Friday, October 26 of 2018

Daily messages

Hearts suffer because, prisoners of themselves, they cannot manage to get away from their wills, aspirations, accomplishments and goals, even if these are internal and spiritual. They suffer because, within themselves, they build a perfect plan, a perfect humanity and a perfect planet, but cannot find, in their own self, the way to perfection, which can only be achieved in the Unity with God.

Hearts suffer because they want to know, to live and to be things that are not real. And since life does not fit their illusions, they suffer and perish, without perceiving that the root of their suffering is within their own self.

The Plan of God, child, is perfect, but many times incomprehensible, because the Divine Mind is not like the human mind; likeness between God and men is to be found in the essence and in the heart, not in human thought.

The Creator sketched a unique path for each being, a path that is perfect, because in its trajectory there are the perfect obstacles and tests to break structures and resistances, to make the consciousnesses mature and be confirmed, to make spirits consolidate their union with the Father and to be empty of themselves.

In order for you to find plenitude, you must follow God's ways with joy, accept, with peace, the service He gives you, the tests He puts in your way through the difficulties in life. Do not be in the world any longer looking for your mission and trying to discover the Purpose of God for you, because it is already written in the Words of His Messengers which are given to you every day, it is enough for you to be able to see this.

Your mission in the world is to live Love and transformation, cross the thresholds between the old and the new man, bare, with gratitude, the transition of times and express, with humility, the new life.

The mission of God for you is not built with skills but with virtues; it is not expressed with titles but with humility; it is not shown in recognition but in the silence of the unity that is built between your heart and the Heart of the Father.

Pray and meditate on what I tell you, because the years and the cycles go by and you are searching for your mission, when in reality, you are the mission. Your life must be the expression of God's Will wherever you are.

Go and be a seed of the new in the silence of your spirit, in the truth of your service, in the humility of your life, in the sincerity of your prayers.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph