The oceans are great planetary receptacles and vortexes of transmutation.

During certain times of the year, the oceans have to purify, purge and transmute onto the surface all the harmful and physical, as well as spiritual effects that the human being provokes.

The only way in which the oceans, as consciousnesses, can continue carrying out their task of elevation and of purification of the human consciousness is by,  every so many cycles of the year, they must intensely release all that humankind places within them. But this movement of purification that the oceans experience is not sufficient.

Thus, the great elementals and devas of the marine species, such as those of the whales and dolphins, help in this immediate purification, so that the consciousness of the oceans can renew, and thus, continue working on the harmony and the planetary equilibrium of the emotion of humankind.

If humanity truly valued and respected the oceans, it would discover, through a personal connection, what the great oceans represent within Universal Creation.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The Laws of Nature and of the Earth will be modified, because as they are not respected nor loved by humanity, they have undergone a polarization of their original form and, instead of being laws that assist in the correction of humankind of the surface, for all the serious things that the human race has done over the course of time, these laws have become a form of self-punishment for the planet.

This is the reason for so much adversity, even within nature, for great elementals and devas have been affected by the constant transgressions of humanity.

For this reason, the laws themselves have become a form of severe punishment against the human race through climate alterations, the severity of sea contamination, as well as the great natural areas devastated and exploited by the human beings themselves.

Everything must be redeemed and transmuted. The laws must be re-polarized so that, on a spiritual level, they may achieve the state that originally always corresponded to them.

It is time for the human being to take on the responsibility and the consequences of what they have generated and cease to blame God or that which is High.

It is time to repent from the heart so that the path of perversion and of chaos that today's human being experiences may be liberated through love and forgiveness.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


A Heavenly Brotherhood is established within the proximities of Manaus, and your Master and Lord congregates, from different places of the Earth, the great angels and devas of the elements; water, earth, fire and air, as well as the ancient elementals of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica and of the Arctic so that, united to the Creation and under the Law of Love for life, the great Amazon Rainforest may be restored in three stages: spiritual, mental and material.

It will be through the powerful pillar of the divine and unfathomable Mercy that your Redeemer, together with all of the Heavenly Brotherhood, will work from spiritual planes to prevent the continuous projects of devastation as well as the ideals that are mentally against the evolution of the lower Kingdoms and of human beings.

For this reason, I am coming, and with my humble and poor feet, I will stand upon the sacred soil of the Amazon. I will also impart My Solar Grace to all the native peoples so that they can feel relief and divine protection.

In unity and in love, all the servers will gather, from all places of the Earth, to offer their simple but loving prayers for the Sacred Eden of God.

I thank you for keeping My aspirations in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Today, with their pleas, My praying children weave the green mantle of light of Mother Nature, and this spiritual mantle gives shelter to the group soul of each one of the kingdoms present in the Amazon and in the world.

It is thus, dear children, that the green mantle of light, woven by each one of My praying children, not only covers the Lower Kingdoms, but also the great angels of the Amazon, the devas, the elementals and the luminous consciousnesses of sacred nature, which are suffering the terror of disappearing and of becoming extinct from their habitat due to the activities of humankind.

Today, sacred nature receives a spiritual relief, as it has never received it before. And this is possible because at least a part of human beings respond to the needs of the most inoffensive beings, of all the creatures that are part of the sacred ecosystem of the Amazon.

As from now, I want to thank My children for having dedicated this Sunday to the prayerful rescue of the Kingdoms of Nature, and I hope that another thousand Hail Marys can be offered in the future for the one and great lung of the planet, for our dear and sacred Amazon.

I thank you for having responded to My call!

Today, in gratitude, I receive your deepest prayers.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The healing and the forgiveness of the past – Part II

In the whole universal system of Creation, the human being was an element of study and spiritual analysis, so as to be able to perceive how the terrestrial consciousness has the capacity of understanding and being able to live the life of the spirit based on its experiences, feelings, and senses.

In this 21st century, in which humanity affirms that the advance of the human being is in science and technology and that all of this has modernized the world, this has generated within the terrestrial consciousness a mirage and an illusion of something that is not real.

All this modern scientific movement has led the destructive power of the race, towards the Kingdoms of Nature and towards Creation, to increase, in a quest for an alleged global benefit, for which millions of people work, but from which a few gain advantage of through “systems of life.”

All these factors, added to violence and transgression on the part of human beings towards the planet and its natural manifestation, has closed the doors of the consciousness to pay attention to and to perceive reality.

The effort of a very few in trying to protect the planet from contamination and from the violation from human beings towards the Laws of nature seems to be insufficient.

Before this global scenario, where ambition for more power and more profit from the resources of the planet reigns, the Earth, as a whole, prepares to live its great birthing labor, and through this birthing labor, to purify and clean everything that imprisons it; which is part of a universal movement that takes place after every certain number of millions of years.

The planet was chosen and prepared by the great devas and angels of the Universe to receive the current civilization which, within to the Law of Life, should be in communion with all the Kingdoms of Nature. But the effect of the invasion and the exploitation of the resources of the planet on the part of the human being, has distanced it from the inner purpose of its existence. 

To this school of love and forgiveness, which the Earth represents, hundreds of consciousnesses were sent, which, being of a primitive spiritual nature, would receive the grace of evolving within a context such as that of the Earth, to learn to awaken love and forgiveness as the means to live the much awaited spiritual healing.

For this reason, this planet, beautifully created by God, offered itself, in its humility and silence, to shelter and contain spirits full of errors and faults; spirits from other stars, as the current humanity is, that, awakening to its divine purpose, would be able to generate the experience of redemption in order to go through rehabilitation.

As of today, the Earth is this patient dwelling place, which time and again offers itself to receive spirits from other stars, consciousnesses in great need of love and forgiveness.

However, throughout time, many have forgotten that this school of the planet, which was also lived by Christ, has its spiritual foundation based on the experience of love. And the majority have made the same mistakes again, or similar mistakes, that mark the consciousness for a state of spiritual precariousness.

For this reason, the Spiritual Hierarchy approaches from time to time in order to be able to teach human beings the path of return to the House of the Father and the realization concerning a sincere and true union with Creation, without the need of transgressing it. 

Therefore, the time has come to heal and forgive the past, and for this, human beings will have to recognize their faults in order to learn to amend them, and in this way, have the grace of living in God again, fulfilling in a conscious way each one of His designs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


First Message 

Children, in the silence of My Heart is heard the introspection of God, a moment in which the Universe reflects upon the coming times. 

This is why My announcement is precise and cogent. My Word is clear to bring wisdom to the hearts. 

We have no time to lose, there is much more to mature and grow internally. 

I need you to know that the Universe contemplates this moment, above all, the beginning of this Pilgrimage in which the gathered Hierarchy will establish the new guidelines and the new principles for all those who want to adhere and be ruled by the Hierarchy. 

The Universe will not stop the steps of those who may want to continue to be free, because the Father has given them freedom, has given them the conception of life, has given them the opportunity and the joy of being able to live the Creation. 

The Universe contemplates the steps that the nations and all of their representatives take. This restricts the awakening of the Plan of God in the consciousness of humanity and the responsiveness of all creatures. 

It is time to see duality manifest and how everything is at stake. 

It is time to overcome this duality and to transcend it by means of love, a love that you have never lived, a love that you have never achieved, a love that you have not yet discovered and that you are on the way of being able to live. 

While I am here, I am with this part of humanity that needs much of the Mercy of God to be able to have an opportunity of redemption so that a door may open to the conversion of hearts and the transmutation of many lives. 

The Silence of My Heart represents the Silence of God, Who contemplates the whole Universe and especially this planet, which He created with so much love through the archangels and the angels as well as the great devas that today are banished by humanity through its actions and a great ignorance that corrodes the Kingdoms of Nature. 

But, although all these situations occur, the Kingdoms of Nature do not fail to express themselves and demonstrate what they truly are. 

When all of humanity values the Kingdoms of Nature, it will be able to find in them the regeneration of life and the healing for many illnesses. 

But still, the humankind of the surface has not understood the Creation nor the system of universal life; otherwise the effects would be different and the opportunities for souls would be different. 

In the meantime, the Spiritual Hierarchy tries to seek a solution that can benefit all of humanity, although in this time there are many who are present who offend God and destroy the Divine Plan with their actions, not only within the nations, but also within the societies, within everything that should be harmony and balance for humanity, order and justice, equality, solidarity and cooperation. 

But humanity has not incarnated these attributes in a just way yet. It believes it lives and understands them, but in its essence it has no foundations, because humanity must still learn to evolve and grow internally in order to be able to express the Divine Will, that goes beyond ideals and forms, constitutions and laws of the Earth.

When the human being decides to live the Will of God, everything will change. 

Who maintains their own will, will not be able to survive. 

I am being just and clear so that there are no misunderstandings. 

It is time to know that the Universe needs awakened consciousnesses that are capable of reflecting the Plan of God on Earth, that are capable of helping to correct everything that humanity has diverted throughout times and generations. 

For this, much effort, surrender and sacrifice will be necessary; something that is not seen in these times, because humanity is distracted and its attention is placed on other things. 

For this reason, love is what will help you to overcome this duality, and when this duality has been overcome within you, you will generate opportunities for other souls that also wait for a next step, for a next opportunity, for an extraordinary grace. 

As Higher Priest, I have come to the South of Brazil to be able to correct the deviations of this part of the country which are reflected in many more souls. 

For this reason, it is time to walk with the consciousness well awakened, letting yourselves be impelled by the ardent vigilance that the Hierarchy can imprint upon you through their impulses and their cosmic currents. 

I come to warn that there is still time to be able to correct the path for millions of souls; that there is time to be able to unite to the Will of God and to vivify it through the plan that corresponds to each one. 

When we are present, as Hierarchies, possibilities for souls and unique opportunities for consciousnesses are constructed; because what would take you years to transform can be simplified and solved in seconds by the presence of Our divine energy that comes directly from the Source to bring the energy of redemption and renewal to souls. 

The deep nucleus of the Truth must awaken in the human being of these times so that they can perceive that there is something which must be changed and it is urgent.

This will help so that the Celestial Brotherhood can act in souls and on the planet; this will allow the most sacred that exists, within this humanity and within the planet, to remain alive and resplendent, as it has been from the beginning of times. 

For this reason we have chosen to come to the South of Brazil, because here exists the roots of many perverted situations of the human consciousness, which only through love, and in love, will be redeemed and transformed by means of a true and sincere plea to the Kingdom of God. 

This will transform everything within the beings that have been perverted; this will also change the destiny of this nation. 

We have come to the South of Brazil to awaken the consciousness of wisdom and a profound reflection in the heart of each human being so that they may feel, in the most intimate, what the Universe is asking from them, and towards where the Universe is indicating for them to go forward. 

In the meantime, the Silence of My Heart proclaims a wait.

My Heart is waiting for a change and a response on the part of human beings; of a response that is constructive and evolutionary, of a response that is elevated and that has discernment. 

After so many impulses that the Father has given you, through so many generations and at all times, it is time to recover the treasure of the sacred that exists here so that the New Eden can manifest again as consciousness and purpose. 

This is all that I wanted to say to you today, as a first instance. 

The Divine Fire of transformation is touching all consciousnesses and no one will be able to oppose it, because it will reveal what in truth each being is, for the good and the glory of the Father. 

I encourage you to offer this Marathon as a path of spiritual reconstruction, not only of the consciousness of the youth, but of the other part of humanity that, despite being more adult, is very immature. 

That in the impulse of renewal, change may be concretized, and that in this change, life may be reconsecrated to the Greater Will. 

I thank you for opening the doors of your hearts to listen because My Words must not just pass, they must remain in the consciousness, because you will need them someday. 

I bless you with the Light of My Spirit and of the whole Universe. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I still spiritually govern this world in order for the one thousand years of peace and of healing to be established, after the intense purification of the Earth.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I obey, in supreme humility, the designs of My beloved Son, and thus comply with the Sacred Promises made before our Eternal Creator.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I impel a change in human consciousness, so that this race may take part in a new cycle and in a new state of greater consideration for the planet, for its Minor Kingdoms and for all that exists on it.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I attract to the world the Principle of Renewal, in order for the New Christs to awaken and, finally, abandon the resistance of old. Thus, everything can be transformed.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I decree the Designs of the Divinity and, in this way, My Consciousness acts between the greater and smaller Universes, so that everything remains in sacred harmony.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I keep My children from the capital forces of perdition, ignorance and indifference, allowing the Kingdom of Love and of Truth to reign.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I gather the 144.000 and call them by their names, at the request of My Son, in order for them to prepare their inner dwellings for the great moment of the Return of the Lord.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I summon, in this hour, all the angels, devas and elementals of the planet so that they may unite as a single positive and spiritual force and thus help the whole world in its agony and purify humanity soon.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, your Heavenly Mother mobilizes the Light of the Mirrors of the Universes, in order for them to capture the sublime codes, and radiate to the great oceans of the planet the positive currents of purification and of peace, so that the world´s conversion may be established.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I make the Light of God descend and thus dissolve, little by little, the dark spaces of the planet where millions of souls are lost and submerge in illusion.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I remove from the hells of the Earth the fallen souls that have received the sacred atonement of being forgiven and raised to the Heavens.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I attract the power of the twelve Rays and I unite these cosmic impulses with the spirits. Thus, I establish the Gifts, missions and tasks in the souls that awaken to the infinite power of Universal Life.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I open the doors of the Heavens for the solar angels to descend and to internally announce to humanity that a change in consciousness is urgent, necessary and immediate.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I elevate the prayerful ones towards divine states of peace so that they may help Me concretize the co-redeeming Work alongside My beloved Son, the Christ.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I help consciousnesses liberate themselves from the eternal chain of their cosmic errors so that the Principle of Redemption may be born in these spirits.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I unite the consciousness of all nations and prepare the continents and races to receive the arrival of the great Solar Son.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I sanctify the imperfect, consecrate the unredeemed and vivify the spirit that was dead.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I bring My children closer to the celestial Truth.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I gather the Archangels to reevaluate the Plan of the Creator and do whatever it takes for His Divine Plan of Love to be fulfilled, for as long as there are two or more souls who respond to this Plan, the Plan will continue, no matter what.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and encourages you, always, in Divine Faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today the pain of the planet and of Mother Earth, of Pachamama, is relieved by the essence and spirit of the youths of the world, who give to the Creator the offering of being in communion with all that was Created.

It is in this way that your Heavenly Mother liberates from the prisons of the Earth all the manifested Kingdoms and the great devas of Nature find again the path through which they have come to serve.

Each mineral, as well as each flower, each animal and also each elemental, feel in its consciousness the relief offered by the youth, who, with love, unite with all Creation.

Part of the unpayable debt of humanity, which has dominated and destroyed the lower Kingdoms, is alleviated, and, through the energy of Grace, impossible things reach the light and redemption.

All this is possible because the Father sees the sincere heart of His younger children, who try to reintegrate to this planet the culture of the sacred and the reverence for all that is Created.

Today the Mother of God unites with each young soul that recites with fervor and loves their union with Nature. In this way, the offering of that young soul, beyond embracing the essence of the Kingdoms, helps the sphere of the Earth, and the planet feels loved.

May this communion continue on for a much longer time; may surface humankind awaken to the truth of being in deep contact with what it still does not know: with the matrix essence of the Kingdoms of Nature.

I thank My younger children for continuing to fulfill the call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear companions,

The arrival of a new cycle for the human consciousness approaches the human consciousness, especially for the consciousness of the planet; it is the spirit of Earth that shelters you, welcomes you and, with so much love and self-giving, sustains you.

This cycle that will come will impel human beings to offer to the Earth’s Divine Project their true potential and, for that, it will help them to purge from their own interiors – the conscious and unconscious world of each being – those codes that they have generated as humanity and that, gradually, have been degenerating what they should express as human consciousness.

This new cycle will try to help this Earth’s project so that the Kingdoms of Nature may no longer be that which is sustaining the consciousness of the planet, but rather that there may be conscious human beings offering the most possible so that the planet may fulfill its function within the Plan of God.

In the Project of the Lord, when He created this world, filled with manifestations of His perfection, through the different cohabiting Kingdoms of Nature, God thought of a living expression of fraternity and unity among His creatures, however different they might be.

The Creator tried to make of the Earth a school of love and evolutionary cooperation, so that each Kingdom would bring to the other something vital for its existence. This is why the Earth needs balance to exist, the balance that is generated in the different Kingdoms, including the Human Kingdom.

Especially the Human Kingdom should generate a special harmony and love within its corresponding Kingdom, as humanity, in order to inspire the evolution of the others Kingdoms of Nature.

All the Kingdoms, in a way, fulfilled with their part, except the Human kingdom, which is the great pillar of the terrestrial project.  The Plant Kingdom is the expression of self-giving, elevation and beauty, as was its part. The Mineral Kingdom is the expression of purification, transmutation and sustenance, as was its part. The Animal Kingdom is the expression of fidelity and love, it is the guardian of the spirit of cooperation and evolutionary fraternity in each species, as was its part.

The Devic Kingdom continues to create beauty and praise to the Creator and, together with the Elemental Kingdom, sustains and animates the other Kingdoms of Nature, as was its part.

To the Human Kingdom, it would correspond to be a bridge of communion between all Kingdoms; the one that cares, supports and protects, loves and helps so that each Kingdom can express itself. The Human Kingdom should create conditions for the devas and plants to express their beauty; for the animals to be able to bring to the planetary consciousness the unique attribute that each species possesses in its essence; for the minerals to be able to nourish and assist the other Kingdoms and act with freedom in the world.

The Human Kingdom should be the bridge to the Divine Consciousness, bringing the spirit of constant evolution and growth, so that Creation would never be stagnant and that the Kingdoms would continue to take evolutionary steps and to change their spiritual school. So that, in this way, new essences would arise and permanently renew the Creation of God and that, from the laboratory of the Earth, the whole Universe could be renewed.

This is a part of what the Project of God represents.

The new cycle of which I speak will accelerate the human purification and will be more or less harmonious, depending on the conscious collaboration of each being. This will be so that, as far as possible, the idea of fraternal life may gradually manifest itself – even though it may be manifested only in a few individuals and in islands of salvation and of expression of God’s Project – and so that this Plan may also be materialized.

After eons of time of experiences that did not have the expected result, the Creation will give a solar impulse to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature, as a last opportunity of concretization of the Divine Plan.

It is important for you to be aware of all this and to collaborate, fulfilling your own part in this Plan of Love. This is why I tell you all these things.

Your Beloved Instructor and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Josephaily m


Enter in communion with the kingdoms of nature and learn to love the essence of the Creation.  Observe the kingdoms and learn how to live permanently under the sublime Laws of God, in perfect harmony with the Creator.

In His Divine Plan, the Creator granted an attribute for each expression of His Divine Face, for the kingdoms of the planet to manifest.

Commune with the peace, with the harmony, with the beauty of the waters; commune with the healing and with the liberation of the minerals.

Commune with the elevation of the trees and with the constant spirit of self-giving of the Plant Kingdom which, in its humility, always delivers the best to God, no matter how it will be treated, cared for or loved by others. The Plant Kingdom knows of the Divine Law of self-giving to God and to His Higher Plan. Contemplate this kingdom and through it discover the secret of the emptiness of self. 

Contemplate the Animal Kingdom, and learn from its love for life; learn to defend the Laws of God, to take care of your neighbor and to be always faithful to the One you fully love.  Learn from the plenitude of the Animal Kingdom and, with the same naturalness of heart, be a guardian of Life and of the Perfection of God.

Contemplate in your inner world the angels and devas, who in the invisible create and recreate the beauty of this manifested world.  Learn from them to manifest beauty in silence, to work in secret and to deliver the best, without the need for anyone to know of your existence.  Live the sublime attribute of humility that the angels and devas express in the world.

Contemplate the elements and how they complement one another; then discover how to share what the other needs in order to express themselves.  Be like the wind, which permits the existence of fire, and gives to its neighbor all possibilities for being that which is perfect and which is latent in their interior.

And, learning from the Kingdoms of Nature, express that which is most sublime that the human being has: its possibility of learning that which is most beautiful in all Existence, and of living it, within itself, in the essence of love for the Creation.

I love you and wait for you to have simple hearts and meek spirits, always willing to observe the Creation and to learn; always willing to love and to give from yourselves that which is missing in the other, for them to achieve perfection.

Your beloved Father and Instructor,

Saint Joseph, Apprentice and Servant of the Kingdoms of Creation

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