Saturday, November 19 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The time and the hour have come for you to awaken, even when you think that you are awakened.

The time and the hour have come for you to keep vigil, because during the night, the night of the human heart, like a thief, the One who is awaited by the nations will come.

The moment when it will be most difficult to believe, the moment it will be most difficult to have hope, when just emptiness dwells in your hearts, then the One who is awaited by the nations will come.

When you look at the world and only see chaos, when you look at yourselves and only find confusion, when the mind of humanity cannot elaborate even one thought and discernment looks scarce or non-existent in human consciousness, wisdom will descend upon those who pray.

In the darkness of the world, when beings seem to walk blindly, and the blind try to guide one another, the light will descend upon those who pray.

When it is hardest to forgive, because the errors committed by humanity will be unforgivable, compassion will descend upon those who pray.

When fear takes the place of the fear of God, and beings doubt the existence of the Father, He will manifest Himself in those who pray.

Many did not give importance to all the times in which the Messengers of God asked them for prayers. Have you wondered, children, why we form so many Rosaries of Light? Why we ask for so many prayers for peace in the nations? Why we always invite you to pray? Might it be because you do not have anything else do and we need to fill your time? Or is it because the time has come, the time to awaken?

And it is through prayer that you will find balance, that you will awaken the virtues and the gifts, that you will confirm yourselves day by day in the expression of your Lineages, and that which is Sacred will find room to go through Its expansion.

If you are awed by what you see in the world, I tell you that this is just the beginning of the end of times.

I do not want to cause you terror, I do not come to cause fear in your hearts. I come to strengthen you so that you can look at chaos and know that there is a life beyond, a life that dwells within you, just as it dwells within the planet, in the firmament of the universes, in the invisible dimensions that share the Earth. But the eyes of humanity, covered with veils, still cannot see this.

When you pray, the Wisdom of God is capable of revealing the reality that exists on Earth, in the Universe and within beings. To this reality I want to lead you, so that you do not mistake that which is real for the illusion of the world.

I do not say, children, that suffering is illusion. I do not say that the end of times will be an illusion, but it is just a bridge, a door for you to cross and find a new life, a life that has always dwelled within you, a life hidden and silent within beings, a life for whose awakening the Creator patiently awaits.

Even with all that you know, even with all that you have gone through, it will be difficult to look at the world and not become confused. It will be difficult to face pain and not be able to identify yourselves. It will be difficult to become sick and not feel death as something that destroys life. But today I want to tell you that there is life beyond life.

The path of the Calvary of these times is a little longer than the one that the Lord lived two-thousand years ago. Slowly, your feet will walk along this Calvary and, at each step, will transform the human condition. At each step, the Creator within you gradually overcomes the old person and expands beyond disease, beyond chaos, beyond suffering, beyond pain, beyond confusion, beyond war and conflict, beyond the wars within families, beyond the wars of parents against their children and children against their parents.

Much beyond this, those who pray will find peace, they will know how to see through the window of suffering and find in it a bridge to a new life.

Suffering will not have the same weight for those who are awakening, because greater than that will be the proportion of Truth within you. Thus lived the martyrs, and this is why they were able to endure, because the Truth went beyond human frailty and it was revealed within themselves, even within their physical cells, this Spiritual and Higher Life.

I know that this seems impossible to you. You look at the life of the martyrs and turn your eyes back to your own lives: how far you are from loving God with that fervor, from surrendering your lives for Christ as He surrendered it for you. But this thought is part of the illusion that you still live.

To awaken, children, is to understand life with eyes of wisdom, not to compare yourselves with the past, because now is another time, different are the human difficulties and, although there is one same Truth which you must attain, it will be attained in a different way. But all those who believe, pray and strive, will find that way.

The battle today is against the distractions, against indifference, against selfishness, against pride and against self-will. This is why it is more difficult, because it is fought in the invisible of your hearts, there where you think no one can see.

