I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I reflect the principles of Universal Creation to the whole planet.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I bring to humanity the Attributes of God.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because. through them, I mirror healing and regeneration to the world.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I sustain the universal balance of the planet.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I establish the beauty of peace.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I allow My children to return to their inner origin.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I ignite My Mirrors of the cosmos and, thus, I free the planet from constant oppression.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I spiritually gestate the moral and internal reconstruction of humanity.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, through them, I purify and heal suffering souls.

I am the Lady of the Lakes, because, I lead My children towards peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Within the Superior Universes, the so-called Source of the Creation acts, universally, regenerating the principles and the spaces of manifestation that form part of the spiritual development of the constellations and the planets.

In this current time, the struggle and the effort to be connected with the High will demand dedication, striving and dynamism so that the currents contrary to the Light, which circulate around the planetary life, do not affect nor deliberately deviate the servers.

If some form of deviation or personal abandonment of the purpose takes place in this time, it is a consequence of the lack of inner and spiritual connection with the Source.

On the other hand, the cycle of self-purification is leading the human consciousnesses on the surface of the Earth to face itself and know that which was before unknown and hidden to it. 

We refer to having consciousness and clarity concerning who each being of the surface truly is on a spiritual, mental, soul and material level.

Knowledge of the spiritual, mental and material aspects of the human being is something that used to be overlooked, because it acted in an unconscious way. 

Now, due to the universal crossing of time and space, these aspects, which beforehand acted alone and with great occult power over the consciousnesses, are coming into evidence so that the human being may face them, purify them and liberate themselves from this constant oppression.

What happens nowadays is that the majority of humanity does not know, nor have the consciousness about how to solve a situation that, during long periods of time, has been compromising the possibility of their awakening and their surrender.

So, however much a minority is aligned with the Divine Purpose and has the inner tools it needs to carry forward the manifestation of the Plan, this part, which is the more conscious minority, does not know how to proceed nor act to solve its intensive process of purification.

For this reason, the Supreme Source of the Creation has, at its disposal, great re-transmitters of attributes and codes of light, the so-called "Mirrors".

The Mirrors are the support and fundamental bridge of union for the current planetary transition because the most sublime Mirrors of the Creation will be the indispensable support for the evolution of love within the terrestrial consciousness; just as they will be the pillars that will sustain the bridge that humanity itself must build through prayer, liturgy, Sacraments and service for the neediest.

Without these attributes widely applied in daily life, the human being will not be able to sustain itself.

Up to now, the Kingdoms of Nature, just as the vast oceans and seas, were the spiritual and internal consciousnesses that sustained the human being of the surface. 

However, this cycle has changed, as the degradation, the mistreat and the lack of care for Nature have generated debts that are unpayable by the human race. And this has consequences, again and again, on the planet, reflecting on the changing climatic phenomena, the accelerated melting of the poles, the terrestrial and aerial contaminations and the collapse of all the environments generated by noise and visual contamination.

All of this planetary context drowns the Earth, as consciousness, the Lesser Kingdoms and all of humanity.

The moment has come for each being of the surface to counteract this evil caused to the planet and the Creation.

The moment has come for each soul to assume its own purification and transition, and to not feed on nor depend on anything or anyone.

The instruments to know how to create the spiritual condition have been taught; now it will only depend on the entire human race to be able to reverse and transmute what has been generated.

The Mirrors will be, in these times, the primary spiritual support of alignment and of balance.

The Mirrors will be able to unite with the mirror of the heart of each being so that, little by little, and with determination and consciousness, they may change the vibrations of the planet and the human race.

Within the Mirrors, you will find greater support for the end of times and the key that will open the right door for you to reach the Celestial Brotherhood.

It is time to work consciously.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Supreme currents descend from the Heavens in this new cycle, Rays that come directly from the Heart of God, and which are unknown to men and women, vibrations created to dissolve the old time and unite Earth with the Time of God, called the Real Time of the Universe.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos converge their energy into specific points of the planet, which are receptacles of the sacred, they are called Enclosures of Love. Those vibrations will accentuate the purification, both of beings and of the Earth, and everything will move inside and outside of men and women, so that, thus, all become worthy of being called Children of God.

The supreme currents that come from Heaven build the path of return to the Heart of God. Know how to see this moment as a grace and let yourselves be transformed and corrected.

Peace will reign in the hearts of those who trust in God, beyond the tests and appearances. And though your human side you will suffer with everything that will happen in the world, within you will pulsate the certainty of Eternal Life, beyond the Earth, of the life in God.

Pray and strengthen your own faith.

Unite with one another, beyond the difficulties and miseries that you will see emerge in yourselves and in your brothers and sisters. It is the power of unity that will be able to transmute and transform all those things.

True unity, erected on the basis of love and fraternal life, the unity that comes from God and is reflected in you, that is what will sustain you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My Heart's feeling of Love during the Birth of Jesus

Since My first years of life and before them, I was prepared by God to fulfill His Will and to manifest His promises, those that were kept in the words of the Prophets in the sacred books of our people.

My Heart loved the Lord with fervor and this same Love allowed that, in My prayers, My Consciousness could cross dimensions in order to be before God.

Thus, I contemplated this eternal Source of life and silence; I observed how all of life was renewed through the rays, sounds, and colors that came from the Heart of God and were led by the angels and archangels to the different Universes.

My Heart only aspired to be in silence with God, to be there, in that dimension of consciousness, where all was stillness and peace.

It was like this that, contemplating the Divine Consciousness, the Creator revealed to Me the mysteries of His Creation, He showed Me the moment in which His Love expanded and gave origin to life, manifested through dimensions, He showed Me the moment in which the first Mirrors of the Cosmos were created and how they served to take Love and Divine Will to all that was created.

In His silence, the Lord revealed to Me the grace of the expression of the Divine Trinity and how, from His Heart, His Divine Spirit and His Son were born and, finally, through Archangel Gabriel, the Creator revealed to Me that His Love would manifest in life as a human body, soul and spirit, hiding all of this mystery which had been revealed before.

Before Archangel Gabriel, My Heart expanded and all the Cosmos and the sublime realities that I had been contemplating before, with my eyes, through the portals of light that opened in Heaven, I was now beginning to enter within Myself, into My womb, which kept all of this divine mystery.

First, the Creator dwelled in My Heart, then in My Consciousness and also in My body, making all the levels of My Being experience His divine presence.

The more I lived God, the more silent I became, because His Love flooded My Being in a way that there was no place for My expressions, but only for God's.

Each day that passed and the Little Child God was growing in My womb, it was like contemplating, once more, the creation of the Universes, the manifestation of the Aspects of God, the birth of the angels and archangels through the purest feeling of the Father. But now, My children, this was happening inside My womb.

An inner Cosmos was awakening in My physical body and all that I was, as part of human life, transformed into a Mirror of the Divine Consciousness. The Spirit of God mirrored in Me and, as He gave life to all that inhabited the Universe, now He was gestating a new life in My maternal womb.

Today I express with words what was lived in silence so that your hearts may participate in the mysteries of life and love them in order to seek the truth about yourselves.

Each day of My gestation was accompanied by a Divine Revelation and My Spirit rejoiced in God, in the eternal presence of the angels, as if My feet did not touch the Earth anymore but constantly lived in the renewal of life, in the divine dimensions.

My Chaste Spouse Joseph accompanied My silence and, also silenced, this allowed Him to commune with the mysteries, although He did not understand them, He lived them with the same depth.

On the Road to Bethlehem I accompanied with love every test that He lived and, in My silence, I allowed humanity to be transformed and converted through His Chaste Heart. Now the moment would come for the Spirit of God to flood His Heart and, knowing that everything has its time, I only remained silent and let the Love of God, which pulsated in My Womb, expand to His humble and faithful Heart.

The Birth of Christ was felt by Me as a new creation, a new divine expansion. My Consciousness was transferred to the Cosmos and, seeing the Unique God multiply Himself, I felt His Son being born and expressing Himself in matter.

The angels sang glory and hallelujah and emanated sounds never heard before on Earth; the Silence of God expanded as waves of Love and I felt all of this in My Heart.

Having My Son in My arms made Me share the Love of God while He multiplied Himself; the first feeling of motherhood of all life came from His Heart. And, like something sublime and indescribable, a renewed feeling of Love, a Love that did not live on Earth, My Heart lived a new expansion of light.

Feel, My children, this Love that is kept in the memory of My words and, on this day of glory, allow this expansion of Love to be lived, in some degree, within you. 

Today I revealed to you the most profound feelings of My Heart and, with simple words, I let you know that which cannot be explained, but only lived.

To truly understand what I am telling you, you must allow My words to enter into your hearts and give origin to a new state within each one of you.

I thank you for trusting in the impulses that come from Heaven and for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


As cycles change and accelerate, the alternate and illusory time of Earth begins to fade away. 

As layers of vibrations permeate the planet, the Kingdoms and the different bodies of men, these layers gradually dissolve, giving space to the Time of God, called Real Time of the Universe.

When the Time of God enters the world, My children, it not only causes confusion in the minds and in the hearts of men. The confusion is caused by the disconnection between the human mind and heart and the divine Truth.

When a being is united to God in heart, mind and spirit, it receives the Time of God with gratitude and, with it, the revelation of the Truth, which, little by little, becomes visible to the consciousness so that it may understand where it came from, why and what is the meaning and purpose of human existence, what is its destiny.

Throughout human evolution, the Lord revealed His Truth to men in accordance with what their mind could understand, their heart was capable of receiving and what the very energetic and spiritual condition of the planet was capable of absorbing.

The Universe of God is complex and holds in itself a science that unfolds since the beginning of Creation and that today is inconceivable to the human mind.

For this reason, for it to be revealed to you, it is necessary that you receive it gradually, and that not only your minds, spirits and hearts be ready for this, but all of human and planetary consciousness; because everything you receive, as part of humanity, reaches as an impulse and vibration to all of human consciousness.

As the Truth of God is revealed and the times unite, the laws of the Earth transform and also unite to the universal Laws. Thus, My children, the commitment and the responsibility of beings grows and deepens, because they will no longer respond to the Universe as beings in an evolutionary experience, but rather as consciousnesses that participate in the Truth and in the Plan of God, in a conscious way.

Throughout the last years, prayer awakened and ignited the mirrors of your hearts so that, in this way, they might capture love and understand the history that is written in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, and this begins to mirror itself within you and within your consciousness.

Nothing is separate. Everything is part of a perfect and divine Plan that builds in your hearts a path of return to the Heart of God.

In order to know how to return, you must remember how you arrived here. No one returns home if they do not know the path to it.

I tell you all this, beloved children, so that you may receive the revelations of this time with gratitude and consciousness, knowing that My words are part of the Grace of God, that transforms and prepares you for the new time; in which you will finally know and live the Truth, and life will no longer be a sequence of theories, questionings, and assumptions. You will be able to participate in the revelation of God and live God, consciously and fully, in all of your being.

For this I prepare you, I bless you and thank you for receiving My words with the gratitude of the heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Since you emerged in the Heart of God, until you reached Planet Earth to live an experience of love, a long story has been written in the Universe.

Marked in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, as the record of the learning experience of the creatures of God, your evolution will forever remain stored so that you can learn from the triumphs, as well as from the errors, and not fall again into the same difficulties that have led you into decadence, as beings and as humanity.

Just as the Mirrors of the Cosmos turn to Earth to radiate light and peace, they also place over the human consciousness, My children, the records kept in the Universe about the history and the evolution of each being. It is in this way because the time has come to remember, so that, with the degrees of love and awakening that you live today, you may heal and forgive what you lived in the past.

In the same way, all the positive and evolutionary learning experiences that you have lived as consciousnesses, spirits in evolution, will also be radiated to Earth, because you will need them in this time in order to know how to act before the difficulties that will present themselves.

Nothing that you live on Earth has its roots on the planet. You came here to consolidate a learning experience of love and to heal the records and experiences that need healing, because, although it may not seem like it, children, in this world you have everything you need for this.

As the Time of God draws closer to the time of the Earth, higher realities also gradually become visible, and what was in dimensions that were not accessible to the human consciousness before, in its current condition, begin to be revealed.

This happens, My children, because you have already experienced much in this world, and before you destroy your own lives and life on Earth, due to ignorance and human sleep, your Creator Father begins to awaken you.

The spiritual life and the life of true prayer are the keys to live these times with peace. 

Understand that everything will get out of your control so that you may learn that the only true power is the one which comes from God, and the way to participate in Divine Power and Wisdom is surrendering one’s own arrogance and human control, recognizing that, without the Love of the Father, you are merely nothing.

Do not fear these times; just awaken to the truth that emerges and, before difficulties, just like before grace, keep yourselves in true prayer. Thus, you will not lose peace.

Do not resist the records that emerge from within you, which, radiated by the Mirrors of the Cosmos, reach the Earth; because knowing the truth about yourselves will turn you humble and will draw you closer to God.

If you do not recognize what you must heal and transform, you will always remain in the illusion of human vanity. But if instead, beloved children, you open your hearts to surrender, to forgiveness, to  healing, you will know that the only perfection is to be found in God, and you will draw closer to it to find peace. 

My blessing and My graces will always be upon your lives, you only need to let yourselves be transformed in prayer and in peace, live the impulses that come to the world in this time.

The moment has come to enter the Time of God; do not fear, just pray. And the greater the intensity of the vibrations that descend from the Universe to transform you, the closer you must be to the Heart of the Father, in prayer.

I bless you and thank you for opening from your hearts to the Celestial Instructions.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


My children,

Today, contemplate the Divine Creation under My Mantle, because, as the Mother of Life, I come to reveal to you the mysteries of the Sources that inhabit the Cosmos, as extensions of the Divine Consciousness; Sources in which, all that is manifested life, was generated.

Contemplate, under My Mantle ,the Infinite Consciousness of God, which expresses itself in the divine dimensions as an immense Light, a Light that holds in itself all colors and all sounds. This Light, which dazzles eyes and hearts, but fills them with Its magnitude, is the Divine Consciousness. As an infinite and eternal lake, whose silence vibrates in an unexplainable way for the human minds, and is only palpable for the heart, this is God.

Contemplate this Fountain of Light. Feel the vibrations that emanate from It, as invisible waves which cannot be seen but which are felt, because they contain the creative principles, particles of life.

From this Infinite Fountain, which is the Divine Consciousness, emanated other smaller Fountains in the Cosmos; they are called smaller due to their celestial hierarchy, but are so full and perfect, as God Himself, because He finds His Dwelling in these Fountains.

The Fountains of Life, which are the very own manifested Divine Consciousness, communicate through a network of Sublime Mirrors which carry Love, Grace and the Creative Power beyond the dimensions, recreating and renewing the Creation. These Sublime Mirrors receive, from the Eternal Father, His principles of manifestation and life, and thus create and feed the new Fountains with the celestial principles that come from the Heart of God.

The Sublime Mirrors are the arms that work and the Divine Word that is manifested in the vast Cosmos and, beyond it, in all life. The Sublime Mirrors are, within themselves, the Science of Creation for they hold inside the mystery of the Perfection of life.

The Perfection that derives from God is poured onto the Sublime Mirrors and through them, it reaches everything that exists. From a small flower to a galaxy, the Perfection of manifestation is conducted by the Sublime Mirrors, and through them it permeates life and allows beauty to exist, it allows the same Perfection of God to exist in the expression of life, in nature as well as in the universe.

The Sublime Mirrors, My children, have the oceans as their dwellings on Earth because the purity of waters and the sea beings allow Perfection to reach matter and to be renewed in order to radiate to all life on the planet. The oceans are thus the link between the Creation that manifests on the planet and the Perfection of the Divine Consciousness. Through them, beauty, grace and life can exist.

If the oceans die, life also ceases to express itself as a likeness of the Divine Consciousness because the Sublime Mirrors, which bring the vibrations, the Love and the Perfection of God, would no longer find their dwelling.

If the oceans become ill, the Kingdoms of Nature, the consciousness of the planet and the human beings will become ill because the Perfection of God will no longer manage to express itself with plenitude of life on the Earth. This causes illness, chaos and evil to permeate the Earth, within and outside of beings.

Today I come to make you aware of a higher life so that you may expand your knowledge and, above all, so that you may expand your hearts and understand that, in order for harmony to exist and for humanity to keep evolving and expressing itself as a Project of God, all kingdoms must be respected, loved and taken care for by men.

Understand the oceans as a Divine Dwelling, as a bridge to God within the Earth. And thus, love, respect and revere these great Mirrors of Light that grant you life.

Today I bring you and reveal to you the Sublime Mirrors of Creation and, just as I manifest them in My Heart, I also reveal to you this presence in the oceans.

Know how to love life, My children. Know how to revere the Divine Presence that expresses itself on Earth and be part of this Whole by living in harmony with all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Pray for the oceans and commune with them from the Perfection of God.

I bless you and thank you for awakening to divine knowledge, for opening to universal science and for loving the oceans as you love God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Pray, because while you pray from the heart, in the Celestial Universes, the laws move, transform and transmute events that precipitate upon the Earth.

Pray, because while you pray, within the subtle worlds the angels and archangels course the Earth, dissolving the evil that imprisons souls and freeing them from the condemnation in which they placed themselves through their actions and through their ignorance.

Pray, because while you pray the Mirrors of Light ignite in the Cosmos as well as in the oceans and the depths of the Earth, responding to your pleas, responding to the light that ignites within you, when you are sincere in your prayers.

Pray, because while you pray, within the invisible worlds the blessed ones and the beings of light that serve the Earth work tirelessly with the merits that are generated in your prayers, and do not lose a single instant of a sincere prayer, to present to God the merits that transform life on Earth and grant humanity a new opportunity of living Love.

Pray, because while you pray, great things unknown to your being happen in Heaven as on Earth.

You, child, do not know the potential of your heart, but God does. Therefore, before everything that happens in the world, your Father and Lord sends His Messengers only to say to you: pray, because this is your part in the end of these times. Pray fervently and sincerely; pray, opening the doors of Heaven, crying out for peace, for forgiveness and for Mercy. Pray for a new life. Pray for the New Humanity. Pray for the return of Christ, so that hearts may be ready to meet the Lord, face to face.

Only pray, child, and speak with God through your heart.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate Creation and allow the divine science to reveal itself within you.

Life is made with the Breath of the Spirit of God and manifested through the vibration of His Word, but also a broad science developed from the Creator. Universal and divine Rays, Mirrors of light, Sources of energy, sound and color all helped in the creation of the Universes, the dimensions, and consciousnesses.

Everything in life manifests perfection and, just as the Creator sent His children out for evolution into the vast Cosmos, He also created the path of return to His Heart, to the Source of Unity, to the principle of Love.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos are this path of return to the Heart of God; through them, the Father manifested, animated, and nurtured Life. His Sources are eternal and are fed by the very existence of God. Sources that manifest sources, from which essences and souls emerge. These are the Mirrors of the Cosmos and, just as the Father carries within Himself the Mirrors that manifest life, HIs children, like Him in essence and in love, also carry in themselves the inner mirrors which create through love and build, within the invisible, the Plan of the Creator.

Be aware of the mirrors that pulse in your hearts and feel yourselves a part of a divine and universal science. Just as the Mirrors of the Cosmos create in light, and manifest life and perfection, you too, children, should create through prayer and loving actions. Manifest a new life and, with the mirrors of your hearts, attract the new patterns of behavior for humanity. Manifest love, peace, and grace. Be worthy children of God and, through the mirrors of your hearts, recreate and renew this life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My Mercy is poured like rain on a spring afternoon and it brings the Source of renewal and the presence of the eternal to the planetary life.

Thus, Divine Mercy reaches the hearts most in need of love and of light, but is also poured on all those who respond to My convocation.

On this afternoon, Divine Mercy restores inner worlds, pacifies troubled hearts, and unifies the souls that live the Divine Purpose in My Name, which will continue its trajectory beyond the stars.

For this reason, always remember that My Love is immutable, and My Compassion, eternal; thus I will take you with Me towards new spheres and in those dwellings you will encounter your true origin, the story written in the Mirrors.

Remain united with Me, because from today a new and unique cycle began, to expand the foundations of the Divine Purpose in the entire planetary sphere.

In My Celestial House today I have a new dweller and I have received him rejoicing because his mission was fulfilled, just as My Celestial Father thought it.

This is reason for happiness and for joy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


To the singers of My Heart

Dear children,

Universal life, which is infinite and unknown, can reflect itself on Earth by means of its great Mirrors of Light, as well as through the mirror-souls.

In this day of a new celebration and offering, your singing souls will participate, together with the Heavenly Mother, in a planetary task that will radiate through music.

The music offered for the healing and upliftment of humanity has its own science, which allows it to contact higher universes of consciousness where powerful currents of healing and harmony flow and circulate, which are in this time, of great help and support to humanity.

By means of the offering that will be made today by the choirs of the Communities-of-Light, the Spiritual Hierarchy will attract, as a cosmic magnet, these necessary currents so that the planet and humanity may reach in some plane, a process of spiritual and inner healing.

Thus, singing children, each musical piece and each presentation that will be offered today, will contribute so that the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy, in its greatest state of Original Purity, may intercede for the consciousness of humanity, so that new attributes may awaken in the souls. 

From the higher universes, a network of Greater Mirrors will start working, so that by means of them, and of the inner attunement of each singing soul, a spiritual communication may be established, which will open an internal door for these impulses to descend from the spiritual orbit of the planet, toward humanity.

In order for souls to be able to approach Universes of this level, the channel of music will build this condition, and thus, the spiritual impulses will reach those hearts, which with sincerity, are connected with the development of the whole task. 

Therefore, the meeting of music today will be different and even deeper in its spiritual counterpart, as from these levels, non-material Laws will activate to help humanity and in consequence, the planet.

Each meeting of music that has taken place, with effort and love on the part of My children, has demonstrated to the spiritual Universe a possibility to deepen in the scope of the Plan of Rescue of the Hierarchy, as well as in the healing of humanity.

In this gala night, in which your souls will be clothed in the best attributes of love and brotherhood, may all that is offered today resound again in the spiritual level of the planet, so that more positive effects of healing and redemption continue to manifest in this race.

As Mother, I wish you a gorgeous meeting of love and of upliftment.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With a ray of Light of My Heart I penetrate the Earth with Grace, and moving the Mirrors of the Cosmos towards the planet, souls receive and capture the impulses of the Universe.

The great power plants of the Cosmos retransmit its codes to humanity and the spirits united with the Father receive the gifts that, as from today, will be a part of their evolution.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos emanate infinite impulses and all beings of goodwill find an inner meaning to their lives. And in this way, a deep communion is established between souls that awaken and God.

Everything renews itself. To the point where those who used to be far from the Christic path resume their commitment of yore, and in this way, the Glorious Face of Christ is drawn over the light of the Mirrors, and new sublime codes are introduced in the matrix essence of creatures.

Those souls feel the impulse; those souls feel the call. Nothing is lost.

Hearts manage to quench their age-old thirst and after so many centuries and after so many experiences, the future race, formed by Mirror beings, awaken their main mission.

What is that main mission?

That of radiating the Love from the Source to a planet in darkness.

Each soul receives from the Universe what it needs, and each heart is nourished by new and unknown Laws.

What before seemed impossible to a human consciousness, the acquired spiritual impulse makes redeemable, and their soul places itself on the step that corresponds to it within the Plan.

Everything is transformed and the doors to Cosmic Knowledge are opened so that creatures may rediscover their essences and their original purity.

But the hour indicates that the most conscious beings, the tireless servants, must be attentive to the movement of the Mirrors, for the time has come for illuminating the consciousness and having these impulses be as if they were the last.

Drink of the knowledge and believe that it is this Divine Water that will quench the thirst for knowing who you are in truth and what you have come to fulfill.

It is in this way that the Laws resurrect old collaborators of the Evolutionary Plan, so that the sick planet may be healed by the virtues and the tools that each sun will offer to the Universal Father.

We are in the end times and the sacred Instruction of the Universe will make each soul and each being more conscious and helpful.

A stage closed in the last months and a new one has already begun.

Do not miss the opportunity of unveiling inner mysteries and of bringing them to the surface of your consciousness so that they serve as a cooperation with the Plan.

The material and inner time is precious. You have never crossed such a definite threshold before. You have never known the Portal towards the Real Time of the Universe before this. Because the time has come to penetrate into it through the flow of love of the heart.

Because in this way, no matter what happens, or how much the Earth trembles, you will be in profound brotherhood and the fruit given by the Fig Tree*, as a sacred tree, will serve as aid and as support for those who will have a spiritual hunger for evolutionary matters.

Be attentive, each step you take will mark a fulfillment of new stages. It is time to abandon the individuality of consciousness and to embrace forever the fraternal group life.

Remember, children, the words of Jesus: “Love one another as I have loved you”.

May this be your firm premise and may the Laws of Spiritual Unity among beings be fulfilled, so that indifference, omission, and abandonment may be extirpated from the unconscious of this humanity.

In this way, you will be able to be in communion and service with all the human and planetary needs which will emerge overnight.

I wish, children, that each stage that you live be well taken advantage of and that nobody else, consecrated or non-consecrated, closes the door to the cosmic assistance that is arriving.

So rediscover your true civilization and be part of this Divine Project that must be carried out through the faithful and conscious collaboration of everyone.

May the Islands of Salvation appear after having been built by the hands of all.

May My Children be true caretakers of these Islands, and be guardians of the Grand Portal through which Christ will appear for this world.

Pour your miseries into My Heart, for I will transform them and they will be, in a short while, roses in My Garden of Light.

Believe in the true and the pure which exists within you, and in this way, the Earth will be repopulated by new principles of love and of unity.

Do not cease to capture what the Mirrors are emanating; they indicate to humanity that an end cycle is being lived.

Forward, My warriors of Peace!

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you with the Light of all the Cosmos,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Cordoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Did you know that in the universe there are Mirrors of Light? What is a Mirror of Light?

It is not what humanity uses to see their faces or look for beauty, which does not exist on the outside. A true Mirror is an instrument of Light created by God so that the planets, the stars and, beyond them, the galaxies may be in communication with the same principle and energy.

But My adversary made this great design become a material and superfluous object, in which souls seek their gratification so that the search for the true mirror of the heart would disappear.

Saint Teresa of Avila had the mission, entrusted by My Son, of recovering the mirror of the heart through prayer, contemplation and the adoration of Christ. Later on, a part of humanity recovered the meaning of spirituality and, through some sanctified consciousnesses, the greater principle of communication of the Mirrors returned to the planet. Today, the Celestial Divinity is in charge of all this together with those holy consciousnesses, who from Heaven, help to send cosmic impulses to wake up humanity.

Saint Teresa of Avila is the great missionary of Heaven who is working with the awakening of the contemplative life and is the one who spiritually helps each praying soul, irrespective of their religion, their nation or continent, to be able to find the positive feeling of this inner mirror.

In this way, the race, which for the most part is asleep and hypnotized by material mirages, can receive the immediate collaboration of the Mirrors of Heaven to find the following impulses again in these times:

1. Recuperation of the spiritual and collective integrity of humanity.

2. The way of discovering the mission of each soul present on Earth.

3. The sublime descent of the Law of Mercy, of Grace and of Liberation.

4. Re-engaging with higher states of consciousness which carry humanity into divine states.

5. The awakening of the other part of the consciousness that is asleep in each being.

6. Inner communication with Universal Laws and their principal currents of balance and of healing.

7. The opportunity to redeem life on the surface of the Earth and the rehabilitation of the soul through Christic and celestial impulses.

Children, the Mirrors of Heaven are transmitters of codes and new behaviors for the life of the surface of the planet. When a consciousness truly prays from the heart, without seeking anything in exchange, simply being in a spirit of cooperation with the Plan of God, the doors of these Celestial Mirrors open to enter into spiritual regions of the planet where the Redemption and the Mercy of God are imperative.

A Mirror of Heaven can be manifested in various ways, because as it is an instrument of the Spiritual Universe, it is shown according to the urgent need in a world such as yours.

The communication between the Mirrors of Heaven is established when all creatures created by God are in prayer; it is there where these Mirrors are activated and begin to draw principles of universal life to the Earth that humanity has lost completely, such as for example: 

Reverence for the Creator.

Love for higher states.

Search for an inner union with Christ.

Hope of receiving a healing.

Rediscovering the true origin.

Fusion with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Accomplishment of the spiritual mission of humanity.

Therefore, dear children, the Mirrors of Heaven help to rediscover the spiritual meaning and reason for being present here, on this planet, with the Kingdoms of Nature, participating in the creation of this Divine Project that is humanity; a project that must be accomplished beyond anything else.

The planetary consciousness, in the last 50 years, has been helped a great deal because of the constant risk that humanity experiences of missing the opportunity of concretizing this project, that is unknown to 99% of beings.

Thus, the Work of the Celestial Hierarchy with humanity has been incalculable and urgent, with the hope that more consciousnesses wake up to the real need of an inner and planetary change that, if it does not take place, would compromise the whole world.

So that this step, which must be taken by all, may be possible amidst this initial transition the Earth is facing, many of the attitudes, the forms and the habits of life must change so that the spiritual energy, in this case that of the Celestial Mirrors, will help to transform the terrestrial consciousness.

For this to occur, the planetary life will experience its tests. Certain tendencies and habits of material life will change abruptly when the Celestial Universe of the Mirrors begins to approach the planet through the divine streams that will be acquired by praying souls.

When this becomes more conscious, the Earth will already be at the peak of its transition. Thus, your Mother is teaching you the art of praying, so that your hearts may be spokespersons and examples of these subtle principles.

I thank you for responding to My universal plans!

Who awakens you to universal life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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