Wednesday, January 23 of 2013

Daily messages

My friends and servers of My Heart:

Today I announce again My Love for you and for this I ask you to unite your hearts to Mine so that My Light may guide you. I am with you all the time in the same way that I am with many souls that need My Mercy to be able to reach faith in the heart.

I still have thirst for many souls, of souls that live in sin and that do not recognize the love of the Father God.  For this My Spirit is mediator for all before God in the same way that the Spirit of the Universal Mother is for all Her children.

Dears, today I want you to be able to perceive and to feel the greatness of My Thirst for those who still deny me in life and in soul. From love for all of you I have met hell and I have gone to this place to redeem those who were distant from the love and from the unity with My Father. As Son of the Most Holy Trinity I have given Myself entirely for all, as in Life, as in Soul and Divinity, even before My sacrifice on the Cross.

I carried the weight of all of you on My back to thus relieve you from the great universal judgment that could have happened in that time of My presence upon the Earth. From love I prevented the law from condemning you, I resurrected from love of the Plan of God and to demonstrate that the magnificence of God is great and powerful as is His Love for all creatures.

I fell on the ground more than three times but the on first three falls My humble Heart liberated you from many evils that were intending to destroy the Plan of God. I relieved humanity during centuries and centuries and I continue sending to the world My Mercy.

Now the new time is coming to prepare the advent of My Spirit, Glorified and renovated by the celestial powers of the universe. Many perhaps will not recognize My new Face but all will feel that I Am the Server who returns to deliver love to all. In you I manifest My works of redemption and for you I manage to present to the Father the offers of love.

I leave here My presence so that you may always remember it because I want to teach you to unite Heaven and Earth in a unified reality of God. You must let yourselves be worked by My Fire so that the new wineskins, empty of themselves, receive the Light of My Sacred Spirit.

I am donating myself to all and I also teach you the importance of living charity to reach a holy transformation. I want to consecrate your souls to My Heart, I want to sanctify your spirits so that thus may be manifested, the power of the redeemer love upon the world. I am calling My flocks, I am congregating you after two thousand and thirteen years because it is the time of the rescue.  

Under the Mercy of God, be humble and blessed.

Thank you for guarding in simplicity My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.