Sunday, November 25 of 2018

Daily messages

The healing and the forgiveness of the past – Part II

In the whole universal system of Creation, the human being was an element of study and spiritual analysis, so as to be able to perceive how the terrestrial consciousness has the capacity of understanding and being able to live the life of the spirit based on its experiences, feelings, and senses.

In this 21st century, in which humanity affirms that the advance of the human being is in science and technology and that all of this has modernized the world, this has generated within the terrestrial consciousness a mirage and an illusion of something that is not real.

All this modern scientific movement has led the destructive power of the race, towards the Kingdoms of Nature and towards Creation, to increase, in a quest for an alleged global benefit, for which millions of people work, but from which a few gain advantage of through “systems of life.”

All these factors, added to violence and transgression on the part of human beings towards the planet and its natural manifestation, has closed the doors of the consciousness to pay attention to and to perceive reality.

The effort of a very few in trying to protect the planet from contamination and from the violation from human beings towards the Laws of nature seems to be insufficient.

Before this global scenario, where ambition for more power and more profit from the resources of the planet reigns, the Earth, as a whole, prepares to live its great birthing labor, and through this birthing labor, to purify and clean everything that imprisons it; which is part of a universal movement that takes place after every certain number of millions of years.

The planet was chosen and prepared by the great devas and angels of the Universe to receive the current civilization which, within to the Law of Life, should be in communion with all the Kingdoms of Nature. But the effect of the invasion and the exploitation of the resources of the planet on the part of the human being, has distanced it from the inner purpose of its existence. 

To this school of love and forgiveness, which the Earth represents, hundreds of consciousnesses were sent, which, being of a primitive spiritual nature, would receive the grace of evolving within a context such as that of the Earth, to learn to awaken love and forgiveness as the means to live the much awaited spiritual healing.

For this reason, this planet, beautifully created by God, offered itself, in its humility and silence, to shelter and contain spirits full of errors and faults; spirits from other stars, as the current humanity is, that, awakening to its divine purpose, would be able to generate the experience of redemption in order to go through rehabilitation.

As of today, the Earth is this patient dwelling place, which time and again offers itself to receive spirits from other stars, consciousnesses in great need of love and forgiveness.

However, throughout time, many have forgotten that this school of the planet, which was also lived by Christ, has its spiritual foundation based on the experience of love. And the majority have made the same mistakes again, or similar mistakes, that mark the consciousness for a state of spiritual precariousness.

For this reason, the Spiritual Hierarchy approaches from time to time in order to be able to teach human beings the path of return to the House of the Father and the realization concerning a sincere and true union with Creation, without the need of transgressing it. 

Therefore, the time has come to heal and forgive the past, and for this, human beings will have to recognize their faults in order to learn to amend them, and in this way, have the grace of living in God again, fulfilling in a conscious way each one of His designs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace