Dear children,

With the Sacred Family gathered around this sacred oratory, God again pours out His infinite and unfathomable Mercy.

In order for this to be possible, dear children, today Your Most Holy Mother brings you the Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph, something that will give an impulse to souls to live the attributes of the Chaste Heart, inner impulses that will come directly from the Holy Servant of God at each moment this sacred rosary is prayed by a soul.

This Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph will remove from human ignorance whomever prays wholeheartedly, invoking devotion for the Holy Worker of God.

Saint Joseph commits Himself to helping the human heart that will pray it, and thus be able to sanctify its life, in the same way that Saint Joseph sanctified His consciousness.

This Rosary will offer everyone the possibility of again drawing to themselves the principles of the Christianity of Saint Joseph and of the Sacred Family, so that these may penetrate the chaotic consciousness of the planet, and reverse all the evils that are generated by humanity itself.

This Rosary will also help awaken the consecration of souls to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. And through this act of union with the Divine Spirit of Saint Joseph, hearts will reach the Celestial Kingdom and will be able to feel it close to the planetary life.

Through His Holy Virtues, Saint Joseph offers Himself to humanity to help it live the sanctification of consciousness, as well as providing the opportunity for families to live the Attributes of God, and for the proper conditions to be generated for the presence of Unity amongst all creatures.

Now I present to you the Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph:


As the Mother of the Nations, dear children, today I invite you, as I have been doing for a long time, to pray for peace, to work for peace. Invoke the Divine Mercy by means of each prayer of the heart so that it may descend over all My children.

My little ones, on this day of special importance to the Lord, the Heart of My Son is present among you to remind you that now is the time for each one to observe with compassion the need of your neighbor and to see the urgency of your fellow human.

Therefore, My children, it will be important that your hearts concentrate in the essence of charity and of giving so that the Light of Christ may be able to spring from the depths of your hearts.

Humanity still must learn to live the essence of humility. All of you, My dear children, can convert your hearts into precious instruments for the Creator.

Today My Immaculate Heart is also on all My beloved children of Central America, children that I contemplate with much compassion so that the Redeeming Ray of My Son may emanate from their hearts.

Open your arms to receive the Love of the Universal Mother of Graces, so that in this way each one of your little hearts may consecrate themselves to the designs of God. This is the reason of My Immaculate coming towards you.

With My Immense Maternal Heart I ask you: pray! Pray and pray so that all may be able to be each day closer to the Will of God.

My voice comes towards you to announce the moment of Mercy, as if the Bird of the Holy Spirit were impregnating you with Its Gifts and Its Graces.

You can help with prayer so that this Magnificent and Omnipotent Spirit of God may be more present.

I want to teach you to open the treasury of the Heart of God so that you may discover the immense and powerful Love that He has for the existence of each creature on Earth.

In the same way that My Heart of Mother once pilgrimaged with Joseph to Egypt, today I invite you to walk towards the consecration of your hearts.

Remember that I wait for you to pray the Rosary every day, this will bring you closer and closer to God.

I thank you!


The Image of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

The Image of My Chaste Heart must be contemplated by those who seek humility, simplicity, the maturity of spirit and the awakening of the spirit of service and charity.

This Image represents the moment in which My Chaste Heart pronounced Its “yes” to God and accepted, despite Its imperfections, to fulfill the Mission that God had entrusted to it.

This Image is the symbol that in order to serve God it is not necessary to be perfect, children, because Perfection, which comes from the Father, manifests in the soul and in the heart, as the being decides to walk.

Before this Image, you must ask the Father for the Grace of knowing to say “yes”, despite the apparent audacity of His Plans. Because today I tell you: it is not God Who asks you great things, but it is you who do not know your own potential, do not know yourselves and think you cannot give what God asks you.

Before this Image, pray the “Novena to begin the New Spiritual Cycles” and let My Heart inspire you so that you can say “yes” and know what is hidden until today and is unknown to you about yourselves.

The Reliquary of My Heart represents the Plan of God consummated in human imperfection. I will place in it all the Graces that the Father granted Me to fulfill His Will and before it, children, you will pray not only for yourselves, but for all humanity, so that these Gifts of Surrender and Rendition, which made this Heart become a Divine Triumph, can reach each one of your brothers and sisters, in the four corners of the world.

Through the Image of My Chaste Heart and the Reliquary of My Heart, the Creator grants you two new and unique Graces so that you may know that all you need in order to become a celestial victory is within your reach.


Third day of the novena

I was still young when I came to know the Essene people in the desert. God placed a great mystery before Me, which at the same time, was absolutely different from everything I knew - as a culture, as spiritual life and as a social way of life-, but which was also known within Me. It was like a mirror of everything I held within Me, like a hidden life that could not express because there was no place.

Even being before something new and unknown, a lesson that transcended the Sacred Books and was renewed in each instant - just like Life-, I launched myself into this experience and allowed My inner world to find that safe place that it had searched for so long to express itself.

When you are faced with a new teaching or a new way of understanding Life, when you are faced with something that calls you to a renewal, meditate on My example and pray to God, in My Name, saying:

just as Saint Joseph recognized
Your Impulses and Your Truth in His Life,
teach us to face the new, and without fear, allow us to be renewed by the Universal Truth.

These will be times of many tests, but also of many revelations. You will be faced with Truths that you did not know and you will also be able to more broadly understand what you were taught through symbols and parables.

For this reason, children, pray and prepare your hearts so that you do not fear being faced with the new.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Children, the cycle of daily messages that one year ago I promised you to deliver is already ending. During that period, I taught you many things and opened your eyes to others that, in truth, you already knew, but that you did not manage to live.

Because I was a man once, with a heart similar to yours, I could reach the depth of your consciousnesses and remind you about your commitment to God.

From now on, in the cycle that will come after the 20th of August –when the daily messages will end– it will be up to each one to study My Words again and reignite each code and each impulse that I left for you there, impulses that will be eternal and that will be alive for all those who open themselves from the heart and in consciousness.

I hope, in Christ, that you will be able to live each impulse that I delivered to you or, at least, that you try to do it every day.

You know that the clock time is no longer running as it used to run before. Little by little, you are entering a new time and each second is precious to you, because it brings in itself an opportunity that will never be repeated.

Depending on the inner answer of each one, I will be able to achieve the grace from the Creator to continue talking to humanity and, along with Mary and Christ, continue supporting the human heart, while it is possible, so that you may count on Our support until the last hour. For that to be possible, the effort of each one of you is indispensable.

In this new cycle, the aspiration of being different must be alive inside of you, impelling you to make different things for the materialization of the Plan of God and showing to the Creator that you truly want to respond to His Call, to His Designs.

The Love of the Divine Messengers for humanity is infinite and each second of instruction that we deliver to all is precious to Us. But not only We must long for this meeting: each one of you must feel within yourselves this need of deepening yourselves into your own transformation and receive, from the Heavens, the new impulses that will lead you to a higher evolutionary degree.

Beloved children, meditate on the essence of this new planetary cycle and receive all the graces that are being delivered to you. The time of transforming yourselves is now, not later. Everything is possible with the persistence and perseverance of all.


Dear companions in Christ,

I want to bring to you, each day, more than words, because I have the possibility of leading you to live what you truly are, not only as individuals, but also as humanity.

For this, I insist, time and again, so that, in each moment of your lives, you will offer everything that you do for the human consciousness, especially for those who do not know God and that, independently of their social class and of their physical situation, live in ignorance and in full illusion.

My beloved ones, when I was in this world as Joseph of Nazareth, in everything that I used to do in My work, in the rest or in the daily liturgies, prayer was always what would move My Chaste Heart and thus, praying, I would offer everything for the other siblings of the world.

I would work for those who did not do it; I would rest for those who could not rest; I was true and simple for those who could not be so.  And like this I was with everything.  So, I began to discover how to love the imperfections of humanity.  In this way, while I was working for someone who did not do it, I started to understand why those who did not work were in that situation and, in My intentions, I would always offer to God the difficulties of My siblings.

Seeing the purity of His servant, that did not use to pray for himself, but rather so that the Reign of God would expand itself throughout the world, the Lord started to show, to the eyes of My Heart, different situations of the planet in places that, in life, I had not gotten to know, but I knew the reality of all that I would see.

God gave Me the grace of serving more profoundly and of being certain that, in every instant of My life, He could intercede for some soul.  It was in this way that I began to gradually learn the art of interceding before God for souls and for the beings of nature, these that would never be forgotten by My Most Chaste Heart.

Today I tell you that the secret to be an intercessor before God is never losing the purity of intention and not believing yourself to be anything but only a servant of God.  Wherever there is pride for some work offered to God, that work will no longer reach Heaven.

Many believe that they intercede for souls when, in fact, they are losing a precious time of praying with the heart to, instead of that, feed their own pride and vanity.


When I was on Earth as Joseph of Nazareth, many used to seek Me, asking for an advice about how to be united to God.  My Chaste Heart was discovering, in the Child Jesus, that God was within all beings.  But in a time in which people did not think about a Living God, except in the Scriptures, it would be very difficult to conceive the existence of God within each being.

Today, there are already enough knowledge and experiences, as humanity, for you to understand the things of Heaven and how they express themselves in the world.  In this way you will discover in the world the potential that it has to live according to the Celestial Life.

In the same way that God is alive in each being and few can see Him, His Kingdom lives in the original idea of the creation of the Earth.  In this way, the Living God must arise in the beings as much as the His Kingdom must manifest itself in the world.

To find the Lord within your own hearts and recognize yourselves as similar to God, you will have to stop knowing yourselves as imperfect individuals and merely human in the point of view of the Earth.

So that the Kingdom of God may be a reality in the world, everything that does not conform to that Kingdom must cease to exist.  And it will not be God who will make all the things disappear and, thus, solve all the planetary problems.  You, My beloved ones, are the ones who must make disappear, firstly from your own consciousnesses, all the concepts, the principles, the ideas and the intentions that construct all those things that separate you from God as humanity.

For instance: even though you may not be governors and may not have the power of starting or ending a war, to abolish the wars of the world, you must placate, in your own consciousnesses, wrath, competition, avarice and greed.  And, in this way, you must act with everything, because it will be little by little that the Kingdom of God will descend to the world.  But, for that, the harmony with which that Kingdom will install itself will depend on how prepared the human consciousness is receive it.

Many fear such mentioned planetary transition, but few are recognizing that the course of that transition will be the result of what each one can do to transform, in themselves, the human consciousnesses and, as a consequence, the planetary consciousness.


As a human heart of a simple man and without great intellectual learning, I learned to trust in what you cannot see with the eyes of the body, only with those of the heart.

As Joseph of Nazareth, I lived the greatest miracle of life, that was the conception and the birth of My Son Jesus, that I assumed as Mine, knowing that He was, in truth, the Son of God.

There was no greater proof of trust and faith in God than this one that Joseph and Mary lived by knowing that the son they had in their arms, in that manger in Bethlehem, was the Living Son of God, the Messiah so expected for all the generations that anteceded Ours.  It was like constantly living inside of a dream and not knowing what the reality was: if it was that which we were living with the Child God – in the trust that God, in His Humility, made Himself a child among us and allowed us to take care of Him and protect Him – or if it was that which everyone who were around us were living, most of them could never conceive the truth that such Little Boy was, in reality, a great King.

Every day, by looking at the Little Jesus, I would ask Myself: how can God, this one that protect us and guard us, surrender Himself in this way in the arms of humans and trust in their care and in the human paternity?

That was how My Heart opened Itself to discover that there was something in the human heart that only God knew, for Him, who was the great Father of the Creation, to surrender Himself as a child to the paternity of humans.

Only the humility of My Heart was what opened the doors in order that I would understand that God was showing our likeness of Him.  He came to the world as a Son, in order that we could discover within ourselves the Father, Himself, the Most High God.

I tell you these things because your human hearts are also before many mysteries and you will be before even greater truths that will make awaken in you the faith or the disbelief, according to the way you may place yourselves before the learning which God brings to you with His Perfection.

If you are humble, you will be able to understand the Humility of God, that in many ways surrenders Himself to His children, in order that they may discover what they are in truth and, thus, awake to the likeness of His Most Sacred and Great Heart.

I leave you today this reflection and these codes of light of My life with Christ Jesus, which now reigns in the whole Universe.


Enter in the plenitude of God existent in your heart and never lose the hope of achieving His Purpose.

When I was on Earth, as Joseph of Nazareth, the chaos of My time and the ignorance of those who were around Me led Me to seek the Divine Spirit even more assiduously.  I understood, in My quest, that I should be the engine for the elevation and transformation of all those who were around Me.

It was the faith that inhabited in My interior, by itself, that would touch the hearts of people and would make them ask themselves internally what was the mystery which that Family was living and if it was not God Himself that was in person among Them.

Know that God Himself is among you and you must announce this grace in the silence of your transformation and in the experience of the sacred attributes that the Lord has infused in your consciousnesses.

May all the souls that come close to your beings be impelled to seek the Divine and, even if they do not know well the focus of their quest, may they feel that it conducts them to the Heights, to the Universe, to the Boundless.

You live today, as a group, one of the greatest graces ever delivered to the humanity.

The spirit of love must be made flesh in each one of those who follow the Divine Messengers and, in this way, this love will expand to all humanity.

Each step that you take, in your days, you must offer to God, aware that many essences depend on this awakening and on this evolutionary path that you are traversing.

Drink from the Source of the Divine Words of Christ and fill your beings in the certainty that He is the one who pronounces them.  Let yourselves be molded and matured by the spiritual impulses of Mary and consecrate, little by little, all the consciousness to the Divine.  Dive into the simplicity of My Words and make of them a manual for life on Earth.

Be simpler of heart and never tire of seeking the spirit of simplicity.  It is only in this way that you will cross the Celestials Portals with the humility of a child.

Do not lose faith and trust the unpredictability of the human heart.  Search for the potential that you do not know about yourselves and, in prayer and reflection, unveil the mysteries of your own inner world.

I leave you My Peace.

Saint Joseph, your Father and Guardian for these times


I was raised in the spirit of humility in the Kingdom of the Heavens, having it as a primary attribute to the story I would write in the world.  Such as I bring that divine attribute, each soul and each essence bring in their interior an attribute to manifest.

My rearing was no different from yours, I just had the mission of being an example to humanity and, throughout My existence in the world, I was helped to do so.

Since I was a child, I knew that something inside of Me could not live the same life that My brothers and sisters envisioned.  This search for the purpose that the Creator had for Me often made Me move away from the world and even from those that I loved.

I lived many instances of solitude, in order to try to find a meaning to life, and when I found it in the union with God, I discovered that in My solitude all those that I loved were found.

Although I was not understood by many, I sustained Myself in faith and in the trust that such life was lived for the good and for the evolution of all those who were around Me and that, without knowing how, what I was living was helping them.

I was twelve years old when I sought in the silence what God had for Me, and that I could not find in the daily life that I was living together with My brothers and sisters.  In silence and prayer, I began to grow in spirit and to discover that maturity was not in the age and that, even though I was so small, I wound find in the spirit all the understandings that I needed in order to grow.

It was like this that I consecrated the existence to God and He listened to Me and accepted My offer; He showed Me His Plan, in this and in other lives.  In that moment, I did not know of the absolute greatness of the mission that awaited Me and only before Jesus, as a child, I could understand and overcome bigger tests.

I tell you all that because God also came to you, placed you before all the absurd of this world and impelled you to seek a true meaning to life.  He led you to the path of the consecration of the soul;  some, of the spirit, and others, of all the aspects of the being.

Through His Triune Spirit, He revealed to you a mission: to prepare the return of Christ and to become an example to the souls that will not have a guide in these times of so much confusion.


Listen in your heart to the story that I will tell you, let that My words flow like pure water in the river of your mind and that the mysteries of My life run within this water with the same harmony. Trust in the commitment that your heart has with Me because the world knows very little about this story and it will continue to know very little until it enters into the Kingdom of Heavens.

I was born from a gestation of infinite purity, prepared by the angels as if they were creating a flower, but it was My soul that was growing up in the maternal womb of My holy mother. I say holy to you because upon her the Holy Spirit descended through dreams. She was prepared by the angels to understand the maternity that she was going to live, of an uncommon child for their time.

My mother used to sing to My heart, praying and preparing her pregnancy with deep love. Love that God infused in her to inspire her creation that was going to be the seed of what was going to become Joseph, called the son of David.

I was born and I grew up accompanied by angels. My holy mother, adorned by the Holy Spirit, was the one who first taught Me to realize the initial works of charity. She taught Me that to the neighbor we would always offer the best and whoever acted like this, giving to the neighbor the best that one had, would receive from God the best that He Himself had in the Kingdom of Heavens.

In this way I began to understand the Laws of God that were very different from the laws of the Earth and the more My child’s consciousness was submerged in this Kingdom, the more I saw Myself outside of all of the laws of the world, above all the laws of matter, those that tie humanity and that make it a hostage of the energies of the vices.

Gifted with a deep union with God, the Lord never allowed the laws from the Earth to act upon My youthful consciousness.

I learned about work and about solitude, silence, prayer and fasting and within these daily habits I grew up. From a simple and poor family, in this way life was reflecting itself in My soul, I grew up simple and poor from the things of the world.

Solitude taught Me humility because in solitude I used to deepen Myself into the mysteries of Faith and in the science of the Kingdom of God, that which made Me understand day by day how small I was before the Greatness of the Most High God.

Who are we?

Association Mary
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