Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As a refugee Mother, I come seeking consolation, the consolation that can be given to Me by My children, for whom I tirelessly and immediately pray, so that they may be protected under My Mantle, so that all may feel the caress of the Mother of God through Her serving and humble Hands, which I place upon your faces to encourage you to continue on.

Today, in an extraordinary way, I am here at this sacred church. I am here to bear testimony of the Presence of Christ in the Tabernacle, as well as in all Tabernacles of the Earth, in which My Beloved Son is recognized and adored.

Today, I come seeking this spiritual consolation of My children, because I need it.

Today, I come to ask you for this in a special manner, because I know that through My children and through the prayer of all consistent ones, all those who respond to My maternal call, I will be able, dear children, to relieve and help the souls who are unprotected at this moment, much more unprotected than you can imagine.

The lack of protection of My most innocent children causes indescribable pain in My Immaculate Heart; because today, once again, the Heart of the Mother is pierced by a spear, the spear of human cruelty, the cruelty that some of My children practice in the world today, causing disgrace, suffering and very great despair to all the mothers who lose their children, especially the mothers that suffer and have to endure war.

Another reason for being here today, dear children, is so that you may accompany Me in pilgrimage to Lourdes, because it is imperiously necessary for humanity to achieve spiritual healing.

May the spiritual healing that Lourdes provides to souls reach as many inner worlds as possible, especially those who are suffering war and mortal persecution at this moment.

Today My Holy Land, the Sacred Land of all, is divided and dissociated. The land on which My Son stepped with His Feet, walked and went on pilgrimage to meet the most needy and most unprotected of that time, to announce His Gospel of salvation to the fallen hearts.

Today, My Holy Land is being invaded and persecuted, because it is the land of all religions and all creeds, of all those who seek the essence of God’s Love.

Today, this land is once again filled with blood and, just as it was in the flagellation of Jesus, the Mother of Jesus collects, through Her Mantle, the innocent blood that is shed, so that it may be deposited in the chalices of all martyrs of Heaven.

Dear children, I invite you to Lourdes not just for one more pilgrimage. Today, I invite you to Lourdes so that you may accompany Me in this spiritual task that is an emergency for Me, and I know that to some extent you will not be able to understand it. However, follow in My footsteps of a Mother, the footsteps of the Consoling and Co-redemptive Mother, because through the Spiritual Spring of Lourdes, I need not only that the surface of the Earth may be purified of so much evil transmitted, but also that the souls of the innocent and martyrs who are stuck on the lower planes after having lived through terrorism and persecution, may be elevated in Glory to the Heavens. And this is the task of the Mother Mediator and Intercessor of hearts.

This is why I come here in an extraordinary way to announce to you this spiritual request of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that this war may not reach dimensions that cannot be controlled later on.

In the meantime, dear children, My Mantle remains stained by the blood of the innocent, and I will take it to God as an offering for the reconciliation of those who are lost and fallen, for the redemption of those who are condemned to the fire of hell, after having committed this grave and delicate action. Because what remains on the etheric plane of the planet is an energy of evil that is very difficult to transmute. In this way, peoples and nations are intoxicated by this vibration.

This is why it is important to live the prayer of the heart in this time, and ask for all sinners and condemned in the world, so that they may have the Grace of the opportunity to be forgiven by Christ, My Son; because your Divine Mother wants good for all Her children, without exceptions or conditions. She wants this good so that all may be in peace, in the happiness of living in the Kingdom of the Heavens, although they are on Earth.

Because although My Heart today is pierced by the spear of human cruelty in this time, your Divine Mother brings you the Kingdom of the Heavens in this place, just for a moment, so that you may commune with Divine Purpose and, through this Purpose, you may live the Will of God that has been written for each one of My children since the beginning.

On this special Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations, your Heavenly Mother collects the prayer of all Her children, as the last chance for the salvation of humanity so that the Law of Justice may not descend, because it is a Law absolutely unknown to all.

Despite the pain of My Heart, I ardently wish that all My beloved children may have the Grace of continuing to know Divine Mercy, so that this Divine Mercy may liberate them completely. This is My yearning, dear children.

The angels of Heaven, at this moment, are still collecting the blood of martyrs and of the innocent through chalices, because someone, in this universe, must justify this terrible human cruelty.

And before the Most Blessed Sacrament, before the Eucharistic Body of Jesus, which today we contemplate and adore together in a special way, I come to ask, kneeling before the Eternal Father, for Him to have Pity and Mercy not only on those who have unjustly died in the world, not only because the law of condemnation and death continues to be experienced, but I also come to ask for those who are condemned and live evil, because deep down, they are hearts that have distanced themselves from the Love of God, and at this moment live the law of revenge and impunity.

Dear children, these situations and vibrations are the most difficult ones for the Hierarchy to transmute. This is why the sacred spirit of prayer will always relieve these terrible sorrows and open a tiny door of Light in the great abyss of planetary darkness.

There cannot be peace in the world while there are martyrs in the world today. There cannot be good in the world while there is impunity in the world. But keep working faithfully with the prayer of the heart. Because this is the time, dear children, after having lived in My school of prayer all these years, for you to practice this exercise with consciousness, and not just as a discipline or commitment.

It is necessary that the prayer of the heart burns within you, so that the Word of God may resound in you time and again, whenever it is necessary. In this way, you will be transformed and converted into true apostles that allow the Divine Energy to transfigure you completely, although you are still living the human condition.

Have faith in the sacred science of the Sacraments that My Son gave you. Have faith in the incalculable power of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, because each time you are before the Most Holy Eucharistic Body of Christ, your hearts will be liberated and will help liberate the world from these ideologies and terrible ways of life. Remember, dear children, that the Human Project needs to be rebuilt and repaired.

The Lady of Israel invites you today to walk barefoot, divested of your intentions and preferences, empty of heart, so that the All, the Supreme, may fill you. This will be the fundamental attitude, the essential attitude that will help you to go through these painful times. In this way, you will always be able to invoke the Sacred Light of Hope and Love of God, so that the neediest souls may be touched by this Light of Hope and Love of God.

I will go to Lourdes to wash My Garments, so that the blood of the most innocent and martyrs may be purified by the water of Massabielle, so that the divine and spiritual healing that I left to be held through Lourdes may flow as an inexhaustible spring, as a spiritual spring upon the world situations that do not have a solution today. Because the power of Love can convert and transform everything when you simply have faith in the Love of Christ.

Today I speak to you about the Middle East because it is a grave situation for God, because He placed His Word and His Message there. God, through His Heart, reflected His Call for all souls of the world there, and this must not be in vain, dear children. This has an incalculable responsibility before the Law.

But I want to tell you that your Heavenly Mother also contemplates the grave errors that take place in Africa and the oppressive slavery that some nations of Latin America live. Do not forget that My Gaze is upon all and everyone, and that the Mother of God has no preference, but rather Love.

In this time of planetary darkness, may the power of prayer and adoration burn again in you, so that the Higher Laws may stabilize the disasters of the planet, and love may not completely disappear from humanity.

If this should happen, My Heart will be completely torn, and the cry of the Mother of God will be heard throughout the universe, just as God heard the cry of Mary on Mount Calvary, when Her Only Beloved Son was nailed to the Cross.

May the Divine Blood of Jesus purify these times and this moment.

May the Rays of Mercy prevail over evil.

May the Rays of Grace transcend impunity, because no human being on this surface can live without Love, for the Love of God is life. The Love of God is the spiritual impulse that motivates you to continue on despite the times of tribulation, despite the consequences.

This is why I ask you not to forget that the Love of God is at stake in this world and it is humanity that is removing it from itself. Do not forget that you must love one another, just as My Son loves you and as I love you.

Therefore, may Love always live among you. Be a testimonial of the Love that I bring to you today and remember the innocent and martyrs, whose love and life were taken away. Thus, love more than you think you love, more than you think you know.

Love is infinite, Grace is invincible, and this is what I want to say to the world.

Let us reinforce prayer for the Middle East. I am attentive, once again, to the voice of supplications.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Let us pray for peace.

Prayer: "Universal Mother" (in Spanish, Portuguese and English)

 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I Am the Virginal Chalice, which holds in itself the blood of the innocent and of the martyrs, who are contemplated by God at this time. I know that this mystery is quite vast for you, perhaps abstract and complex, but for the heart that is united to the Heart of the Mother, it is not.

You, My children, know more than I how much innocent blood is shed in this world today, for impunity has taken over the minds of many rulers, and this tenebrous beast must be extirpated from the planet.

This is why I present to you today the seven swords in My Heart, the seven great capital sins of these times, which have gravely expanded in the consciousness of humanity as it has distanced itself from love, unity and truth.

I carry these seven swords, which pierce the Heart of your Heavenly Mother, in the deepest silence of My Spirit, because there is no one greater than My Son, who has lived something as true for each one of you as He did on the Cross, without measuring His efforts or fatigues, without measuring how far He could go in giving His life for you.

Thus, this is the Virginal Chalice, which I present to you today, the reliquary of the Heart of the Celestial Mother, which not only holds the codes of the holy innocent and of all martyrs who profess their faith in Christ and who, for different circumstances, are no longer in this world today, but that this Sacred Virginal Chalice is adored by the angels of Heaven as one of the relics of the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

Through this example, My children, see how the pain and the evil of this world transform into Love and Mercy, how the Creator Power has the authority to transform everything.  

Because this Power, which comes from Creation, is not authoritarian. It is the Great Power of Love that pulsates in the heart of the center of this Galaxy, in the so-called Central Sun, which radiates, to this material plane, the codes of life and transfiguration of all physical consciousnesses.

This sacred teraph, the Virginal Chalice, is kept as a spiritual cup in the heart of this Central Sun, so that someday the world and humanity may also be transformed.

Thus, when My Son returns, He will again grant to the world redemption, reconciliation with the Laws of the Universe, so that all sins of the world may be amended by the souls who will be consistent until the end of times, until the moment when My Son alights His Feet upon this planet, together with all the Hosts and Hierarchies.  

Can you imagine how this great moment of the Return of Christ, Our Lord, will be?

How much will the universe cosmically move for this event?

How many spiritual and immaterial currents will fill the planet and Solar System in which you dwell, to redeem and convert it through the power of the merits that Christ achieved in humanity, and through the merits that all His companions have achieved and will achieve throughout the times?

Now you can have a clearer vision and a deeper feeling about what the Creator Power of Love means and represents. He will come to meet you someday. This Power of Love will be palpable in all senses and in all dimensions.

He will reveal gifts and virtues to all those who are consistent. He will reveal the power of His Love and Mercy to all those who were condemned. And in all this vast and infinite universe, there will be no consciousness that is not touched by this Power of the Creator Love.

Just as the cell in the human being feeds, regenerates and rebuilds life within and outside of it, so Communion with the Most Blessed Sacrament of Christ, offered by the power of the Eucharist, and also by the power of the Sacred Relics of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, when they are present on the surface of the Sacred Enclosures, will transfigure the whole planet and humanity overnight.

Thus, the angels of the Lord will be with their Books open to register and testify to this event, which will not be invisible, but rather visible.

For this reason, Our effort and dedication for all the hearts of the world and, especially, for the souls that are awakening to the spiritual path of one God and one Celestial Father, make Us work as Hierarchies in a tireless way, so that each inner universe and each human heart may discover the spiritual wealth that God has given to it since the beginning at the Source.

Thus, through the Words of the Mother of God, which are Words of God magnetized by the principles of the Creator Source, I bring high vibrations from the Heavens to your hearts, so that the matter that is apparently corrupt and sick, may be redeemed and slowly transfigured.

For if My Son had the permission on the top of Mount Tabor, and some of His apostles were witnesses to this event; My Son, the Christ, had the permission for the Law of Transfiguration to be invoked through the prayer from the heart, it will sooner or later touch your lives and consciousnesses. And that which seems corrupt or lost will be redeemed and illuminated, through the Laws that Christ has instituted through His Presence on the planet.

All that which I am saying to you and sharing with you, My children, is part of the Book of the Love of God, because it is He Who sends it and it is He Who decrees it.

For this reason, I ask you not only to identify with matter, because this is an unknown time of purification, but also to see your own identify in the innermost depths of your beings, in that part of your consciousness that knows who it is and what it has come to do in this world.

Many among you must learn every day to resume the path to your origin, to the center of your essences, a place where the Light of God shines and dwells. Do not forget that you are His Children of the Earth and that He has given you this planet in abundance for you to bear fruit. But the world and this civilization have not understood the Message of the God of Israel. They destroy and sicken the planet, and the Kingdoms of Nature and the oceans are witnesses of this tragedy.

Those who believe they rule and govern the world try to hide this reality, which can no longer be hidden. But see this tragic event of nature with wisdom and compassion.

Despite the pain lived by the Lower Kingdoms, despite the pain lived by innocent souls, never raise the voice of rebellion. May your voices rise to the Heart of God by means of songs and prayers that you have obediently offered to Our Hearts throughout these sixteen years.

That is where evil will be defeated. It may torment and persecute you, but if your hearts are surrendered to the Heart of God, how could evil make you perish?

Remember, remember every day, that you are His worthy Children, and preciously protect this spiritual dignity from yourselves, because millions of souls in the world have lost it in the last decade and for many of My children having human dignity or not matters just the same.

How could the very sacred values of this people of Earth have been lost?

Souls have not known how to embrace the Call of God due to different circumstances and, in many cases, their own fears surpassed their trust in God. But fear does not exist, My children, what does exist is the Light and Love that dwells in the center of your hearts and souls. Believe in the Creator Power of God, which was implemented through the Genetic Project, in the Origin and in the Genesis of this humanity.

I know that to many among My children, this is the time of the great battle, in which you must face yourselves, in which you must recognize your own hidden and invisible abysses. But I ask you, out of love, not to give power to human victimhood.

Your souls are co-creator souls that, through the word and sound, can emit new things and liberate new principles, which, through a true and honest offering, allow the descent of the Values of God to this world, through the souls that offer to be tabernacles of God and victims of the Love of Christ.

This is what humanity lacks, and although it may seem impossible that this may change overnight, do not lose faith or hope.

Many have made the decision of following the path to Christ. For this reason, the beast of the seven heads is furious.

This is the moment when the Woman Clothed with the Sun runs to the desert, because it is the hour, the great hour, for the seven seals to finish opening completely. This causes My enemy, the adversary, to fear, because the more consciousnesses become aware of the truth through their awakening, the more the battle, the final battle, will be won.

And Saint Michael the Archangel, raising his powerful sword to the Father, will cause the Power of Creation to resound upon this world, to rebuild the world and humanity spiritually, so that everything may start from scratch again.  

Let us pray for these revelations not to be lost, so that these impulses may be held in the consciousness and may strengthen all My children.

Let us pray with conviction and faith for the Presence of Christ in all Tabernacles of the Earth and in all the hearts that offer themselves and are postulants to be Tabernacles of God.


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly.
I offer Thee the most precious 
Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity 
of Jesus Christ,
present in all the Tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages,
sacrileges and indifferences 
by which He is offended,
and by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg you the conversion of poor sinners.


I thank you for having the bravery and the openness of listening to Me. This represents to God an honest response, it represents that redemption will be possible.

Despite the times of tribulation, always remember that the time of redemption will be possible. Regardless of what you may live or what you may have to go through, regardless of what this world may do, the time of redemption is possible.

And so that it may be your souls that will guide your lives, so that the soul may be the boat that navigates in the ocean of the Mercy of God, may be the one that nourishes and strengthens itself with Christic Love, I come to ask you, to conclude this meeting, a song that you have sung many times, and which represents to God and to the Sacred Hearts the story of this Work concretized on the surface: “Breath of the Spirit.”

We will listen to this song from the Marian Center of Figueira.

May this melody help you to navigate in the ocean of the Love of God without fear of shipwreck or of the tempest of life, trusting that the spirit of each one of you and of your brothers and sisters will always have the door of the Heart of God open so that you may cross it.

I bless you and thank you for having accompanied Us in this month of August. We aspire and expect that it may be for many more Augusts, if God so determines.

My maternal blessings upon you and My Peace upon the wounded world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us sing. 


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear children, as a Spiritual Mother, I come today to tell you, in prayer and supplication, that we have reached the end of a year with very hard and sensitive events that many of you have noticed.

We have reached the end of a year with a humanity wounded by war, sick with epidemics, desolated due to a lack of faith, stricken by climate phenomena and global warming.

We have reached the end of a year with a humanity that, to a great extent, has remained in indifference, in coldness, in the lack of co-operation and fraternal feelings.

But on this last day of 2022, I come as the Mother of hope, of faith, as the Mother of the reparation of My Son's Wounded Heart.

Today I come as the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the Mother of the Sun, as the Mother of the World, to tell you that the time is ending and that the last seal of the Book of the Apocalypse is opening, that the last trumpet of the Seven Angels of the Annunciation will soon begin to sound. And when this happens, which is not far away, this will be the final cycle. This is the hour when My Beloved Son must return to re-establish the Kingdom of the Heavens on the surface of the Earth and, above all, My beloved children, so that He may again meet those He promised to see once more.

How will your gazes be when the Son of God returns, when the Nazarene, the Shepherd of souls, again touches with His Feet upon this wounded and outraged ground, just as the Kingdoms of Nature are wounded and outraged?

Your Heavenly Mother is preparing this great moment, which has been announced many times in recent years and times. And even if everything in this world becomes exposed and revealed, He will not fail to do that which He has to do to lead humanity to the fulfillment of the Purpose, preparing it for the emergence of the New Humanity.

Thus, just as the Archangel Gabriel announced the arrival of the Messiah, today your Heavenly Mother tells you that the Archangel Michael, with all his hosts, will make heaven and earth vibrate, as well as the oceans and continents, so that every being on the surface of the Earth, every living creature in all corners of this world, may know that Christ is returning.

And just as the prophecies of Isaiah were fulfilled, so will the prophecies of John the Apostle, written in the Book of the Apocalypse, be fulfilled.

The day of the Final Judgment will be unprecedented, because everything will be contemplated and observed, not with the justice that this world thinks it knows, but rather through an unknown wisdom that humanity will come to know in due time.

Therefore, although the last day of the year represents the synthesis of the most relevant and painful events on the planet, I cannot fail to tell you, My dear children, that despite the dim light and the darkness of the Earth, despite the impunity and even the injustice, despite everything, Christ will be able to contemplate, through His Eyes, the ardent flame of the last martyrs.

These days will now be the last days of the Earth. These days will precede the reconfiguration and transcendence of humanity, all the way from its genetic code to its more conscious and external part.

In this hour, all that has been hidden and unknown to the mind of the world will be revealed in an indescribable way, and all will become known.

That which is beyond this material time and fully exists in Real Time will become visible. There will not be any consciousness upon the surface of the Earth that may say that this is not true, because what I am telling you will be a physical event, one never seen before.

This will be the only way, according to the Hierarchy, for the whole world, in a matter of hours, to be totally transmuted and liberated. Because at that moment the inner worlds, silent spaces of the planet, of this planet’s soul, will help in this special physical and spiritual movement.

This will be the definitive hour when those who denied and abandoned Christ will be able to repent. But it will not be necessary for them to pronounce their sins or their faults, because when the Real Time unites to the material time everything will become known.

Thus, the Laws will be re-established little by little, and those who did not give importance to the basic Laws of the Commandments will no longer be here, because the world must be healed, because humanity must be redeemed.

And, at that moment, evil, My adversary, will never again be able to act or interfere, because in the victory of the sacrificed Christs of the New Times will lie the treasures of the great spiritual and cosmic conquest: the closing of a cycle for the opening of the cycle of Love and Peace.

I come here as the Mother of the prophets, as the Announcer of the Gospel of Christ, as the Mother of the apostles and of those who truly consecrate themselves, regardless of their defects. Because the one who loves what is mysterious, becomes liberated. The one who reveres that which is sacred, transcends themselves. The one who untiringly serves, elevates themselves.

As above, so below. It is a Law to which all the Laws of the Universe correspond.

The coming time unveils unique and stronger events. I cannot fail to tell you this, My children, because now, more than ever, the heart has to be ready for whatever comes, to be a witness of Our Love and Our Word, but also to be a witness of that which this confused humanity will still experience.

But do not lose faith, because faith builds bridges between Heaven and Earth, between souls and God. It is the safest existing stairway among all Laws and Principles.

Faith places the consciousness on the right path and distances it from duality and confusion, because the one who lives faith is a heart that prays tirelessly and that tries, each day of its life, to be a better consciousness in this humanity.

Do not forget that Love can do everything. Be aware that the Love of God, despite the errors of recent times, is a Love that forgave you because great is His Mercy, and we know that many have not yet understood what this means.

We patiently wait for many more to decide to submerge themselves into the Ocean of the Mercy of Christ so that their most profound defects and imperfections may be dissolved, and that in the ardent aspiration for the transformation of the heart and life, you may learn to be true apostles.

The time has come when those who were last congregated by My Son will write the story of love, redemption and transparency through their lives, rather than through their emotions.

The time has come for the last martyrs of the last days to reflect and concretize contact with God through their lives, through their love, their unity and their obedience.

Today, more than ever, your Heavenly Mother wanted to have all of you congregated in love and in unity of souls, but this is the little sacrifice that Christ asks you to make for Him and with Him so that His Will may be fulfilled, even on this wounded and hurt planet.

This is why, on this last day of 2022, God allowed this sacrifice to be done, which He lovingly accepted through His Heavenly Mother, so that My brave and determined children may assume the carrying of the planetary cross and not fear it, for they will be carrying it together with My Son, the Christ, the King and Savior.

 We do this for those who, on this last day of 2022, do not have the opportunity of listening to Me or seeing Me, do not have the opportunity of feeling welcome, protected and sheltered by the Hierarchy, do not have the opportunity of having a roof over their heads, a bed to rest in, food to share with family, in community.

What sacrifice will you offer to Christ today for this very hard planetary moment?

Will it be a day just like all others?

Will it be a passage to a new year just like it has been throughout the centuries?

Who will value and honor the precious Blood of Christ that was shed?

Who will allow His Love and His Mercy to continue descending in these times, despite all the errors of the world, in order to reverse the chaotic planetary reality?

Children, it is time for you to decide to spiritually become adults. In the coming 2023, a very crucial time for the world and humanity, it is time for you to no longer complain, no longer justify yourselves, no longer be a difficulty but rather a concrete and permanent solution so that Christ may once and for all avail Himself of you as instruments.

Today, through the palms of Her Hands, the Mother of the World pours out the Light of God upon the world and humanity, and Her Immaculate Heart, surrounded with thorns, sheds the blood of Christ, just as the Face of Light of God’s Mother sheds Her tears for those who have deviated from their paths toward Christ, without being aware of what this means and represents to God.

Just as I was capable of praying for the imperative salvation of Judas, in the same way I Am capable today of praying for the imperious salvation of those who have stayed behind and gone backwards. Because God is such a Prodigious and Kind Father that He is capable of silencing Himself so that His Children may learn. He is capable of become silent so that His Children may feel His Heart. The Celestial Father is capable of withdrawing to pray for His creatures, as He always does.

Today I, the Most Holy Virgin, Am the echo of the Voice of God on this day, for this humanity and for this world.

Time is coming to an end, dear children. Do not waste it, do not delay the Spiritual Purpose that has been waiting for you for such a long time. Do not give in, be firm and brave.

Have the courage to say 'no' to My enemy. The Light of God will always protect you, when you do not come out of this Light.

Today, it is my wish that the coming year, despite the events that are approaching, may be a year to reinforce the principles of the Plan of God for this world, and that this Plan may be fulfilled in those who have come to live it.

I will pray for this to be fulfilled. I will unite My voice with the voice of those who pray for the same cause.

And do not forget that My Heart will always be your refuge in the times of tribulation, because you will find strength in My Love, because in My embrace, you will find peace, because through My Hands extended out toward you, you will be able to hold them firmly, and I will help you.

Do not fear sacrifice and renunciation. Some have been called to live them for everyone else.

Who will respond to this petition of Christ?

I leave this question to you but I also leave you My Peace and My blessing, giving thanks for the honesty and sincere effort of those who try, everyday, time and again.

May this coming year be a year of greater light, of greater justice, of greater love. May it be a year of greater peace, of greater wisdom, of more discernment.

I thank you for responding to My Call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The time and the hour have come for you to awaken, even when you think that you are awakened.

The time and the hour have come for you to keep vigil, because during the night, the night of the human heart, like a thief, the One who is awaited by the nations will come.

The moment when it will be most difficult to believe, the moment it will be most difficult to have hope, when just emptiness dwells in your hearts, then the One who is awaited by the nations will come.

