Tuesday, January 22 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears.

There is in you the unique and sublime opportunity to open the door to Me so that My Love may irradiate in your hearts. My redeeming power in your consciousness may be bigger or smaller, depending on how much you become conscious of the permission that you give Me for My Glorified Heart to act in your little lives.

Despite the great risk that many souls live which denies the presence and the return of My Redeeming Spirit, My Consciousness of Sacerdotal Love accompanies the steps of millions of souls in this world. Remember My friends, that I Am a part of God that has offered itself in life for all of you, so that every consciousness of this world could find, in the darkness, the power and the presence of the Christic light of the Firstborn Son.

Today I come to this world, as you allow it, because the degrees that My Love reaches for you are infinite, for this I invite you to remember that My Saving and Redeeming Love is returning to give support and help to those who only say yes to Me.

My dears, you must pray so the divine plans may accomplish themselves in every circumstance. For this to happen My Glorified Heart comes to your encounter for one more time, preparing the germinating seeds so that they may be planted in a fertile and greater earth in the Great Kingdom of My Celestial Love.

The souls are defining themselves as it was written in the sacred books. For this the Consciousness of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is coming to be able to reorder the uncertain paths that many live. For this, first My Spirit removes impure feelings in the hearts of all My servers so that they, empty of all and surrendering themselves entirely to My Heart, may be prepared in consciousness to receive me.

Who is willing to discard their life for My return?

Who is willing to trust in the unpredictable?

Who will want to land in My Spirit, in My Heart despite of everything?

I am coming back as many perhaps did not expect. I knew before My Ascension that humanity should learn much, even having entrusted you with the presence of the Immaculate and Sublime Heart of the Queen of Universes.

Now I prepare you, removing with My Light all that must be purified but, for this, do not fear, count on Me always.

Under the Grace of God Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My announcements in the heart!

Christ Jesus.