Wednesday, February 26 of 2020

Daily Messages

When a heart loves the Law and the Grace of God, it lives under His Love and His Mercy. It lives hidden in the shadow of His Presence and, even though it may infinitely fall, it knows that the Hands of its Father will be stretched out to lift it up from the ground.

When a heart loves the Will of God and believes in His Plan, it lives according to this Will and fears leaving His path. This heart, in the face of temptations, asks for help and Mercy from the Lord to keep its spirit pure and its path of the return to God straight.

A heart that chooses to leave the Law and Divine Grace is one that yields to its will, to its most human thoughts and desires, forgetting the purpose of its life and choosing to leave it behind in order to experience its most human aspirations.

This heart, children, is not fragile in the light of God; it is fragile to the world and condemns itself by believing that its soul is invincible while facing temptations, the Law and the Grace.

This heart, that does not recognize its own deviations at the right time to correct its steps, is so distant from the Law and from the Grace of God that it becomes lost and closed off to feel the Presence of its Father; it closes its eyes not to receive His Love and does not perceive Him, until His Justice begins to descend from Heaven, like rays that break its blindness and its illusion.

But in this moment, this lost soul, in its repentance and in its humiliation, will need to find a new path that will allow it to again meet the Will and the Grace of the Father.

Nothing is lost, not even for the most sinful soul, when it surrenders, humbles itself and opens in a heartfelt way before the Father. At a certain point in its lost steps, the Creator will find it and put it in a new place, where it will be able to live His Grace. But for this, children, it is necessary to surrender to the Love of God.

I do not tell you these things so that you are fearful, but rather so that you may understand that the soul that chooses the world when called by God to live His Will, spiritually leaves the Grace and the shadow of Their Lord to live under His Justice and the illusions of the world.

Despite this, all paths may be corrected. Many are the paths that lead to the Love of God and to the awakening of the consciousness. Some choose to live it through Mercy; others, in spite of being children of Mercy, choose Justice.

The laws are fulfilled according to human choices. Thus, know how to perceive that your small and large actions; your feelings and your heart, are the measure that puts you in the place you choose to be, to learn in this world.

For this reason, know how to be in the correct place.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph