Saturday, September 13 of 2014

Monthly Messages

Once again I come to your encounter as Mother and Lady of Kibeho, Lady of the Divine Word, so that you may know that in this time I aspire ardently to concretize My Plans for Peace in the world.  Plans that humanity was not able to follow, but the time of spiritual maturity has already come in which you may be able to recognize truths that before you did not comprehend.

My dears, My presence in the world is not only a miracle that brings you peace and relief in the daily necessities.  I want to build in this world the mirror of the Kingdom of God and in your souls the perfect imitations of the Glorious Soul of Christ, of His Most Sacred Love and Unity.

My beloveds, My Heart comes to the world with a greater purpose than that which you can imagine with your very little minds.  There is a Purpose to be manifested, a divine inspiration that comes from the mind of God for this planet with the purpose of making it sacred. 

Already, many times and in different parts of world, My voice made itself heard and My Immaculate Heart showed Itself to different children of Mine that had a commitment with Me to surrender their lives to bring to the world My message and, more than words, bring the awakening of the Christic Spirit present in each one of them.

I was in Guadalupe, in Japan, in Egypt, in Portugal, in Rwanda, in Spain, in France, in Bosnia; in all forms I tried that the souls could awaken to My Call.

I was among the Incas, among the original peoples, among the Christians, among the atheists so that there would be no one who would not hear My Call.

Now My beloveds, I Am here trying once again so that the consciousnesses of the world may open their eyes and awaken definitively.

By means of this group of souls that I have summoned to spread My Call, I come to gather all of My manifestations in this world, in order to deposit, for the last time, all the codes that the Creator has allowed Me to bring to the world and to each one of your lives.

Because of a request of Mine, this group brings as a religion the Christic Essence present in all things, so that there is not a single soul that, because of creed or religion, is not able to hear My Call.

These are times of emergency and for this reason, great is the Grace that descends from the Heavens.

Today I summon you with love so that you can be united with this army of Peace that through prayer travels through the world alleviating the thirst of the souls and generating merits so that the Divine Justice may not descend over humanity as it would merit because of its actions.

My dears, what I offer you is surrender and sacrifice, but also Peace and Fraternity.

It will not be simple to bring My words to the world.  Not everyone will believe in what I can show you when you remove the veils that cover your eyes.  But the example of conversion and of life will be the most powerful tool that you will be able to take with you in this time.

No matter what happens to you in this world I promise you eternal life in the Paradise of God, where Love is the greatest treasure, the most powerful sword and the shield of greater protection with which to fight the celestial army.

My beloveds, that God may illuminate each one of your souls so that you may be able to finally live the redemption and the awakening.

I love you profoundly and thank you for, once again, replying to My Call and for treading this path of conversion.

Mary, Our Lady of Kibeho

So that the Divine Word may impregnate your souls and your lives eternally.