been almost no one willing to leave that room, pioneering in the world outside of themselves; for this reason, the mysteries continue being mysteries.

I began this message with some words that are capable of opening a small chink in the dark room of the consciousness, but I know that many will close the window with their own hands to thus remain in absolute darkness.

Reflect upon what I tell you and, in the eyes of your hearts, try for an instant to risk feeling this mysterious ray of light, this small chink that opens in the consciousness.

If you allow your consciousnesses to expand, I will be able to lead you more truly to the union with God. You will be able to be more truthful in everything and unveil mysteries, including about yourselves and about planetary life.

For the growth and maturing of the human consciousness and its adherence to the Truth,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,
At the doors of an end of cycle and at the begging of another, of greater purification and definition, I ask you to not be afraid and to clench My mantle with your hands, so that together in Christ we may be able to cross the great storm of this worldly and spiritual transition.

May your eyes look at Me all the time.  May your hearts feel Me all the time.  May your minds be united to the Mind of God so that no one might lose their path towards the Glorious Heart of Christ.  May your tests, challenges and confirmations be an opportunity to belong to the Plan of God.  Children, there is no longer any consciousness nor soul over the Earth that is not living their own transition.  But My Heart is the key and the antidote to prevent and to relieve any purification.

Now that you are more mature and conscious of the word of the Divine Hierarchy, do not allow yourselves to stay motionless in the middle of the path, as if there were nothing else to be done.  Leave the torpor that My adversary produces all the time and, as decided apostles, assume the task that has been entrusted to you.

Children, unite yourselves, unite yourselves very much!  Beyond your ideas and preferences, do not lose the course of the Divine Purpose.  You are guided by My Immaculate Spirit so that someday your lives might be the reflection of a purity that was worked upon by effort and charity.  Do not distract yourselves with the superficial and common things, the spirit of your concentration and prayer should already transcend the difficulties.

If you call yourselves My soldiers, then be so with truth and act in the way that the Universe needs.  I still see many children with their feet over two boats, waiting for the Universe to decide for the life of each one of them, but this will not happen any longer!  Open your eyes from the sleep that absorbs you and see the reality of this humanity, the one that hurts and damages itself, the one that loses all the values of a true and healthy family, the one that subjects many souls to styles and tendencies of a demonic life.  Cut the network of evil with your swords of light and may prayer be the principle to create the great divine protection.

Hop on the horses of light and tame your preferences, be ready at any hour or moment to respond to the commands of the Universal Mother. The worlds is only now crossing the first door to the transition, and it will be stronger if the world keeps on outraging the Law of God, as if nothing else mattered.

Rule with serenity and harmony, search for the Essence of My Son in order for your ideas to be guided by the wisdom of His Heart.  Adore Him and build the foundations for the New Humanity!  Do not separate yourselves!  Be loving and you will not feel alone during the battle of the Woman Dressed of the Sun against the beast.  Elevate your thoughts to God and live Mercy as the only and last exit, thus you will be saved.

I thank you for answering to My call!

In the sovereign power that rules you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Beloved children:

From the Heart of God comes out a ray of light that arrives through My Immaculate Heart to all of the children of this Earth.

From the Mind of God arises a channel of light where Perfect Unity enters through My Immaculate Purity into the minds of all the creatures.

Through My rays of Love, the ones that the Father pours over My Universal Consciousness, descends over all of the children of the Most High this love reached on the Cross by the Firstborn, a love that we live in the celestial universe.

For this My beloveds is why today I descend over this city, to bring to the souls of all the pilgrims this primordial essence of Divine Love, the one that will strengthen your spirits for the times that will come.

It was written that the woman dressed of sun would come to you bringing the good news of the return of the Redeemer to your lives, first to your heart and soon in Glory, soul, body and Divinity.

And for this I am here, My beloved children, to accomplish the promises that Heaven, through Its messengers, has made to humanity.

And when they cannot suffer anymore, when dismay has exhausted the souls, the love of My Son will cover them with hope and with peace.  When He returns, He will wash all the faults of this world and all will be like a field of wheat that is at the point of being harvested, filled with light from the sun, ripe, ready to receive the blessings of God.

I come to plow the earth, to plant the seeds with My hands of Co-redeemer Mother.  I come to give pure water to the earth so that it may embrace the seed that I have deposited in your hearts and it is converted into a golden ear of corn and raised to the Heights, seeking always the light of the sun.

And when the day of the Great Harvest comes, when the ears are brought to the feet of the Creator, My Son will carry with His strong arms these ears of light that are all of your beings and He will offer them to the Father as a gift of love.

For this I am here, My dears, so that your souls may be among these ears that My Son will carry with so much joy to the feet of God.

Permit Me, My dears, that with My pure hands I may caress your hearts and spirits and in this way, your beings may be converted into golden raised ears of corn, the ones that wait for the blessed day in which the Divine Farmer will come to collect them and bring them to your true destiny, the Heart of God.

Today, in this city, I will leave the earth plowed and blessed, so that many seeds may rest in it and the rain of prayer makes them germinate hoping they may grow, be lifted and wait for the Redeemer.

Dear children of Sorocaba:

My love for all of you is infinite, Permit Me that I may give it to you so that it may help you to be always looking at the Heights.

I love you and I bless you.

Thank you for trusting in My cares, the ones I offer to you with all My Maternal Love.

Mary, your Mother and Farmer of souls

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