Thursday, May 23 of 2019


Mary, at this moment, appears dressed in white, barefoot, with the moon at Her feet and the Crown of twelve stars.

At the center of Her chest, a symbol of a great Eucharist appears which has the letters JHS. And in the Presence of Our Lady, the spaces balance. Her energy of peace establishes harmony and unites this space and this place with the Fount of God, by means of the work of prayer that was carried out.

Thus, at this moment Our Lady asked us to first transmit Her Words so that we can accompany Her in what She is doing at this moment.

We will join and attune with this Presence of Mary, as the Mother of the Sacred Eucharist.

Dear children,

From Heaven, I bring you inner protection, because if you are with Me, you are with God and with His Plan of Love which, although for humanity it is unpredictable, it is a Plan that will be fulfilled, first on the levels of the inner worlds and then it will manifest on the surface by means of the souls and the hearts that will be redeemed in Christ.

I bring you this inner security because I know you need it in order to be able to keep trusting in God and in His Presence.

Thus, today I bring you the Sacred Eucharistic Body of My Son because, as a Servant and Disciple of the Lord, I am the first who must adore and honor Him, not only for His task and mission carried out on Earth, but rather for His great Work of Mercy and of Grace in the Universe and in humanity.

I bring you, at this moment, a space of the Kingdom of Lys in which this inner security expresses and manifests itself through the angels who are present there and work with all pilgrim souls that come to the Sanctuary of Fatima to recognize, time and again, the Mother of God, the victor and triumphant one over the darkness.

However, this is the time, My children, to learn to live the most difficult moments of humanity, because thus you will help other children of Mine to do so. You will help and teach others to go through the end of times knowing that, although the three days of darkness will be present, you will know how to continue because who is before the Eucharistic Body of My Son, is before God, His celestial Presence, His Throne, His Power, His Majesty.

Thus, in the silence of My Heart, I bring you the Truth of knowing how to listen to God through the Divine Messengers, of being able to trust beyond the events or the changes.

I bring you the opportunity of truly living sacrifice for My Son without illusions nor imaginations.

I know that it is a very great step for all the servers of Christ, but God needs to express these very difficult moments within humanity so that the human consciousness may learn to change and transcend itself; so that it may learn to seek reconciliation with God and never again move away from Him, from the Source of His Love and of Grace.

Before the Presence of the Eucharistic Body of My Son in My Heart, I also bring you the Wisdom of God, knowing that in these difficult times great decisions must be made so that the Work of My Son may be fulfilled, in spite of the consciousnesses or of the changes.

Know, My children, that you have never gone through such a different time as this, such an unpredictable time as this, because it is a time in which you must learn to be in Christ and in the Love of My Son so that in this perfect union with Him you may strengthen and move forward, fulfilling His Plan and His requests.

By means of the Kingdom of Lys, I bring you Peace, the Peace of the Angel of Portugal because this faithful Messenger of God, in this pilgrimage, is working hard to help the angels of the other nations of Europe that need liberation and help, just as all of My children of this historic and wounded continent.

However, the Light of the Kingdom of Lys emerges as great spheres of consciousness in which Hierarchies and angels of Light manifest themselves to assist and help the inner planes, where the great intermediations take place to relieve souls, to rekindle the hearts in devotion to the love of God, to bring peace to the world in places where it no longer exists, for ignorance, for error.

But the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will occur during extreme situations, in extreme moments, in culminating and decisive times.

Therefore, My children, I appeal so that you can recognize these moments and be attentive and watchful, just as your Heavenly Mother is, before the adversity of these times and before the spiritual battle of these times.

But the Hand of God will never separate from you, if you allow the Hand of God to be upon you all the time.

God profoundly wishes love and good for humanity, but many do not accept it.

In order to be able to see Christ in His Second Return, important changes must take place within humanity and on the planet, changes that must begin in the consciousness and then be reflected in actions, in examples and in acts, knowing that a group like you, at the service of My Son, must sustain what is impossible for the three-dimensional and human consciousness.

However, the force of My Immaculate and maternal Heart will impel you to carry forward the torch of peace, which will illuminate the world and in consequence will bring the Presence of Christ to humanity and to the lost hearts.

Know that you must not survive in these times as many are surviving, in a spiritual and material way.

God gives you everything, so that you can give everything.

God does not complain to you. God waits for you and listens to you, welcomes you in His eternal and infinite Heart.

God brings you Peace through His Heavenly servants.

God establishes His Mercy in those who hear His call and do not retrogress, because this is a time to grant a great healing for the planet and humanity. It is time to sustain what is unsustainable and to love what is impossible to love, to understand what is impossible to understand.

It is time to consider the values that the Hierarchy has given you, at each moment and at each stage, because in this way you will always have a direction, a path, a light on the horizon of the times of darkness.

I bring you, by means of the Eucharistic Body of My Son, the Strength of God, that same Strength that My Son needed in the culminating moment of the Garden of Gethsemane when, in a profound loneliness and darkness, He did not doubt God not even for a moment. Because although He had been a simple and humble man, He maintained His Faith in the Heights, in the Will, beyond understanding or experiencing it.

For this reason, He is the Christ. And you can also be so.

My Son, in this time, does not say words only to cheer you up or to encourage you.

The New Christ is the one who imitates My Son in the example and in the inner life, although they fall and stand up many times.

My Son gives you the impulse to be New Christs because they will be the apostles who will defend and proclaim His Second Return to humanity in the four corners of the Earth. Brothers and sisters whom today you do not know will proclaim the coming of the Redeemer, and the prophecy that is written in the Bible will be fulfilled: “The Woman clothed with the Sun will come again to the Earth, with the Moon at Her feet and the Crown of Light on Her head, announcing the arrival of the Redeemer, of the Savior, of the Master amongst masters, of the one who triumphed in Love and in Truth”.

Be one in Christ, in each moment, in each circumstance, under any situation or experience. Thus, he will be amongst you and you will be within Him. Thus, He will fulfill His prodigies and will manifest His graces to those who have needed them for a long time.

I offer you the Eucharistic Body of My Son as a door to your redemption and to your surrender to God.

My Maternal Grace will be your strength and your consolation for the difficult moments.

Have faith in what I tell you and pray for the causes of God so that His Will may be fulfilled and His Plan of Love may be carried out on Earth.

I thank you for listening to me.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.