Thursday, June 6 of 2019

Daily messages

Every day, child, seek to go deeper into the Passion and the Life of your Lord.

In this way, you will know what the essence of surrender, of service, and of sacrifice is; you will know that life is too short not to imitate His steps; you will know that the Graces that were granted to you are still abound in your life, and that you have everything to thank God for, in each minute of your existence.

Contemplate the Passion of your Lord, every day, so that you may understand where He aspires to lead you to and what the purpose is that God has for you.

Everything you receive is so that you give of yourself more and more, in the accomplishment of a Greater Plan. And if you feel that what you do is little, know child, that it is not your sense of serving that measures your service and sacrifice; it is the love with which you do everything that you are called to do that, in the light of God, measures the steps of your heart and of your consciousness.

If you are called to pray, pray with all of your being, and do it with love.

If you are called to serve, regardles of what it is, do it with all of your heart.

Be excellent in your actions, fill each one of your actions with the Spirit of God, and even though nobody sees you or recognizes your work, know that it is for God that you do it, and not for you or for humankind.

To serve is to do what is necessary, where it is necessary and as it is necessary; but above all, to do it with love.

Every day, child, contemplate the Passion of your Lord, and be ashamed of being tired, disconsolate or distressed. Be ashamed of wanting more from others, and place your heart in the correct place, in the giving of self.

For the one who completely surrenders to the Father, what supply they need will always come.

If you lack anything, it is because you keep for yourself that which you seek in others. Give the love that is in your heart and you will see how the Love of God will eternally flow in your chest.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph