Sunday, November 25 of 2018

Monthly messages

Since you emerged in the Heart of God, until you reached Planet Earth to live an experience of love, a long story has been written in the Universe.

Marked in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, as the record of the learning experience of the creatures of God, your evolution will forever remain stored so that you can learn from the triumphs, as well as from the errors, and not fall again into the same difficulties that have led you into decadence, as beings and as humanity.

Just as the Mirrors of the Cosmos turn to Earth to radiate light and peace, they also place over the human consciousness, My children, the records kept in the Universe about the history and the evolution of each being. It is in this way because the time has come to remember, so that, with the degrees of love and awakening that you live today, you may heal and forgive what you lived in the past.

In the same way, all the positive and evolutionary learning experiences that you have lived as consciousnesses, spirits in evolution, will also be radiated to Earth, because you will need them in this time in order to know how to act before the difficulties that will present themselves.

Nothing that you live on Earth has its roots on the planet. You came here to consolidate a learning experience of love and to heal the records and experiences that need healing, because, although it may not seem like it, children, in this world you have everything you need for this.

As the Time of God draws closer to the time of the Earth, higher realities also gradually become visible, and what was in dimensions that were not accessible to the human consciousness before, in its current condition, begin to be revealed.

This happens, My children, because you have already experienced much in this world, and before you destroy your own lives and life on Earth, due to ignorance and human sleep, your Creator Father begins to awaken you.

The spiritual life and the life of true prayer are the keys to live these times with peace. 

Understand that everything will get out of your control so that you may learn that the only true power is the one which comes from God, and the way to participate in Divine Power and Wisdom is surrendering one’s own arrogance and human control, recognizing that, without the Love of the Father, you are merely nothing.

Do not fear these times; just awaken to the truth that emerges and before difficulties, as well as before grace, keep yourselves in true prayer. Thus, you will not lose peace.

Do not resist the records that emerge from within you, which, radiated by the Mirrors of the Cosmos, reach the Earth; because knowing the truth about yourselves will turn you humble and will draw you closer to God.

If you do not recognize what you must heal and transform, you will always remain in the illusion of human vanity. But if instead, beloved children, you open your hearts to surrender, to forgiveness, to  healing, you will know that the only perfection is to be found in God, and you will draw closer to it to find peace. 

My blessing and My graces will always be upon your lives, you only need to let yourselves be transformed in prayer and in peace, live the impulses that come to the world in this time.

The moment has come to enter the Time of God; do not fear, just pray. And the greater the intensity of the vibrations that descend from the Universe to transform you, the closer you must be to the Heart of the Father, in prayer.

I bless you and thank you for opening from your hearts to the Celestial Instructions.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace