Lift your heart to God and do not tire of doing so, because at this time the heart must be the secure receptacle for God to live within you and carry forward His great Will.

Lift your heart to the Highest and do not tire of doing so for all of those who, in this time, do not lift their heart to God and do not humbly ask for help.

Lift your heart to Heaven and make each stage of life a moment of prayer, capable of repairing the human consciousness, able to attract from the Universe all the Grace that this world needs.

Lift your heart to the Universe and be part of the stars.

Be encouraged to transcend the differences and all that separates human beings from God.

Be a part of the Christic Heart of My Son so that, at this acute moment of the planet, the souls may find God within themselves and have something to cling to.

Lift your heart to God and make of each moment an opportunity of inner consecration.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Just as the rain, that touches the Earth and makes the fruit grow in arid deserts, so do My Graces, which touch your hearts in order to convert them into the perfect model that God planned for since the beginning.

Children, I know that which must still die and be transcended within you, so that someday the true apostle of redemption may manifest.

Dear children, we are in a time of spiritual battle, and many of My children do not want to realize it; for this I come to ask you for prayer, so that you can realize how distracted the world is and how it affirms, before the Universe, that it is doing everything fine.

I come to demystify what you believe about your lives so that you may recognize the Will of the Celestial Father and so that your own will may die.  Thus, children, you will be worthy of understanding all things.

Now the Universe allows certain events so that all may learn and not repeat the same mistakes again.

Children, I am consistent with you and I will touch you with My Grace, as many times as necessary, because My true purpose is to convert you into that which you are not yet.  Be patient and love transformation, thus, it will be less dificult for those who are willing to know themselves; when this happens, you will be able to be conscious that your very little problems in life are light compared to the great sin of humanity.

Seek fidelity through Christ; do not despair over that which you experience; there are greater planetary problems that encompass regions, peoples and, above all, a project of spiritual evolution.

Purge that which is old, empty yourselves all the time and thus, you will be the new wineskins that will be filled with the Precious Blood of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who purifies, heals and elevates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In order for you to work with maturity and consecration to the Plan of God, I give you the Seven Precious Stones of Salvation:


- To not be ungrateful towards the universe or towards your neighbor


The ocean of My Divine Mercy is greater and more powerful, stronger and more invincible than the Passion that I lived on the Cross for all of you; this ocean of Graces is prodigious and compassionate, principally for those who have fallen walking the path of the consecration and of the absolute surrender to God.

Every day I open this sacred source before your eyes, so that you may recognize it as the only way out for this time of chaos.  For those who in truth dedicate devotion to the unfathomable Source of My Mercy know that I will not abandon you.  My Steps of light will follow you until the hour of death and after this life, in the next world, I will give you the offer of eternity, of paradise.

For those who listen to My words, that they may keep them in their hearts, because they will serve as fortress and shield for definitive moments.  That no one may fear for being purified, because in order for My New Wine to be deposited, the old wineskin must be polished and restored by My Hands, in this way I will be able to count on consciousnesses redeemed by My Sacred and Invincible Christic Light.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening and for living My Teachings!

Christ Jesus


I Am the Renovating Blood that enters into the heart of all of the beings to give you eternal life.

I Am the Water that peacefully purifies each interior and, thus, I ignite the Codes of Light that will liberate My ones from sin.

For this the Eucharist is the symbol and the faithful alliance that I have left for you so that you would unite yourselves to Me. The one who stops communing with Me in the Eucharist acts as if he or she was leaving Me aside. There is nothing more important than your union with Me because My Work will not be able to be constructed in lives that resemble great places of  quicksand.

My bases must be melted in the pillar of prayer, in the pillar of communion, in the pillar of confession and in the pillar of service. In this way an organized and an aligned temple will be raised with My Christic Laws.

As long as the wineskin holds with mistrust the relics of yesterday, My New Wine will be waiting in Heaven to be poured only in the redeemed wineskins. It is time to decide in which place you will want to be. The stable and the barn are open because the farmer from Heaven will be arriving to separate the old straw from the good and mature wheat.

All the decision will be in your hands and prayer will help you to take the great leap towards My Sacred Heart.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My words with love!

Christ Jesus


Do not fear because My Heart will remove your restlessness.

Do not fear because My Faith will strengthen you.

Do not fear because My Mantle will cover you.

Do not fear because you are in prayer united to My Heart.

Do not fear because My Light will guide you.

Do not fear because My Trust will unite you to God.

Do not fear because My Steps will indicate to you the new path.

Do not fear because you have already opened your hearts to My Call.

Do not fear because My Power will save you.

Do not fear for what you have been because in a little time you will be the new for Me.

Do not fear because I will never leave you alone.

Do not fear because it is necessary to have maturity of heart.

Do not fear because My Face will show you the Compassion of God.

Do not fear because you will be tested.

Do not fear because you will be in My Eternal Prayer.

To all I say that you may no longer fear, to the old has come the time of dying so that the new wine skins may receive My Grace and My Mercy.

Quench your thirst for this long walk in My Source of wonders. I know well all of the levels of thirst that the souls live but if you are united to My Merciful Prayer you will victoriously transit through this cycle of great changes.

I Am your Light to illuminate the darkness.

I Am your Path to redeem you on this last pathway.

I Am your Truth to reveal you who truly you are before My Compassionate Presence.

Do not detain yourselves. The boat faces the great storm of the end of times. Row! Row! Row! And do not get tired of rowing because I you give you strength and inner power to act through love.

Know one more time that I am with you because My Heart has chosen you for something great. I thank all of the marathoners of the Divine Mercy for answering from now to My Call for Peace and for the liberation of the evil of the world.

Heaven thanks you.

Under the Powerful Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages in the truth of the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


My dears:

I Am present on all of the paths of life and, as a conductor of souls, I guide all of those who open themselves towards the Beloved Kingdom of My Father. I share My Love with all of the flocks and I prepare, in the heart of My children, the inner dwelling that will receive Me when soon returns My Spirit.

I accept all of My Children and I especially love those who are indifferent to My Law of redemption. In them I will try to redeem the past and, through the Source of My Mercy, I will want to give them life and salvation to take them out from the abysses of sin in which they live.

I need all of the days of My Disciples of Mercy that, entirely surrendered to My Sacred Heart, love the difficulties because this will make them more humble; that renounce to themselves because this will make them simpler, and that accept the tests and the challenges because this will make them wiser and more charitable.

In My School there are many flocks but still, few are the sheep who have the courage to follow Me in faith and in surrender. In My Arms I will always receive you and I will give you My Kind Comfort because I expect from My ones the promptness and the relief that your hearts may generate through good and through wise examples of love towards the peers.

As all know, My Light diffuses itself and awakens in those hearts that open to Me the door of the inner temple of the spirit so that My Merciful Consciousness may enter and remold the spaces in the consciousness.

I Am the carpenter, son and companion of Saint Joseph, Most Chaste Heart. I Am the one who molds with the hands the new wineskins, those which will receive the light and the water of conversion. I will put My New Wineskins over My New Supper, the one which I will soon share with all in My Return.

The new wineskins will serve as springs of pure and crystalline water to My other Flocks. They will receive, through My Instruments, the Redeeming Water of Life, Water that I will spiritually give to drink to all of those who recognize in Glory the coming of the Son of God.

Under the Love of God, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for waiting for My Words from the Heart!

Christ Jesus. 


Like the beat of My Heart is the pulse of My Love for you, it is infinite, constant, uninterrupted, compassionate, prodigious and redemptive. In this way I want to teach you to live My Love in you, a love that heals, a love that redeems, a love that accepts My Mercy to reach redemption.

Whoever loves their friends will be giving all for the whole, will be giving life for the purpose of My Father. I hope that as a flock you grow up and mature in love and in truth because My Sacred Heart throughout the centuries has already seen the world suffering much, and I continue on seeing it suffering intensely. If you do not live in My Love and My Love does not live among you it will be like building temples of sand that will soon fall down at the first onslaught of the times.

If you make an effort all of the days to seek My compassionate Love you will find the fastest path to transcend your lives, because between the disciple and the master there must reign a fraternal love that may dissolve the cunning of the enemy. If you live in My Merciful Love your hearts will receive the clarity and the wisdom that you need all of the days. Remember that My Love is also present as much in the difficulties as in the joys.

Dears, how will you reach Christification if not only through the tests that may confirm the amplitude of your inner love? For this the paths of transformation and of consecration are for the brave who encourage themselves to follow it for a Greater Love. My path marks a new trail of possibilities and of deep changes because in My wise and prodigious Love will be erased the wounds, the separations and the dislikes. My Love can be present among the hearts of two beings that love each other, that love the task that God entrusted to them for love.

Now My purifying fire is removing the last particles that rusted the good wineskins from being full of other elements. My fire liberates but at the same time it sustains and forgives all that must be given to the universe so that it may be converted by Me.

I am present even in the bitterest moments of life because to those who follow My Path I give them to drink from the vinegar that they gave me on the Cross, so that by seeing yourselves completely you may know what it is that which must not live anymore in your dwelling places.


Listen to My Voice, the one which resounds in your inner.

I Am your Master, your Savior and Redeemer who returns for all of you.

As I have promised, thus it will be.

Prepare your hearts, your temples, because I will call for you loudly at the door and all will hear me.

Take care, My children, so that My Call may not find you distracted in the things of the world, a world that agonizes in selfishness because it is far from My Father, the Father of Love.

Listen to My Voice, the one which resounds in your minds, to dissolve every dissociation, every fear.

Listen to My Voice, the one which makes your cells vibrate filling them with the light that comes from the universe, light that is poured over you from My Heart.

Companions of yesterday and of today:

Be attentive because My Voice will arrive like the thunder, My presence like the storm and My Love like the cosmic fire that will burn your past and will bring an end to your purification.

But I will also come like the sweet voice of the nightingale for those that have prepared themselves since always.  I will come like the perfumed breeze of geraniums and honeysuckles for those who are faithful, meek and humble, those who wait for me kneeling before the Eucharist.


My friends and servers of My Heart:

Today I announce again My Love for you and for this I ask you to unite your hearts to Mine so that My Light may guide you. I am with you all the time in the same way that I am with many souls that need My Mercy to be able to reach faith in the heart.

I still have thirst for many souls, of souls that live in sin and that do not recognize the love of the Father God.  For this My Spirit is mediator for all before God in the same way that the Spirit of the Universal Mother is for all Her children.

Dears, today I want you to be able to perceive and to feel the greatness of My Thirst for those who still deny me in life and in soul. From love for all of you I have met hell and I have gone to this place to redeem those who were distant from the love and from the unity with My Father. As Son of the Most Holy Trinity I have given Myself entirely for all, as in Life, as in Soul and Divinity, even before My sacrifice on the Cross.

I carried the weight of all of you on My back to thus relieve you from the great universal judgment that could have happened in that time of My presence upon the Earth. From love I prevented the law from condemning you, I resurrected from love of the Plan of God and to demonstrate that the magnificence of God is great and powerful as is His Love for all creatures.

I fell on the ground more than three times but the on first three falls My humble Heart liberated you from many evils that were intending to destroy the Plan of God. I relieved humanity during centuries and centuries and I continue sending to the world My Mercy.

Now the new time is coming to prepare the advent of My Spirit, Glorified and renovated by the celestial powers of the universe. Many perhaps will not recognize My new Face but all will feel that I Am the Server who returns to deliver love to all. In you I manifest My works of redemption and for you I manage to present to the Father the offers of love.

I leave here My presence so that you may always remember it because I want to teach you to unite Heaven and Earth in a unified reality of God. You must let yourselves be worked by My Fire so that the new wineskins, empty of themselves, receive the Light of My Sacred Spirit.


My dears:

If you call Me with love and truth, I will come to help the ones who from the Earth, call for My Merciful presence. Thus I will free you from all evil and temptation and at the moments of tests I will strengthen you as the oak and I will give you a strong spirit like the iron.

For this you must know that if you think of Me, if you feel Me or call Me, here I will be, because I accomplish the Will of My Father for this world and you can live the Will of My Lord through Me.

There is still time to find Me in each moment of life and in each place, because as you know, My Being is hidden inside the heart of each soul.

Look at Me in the eyes, because in this way I will be able to guide you and to indicate to you the next step. Each moment that you are living now is unique and valued, but it also is a time to order and to correct the inner temple. For this you have Me.  I Am beside the ones who call Me and open the door to Me.

I want from My sheep the best they can give because the moment is approaching in which the King will come to ask His servants for the talents that I have left for them and the talents that they have been able to achieve. You are in My Path to redeem yourselves. You are in My Path in order to be able to see the reality of the consciousness.

Only a peaceful and gentle love can mold the old wineskin and leave it as new in order to allow the Highest Lord to serve from it. I want to pour the new wine, because the peasant has already harvested the fruit of the vine for preparing the supper of the Good News. You are invited to prepare My Return and to have in mind that I only want to be Love in your lives, redemption in your consciousness and mercy in matter.

Remember that you can come back to Me, I will wait for you.

In the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping in your hearts My precepts of redemption.

Christ Jesus.

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