When you look at the world and only see chaos, when you look at yourselves and only find confusion, when the mind of humanity cannot elaborate even one thought and discernment looks scarce or non-existent in human consciousness, wisdom will descend upon those who pray.

In the darkness of the world, when beings seem to walk blindly, and the blind try to guide one another, the light will descend upon those who pray.

When it is hardest to forgive, because the errors committed by humanity will be unforgivable, compassion will descend upon those who pray.

When fear takes the place of the fear of God, and beings doubt the existence of the Father, He will manifest Himself in those who pray.

Many did not give importance to all the times in which the Messengers of God asked them for prayers. Have you wondered, children, why we form so many Rosaries of Light? Why we ask for so many prayers for peace in the nations? Why we always invite you to pray? Might it be because you do not have anything else do and we need to fill your time? Or is it because the time has come, the time to awaken?

And it is through prayer that you will find balance, that you will awaken the virtues and the gifts, that you will confirm yourselves day by day in the expression of your Lineages, and that which is Sacred will find room to go through Its expansion.

If you are awed by what you see in the world, I tell you that this is just the beginning of the end of times.

I do not want to cause you terror, I do not come to cause fear in your hearts. I come to strengthen you so that you can look at chaos and know that there is a life beyond, a life that dwells within you, just as it dwells within the planet, in the firmament of the universes, in the invisible dimensions that share the Earth. But the eyes of humanity, covered with veils, still cannot see this.

When you pray, the Wisdom of God is capable of revealing the reality that exists on Earth, in the Universe and within beings. To this reality I want to lead you, so that you do not mistake that which is real for the illusion of the world.

I do not say, children, that suffering is illusion. I do not say that the end of times will be an illusion, but it is just a bridge, a door for you to cross and find a new life, a life that has always dwelled within you, a life hidden and silent within beings, a life for whose awakening the Creator patiently awaits.

Even with all that you know, even with all that you have gone through, it will be difficult to look at the world and not become confused. It will be difficult to face pain and not be able to identify yourselves. It will be difficult to become sick and not feel death as something that destroys life. But today I want to tell you that there is life beyond life.

The path of the Calvary of these times is a little longer than the one that the Lord lived two-thousand years ago. Slowly, your feet will walk along this Calvary and, at each step, will transform the human condition. At each step, the Creator within you gradually overcomes the old person and expands beyond disease, beyond chaos, beyond suffering, beyond pain, beyond confusion, beyond war and conflict, beyond the wars within families, beyond the wars of parents against their children and children against their parents.

Much beyond this, those who pray will find peace, they will know how to see through the window of suffering and find in it a bridge to a new life.

Suffering will not have the same weight for those who are awakening, because greater than that will be the proportion of Truth within you. Thus lived the martyrs, and this is why they were able to endure, because the Truth went beyond human frailty and it was revealed within themselves, even within their physical cells, this Spiritual and Higher Life.

I know that this seems impossible to you. You look at the life of the martyrs and turn your eyes back to your own lives: how far you are from loving God with that fervor, from surrendering your lives for Christ as He surrendered it for you. But this thought is part of the illusion that you still live.

To awaken, children, is to understand life with eyes of wisdom, not to compare yourselves with the past, because now is another time, different are the human difficulties and, although there is one same Truth which you must attain, it will be attained in a different way. But all those who believe, pray and strive, will find that way.

The battle today is against the distractions, against indifference, against selfishness, against pride and against self-will. This is why it is more difficult, because it is fought in the invisible of your hearts, there where you think no one can see.

The martyrdom of these times is the constant stimuli that humanity receives in their minds and emotions to separate them from God. And it is against this, children, that you must battle in these times, through prayer, adoration, through a sincere, true and real contact with God.

It is more difficult to ask you to overcome the distractions, indifference and pride today than it was to ask you to surrender your lives two-thousand years ago.

This is why the Lord told you that you would do greater things than those He did. Because He knew the roots that would grow in the hearts of humanity, in their minds and in their souls, and how difficult it would be to uproot and pluck them from their inner worlds so as to renounce all that for Divine Life.

Today I would like to open the Heavens to you, so that you could all see that which is invisible to your eyes. So that everyone could contemplate the sacred place upon which your feet are standing. This time will still come, but until then, children, pray.

