Friday, August 25 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I Am the Virginal Chalice, which holds in itself the blood of the innocent and of the martyrs, who are contemplated by God at this time. I know that this mystery is quite vast for you, perhaps abstract and complex, but for the heart that is united to the Heart of the Mother, it is not.

You, My children, know more than I how much innocent blood is shed in this world today, for impunity has taken over the minds of many rulers, and this tenebrous beast must be extirpated from the planet.

This is why I present to you today the seven swords in My Heart, the seven great capital sins of these times, which have gravely expanded in the consciousness of humanity as it has distanced itself from love, unity and truth.

I carry these seven swords, which pierce the Heart of your Heavenly Mother, in the deepest silence of My Spirit, because there is no one greater than My Son, who has lived something as true for each one of you as He did on the Cross, without measuring His efforts or fatigues, without measuring how far He could go in giving His life for you.

Thus, this is the Virginal Chalice, which I present to you today, the reliquary of the Heart of the Celestial Mother, which not only holds the codes of the holy innocent and of all martyrs who profess their faith in Christ and who, for different circumstances, are no longer in this world today, but that this Sacred Virginal Chalice is adored by the angels of Heaven as one of the relics of the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

Through this example, My children, see how the pain and the evil of this world transform into Love and Mercy, how the Creator Power has the authority to transform everything.  

Because this Power, which comes from Creation, is not authoritarian. It is the Great Power of Love that pulsates in the heart of the center of this Galaxy, in the so-called Central Sun, which radiates, to this material plane, the codes of life and transfiguration of all physical consciousnesses.

This sacred teraph, the Virginal Chalice, is kept as a spiritual cup in the heart of this Central Sun, so that someday the world and humanity may also be transformed.

Thus, when My Son returns, He will again grant to the world redemption, reconciliation with the Laws of the Universe, so that all sins of the world may be amended by the souls who will be consistent until the end of times, until the moment when My Son alights His Feet upon this planet, together with all the Hosts and Hierarchies.  

Can you imagine how this great moment of the Return of Christ, Our Lord, will be?

How much will the universe cosmically move for this event?

How many spiritual and immaterial currents will fill the planet and Solar System in which you dwell, to redeem and convert it through the power of the merits that Christ achieved in humanity, and through the merits that all His companions have achieved and will achieve throughout the times?

Now you can have a clearer vision and a deeper feeling about what the Creator Power of Love means and represents. He will come to meet you someday. This Power of Love will be palpable in all senses and in all dimensions.

He will reveal gifts and virtues to all those who are consistent. He will reveal the power of His Love and Mercy to all those who were condemned. And in all this vast and infinite universe, there will be no consciousness that is not touched by this Power of the Creator Love.

Just as the cell in the human being feeds, regenerates and rebuilds life within and outside of it, so Communion with the Most Blessed Sacrament of Christ, offered by the power of the Eucharist, and also by the power of the Sacred Relics of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, when they are present on the surface of the Sacred Enclosures, will transfigure the whole planet and humanity overnight.

Thus, the angels of the Lord will be with their Books open to register and testify to this event, which will not be invisible, but rather visible.

For this reason, Our effort and dedication for all the hearts of the world and, especially, for the souls that are awakening to the spiritual path of one God and one Celestial Father, make Us work as Hierarchies in a tireless way, so that each inner universe and each human heart may discover the spiritual wealth that God has given to it since the beginning at the Source.

Thus, through the Words of the Mother of God, which are Words of God magnetized by the principles of the Creator Source, I bring high vibrations from the Heavens to your hearts, so that the matter that is apparently corrupt and sick, may be redeemed and slowly transfigured.

For if My Son had the permission on the top of Mount Tabor, and some of His apostles were witnesses to this event; My Son, the Christ, had the permission for the Law of Transfiguration to be invoked through the prayer from the heart, it will sooner or later touch your lives and consciousnesses. And that which seems corrupt or lost will be redeemed and illuminated, through the Laws that Christ has instituted through His Presence on the planet.

All that which I am saying to you and sharing with you, My children, is part of the Book of the Love of God, because it is He Who sends it and it is He Who decrees it.

For this reason, I ask you not only to identify with matter, because this is an unknown time of purification, but also to see your own identify in the innermost depths of your beings, in that part of your consciousness that knows who it is and what it has come to do in this world.

Many among you must learn every day to resume the path to your origin, to the center of your essences, a place where the Light of God shines and dwells. Do not forget that you are His Children of the Earth and that He has given you this planet in abundance for you to bear fruit. But the world and this civilization have not understood the Message of the God of Israel. They destroy and sicken the planet, and the Kingdoms of Nature and the oceans are witnesses of this tragedy.

Those who believe they rule and govern the world try to hide this reality, which can no longer be hidden. But see this tragic event of nature with wisdom and compassion.

Despite the pain lived by the Lower Kingdoms, despite the pain lived by innocent souls, never raise the voice of rebellion. May your voices rise to the Heart of God by means of songs and prayers that you have obediently offered to Our Hearts throughout these sixteen years.

That is where evil will be defeated. It may torment and persecute you, but if your hearts are surrendered to the Heart of God, how could evil make you perish?

Remember, remember every day, that you are His worthy Children, and preciously protect this spiritual dignity from yourselves, because millions of souls in the world have lost it in the last decade and for many of My children having human dignity or not matters just the same.

How could the very sacred values of this people of Earth have been lost?

Souls have not known how to embrace the Call of God due to different circumstances and, in many cases, their own fears surpassed their trust in God. But fear does not exist, My children, what does exist is the Light and Love that dwells in the center of your hearts and souls. Believe in the Creator Power of God, which was implemented through the Genetic Project, in the Origin and in the Genesis of this humanity.

I know that to many among My children, this is the time of the great battle, in which you must face yourselves, in which you must recognize your own hidden and invisible abysses. But I ask you, out of love, not to give power to human victimhood.

Your souls are co-creator souls that, through the word and sound, can emit new things and liberate new principles, which, through a true and honest offering, allow the descent of the Values of God to this world, through the souls that offer to be tabernacles of God and victims of the Love of Christ.

This is what humanity lacks, and although it may seem impossible that this may change overnight, do not lose faith or hope.

Many have made the decision of following the path to Christ. For this reason, the beast of the seven heads is furious.

This is the moment when the Woman Clothed with the Sun runs to the desert, because it is the hour, the great hour, for the seven seals to finish opening completely. This causes My enemy, the adversary, to fear, because the more consciousnesses become aware of the truth through their awakening, the more the battle, the final battle, will be won.

And Saint Michael the Archangel, raising his powerful sword to the Father, will cause the Power of Creation to resound upon this world, to rebuild the world and humanity spiritually, so that everything may start from scratch again.  

Let us pray for these revelations not to be lost, so that these impulses may be held in the consciousness and may strengthen all My children.

Let us pray with conviction and faith for the Presence of Christ in all Tabernacles of the Earth and in all the hearts that offer themselves and are postulants to be Tabernacles of God.


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly.
I offer Thee the most precious 
Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity 
of Jesus Christ,
present in all the Tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages,
sacrileges and indifferences 
by which He is offended,
and by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg you the conversion of poor sinners.


I thank you for having the bravery and the openness of listening to Me. This represents to God an honest response, it represents that redemption will be possible.

Despite the times of tribulation, always remember that the time of redemption will be possible. Regardless of what you may live or what you may have to go through, regardless of what this world may do, the time of redemption is possible.

And so that it may be your souls that will guide your lives, so that the soul may be the boat that navigates in the ocean of the Mercy of God, may be the one that nourishes and strengthens itself with Christic Love, I come to ask you, to conclude this meeting, a song that you have sung many times, and which represents to God and to the Sacred Hearts the story of this Work concretized on the surface: “Breath of the Spirit.”

We will listen to this song from the Marian Center of Figueira.

May this melody help you to navigate in the ocean of the Love of God without fear of shipwreck or of the tempest of life, trusting that the spirit of each one of you and of your brothers and sisters will always have the door of the Heart of God open so that you may cross it.

I bless you and thank you for having accompanied Us in this month of August. We aspire and expect that it may be for many more Augusts, if God so determines.

My maternal blessings upon you and My Peace upon the wounded world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us sing.