My dear children,

Today, with a great and indescribable joy for being present here with you, I come to close this stage of the Pilgrimage for Peace, and, in bliss, I come to establish, bless and open the new Marian Center of the Sacred Ark of God, so that through Communion with the Celestial Father and with the Kingdoms of Creation, the same codes that Noah received may be deposited in this place and, from here, throughout all of Brazil.

The Marian Center of the Sacred Ark of God will have the mission of praying so that the Inner Government of the planet, which is the Hierarchy’s Government, may be spiritually fulfilled in this country and, through this country, throughout the whole world. 

The task of my children from Brasilia will be to express this Sacred Marian Center, which I will bless in due time, when a part of it will have already been made manifest.

May this place be a space for inner healing and reconciliation of hearts. 

Here the fountain of the Lady of Graces must be manifested so that my children from Brasilia, from this region and from the whole world, may come here to receive My Graces. 

Furthermore, Via Crucis and the small Chaplet of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will be expressed here, in addition to a small square with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Dear children, I invite you to be in jubilee and joy today, together with your Celestial Mother, giving thanks to My Son, because finally a point of Light is instituted on the surface of this region of Brazil.

The Sacred Name that governs this Marian Center is Elohim. 

I thank you for accomplishing the aspirations of My Beloved Son. 

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace. 



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

It is in the silence of My Heart where I can listen to your prayers.

It is in this moment, in which all My children are in My Heart, not only because of the situation of the planet and that of humanity, but because it is now time for the preparation of the return of My Son, the Christ.

I come to meet you with a Message of peace, healing and reconciliation. The world has not yet understood the Message of the Heavens.

Tirelessly, I come to My children to take them towards the Peace of My Son, towards the spiritual communion with God. In this exercise, the souls will be renewed and will find the internal strength to go forward.

Even though I am withdrawing in this time, My children, My Presence will not be erased from your hearts and lives.

You must watch, within you, every moment shared with Me, every opportunity in which I have taught you about love and forgiveness.

I always want to take you to this path, so that love and forgiveness may unite hearts, reconcile lives and bring peace. 

Behind Me on this day, I bring the Universe, that Universe which you must aspire to find within yourselves: the Universe of the Love of God, a Love that always renews itself, a Love that never dies, a Love that is immortal.

It is this Love of the Universe of God that brought My Son to Earth, from His Birth until His Ascension, while passing through His painful and difficult Passion.

It is in this triumphant Love, My children, that I want to see you, a Love that always says yes, a Love that is unconditional and alive and that understands and comprehends the Plan of God.

His Work manifests one of so many aspects of the Love of God, this is why it is alive and never dies.  It is a Work that will always give an impulse to renovation, to the change of consciousness and to peace: in this way, many more hearts will be healed. And, in spite of not being here, even at a distance you will feel the strength and the power of this Love which My Son, Christ, brings to you, by means of His Presence and His Sacraments 

Today, in a special and loving manner, I am anointing you with My Light, so that you may place your miseries and imperfections at My Feet, and so that, within you, there may remain only the truth of the Love of God, all that He has conceived within you since the beginning up to the present.

Today, I share with My children the beauty of the Love of God through creation and through nature. Thus, renew yourselves and, at this moment, find the opportunity to receive My Grace.

Today, I dedicate these words, in this way, because I have found a special place, a special reception that I have always felt and recognized.

Thus, I continue inviting you to live in My simplicity and humility, knowing that the challenge in this time will be greater than it has been before, but in the Silence of My Heart and My life, I will be here with you so that in prayer you may keep on strengthening yourselves and fulfilling the Plan of God.

My first aspiration is that the triumph of My Immaculate Heart be in your lives to then be in the lives of your brothers and sisters. 

Continue to aspire for this moment in which the victory of the Love of the Mother of God will be concretized with the redemption of all souls.

Be a testimony of My Message, of My Word and, above all, of My unconditional Love that will always nurture you and lead you to live the Will of the Father, just as His Servant had lived It in the past.

Today, I not only consecrate this image of the Virgin of Guadalupe which is at the foot of this sacred tree, the jacaranda, but I also consecrate this monastery, which will promote and welcome My call in the Community of the Virgin Mary.

Thus, this Marian Center, despite these difficult times, will be able to shine with all the Light that God has deposited within it by means of His Grace.

This must be the Community of the heart, of the heart that feels, of the heart that recognizes, the heart that serves, the unconditional heart, of the heart that proclaims peace and tirelessly lives it.

In this way, in the Community of Mary, everyone will be able to be in My Heart, not only those who live here, but also those who are not here. My Heart is the maternal home to all My children. I have a special place for each one of them. 

My Heart is what I can offer and grant to you, it is the testimony that God is here, by means of His faithful, tireless and eternal Servant. 

Divine Father who art in Heaven and on Earth, who lives and perpetuates Yourself in the hearts of Your children, grant My children, those who are here today, the Grace and the strength of carrying forward this task, which will be filled by My Love so that, each day, they may all feel more like worthy children of God and of Mine, children of My Immaculate Heart, children of life, of redemption.

May Your Light, beloved father, make Itself present at this moment, and may Your Peace embrace hearts so that they may feel to be in the refuge of Your Love forever. Amen.

With simplicity and austerity, I thank you for responding to My call.

I Would like a humble chapel of prayer here, in this location, where the Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima can silently work for Her children of the Community of Mary and of all the Communities so that, through this chapel, the energy and the principle of consecration may be alive in the hearts that offer to surrender to God. 

By means of this humble chapel of prayer, I will sanctify the disciples of My Son. It will be a chapel of thanksgiving of this Order to the Mother of God and on behalf of all the religious orders of the world.

My Heart will always lead you to God.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


I Am the Lady of the Poor, but not only of the poor in matter. I Am the Mother of the poor of spirit, of the poor of heart.  I Am the Mother of those who lack love and peace, of those who lack fraternity in their homes and in their lives.

In this way, children of Mine, I come to demonstrate to you that true wealth does not come from this world and it will not be found in it, until you may be able to discover the most pure font from where all things come.

I Am the Lady of the Heavens, recognized by the angels and archangels; by the saints and the blessed ones; by God and by His Son; and nonetheless, I come to the world as the Lady of the Poor so that you may get to know that it is not with material wealth that a soul is ennobled.  The greatness of a soul is expressed in its pure union with its Creator, that is the true King of all things, and that reigns in all of the spaces.

I want you to know that of no value are the riches of this world, if poor is the heart.  The one who owns the most riches is the one who knows that must give and donate the most to others; not only that which one possesses, but also oneself.  That is because, I say to you on this day, there is no greater greatness and glory than divesting oneself of all that comes from this world, including of one’s own self, in order to find all of the celestial goods.

Dear children, the one who gives it all will always receive from the Lord the assistance in order to continue on the path of evolution; they will lack nothing.  Although God may permit that you may learn by means of difficulties that must forge your spirit, He will never let this spirit perish, and the flame in your heart to be extinguished.

I Am the Lady of the Poor, but also the Queen of Peace, because the greatest treasure that I bring to the world is the Peace which the hearts are lacking.  Embrace this treasure that I bring to you as something unique for humanity and multiply it by means of your prayers and of the surrendering of your lives.

My beloved, never forget that the key to opening all the doors; to understanding and knowing all things, is the prayer made with the heart.  For this, I invite you today to consecrate your lives to this infinite font of Peace and of Redemption that is the true prayer.

I leave on this day My blessing for this Marian Center that grows as it learns with the difficulties of life.

I ask to all those who consecrate themselves as My children, as a symbol of their willingness of consecrating their lives to God, that they may never permit that a true channel of prayer may not be formed here.  This Marian Center belongs to your souls and to the whole world and it must be constantly generating light and love for the Earth by means of your prayers.

For this, I ask you all to not cease to come to this place and to placing here a brick of prayer, so that may be constructed the great stronghold which this Marian Center needs in order to keep fulfilling the mission that God has entrusted it.

I wait for you in prayer and in faith, generating Peace and Redemption for the world.

I count on the answer of your hearts.

Mary, Lady of the Poor and Queen of Peace

Monthly Messages

 Dear children of Mine:

My Heart is filled with Joy and My Spirit rejoices when the souls answer to My call.

To this end today I wish to consecrate all the homes of the world to My Immaculate Heart.  For this I come to ask you that an image of the Queen of Peace may be placed in the entrance of each house with the goal of protecting and helping all the families.  If you do this you will be saying to the enemy that your dwelling places belong to God and that nothing that is not similar to the love of the Father will be able to reign there.

Dear children, you do not know how much I long to have you near My Heart and to listen to your prayers.  Because of your loving answer God has permitted Me to continue to guide you in the way that many mothers in the world do.

For this I wish, dear children, that all the mothers that have already had children, in the same way that I have had Jesus, may be consecrated to the Spirit of My Maternity.  In this way in your homes will reign peace and the unity in the times that will come.

Children of Mine, you do not know how much destruction and despair there is in the bosom of the families. The enemy and its modernities have succeeded to substitute the Word of Life, the Bible with the Internet, prayer with the uncontrolled word, fasting with incessant gluttony and, principally, true love of the heart has been replaced by lying and falsity.

To avoid the law of God upon many of My children I come to ask that all the moms look to My Heart and that they may feel My example of peace and humility.

You My dears, do not even imagine how much wickedness the enemy instills in the families, to the point of reaching destruction and disunity among the beings.  But My sword of light descends from Heaven to cut all the evil and to establish the Love of God, that is Law and is Life.

As long as the Marian Centers in the world which I have founded at different times, are islands of salvation, so I ask you to be a true spiritual family; a family that seeks all the time to live the commandments of God and a life of love and prayer.  In this way you will relieve My Immaculate Heart.

But remember My children, that the adoration to the Most Holy Eucharistic Body of My Son will establish, over the kingdom of the Earth, an opportunity of being able to receive a Greater Grace.

When you decide to place the sacred image of the Queen of Peace on the door of your houses, I promise you:

  •  To distance you from all material and spiritual evil.
  •  To unite you to the Spirit of God.
  •  To create in the homes true temples of prayer.
  •  To pour the Graces that your hearts need.
  •  To pray for you day and night.
  •  To establish the Kingdom of God in each member of the family.

So that the promises of the Queen of Peace may be accomplished I ask lovingly of all the moms of the world to recite to Me the following prayer, in order to reach My Maternal Spirit.

Prayer to reach the Maternal Spirit of Mary

Sacred Virgin Mary,
who gestated in Your Womb the Love of God,
and from Whose Womb was born the Supreme Life
that gave Itself to us in Mercy and Redemption.

O Sacred Mother!
Queen among all the mothers of Earth,
permit that we may live Your Maternity
so that, for the days to come,
we may recognize the face of Your Beloved Son Jesus
in the faces of our children.


I thank you for answering to My call.

I bless you, I adore you and I love you,

Mary, Queen of Peace and of all the moms of the world

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more