Pray from the heart, enter into dialogue with God. Open the doors of your lives so that He may have a space, so that He may govern, so that He may indicate each one of your steps.

Include the Creator in your decisions, in your days, in your thoughts, and little by little His Presence will expand within you. Thus you will be strengthened and capable of facing the times to come without losing peace, without losing hope, being true servers of a humanity that is agonizing. You will not be like the blind who guide the blind, but rather you will be like light at the table of the world, illuminating this sacred house so that those who are lost may see the way.

Therefore, you must tread the path of renunciation, of solitude, of emptiness, and discover in this emptiness the plenitude that cannot be found in the world, the joy that goes beyond human happiness, the divine realization that goes beyond human realizations, when God realizes Himself in you.

Who will reflect on what I am telling you?

Who will take these Words into their own lives?

Who will be capable of saying, “I will live this?”

Thus, children, when the portals of the inner world open up on Earth and sublime realities manifest themselves before the eyes of humanity, you will not fear, but you will rather find your place in the Lineage that corresponds to you, together with the Heart of the Hierarchy.

And when the vibration of the Mirrors resounds, your voices will resound together.

And when the shout of the Guardians and Vigilantes rises, your sword of light will also ignite.

And when the knees of the Contemplatives open the doors to Heaven so that Mercy may descend upon those who do not deserve it, then your prayer will also cross the dimensions.

And when the Governors attract the Law for the establishment of a new life and a new world, then you will also know how to make of these Laws manifested life.

And when wisdom fills the human heart, then the Instructors will know how to give explanations to the souls that are lost and guide them.

And when the Kingdoms of Nature need a true example so as to also cross the dimensions and find a new evolution, there the Kingdomists will be, pointing out the way.

Where will you be? Confused before the life that manifests itself? Or serving with the Hierarchy in the construction of this new life?

Have you asked yourselves this?

Where do I want to be?

Will I be the bride that fell asleep and stayed outside? Or will I be the one who entered, together with Christ, into a new life, to share with Him a new evolution?

Is my lamp lit? Or did I light it up but let my oil run out?

Ask yourselves, children:

Where is my consciousness, my aspiration, my will?

Where does my heart dwell?

Who dwells within me?

I leave you with these reflections because it is time to deepen, it is time to awaken the consciousness, it is time to be at the place that suits each one of you, because all will be fulfilled, just as has been foreseen since the beginning, and you have the Grace of an Instruction that no church, no religion, no spiritual group has ever received.

Be grateful and consistent. You have My blessing for this.

Today I would like to offer the Sacrament of the Foot-washing to some families that are important to Me so that they may renew their paths and again find the purpose of being a family in these times, so that they may find strength in each other.

You are together to strengthen one another, to grow in spirit and manifest patterns of behavior that humanity does not know. And when there is no peace in the families of the world, the peace that dwells between you will be a service that will generate merits for the salvation of the families that are lost.

Therefore, I would like to wash your feet, so that you may begin a new cycle, a cycle of inner consecration for each one of you to God, in which each family will know what virtues and gifts it must offer as a family group in these times.

I will accompany you and, under the blessing of My Gaze, I will guide you always.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The innocent blood poured out by the martyrs of the end of times has an incalculable spiritual value, since it represents an act of courage and love so similar as the one which your Lord Jesus Christ lived upon the Cross.

Therefore, the blood poured out by the martyrs of the end of times is recognized in Heaven as an act of salvation of the Project of Redemption of humanity.

At the same time, this innocent blood that is poured out for love of Christ remains impregnated with extremely potent Christic Codes which, spiritually, through the act of saving other souls, are radiated in a direct way toward the essences of humanity and, especially, to the place where that unexpected event happened.

Just as My Son in the Garden of Gethsemane saw the triumph of His Celestial Church in the hearts of the humans of the end of times, in the same way, Christ, through the vision given by the Father, witnessed the triumph that the martyrs of the last days would live for love of the Lord.

In this entire mystery, the existence of a step that consciousness gives is revealed which, being a victim of the Love of God, offers itself spontaneously in sacrifice for the others, giving its life in the hands of the Divine Will.

The martyrs of the end of times do not yet know that they will be so, they will only know it when the Universe presents them the moment of being able to live it, for love of Christ, and for the expiation of the great sinners.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Innocent Saints


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