The martyrdom of these times is the constant stimuli that humanity receives in their minds and emotions to separate them from God. And it is against this, children, that you must battle in these times, through prayer, adoration, through a sincere, true and real contact with God.

It is more difficult to ask you to overcome the distractions, indifference and pride today than it was to ask you to surrender your lives two-thousand years ago.

This is why the Lord told you that you would do greater things than those He did. Because He knew the roots that would grow in the hearts of humanity, in their minds and in their souls, and how difficult it would be to uproot and pluck them from their inner worlds so as to renounce all that for Divine Life.

Today I would like to open the Heavens to you, so that you could all see that which is invisible to your eyes. So that everyone could contemplate the sacred place upon which your feet are standing. This time will still come, but until then, children, pray.

Pray from the heart, enter into dialogue with God. Open the doors of your lives so that He may have a space, so that He may govern, so that He may indicate each one of your steps.

Include the Creator in your decisions, in your days, in your thoughts, and little by little His Presence will expand within you. Thus you will be strengthened and capable of facing the times to come without losing peace, without losing hope, being true servers of a humanity that is agonizing. You will not be like the blind who guide the blind, but rather you will be like light at the table of the world, illuminating this sacred house so that those who are lost may see the way.

Therefore, you must tread the path of renunciation, of solitude, of emptiness, and discover in this emptiness the plenitude that cannot be found in the world, the joy that goes beyond human happiness, the divine realization that goes beyond human realizations, when God realizes Himself in you.

Who will reflect on what I am telling you?

Who will take these Words into their own lives?

Who will be capable of saying, “I will live this?”

Thus, children, when the portals of the inner world open up on Earth and sublime realities manifest themselves before the eyes of humanity, you will not fear, but you will rather find your place in the Lineage that corresponds to you, together with the Heart of the Hierarchy.

And when the vibration of the Mirrors resounds, your voices will resound together.

And when the shout of the Guardians and Vigilantes rises, your sword of light will also ignite.

And when the knees of the Contemplatives open the doors to Heaven so that Mercy may descend upon those who do not deserve it, then your prayer will also cross the dimensions.

And when the Governors attract the Law for the establishment of a new life and a new world, then you will also know how to make of these Laws manifested life.

And when wisdom fills the human heart, then the Instructors will know how to give explanations to the souls that are lost and guide them.

And when the Kingdoms of Nature need a true example so as to also cross the dimensions and find a new evolution, there the Kingdomists will be, pointing out the way.

Where will you be? Confused before the life that manifests itself? Or serving with the Hierarchy in the construction of this new life?

Have you asked yourselves this?

Where do I want to be?

Will I be the bride that fell asleep and stayed outside? Or will I be the one who entered, together with Christ, into a new life, to share with Him a new evolution?

Is my lamp lit? Or did I light it up but let my oil run out?

Ask yourselves, children:

Where is my consciousness, my aspiration, my will?

Where does my heart dwell?

Who dwells within me?

I leave you with these reflections because it is time to deepen, it is time to awaken the consciousness, it is time to be at the place that suits each one of you, because all will be fulfilled, just as has been foreseen since the beginning, and you have the Grace of an Instruction that no church, no religion, no spiritual group has ever received.

Be grateful and consistent. You have My blessing for this.

Today I would like to offer the Sacrament of the Foot-washing to some families that are important to Me so that they may renew their paths and again find the purpose of being a family in these times, so that they may find strength in each other.

You are together to strengthen one another, to grow in spirit and manifest patterns of behavior that humanity does not know. And when there is no peace in the families of the world, the peace that dwells between you will be a service that will generate merits for the salvation of the families that are lost.

Therefore, I would like to wash your feet, so that you may begin a new cycle, a cycle of inner consecration for each one of you to God, in which each family will know what virtues and gifts it must offer as a family group in these times.

I will accompany you and, under the blessing of My Gaze, I will guide you always.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.